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Chat RP Character Profiles

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Okay so I noticed that there wasn't a thread for people who RP in chat for them to explain about there characters so I've decided to make this thread and hope people will find it useful. Anyway with that said here is my character profile.

Name: Vergil Tohsaka.
Date of Birth: 4/3/1992 (Age 21)
Love Interest: Uni Arisato
Pet: Uni's pet puppy Isis
Home Town: Tokyo.
Hair Clour: Jet Black (Archers Hair Style)
Eye Color: 2 different colors
Left Eye Color: Bright Blue
Right Eye Color: Semi Bright Green
Current Home: Vergil's Personal House.
Occupation: Time Traveller
Race: Human!
Mage Rank: A (was offered the S rank but turned it down until he became more experienced in battle and missions)
Device: Testburn Galaxy!
Device Form 1: (Defult): Katana.
Device Form 2: Scorpion Form.
Device Form 3: Galaxy Form (Looks like the bow of Sagittarius from the Gold Sagittarius Saint Cloth)
Device Final Form: Burst Form.
Cartridge Load Tech: Katana becomes covered in lightning.
Barrier Jacket: Human Clothes Version of the Black Knight from White Knight Chronicles minus the Helm, Wings and the Knights Sword.
Limiter: Put on because of final attack in Burst Form being able to create a bunch of phantom swords that can pierce through anything and ending with the target being knocked out.
Hobbies: Shopping, Reading and Hanging out with his friends (I'll add more later when I think of them

Vergil Tohsaka

PS: When doing date of birth for your characater its the US way Month first and date second

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This is actually a good idea, not just for OC o crossover character but for cannon as well. I will add my as soon as I can.

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Cool I look forward to seeing your character profile

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Here's my chara, even though I don't regularly RP.

Name: Hanyuu (Hainiryuun Ieasomuuru Jieda)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Home Town: Hinamizawa, Japan
Current Home: Floating around various places
Job: Guardian Deity of Hinamizawa
Race: Goddess
Mage Rank: Space-Time Manipulation: SS; Ground: B
Device: Onigari-no-Ryuuoh
Device Form 1 (Default): Seven Branched Sword
Barrier Jacket: Miko outfit with pink furisode sleeves
Limiter: In place to prevent usage of Time Stopping and Timeline Manipulation magic
Hobbies: Creme puffs; Penalty games; Torture devices; Resetting time

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Spoiler: Bio
Holly Yagami

Age: 12

Height 5'3-5'8

Weight: 125Ib

Holly is a Young youth that was orphan since birth. After meeting a mysterious being called a Fae. Holly life change forever as she becomes servant to the man, and
use her new found power to slaughter all the residence of the orphanage she lived in. As she had been tormented by the kids and blamed by the adults for things she did not do.

She was then was thrown into the distant future far from her own to help her master fight in a battle called the Rose War. A war that would decide the new ruler Arcadia
home to the Fae. She was sequentially defeated by a sword going by Laevatein alongside her master. After the end of the war she is adopted by Laevatein, and through the ups and downs has been her cherished daughter for a year. However, do to the power inside her belonging to a fragment of an evil fae sorceress. Holly has gone threw many changes threw her short life. It seem now the final change is occuring as her conscious and soul along with the fragment of Cyrpess soul mold together to form a new entity.

Holly is a cheerful young girl that love her family and friends very much, and will go out of her way to do whatever she can to help her loved ones. She is the older sister to Lilia another abused child like herself, and Daisy a Gyroid she had given purpose to in life by becoming her younger sister. Holly has shown compassion to others, but can easily be anger when she feels betrayed or looked down on. Holly has an inferiority Complex as she feel like a burden to her mom, older sister, and other strong friends cause of her lack of fighting skills. Thus, Holly strive day by day to become strong so that she doesn't worry those she care about and be able to help in their time of need on the battlefield.

Holly when influenced by Cypress prescene shows a cruel and sadistic nature, and strive to make the enemy of her hate know the true meaning of pain and suffering. She often opts to kill her enemies slowly, or break their will threw flaws in their character or logic about their outlook on things. Since the molding of Holly and Cyrpess soul she also displays fear of not wanting to be alone, or making her family sad threw her loss. This has caused the new being that takes the form a shadow to attempt to kill her family in a attempt to keep them all together.

Strength: D

Endurance: C

Agility: B

Mana: A

Holly use a combintion of Martial arts and Swordsmanship taught to her by her mother Laevatein, and her sister Daisy. While not as skill as the two of them in the art. Holly has shown the ability to keep up with most opponent more skilled then her, and has even manage to force a fight to a stalemate on many occassion. She also has come up with several magical skills to mimic her mother attacks, and use her Prana to enhance her attacks such as with the Demon Palm. However, Holly most devastating ability lies in the vast knowledge of spells that Cyrpess has, and her more then powerful supply of Prana. These spells usually are strong and destructive in nature being able to strike down multiple enemies if used right.

Since becoming an Amazoness Holly has demonic energy which greatly enhance her durability, strength, and speed in battle, but the most devastating trait is her now merged Mana circuits to Cypress that are now able to convert her demonic power into Prana. This allow her to give a boost to attacks of her spells or supply more Prana if she's burned out. However in exchange her Amazoness trait will dwindle over time leaving her weaker to close combat and damage. Holly is able to manipulate the four elements but has a natural affinity for Fire which is her adoptive mom's
preferred element.

Melee Spells
Violet Serpent Bite
Black Lightening Crash
Demonic Palm strike
Devil Burst
Spiral Serpent Flare

Ranged Spells
Bloody Sphere
Flame Lance
Geyser crush
Gust Lance
Flare Tornado

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All of my characters currently in use in Chat RP:

Official Nanoha characters:

Seikou/Material-S/Starlight Destroyer/Stern the Destructor - Main character along with my OC Luciana, Seikou is physically 20 in this RP
Reinforce Eins - Used on rare occassions
Ginga Nakajima - Used even more rarely then Reinforce

Normal OCs:

Spoiler: Luciana

Name during Amnesia ( Mortal Name ): Luciana
Real Mortal Name / Valkyrie Name: Aesiliga / Hrildan
Nicknames: Lucia, Lucy, Soldier of Fortune, Black Valkyrie
Sex: Female
Race: Humanoid Valkyrie
Age: ?? (looks to be in the early twenties)
Native realm: Unknown
Intelligent device: Excalibur, a British styled sword based on a legendary blade once wielded by King Arthur
Weapon (as in an additional weapon, not a device): Norse styled bow and arrows
Bow appearance

Notable aspect: Due to being a Valkyrie with pure energy, she has a natural aversion to demonic or tainted energy, it causes her to become extremely irritated and causes her a pounding headache if in close proximity of strong concentrations of demonic energy for too long, she knows it is that energy causing her to react negatively, but not why.

History: A young Valkyrie with no memory of her past, woke up in a forest on the world Mid-Childa about 10 years ago after a fierce battle with a creature that could only be described as demonic, spent the next 4 years seeking any knowledge of her past, in the end, all she learned was her own name and that of her device, Excalibur, an intelligent device based on a mythical holy blade from Earth British legends.

She lacks most knowledge of what she is and what she could truly be capable of, always carries a bow and arrow along with her, though most of the times preferring her device instead. ( most of Luciana’s abilities as a Valkyrie are as C.C. from the anime Code Geass would say: ''locked within a cage of amnesia'', the only exception is her magical capabilities, which is what allows her to wield her device Excalibur in the first place )

Once one of Odin’s proud Valkyries, now a mere shell of her former self, she fights when it benefits her own needs, a soldier of fortune, will she ever return to the path she is meant to walk..? Who knows.

Personality: Luciana believes emotions have no place on the battlefield, thus most of the times she represses them.

