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Am I supposed to open a new thread to introduce myself?

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This area looks a bit dead, so I'm not totally sure about what should I do.
I'm a really big Nanoha series and NanoFate fan. Unfortunately, Nanoha isn't famous in my country (or only in my area, idk for sure) so I have barely any friends to talk about. I'm from Brazil, just in case you are curious (and I apologize for my bad English, once it's not my mother language, I'm afraid I make a lot of mistakes).
Well, I think that's it.
See you around!

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Welcome to our site ModernBelka! I hope you have a good time with us and enjoy the community.
And yes, this is the right place to introduce yourself :)

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Welcome, ModernBelka =3 Enjoy all the NanoFate goodness here =3 This place is as close as heaven can get for us NanoFate fans XD

.... pending

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Hello! :)
Do drop by the chat when you can. We're friendly and have choco-/shot