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About RagingHeart/RaisingHeart~!

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I'm curious if anyone has any theories on her, like noone knows her past even Yuunno I think doesn't know, unless I miss some vital parts of info.
I also have another question will Bardiche and Raging/Raising heart ever get human forms such as unison etc? that'll be pretty epic if they do! XD

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On that note, nobody is sure. Raising Heart origins are a mystery specially since Yuuno wasn't able to wield her to the full potential. I do find funny that he lend her to Nanoha and yet she never give it back. I man, he could have gift it to her but I always consider it more fun that Nanoha just forgot about it.

On the latter... I doubt it. Would kind of strange, but maybe a plushy frame like Kris or Teo

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Plot twist: Raising Heart is secretly the 7th Infinity Stone that was sent off to a different World/Earth/Universe from the rest. Yuuno then just found it. When he found out he couldn't wield it to her full potential, he just hold it until he lent it to Nanoha, who then later kept it for the rest of her life. The real reason why Yuuno let Nanoha keep it was to protect it from Thanos because he knew that the Mad Titan himself would be looking for it (after all the original MGLN took place in 2006, 2 years before the MCU began so they could've honestly planned the whole Thanos thing in advance). But hey, it's just a theory. A FILM THEORY!