Intelligent device appearance mostly based on:

Excalibur/Caliburn from Fate/Stay Night, only difference is the inverted color scheme and the name ( the device is named Excalibur, while in FSN the particular sword in this pic is named Caliburn )

Appearance: Lucia has silver hair in a mid length ponytail, she is about 185 centimetres tall, usually can be seen wearing black sunglasses, always has her intelligent device Excalibur at her right side

When using her full strength, her energy reverts from mana to raw divine energy, her magic color in such cases switches back from her normal cyan to a only just visible white, a set of wings also forms on her back when using her full strength

Barrier Jacket: Luciana has two varients of barrier jacket, a sleek set of a jacket, jeans and boots that are all about allowing maximum movement for quick attacks and a secondary barrier jacket in the form of Valkyrie armor which is more focussed on strong defense and heavier attacks, the second barrier jacket significantly slows Luciana down however, before her memory loss Luciana also had wings, that is no longer the case, another noteworthy thing is that she most often uses her speed oriented barrier jacket.

This is what the look of her armor comes closest to, basically replace the black hair with silver hair, the armor remains as is in the pic:

Combat: Her magical color is cyan, her basic attack is a low powered energy slash, it does damage, but nothing that'll beat an enemy very quickly, this attack is called ''Holy Slash'', her more advanced attack is a barrage of low powered miniature energy projectiles, although low powered, the amount of projectiles can still cause it to be quite damaging, it is advised to dodge as many as possible to minimize damage taken, this attack is called ''Holy Barrage'', the barrage usually exists out of 5 volleys of 25 projectiles, one projectile in itself doesn't do much at all, and is barely larger then a pinball, however, one full volley deals a decent amount of damage.

Her third attack is called ''Holy Blast'', which is basically just a powerful energy beam, most comparable to attacks like the Galick Gun or Kamehameha from Dragonball Z, this attack is usually fired from her right hand.

Intelligent Device: Excalibur

Excalibur is a blue and black blade with a yellow handle and ornaments, it lacks a cartridge system, but makes up for it in overall durability, both in it's frame and magical usage, it speaks in English with a slight British ( England to be exact ) accent, it's a female voice, it usually refers to Lucia as it's ''lady'', example being when Lucia orders an attack it usually responds by saying ''Yes, my lady'' or a simple one worded ''Affirmative'' or ''Acknowledged''

Spoiler: Ex Vee

Official Name: Project XV
XV ( pronounced ‘’Ex Vee’’ )
Vienna, some of the organic companions shes worked with believed she needed a more.. human name, they took the liberty to give XV this name

Sex: Female
Age (appearance): 19
Actual Age: 6
Mental age (thinks like a (insert age) old): 19
Race: Prototype Combat Robot Infiltration type, based on Combat Cyborg known only as Due
Native world: Mid-Childa
Creators: Jail Scaglietti, the TSAB (reprogrammed before first activation at the hands of the TSAB)
Current situation: XV is seeking to.. break the limitations of her programming, imposed onto her by the TSAB, seeking full freedom to act as she sees fit rather then to the whims of corrupt TSAB bureaucrats, XV's AI has developed itself beyond her original program, yet it is still the restrictions put in place by the TSAB that she cannot get around, thus she intends to seek outside assistance to eliminate such restrictions.

Equipment: Talonys ( Steel Claws )
Flight capabilities: Compact back mounted jet wings build into her back, not to be used for long term flight, costs too much energy, mostly used as a quick means of evasion of otherwise unavoidable danger, wings collapse into her back structure when not used.
Inherent Skills: Liar's Mask V2, various minor IS's that improve the capabilities of her Steel Claws

History: The 15th in production of Jail’s numbers, also the only one not to be in operational status at the time of the JS and Cradle incidents, XV was not considered essential as Jail already had 12 operational numbers, including XV's predeccessor Due, after Jail had been beaten, XV was found, reprogrammed and activated by the TSAB.

Project XV was not a mere 15th number, XV was to be a prototype of something entirely new, the next step, as Jail saw it in his twisted plans, the numbers I to XII were all combat cyborgs, XV was to be the first of an entirely new series of numbers, a prototype Combat Robot, not a cyborg, a complete, entirely metal robot, using an advanced layer of skin tissue (think of the T800 Terminator) and an advanced self learning AI.

More specifically, XV was designed to be a direct successor to Due, she contains most, if not all of what Due was capable off and equipped with, most importantly a heavily improved version of the IS known as Liar's Mask.

Personality: Focussed on her objectives, usually doesn't show much emotion, but certainly not emotionless.

Steel Claws appearance mostly based on: XV has one of these on each hand.

Default Appearance: About 1.90m tall, long silvery blond hair, golden eyes, usually wears simple civilian clothes and a trenchcoat. (and no, the trenchcoat has no additional properties)

To any untrained eye, XV mostly resembles Due in appearance, with only a slightly differing hair color

Barrier Jacket: Her barrier jacket pretty much resembles a suit of light metal armor, black in color, designed for high maneuverability, the armor is emblazed on the shoulder plates with the TSAB symbol, under it is engraved in gold ''XV'', it is not that often used as XV is usually found behind enemy lines rather then on the front lines

Combat: Aside from being an infiltrator, XV is also a melee specialist, her claws make her deadly in close quarters, she has no direct magical attacks, instead she uses various Inherent Skills to enhance the effectiveness of her claws, this includes an IS that enhances the claws effective range and an IS that enhances the claws damage.

Relation to her ''sisters'', social wise: Simple, there is none, XV has never personally met any of them, nor do any of them know of XV, the only one aside from Jail himself that knew of XV was Uno, that is mostly because of the fact that she was an accomplice of Jail's in Project XV.

XV knows who her sisters are, she knows what they look like, however, she has no interest in them at all, no interest in meeting any of the ones adopted by the Nakajima family, nor any interest in getting to know them.

Monster Girl OCs:

Spoiler: Irwaen - Amazoness

Race: Elf (formerly), Amazoness (currently)
Residence: Uminari City Forests, Amazoness village
Like: Nature, the forests, raping and violating men, especially the stronger ones that resist
Dislikes/Hates: Technology

Bio: Irwaen, older sister of Irinwe, formerly an Elf much like her younger sister, until she was captured and converted by an Amazoness woman, who she now considers to be her older sister, she cares little for what she used to be or who she used to be related to, Irinwe included.

Imagine this with Elven ears and Amazoness markings

Spoiler: Irinwe - Amazoness

Race: Elf (former) Amazoness (current)
Residence: Uminari City Forests, Amazoness village
Like: Nature, the forests, magic
Dislikes/Hates: Humans, technology

Bio: Until recently, a proud Elf, however, she was converted into an Amazoness by her own sister, Irwaen.

Her appearance stays mostly the same apart from the obligatory Amazoness features, markings, a slightly darker skin and off course a tail

Spoiler: Anirne - Amazoness

Race: Amazoness (Succubus)
Residence: Uminari City Forests, Amazoness village
Like: Nature, the forests, magic
Dislikes/Hates: Technology
Specialty: Diplomacy

Bio: One of the three considered-to-be leaders of the Amazoness village, Anirne specifically, despite being strong in her own right, decided to focus on peace relations/diplomacy when it concerns the village, she is the one responsible for the current shaky peace with the Elves, it was heavily protested at first, until Anirne got the point across that despite loving the potential fight it would be, it would not benefit the tribe on the larger aspect.

Mother to 3 daughters, -[insert oldest daughter name here, yet to establish her as a character]-, Irwaen and most recently, Irinwe.

Appearance, as usual, imagine the normal Amazoness traits

Weapon appearance

Spoiler: Narivaya - Lilim
Race: Lilim (Succubus)
Residence: Demon Realm
Like: Destruction, Anger, chaos
Dislikes/Hates: Order, peace, calmth
Sin: Wrath

Bio: One of 42 Lilim, #2 to be exact, Narivaya's personality based Sin is Wrath, in herself, but especially causing wrath and anger in others as well, Narivaya enjoys nothing more then manipulating humans into a frenzy born of wrath, often observing her handy work with a lot of pleasure.

Narivaya is the first daughter of Wrath.

Other notables: Notable is that despite being one of Wrath, she knows very well what happens to those that essentially sabotage their mother, the Demon Lord, which includes the Lilim, she knows it is best not to fool around with those that her mother considers useful or valuable.

Notable monsters that Narivaya possesses: 1 Medusa, several Anubis, 1 Ryu type monster and 2 Dragon type monsters, all of them are loyal to Narivaya to the absolute, reasoning with them is meaningless as Narivaya's will is the only thing that matters to them.

Recently Narivaya also obtained an Echidna from her sister Mirima.

Appearance, imagine this with white hair and red eyes with white wings as well as white horns.

Spoiler: Arivanya
Basic appearance:

Spoiler: Viraninde - Elf

Race: Elf
Residence: Uminari City Forests, Elven village
Like: Nature, the forests, magic
Dislikes/Hates: Technology, humans

Bio: A young but strong Elf, often having trained with the best in their village, having faced Amazoness on multiple occassions as well.


Spoiler: Sabrina - Nereid
Race: Nereid/Succubus
Residence: The waterfall in the forests outside Uminari

Spoiler: Vasita - Demoness
A powerful demoness who serves a demon of similar power to the Demon Lord

Spoiler: Aika - Human
Race: Human
Residence: Uminari City
Additional info: A fanatical believer of the ''fallen god'', serves the role of an assasin to the Fallen Church


Spoiler: Elenea - Amazoness
Race: Amazoness
Residence: The Demon Realm
Additional info: Sole survivor of an Amazoness tribe attacked by the first lilim of pride, only to then be tossed into the demon realm to die by said lilim, dying however, she did not, she took her new ''home'' as an opportunity to grow stronger, fighting to survive for several centuries, growing stronger along the way, she has now chosen to pledge her allegiance to the new first lilim of pride, Kyriel.

Appearance: Elenea would be the one in the middle

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Character Name: Goddess Isis
Where from: Ancient Egypt
Class: Goddess
Age: Unknown/looks like 25
Sex: Female

Person: Like to watch Humans play. She like to flirt with other females. She is also friendly to Humans. She is not much of a fighter but well if need be. She is also playful in the non-sexual away. She likes to be pet, and also like to give hugs. She also loves CUPCAKES! and giggles a lot when watching Humans.

History Information: Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth remains one of the most familiar images of empowered and utter femininity. The goddess Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Overarching Sky. Isis was born on the first day between the first years of creation, and was adored by her human followers.


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Well, here is my character profile. For those who don’t know my character is from the Spawn universe a comic from Image Comics (Very good, you should totally check it out, and the carton. The movie has nice costume effect but was pretty bad) that being said I read the comics and seek on the internet and I found little to no information about the vampire Sansker. So far the character only appears in one early issue of the Spawn comics (which have, so far, 220 numbers if I’m right) and in a 4 number mini-series call Blood Feud. Also a brief reference in the especial Spawn vs. Wildcats. So I have not that much to work with and decide to complete some spaces with other vampire stuff to create a half OC. I just say this because quite frankly I didn’t have that much of an option here. That being say I also have a lot of other characters and I will put them here as well.




Full name: John Sansker (Heartless John)

Nicknames: “Sans”, “Tall man”, and others not so nice.

Sex: Male

Height: 1,90 m (6,3 ft)

Race: Vampire

Age: 930

But with short hair and without the stupid looking gun.

Personality: At first he seems to be: arrogant, sarcastic, irreverent, with little or none respect for others authority, rank, beliefs or space and selfish. He is also smart and somehow manipulative, liking to make plans but never telling everything to those he uses. Sansker seems to be a little unconcerned about everything, like if life itself was boring to him, showing little emotion other than some sort of amusement in front of many situation others will consider terrible and making fun of things others hold dear. That is part of the reason many consider him annoying most of the time and a real asshole the rest.

However Sansker also has a more deep nature he doesn’t show to others. He has some levels of compassion and empathy, not liking to see others hurt or sad and he does try to help. However he also seems to fear being too open with others and tends to stay away, hiding his emotions under his cynicism and apparently indifference. Also, since he tends to hide a lot of secrets is really hard to be trusted and while he seems to trust others on a wimp he always hide something.

Powers and abilities
Being a vampire Sansker is immortal, can’t age with time or be kill by any kind of poison or disease. The only way of killing him is to expose him to the sunlight or stabbing his brain and heart, otherwise he can regenerate missing limbs and heal any wound in matter of seconds or hours as long as he has drink enough blood. He posses several powers:

-Sharp senses: as a vampire his vision, ear and smell are stronger than any human and many animals, being able to see in the dark like if was day or hear even small noises that humans can’t read. His sense of smell is only bested by the dragons.

-Accelerate regeneration: Can heal almost any wound in seconds, but the larger is the burden then more time he needs to recover but even a shot in the head won’t take too long.

-Super human strength, stamina and speed: He can lift even 25 tons and he moves fast enough to avoid bullets, being also capable of running during long periods of time without resting. He also doesn’t need to breath and can be underwater as long as he like.

-Mental powers: Being a vampire his process of assimilating information from reading and his brain activity in general is superior to humans. Being capable of half telepathic power like the ability to manipulate human minds with a simple glare.

-Blood reading: When Sansker drinks the blood directly from a living creature he can see some of its past and memories.

-Fire manipulation: He is able to create and manipulate fire at will, creating even large walls of a reddish fire. This ability isn’t magical.

-Minor magic powers: Sansker isn’t a mage but he can use some spells and even large rituals if he gets some help.

Combat: Sansker is a fine swordsman, train to use any regular medieval blade and he has a very aggressive style, slashing and cutting with one hand swords using his speed and strength to his advantage. He is also a good hand to hand combat but he doesn’t use any particular fighting style, preferring to combine powerful blows with his fire ability in order to do more damage. All of that makes him a short range fighter, but when is force to be in long distance his lack of long range attacks makes him vulnerable so he always tries to be as close as possible.

Weapons: During his life Sansker has use several powerful items, allowing him to challenge even stronger opponents. His concurrent sword is Durandal.

-Durandal, the Peerless Sword. The holy sword favored by the paladin leader of the Twelve Peers, Roland. It was granted to King Charlemagne by an angel, and awarded to Roland. It is a dazzling sword that can maintain its sharpness no matter what, being able to cut almost any material that isn’t protected by magic. It can create a wave of holy fire that can destroy anything on its path.

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Name: Gregar/Falzar
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11 (25 Meters in his true forms)
Weight: 145Ib
Species: Cybeast
Homeland: Unlisted Cybeast Planet
Current Home(s): Laevatein's House, Material's House, The Dragon Village
Birth Sign: Leo
Affiliations: The Cybeasts (formerly), Friends, the Materials, Yuri (U-D), the Dragons


Human Form:


Gregar Armored Form:


Gregar True Form:


Falzar Armored Form:


Falzar True Form:


Neo Armored Forms:


Fighting Style:
Martial Arts, Karate and Strike Arts.

Animal-like Senses and Reflexes, Animal Language Speech, Superhuman Strength, Speed and Agility, Regeneration, Healing Arts, Energy Control.

Gregar Exclusive Abilities:
Strong Endurance, Enhanced Super Strength, and Bad Energy Control.

Falzar Exclusive Abilities:
Flight, Enhanced Super Speed and Agility, and Better Energy Control.

Shared Attacks:
Fire Breath
Ice Breath
Double Claw
Eraser Slash

Gregar Attacks:
Big Claw
Giga Claw
Great Fire Breath
Great Ice breath
Mane Lightning
Tail Spear
Tail Cannon
Killer Tail Arrow
Mega Beast Tackle

Falzar Attacks:
Strike Feather
Wing Boomerang
Super Fire Breath
Fire-bird Breath
Super Ice Breath
Wind Breath
Wind Storm
Beast Hurricane

Shared Attacks Descriptions:


Fire Breath:
A standard fire breathing attack that burns everything like normal fire

Ice Breath:
A standard frost breathing attack that freezes anything within 10 seconds

Double Claw:
Slashes with claws twice that tears enemies apart

Eraser Slash:
Shoots slash waves from the claws at whatever they are sent at

Gregar Attack Descriptions:

Big Claw:
Either one or both of Gregar's claws grow to a bigger size to deal more damage

Giga Claw:
Gregar's second strongest attack: An Aura surrounds either one or both of Gregar's claws and deals even more damage then Big Claw but can only be used if Gregar's is either completely focused or in rage

A form of the Giga Claw: Slashes his claws in an X shape on whatever its used on and deals massive damage

Great Fire Breath:
A form of the Fire Breath: In exchange of power over control uses a much stronger version of the normal Fire Breath attack but is less controlled and spreads around and incinerates anything it burns

Great Ice Breath:
A form of the Ice Breath: In exchange of power over control uses a much stronger version of the normal Ice Breath attack but is less controlled and spreads around and freezes anything it touches instantly in very thick Ice

Mane Lightning:
Electricity charges on Gregar's head and shoots Lightning Bolts from the orange rods on his head in 3 different directions

Tail Spear:
Gregar readies his tail and aims it at his target at close range and lunges it at his enemy with a high chance of impalement, used mainly for sneak attacks

Tail Cannon:
Gregar readies his tail and aims it at his target from far range and shoots the sharp tip at his enemy like a bullet

Killer Tail Arrow:
Similar to the Tail Cannon but unlike it Gregar shoots multiple Tail Arrowheads that home in with deadly accuracy

Mega Beast Tackle:
Gregar's strongest attack: Gregar surrounds himself in n fierce Aura then charges at his enemy and tackles them inflicting a humungous amount of damage but can only be used if Gregar is heavily wounded

Falzar Attack descriptions:

Strike Feather:
Falzar shoots razor sharp feathers from his Wings that shreds whatever they hit

Wing Boomerang:
Falzar releases a boomerang shaped wing from his wings that cuts through enemies before returning to Falzar's wing

Super Fire Breath:
A form of the Fire Breath: With focus and control uses an even stronger and concentrated version of the normal Fire Breath attack which takes the form of a Fire Spin that incinerates anything it burns

Fire-bird Breath:
Works in a similar way to the Fire Breath attack but instead breathes Phoenix shaped fireballs that homes in on enemies until they hit

Super Ice Breath:
A form of the Ice Breath: With focus and control, uses an even stronger and concentrated version of the normal Ice Breath attack which takes the form of spinning Ice that freezes anything it touches instantly in very thick and unbreakable Ice

Wind Breath:
Falzar breathes out a vortex of wind that is non-damaging and is meant for either stunning or blowing enemies away

Wind Storm:
Works like the Wind Breath but the vortex is damaging as the Wind is razor that can cuts and slashes up whatever gets trapped in the razor wind vortex

Beast Hurricane:
Falzar's strongest attack that works in a similar way to Gregar's Mega Beast Tackle: Falzar surrounds himself in a Vortex like Aura and then charges at his enemy like a spinning torpedo and tackles them inflicting a humungous amount of damage and just like with Mega Beast Tackle this attack can only be used if Falzar is heavily wounded

(Will add background story later)

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This is a placeholder for my characters.

Ace (Public Knowledge)
Character Name: Ace Cipher
Gender: Male
Hometown: --NO RECORDS--
Date of Birth: --NO RECORDS--
Height: 6ft 3.75in
Weight: 165 lbs
Current Residence: Ace's Lab
Mage Rank: --UNKNOWN--
Race: Human
Current Occupation: Private researcher
Past History: --NO RECORDS--

OOC: For those of you who like to pry into my secrets....

Ace (Secret Files)


Ace (Public Knowledge)
Character Name: Andrew H. Smith
Callsign: Cipher
Other Aliases: 'Ace,' 'Ace Cipher,' 'Slimjim'
Gender: Male
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Date of Birth: 12 OCT 1985
Height: 6ft 3.75in
Weight: 165 lbs
Current Residence: Ace's Lab
Mage Rank: A-
Device: Strike Eagle
Race: Human
Current Occupation: Private researcher
Past History:

Grew up in Los Angeles; showed great magical talent. Recruited by TSAB at age 16 to do special missions involving ritual magic; got commission and quickly became a respected researcher in the field. Quickly gained several takedowns with his partner Pixie; the two became aces in the Ritual Supression Team (A rare feat in a department mostly full of academics). Retired after 4 years of service for reasons unspecified; purchased a house with a lab in the basement, and homunculus (Artificial human) materials from the Eizenberns. Currently raises his first homunculus as his adoptive daughter and his second two as caretakers and maids.

Ithaca (Child)
Character Name: Ithaca von Eizenbern
Gender: Female
Hometown: Chat
Date of Birth: July 24th, 2011
Physical Age: 12 years
Height: 4ft 9.75in
Weight: 68 lbs
Current Residence: Ace's Lab
Mage Rank: --UNKNOWN--
Race: Homonculus (Artificial Human)
Current Occupation: Research Assistant
Past History:

Born of both Ace's blood and the Homunculus creation procedures of the von Eizenbern family. She was aged artificlly, and educated to help Ace in his lab research. Acts very hyperactive and childish, even less mature than her young physical age might imply. Has some tie to the wheel of destiny, so that if she is attacvked, it will create a destructive field around her and teleports her away, to a location currently locked in as Ace's lab.

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Once upon a time, there was a girl and her box.

But one day, the girl became bored.

Cardboard box is here!

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Normally, I play only generic characters that get pulled into a rip-tide of events that they can't get out of. This rip-tide normally ends up taking their lives as well (I usually make my characters die xD)

Example: Pizza Delivery Man, F.B.I Agent, H.R. Manager, etc.

A little bit of Copy Pasta here (taken from the FE RP OOC thread):


Name: Lumia Dusk
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 6'0"
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Flax
Class: Soldier
Armor Class: light - medium (depending on the job/quest)
Kingdom: Rynoa

Family Origin/personality: Daughter of the renowned, influential Dusk family. They possess a family tree that extends all the way back to the days of old; heroism and charisma flows in their very blood. They always "produce" valiant knights, clever inventors, hard-lined merchants, or persuasive politicians. As one of three heirs to the current Dusk line, she used to idolize her much older brother, Sir Aaron Roosevelt Dusk. His contributions to the Rynoan military and Dusk lineage were met with much praise...until he suddenly died, however. That was 9 years ago, and "no one" knows what happened to him even to this day.

At her parent's disapproval, she became a squire to a certain Sir Kay when she was only 13 years old. She showed much promise with the sword; her potential was astounding. With reluctant faces, her parents finally approved of her not so Dusk-lady-like profession after Lumia's efforts in the Great Raid of EFR 769. Her contributions to the defense of her hometown, the great city of Aethens, will likely go down in Aethenian history. Because of this, she was knighted not too long after (at the request of Sir Kay and the Mayor of Aethens). She's considered a hero by those who live in Aethens, and her renown has even spread throughout Rynoa. So much that she even receives orders directly from Lord Kent II himself at times.

As far as personality is concerned, she's a very family/friend oriented individual. She values hard work, but she'll never deny a person's good-will. She prefers to stay away from leadership roles, because they normally don't get to fight alongside everyone (and the paperwork is terrible). Lumia follows from her older brother's example: loyal to her family, friends, and country but thinks with her head, not her heart. Typically, she gets scolded by her other brother, Leon (a premier merchant in Aethens), a lot because of her impulsive, non-economical buying decisions. However, they're very close otherwise. She also only kills out of necessity and tends to give wrong-doers a second chance (sometimes the judge, tries not to be the executioner). When not running around performing knightly duties, she's normally considered "enigmatic." It's hard to get a good read on what she's thinking, and sometimes her goals/objectives are hidden. Although, she is someone who's trustworthy (even though she's an enigma at times) and proactive.

Description/skills: A person who was once talented in horsemanship from a young age, but an accident that almost left her paralyzed from the waist down prevents her from riding today (psychological effects for those who are wondering).

It is said that she's the spiritual successor of the first generation of Dusks (those who were fierce-some in battle yet kind and diligent off). As such, since this is a family of much longevity, she was granted one of the family's many heirlooms, Ouroboros the grand shield, (one that is said to be able to withstand any blow) after being knighted by Lord Kent II.

However, she normally keeps it strapped to her backside during battle to cover her blind spot(s). This is mostly due to the nature of the "quests" she undertakes as a knight; ones that require her to travel alone.

At one point, she had a masterful grasp of sword mechanics and techniques, but Lumia, not wanting to stop at one weapon mastery, has recently picked up a new style: lance techniques. She refuses to pick up another sword until she has at least a master's grasp of lance fighting (and stubbornly so). Alas, she tends to be clumsy with her swings/thrusts, because fighting with a lance and sword are truly two different beasts.

Mission: At first hesitant to send any soldiers to aid the Springcliff Alliance, Lord Kent II finally conceded to Lumia's frequent volunteerism. While many believed she volunteered for glory and prestige as a knight and for the renown of her kingdom, her true intentions are unknown to the populace (and even to her king and family). Her closest friend and confidant, Hanna of the nine (a mage hailing from Corandine), has gone "missing" while studying in Praetoria on her annual "pilgrimage of the minds." (Hanna goes on a yearly journey to a different nation for a couple of months to study arcane artes and history. Lumia and Hanna write frequently, but she hasn't written or replied within the last couple of months.)

Will Lumia find her lost friend, or will she die with the truth veiled in the deep? And what of the mystery behind her hero of a brother?

New character: Me!


Name: Lol I Know
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Sex: Male (Yeah, I know)
Weight: 170 lbs
Beard status: Shaved.
Race: Human
"Occupation": Student

Special Abilities: A passive Deus ex Machina where he sometimes get rescued by his friend Sephira if he's about to die.

Powers: Can transform into other characters at random. He seems to have a 67% chance to transform into "Meltman," however. His only power being the power to...uh, melt. (I'm a shapeshifter RAWR!)

Skills: Knowledge in Supply Chain & Information Systems (and Economics). Otherwise, None.

Spells: None.

Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, pointy objects, guns, missiles, bears, other animals, other humans, everything.

New character: Sephira (Just her brackground; haven't added personality, spells, abilities yet. I will get to that eventually.)
Also, TL;DR version: a planeswalker, priest/druid, and skilled in martial warfare. I haven't proofread it too much either, so it's bound to have inconsistencies and plot holes. I will also get to that eventually. One last thing, I totally didn't have Ahri on mind when making her appearance after her transformation, nope. Okay, I totally did.


Name: Sephira Dowager
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 135
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Sunburnt orange,tannish
Hair-style: Straight, swept; sometimes in a ponytail (depends on her mood)
Class: Knight-cathar, archmage
Title(s): Sephira the blessed, Sephira of the Hallowed, Lady Sephira, Sephira of the enlightened, and Sephira, knight-cathar
Home plane: Innistrad
City of origin: Nephalia

Daughter of a family with its roots planted deep in tradition, honor, and piety, Sephira led a life of extraordinary implications. Her father, the town's highest ranking official (in both political and religious affairs), led her down a path of justice and piety. From the early age of 6, Sephira had learned to wield sword and shield in the Dowager name. She also spent hours, after training, studying in the town monastery. The Dowager family wanted nothing short of perfection from its blood-kin, and why would Sephira be any different? At the age of 13, she earned her knighthood and was officially hailed into the league of cathars loyal to Lord Romanstey the Hallowed. Being the youngest member of the flock, her fellows decided to take it upon themselves to mold her into a young, dashing knight-cathar. That's when the trouble started. Unknown to both her and her father, her fellow cathars were far less pious than anticipated. They spent their days off loitering in the town tavern, and they often searched for quests and monsters to slay. They were a hearty, real bunch, and they taught Sephira everything they knew. Except, the only thing they knew was to be rowdy, drunk, and worldly. After starting a tavern brawl that caused major property damage, Sephira was reassigned to a more personal education. She received lessons from Sigarda of the Herons herself. Sephira had shown outstanding aptitude for both white and green magic from an early age, and her private lessons only helped cultivate them more. Sigarda was a astute but kind professor, and she taught Sephira much in the ways of healing and shielding magic. At the age of 17, Sephira was so skilled in both martial combat and magic artes that she was proclaimed an "Archmage of Avacyn," and she was admitted into the prestigious Society of Herons where she learned even greater mastery and spells. All the while, she was growing more and more able with sword and shield. Sephira, as was expected, was moving through life at an extraordinary pace.

Life as an Archmage:
Life as an archmage proved to be a rough existence, for one stayed closed off from the rest of society for long periods of time. However, things were different for Sephira because she was now directly under Sigarda, for the two felt a kindred spirit that had never been achieved between human and angel before. The angels, the sworn protectors of humanity and order, lived up in their lofts with their great protector Avacyn. Humans, under no circumstances, were permitted into these lofts. However, Sephira, who was now 20, was the first human (and archmage wielding the title "the enlightened") to be granted entry. She was held in such high esteem that she received blessings directly from Avacyn via Sigarda's bequest. Sephira progressed favorably through her studies and lessons; everything was right in her world.

At the age of 22, Sephira ended her studies; there was simply nothing left to teach her. She was truly a prodigy worthy of even Avacyn's praise. With Sigarda's, Avacyn's, Giselda's, and even her family's blessings, Sephira went forth towards her destiny. Now that Sephira was an archmage what was there to do? Well, do as the herons do (as some might say) and help others. Sephira, upon leaving the society of archmages, went on a Heron's pilgrimage across Innistrad. Wherever she went, she used her prowess in battle and mind to help the citizens of such places like Kessig, Nephalia, Thraben, and Gavony. Such was the will of the plane, so was Sephira.

Battles with tyrandrius:
As one who travels frequently throughout Innistrad, Sephira had to be ready for anything. Whether it was a geist, zombie, mutation, bandit, or demon, Sephira had to remain vigilant while traveling. Now coming on 24 years of age, the archmage had done much good for the plane of Innistrad. She had purged Kessig of most of its more dangerous werewolves, the vampire covens of Stensia feared her, and the necromancers of Nephalia cursed her name. It wasn't until she started her own personal war against the Skirsdag cult of pyromancers and satanists that she realized how truly cunning a powerful demon was. What started off as a simple collaborative purge between cathars of Gavony township ended in a blood bath. Knowing their intentions, the wing of the skirsdag cult under Tyrandrius's great, black wing was prepared for their coming. Out of the 45 veteran knights and cathars, only 3 survived the onslaught. Tyrandrius was able to defeat Sephira in one-on-one combat. She would've been dead if not for the quick thinking of one of her allies; he raised a blinding ray of light that took Tyrandrius by surprise (greedy from his absolute victory). Using the last of her energy and mana, Sephira chanted a circle of protection and managed to teleport herself and remaining allies back to Gavony, but the damage had already been dealt. This had been the only failure of her life; for once, nothing went the way ordained by the Dowager family. After 2 months of recovery and rehabilitation, Sephira had vowed to purge the world of Tyrandrius. Unbeknownst to Sephira at the time, her vow would lead to both her undoing and a new beginning.
Now coming on 26 years of age, Sephira was making full on her vow to destroy the demon. She had done battle with him 5 times; each taking one from the other. Their war had become a bit of a rivalry, for the two had actually gotten to know each other a bit more through their dialogue during combat. Don't let that cloud one's judgment for they were still the bitterest of foes and adversaries.
It was during a snowy, winter month where Sephira and Tyrandrius ended their personal war. Sephira had dealt Tyrandrius a mortal wound in their last bout, and the archdemon had turned tail to escape. After a few days, Sephira had pursued her wounded foe over to the Cavern of Souls. An unhallowed ground where the lost souls of the fallen gathered to turn into geists and spirits. Sephira hadn't known at the time, but Tyrandrius's desperate escape was actually a strategem he developed to trap the archmage. When inside the cave, Tyrandrius commanded the geists to ensnare her. The pursuer was now the pursued for Sephira tried to escape her capture. However, it was her fate to be ensnared by Tyrandrius this day, and she did. With a devilish grin spread across his demonic features, Tyrandrius did the unthinkable. He was never one to proclaim his motives, but he told Sephira loud and clear: "One can wonder what a fool who believed so fervently in justice and purity would do when turned into the very thing she fights against. Oh, the irony that would be! Don't get me wrong, girl, I enjoyed our bouts but this is the end. Congratulations; you've bested me but I shall have the last laugh! Hue hue hue" Sephira was speechless. Tyrandrius prepared the ritual while she was snared and began. After chanting in a language long forgotten, Tyrandrius reached into Sephira's very soul. He cursed it with a poweful dark magic; he commanded the geists to release his captive. Agony, anger, confusion, despair, and disappointment filled the archmage as her body felt as if it was being torn apart. A bright blue aura had infused around her and to much of Tyrandrius's surprise, engulfed her. The demon's grin quickly turned to a frown, for his final gambit was turning against him. Sephira's mind was in turmoil; she knelt on the ground with both hands ripping at her head. A new mana was infusing with her very soul: blue not black. Being exposed to the arcane residues of her colleagues at the society of archmages had left an untapped, potential affinity within her. Dormant until now at least, the combined power of blue, green, and white had locked the black down within her soul.

The tranformation:
The infusing of a new mana source would kill a normal person. However, Tyrandrius's trap had unlocked even further power within Sephira. The spark had lit within her brain; it was what pieced everything together. The blue aura that engulfed Sephira shot outwards in a shockwave that shook the Cavern of Souls. The geists had been blown backwards along with Tyrandrius. Her tranformation was completed, and her spark was lit. Sephira was now a planeswalker, and a powerful one at that. Her abilities as a mage were not the only things that had changed; her appearance was completely different now.

Appearance after transformation:
Eye color: Luminous gold (Glows when casting spells; can't see pupils)
Hair color: Pure Black
-both hands glow when casting spells with a light shade of the mana they represent (blue = aqua, green = neon, white = whitelol)

Lasting effects: The emergence of the blue affinity within Sephira helped lock down the black mana cursing her soul. However, since this is a curse that had infected her soul, it can't be removed. The curse can emerge at times (usually random).

The death of Tyrandrius: The strain of his final spell had caught up with the clever demon. All he could do as he knelt on the ground was watch as his archnemesis grew that much more powerful. When the transformation ended, Sephira stood up and faced the demon. A devilish grin was spread across her face; she said the following phrase: "I must thank you, Tyr, for you have bestowed a greater understanding of who I really am upon me. I would normally give you the benefit of the doubt, but all good things must come to an end, yes?" With fearful eyes, the demon watched as his foe picked up her silver sword with glowing neon hands. She walked up to the demon, and in one final act of desperation, Tyrandrius shot a bolt of shadows at her. She took the hit straight to the chest, but it didn't break her trot. She got right up in the demon's face, lifted her sword, and sliced his head clean off of his body. After the final swipe that had defeated her sworn nemesis, she saw a vision of a land plated with metal. The unknown land was under siege by horrors she had never seen before. This new, unexplained phenomenon perplexed her and led to a deep curiosity.

Tyrandrius's Legacy:
Unknown to Sephira at the time, Tyr's final curse would have greater implications upon the newly born planeswalker more than she realizes. His curse had morphed her from a mere human into an ascended being. She is now half human, half demon, and a planeswalker to boot. Little does she know, this will lead to her flight from her beloved home plane and unto a journey of self understanding and higher meaning.

Where will her new powers lead her? Down the path of clarity and wisdom or down the path of insanity and insurrection? Will she be able to overcome the darkness within her soul or be overtaken by it? Quite the couple of questions, indeed.

Philosophical juggernaut, disabled Bruce Lee

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Age: No Records
Height: 7'4ft

date of birth: No Records

weight: 140lbs

Current Residence:Mirage HQ

Current Occupation: Engineer, mad scientist, Professor, TF141 Operative (FORMER), Mirage Private Military Company Base Commander, Demon.


History: Currently living in the HQ of his Company due to that happened at the new house. Originally the Tech Expert of Task Force (TF) 141 and due to a misunderstanding was dishonorably discharged and now runs a Private Military Company called Mirage and is now the best Military Company the world can hire, though they will kill you if you back stab them.

Powers: Only to Ozonia.

Enhancements: Reinforced Skeletal Structure (can withstand more punishment)

Other self: Ozonia

History: An accident occurred back in his lab where a solution of unknown content spilled on him and thus gave him the ability to change gender. Another one is when he/she went to brazil with a squad for a mission that went bogged, went around for awhile and encountered an old temple going inside it and encountering a Reaper, who Ozone/Ozonia accepted a curse from her to turn him/herself into a reaper aswell.

Hell's Judgement

Spears of suffering

Reapers Will

Mind reading

Fire Custodes

Firm Blaze

(More comming)

Appearance: Ozone(Male):


Call me Kharn Valnikov, it is who I am.

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Name: Omega Rock Cannon *Omega for short*


Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: Cant Remember

Birth Date: 19th of July

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Current Residence: An apartment in the city

Current Proffesion: Bounty Hunter, Monster Hunter

Race: Combat Cyborg

Device: None. Prefers to use hand to hand combat although does have a weapon.

Weapon Name: Requiem

Weapon type: Zweihander sword

Vision Modes: Normal, Combat, Target Locator, Scan, X-Ray (Normal and pervy), Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red

Current History: Created by Jail 16 years ago as the prototype for "Project Omega". Although once he was activated he went on a rampage and destroyed the whole facility. A few years afterwards, lived his life going where the wind took him untill being accepted into the Yagami Household at 16. Was adopted by Precia Testarossa some time later.

Physical Abilities: Is very adept at hand to hand. Can run on foot at 856mph thanks to his Air Shoes. Adept sword skills and can pull of impressive manuvers while in hand to hand combat. Is able to fly but barely uses it.

Other: Is good friends with Virgil Tohsaka, Vita Yagami and Juno.

Theme Song:

Battle Theme:

Vs. Black Rock Shooter:

Vs. Yami:

Vs. Vaisaga (Mini-Signums alt form) :

Vs. White Rock Shooter (If it ever happens) :

Vs: Black Gold Saw (If it ever happens) :

Cyborg Mode:

Overcome by Rage (I.E Trying to kill people) :

Hyper Mode:

When out on his runs:

Feel my fury......

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Im back. Under a new account that is due to problems with my old one. So yeah. Mine^

Update on RP profile.

Relationship staus: Taken.

Girlfriend (No longer Dalia since they broke up): A lizardman (Or lizardwoman should i say since she's from the monster girl universe.) named Arcturus. Appearance ->

Themes Update: When using Unlimited Blade Works:

When using his saint armor:

Confronting his enemies and rivals:

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(Omega Rock Cannon again here. with another update)

Vs Vergil/Vs Amara/Vs Dalia "Brother vs Brother/Breaking Point!/What was once love..." :

Vs Dark Vergil "Darkness Incarnate" :

Thoughts of his past:

Vs Strength/Underworld Vulcan "Black Fists/ Dark Gunner":

Omega's Return:

Main Theme 2:

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Age: Unknown(assumed to be over 3000yrs old)
Height: 4'8
Weight: 103Ib
Hair: silver
Eye: dark Tin
Rank: N/A (estimated S+)
Abilities: uknown

Dai is a said to be a powerful Fae sorceress that was banished to the human world in her early youth. After her exile the Fae sorceress remain in the human world threw a period of three 3000yrs watching the world grow and change around her. This long life is do to Dai herself preparing a new body over the span of 600yrs. Before transferring her previous life, memories knowledge and magic over to the new vessel after the death of her old one. The current Dai is the 5 incantation, and though she has almost everything her original body had. For each time Dai switch to a new vessel her own abilities drop a certain amount. She is nowhere near as powerful as she once was so long ago. However, her knowledge of every known earth magic, along with the Fae arts, and centuries of exp allow her to defeat most opponent that have an magical power advantage over her.

Dai is a curious Fae who views the world, and all those in it as mere objects in show that never end. She has no attachment to Arcadia after being Exiled an there state doesn't concern her. Unless it has some effect on the earth. This does not mean that Dai has an sort of Duty or attachment to the earth people or the planet, rather that if it was to vanish her source of entertainment and herself would be destroyed with it. Dai doesn't take most people serious treating them as mere children that know next to nothing, and even those who would be a real threat to her she treat as a child. Dai is only known to become real serious when she has a stake in something or is provoked into fighting serious. It is then that she can be seen as a real threat capable of taking out or killing an enemy if they are not careful.

Author notes
Dai is a very powerful opponent and one that shouldn't be fought under no condition without a key winning plan. Dai borders on Godmod but only powerwise. She can't dodge every attack or resist attacks to barely taking or receiving no damage. However, Her offensive spells are extremely dangerous and quite powerful. Crippling her opponents in one attack or defeating them instantly. However, While her offensive capabilites are quite devastating her main flaw is her old age. Even though she has switched body mulitple times. This make Dai abilities to engage in magic range combat quite poor. She cannont cast offensive spell for long as her body would breakdown from the stress of trying to handle such power. Thus if fights turn serious Dai will usually retreat and only begin to really assault her opponent if there no way to escape. Use extreme caution when fighting this Fae.

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Update on my characters past

Vergil's History
Vergil was born 500 years in the future of the present day where he is the only living human left alive after a war tore the world apart. During his fifth birthday he had found away to travel back to the past and travelled back 500 years where there the world still had people alive. In his normal timeline Vergil's parents died when he was 4 years old so he started to take care of himself but he started to feel lonely and searched for ways to travel through time, as stated before on Vergil's fifth birthday he found away to travel back and used it. Over the present day timeline Vergil has been growing up and training as a Mage, he has also been trying to figure out what caused the war that made the world in his timeline a lonely and sad place with no one but Vergil himself being alive. Vergil normally never talks about his own timeline because it brings back to many sad memories but he does his best to stay happy even when someone asks about it.

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Starting a new thread for my Fae character.

Name: Victorian Ocea Matthias Brahm Belcea
Age: 232 Years (Looks 16 approximately)
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Turquoise/Silver(When using the Command ability)
Hair Color: Dark Ash
Gender: Male
Alignment: NG
Species: Fae
Native Realm: Arcadia

-Air Step: Though he lacks true flight skill, Victorian can effectively hover at an elevation of 0 meters. This means that his feet do not set off vibrational or pressure sensors, and his walking is completely silent when active. Furthermore, he can walk across otherwise perilous surfaces without worry, such as liquids, glass, or thin wires. This does not protect him from, for example, the heat of a lava or corrosive vapors evaporating from acid, so there are some practical limitations.

-Flash Step: Victorian can cast an illusion to make his image appear to travel slower than he is, allowing him to cause an opponent to misjudge his position, and allowing him to close distances at seemingly impossible speeds. However, this illusion can only be maintained at a distance of ~10m, and can only be maintained for but a handful of seconds, limiting its practical uses to very short range.

-Command: Victorian can project his force of will onto others, allowing them to take actions against their will. This does not control their mind, and as such they can actively resist, talk back, etc. Furthermore, eye contact must be maintained for the duration of the command.

-Trained swordsman (Smallsword)

-Trained spy


Born as the third bastard son in a noble family already laden with 7 blooded heirs, Victorian was often treated like an excess toy, to be paid attention to occasionally and then discarded, to sit and stew in a pile of junk, until some fancy brought him back to attention again. His family was never the most powerful, having a fief of rural land that was of little use except for that of farming. The one thing notable about his house was its infamous use of spies and assassins to keep the peace, and maneuver around the machinations of the nobility around them; as a seemingly useless heir, when tossed away out of the public view, often he was sent to go train to become one of these spies (His noble blood often allowed him to be very useful on certain missions to other houses). He found he excelled at such tasks as sneaking around and intrigue, even if he was... sometimes emotional. And he was thankful for this, as it gave him a purpose in life.

However, this happiness was one day shattered, as some of the spies under his family's rule defected to the Black Fang; one tried to use his mother, a maid of the household, as a hostage, and failed at saving himself, though Victorian's mother was killed in the process. This turned him very grim, and caused a red tint of anger to somewhat color his usually blank demeanor. When he learned that one of his very few friends, Princess Amalur, had gone missing. He was driven to find her, making it his personal mission, and petitioned Lord Baytree on the council for permission to go to Earth to find her after finding evidence that she had used a gate to do so herself, and had not yet returned.

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Name: Shinzo Asura
Age: 14
Appearance: A black haired boy who wears dark colored clothing and a white solid mask. He has dark eyes and an unusual set of sharp canines. When enraged his eyes change to a reddish color, giving him a much more menacing appearance. He often stares with his cold, serious, murderous, eyes that frighten his victim.
Personality: A quiet and aloof boy. Shy when talking to others but more brave in fights. His heart is numb of emotions, only anger, annoyance, and dissatisfaction showing on his face. He maintains his composure under difficult situations but will panic if he has to do social activities. Shinzo is the type who will do whatever he desires and will punish whoever gets in his way. He holds hatred against humans despite being one. All he sees is the dark nature of others which supports his anger towards them. He can get cranky if he hasn’t eaten for a long time.
History: Born into a family who runs the business of assassination, Shinzo was cruelly trained under extreme life and death activities. At the very end, he massacred his entire family. He remains an outcast of society.
A knife on a metal wire, which he uses as an offensive weapon, a grappling hook, or as a conduit through which to discharge his electricity.
Magic Color: Black
Magic Capabilities:
Phantom Claw: Cloaks his hands in a pair of black aura, condensed into sharp claws to piece through flesh and bones.
Regeneration: skin wound heals instantly while a lost limb would take an hour to heal at the host of massive magic intake.
Flight / Levitation
Magic Armor: invisible but he can cloak himself with a magic armor that protects him even against bladed weapons.
Dragon Flash: Using magic to increase his speed to that of a blur.
Heighten sense: Using magic to increase his vision, smell, and hearing.
Chaos Beam: Fires a black concentrated beam from the index finger, palm, or both hands together.
Talent: He has a talent in art; capable of drawing vivid pictures based on his imagination.
Weakness: Cooperation and teamwork.

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After so much time, I decided to make myself a non MGLN character, here it is:

Name: Eve (True name: Sango)
Residence: Currently sheltered by Dragon village in Unimari Forest
Likes: Dragon Pride, Green tea, the Voice
Dislikes: Half breed dragons, other races, sex

Bio: Eve is a daughter of one of the first generation dragons, less then 50 years since the dragons race was born, making her a second generation Dragon. Living by the Old ways of dragon law, she’s very opposed to the new ways of thinking of the modern generation of dragons, to which she calls them ‘young ones’.

Eve is very proud, and takes the survival of her kind very seriously. The dragons are slowly dying off. The second generation were involved closely in wars, due to their pride and arrogance towards each other. The second generation were killing each other though human and dragon wars, which was a dark time in dragon history. Eve distanced herself from most of these, while being active in others. Now she is last of a handful of her generation still alive in the modern era.

She still looks up to her fathers and mothers, the ‘Old Ones’ and respects the ‘Young one’s’ if they are pure. Eve cannot stand any, as she puts it ‘contamination’ of her race, such as half breed dragons. She has this mind set from having fought and killed to stop such things happening centuries before.

Eve follows the way of the Voice, a dragons ability to create storms, breathe Fire and Ice and other incredible imaginings. She doesn’t want to have children or eggs, so she has gone through many methods to prevent her from procreating. Strangely has a fondness for green tea, despite hating nearly anything human. She can't speak any other language than Dragonic, so it's hard for her to interact with others.


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With all the shenanigans about some World-ending Eldritchian Abomination possibly showing up and destroying the entire world, I'm likely to be going to HAVE to make my main character interfere at some point so I'm going to post a profile with a lengthy explanation of her abilities so people don't think I'm pulling stuff out of my butt if I DO have to use her Unsealed abilities in the near future. Do keep in mind though that it took nothing less than the imminent threat of apocalypse to get her to use her Unsealed abilities so that's not exactly nothing.


Name: Suzuka Reiuji
Previous Character: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Home Town: Hell (Gensokyo)
Hair Colour: Ebon Black
Eye Colour: Blood Red
Current Home: None
Occupation: Vanguard
Race: Hell Raven - Transcend
Mage Rank: Untested
Device: Kyouran’Taiyou (Solar Fury)
Device Form 1 (Default): Strike Stance - Gunblade (see picture 1)
Device Form 2: Artillery Stance - Spear - When entering this Stance, the bladed edges of Kyouran’Taiyou slide slightly backward then extend outwards, exposing the Solar Core directly and allowing for a greater focus on long-range attacks.
Device Final Form: Inferno Stance - Unsealed Demonic Spear (see picture 2)
Barrier Jacket: (See picture 1 for Forms 1 and 2 - picture 2 for Final)
Limiter: Kyouran’Taiyo has been sealed by the Gensokyo Vanguard prior to exploration of The Rift to avoid risking unnecessary harm to whatever population could be beyond. Whether or not the seal is strong enough to prevent Suzuka from breaking it is uncertain but, she does not believe necessary to even attempt doing so as she does not quite intend to use the full extent of her powers on anything short of a divine being.

Suzuka’s main ability at this point in time is to wield the power of the sun, more specifically, the extreme heat, reactions and energy that occur within it or are results of it. This is most often used shaped as beams or spheres of solar energy of various sizes. As a rule of thumb, Beams travel the fastest and with most accuracy while large spheres of nuclear energy pack a lot of punch but travel more slowly, smaller projectiles will inversely travel faster as their energetic mass lowers (and therefore a lower amount of damage of course). It should also be noted that for the sake of saving everyone headaches, her abilities use clean fusion and leave no forms of harmful radiation unless explicitly stated otherwise. Through Combat, Reiuji's Mana undergoes something known as the Stellar Combustion Sequence. This is pretty much a rip-off of the burning sequence in which stars naturally burn their components in a specific order from from lightest to heaviest atoms. Concretely what this does is pretty simple; as the Sequence progresses during a battle, the heat and pressure of her attacks increases.

Her other noteworthy “general” abilities would be flight, high speed and immense mana power/reserves. She is however lacking in physical combat and has poor raw physical damage and defense. She has sharp cunning and intellect but no knowledge whatsoever of The World Beyond The Rift to make use of it with. Finally, while she is poor at defense, her endurance is very high and her will is indomitable

Besides the arsenal of basic projectiles as described in the first paragraph, Suzuka also has access to a selection of more advanced, combined or more numerous versions of the base attacks, shaped as she sees fits, here is a list of the strongest of such abilities as per the guideline about the most dangerous/final technics of characters, consider the abilities I’m speaking about here as intermediate levels between those final attacks and basic attacks.

Overdrive Bringer
Final technique for Strike Stance, Suzuka accumulates huge amounts of energy into the Solar Core of the Gunblade but does NOT send it as a projectile. She will accelerate drastically for one lunging strike and attempt to impale her target (or any location near her target) and will only then ignite and release all the energy in an overload of devastating solar energy waves over several seconds.

Solar Flares
Final Technique for Artillery Stance, Suzuka channels her powers for several seconds before unleashing a ripple that causes a great number of very large explosions of nuclear energy to burst at random over a large Area of Effect. The flares erupt around an area for a maximum of fourty seconds

Alpha Flare; The Sun’s Righteous Wrath
The first of the three “final” techniques for Inferno Stance, which is normally sealed by the Limiter. Suzuka will bear the Demon Spear forward and channel for six seconds in which an immense amount of nuclear energy - which can be clearly seen by opponents and allies alike - gather in front of the weapon, both from her own mana and the surrounding mana of the area. After the channeling is complete, a devastating beam of chaotic nuclear energy with the full might of the center of the sun is unleashed forward (meaning she cannot re-direct her aim between the moment she starts channeling and the moment it fires.) The beam fills a 13 meters radius around the center of her weapon and travels up to several kilometers at a speed of one per second.

Core Breakdown; The Third Crimson Sun of Hell
Second of the three “final” techniques for Inferno Stance, which is sealed by the Limiter. Temporarily absorbing Kyouran’Taiyou’s Solar Core coupled with a large chunk of her own otherwise immense reserve of mana, Suzuka summons an active star with herself as the center. This star begins with a radius of 100 meters but rapidly expands as time passes, up to a few kilometers of diameters if left alone for too long. This star erupts nuclear energy wildly and possess a gravitational pull that will draw in people and things of a mass of less than a ton. The gravitational pull increases as the star expands. Upon reaching Critical Mass, the star stops expanding and Suzuka's final joker is unlocked. After using this in battle, Suzuka will be unable to use anything except flight and her most basic attacks for a full week following the battle’s conclusion.

Desperate Collapse; T-2 Super Novae.
The final, desperate technique for Inferno Stance, it is not a "skill" persay but rather the hopeless, last-card-in-hand attempt at utterly annihilating a foe which threathens more than her own life is worth. This can only be used once the Crimson Star has been summoned AND has reached Critical Mass AND after Suzuka has gone through the entire Stellar Combustion Sequence. At this point, the stability of the Crimson Star - and of her very own psyché - crumbles and shatters. The star collapses on itself and absorbs the entirety of Suzuka's mana reserves, if not life force, before exploding in a type-2 Super Nova, unleashing a cataclysmic deflagratio nthat devastates absolutely everything upon many kilometers of radius, including herself. After using this technique, Suzuka will most likely fall into coma for at least one week, remain severely wounded for an additional two and be unable to use any magic except flight for short distances for an additional four. If she does not recover mana power during her coma through the help of someone else or by luckily being in an area of high magical affinity, she is highly likely to die.

There exists within the universe a certain number of roaming entities; spirits with no particular bounds in space-time. They most often simply travel across the stars without goal, invisible to most life-forms due to their lack of physical presence. Some are content with simply observing the stars while others prefer to observe the endeavors of mortal life-forms - though without interfering with them-. More rarely, those entities are not even fully sentient. On the opposite, a certain phenomenon exists, called the Resonance Phenomenon. The Transcends can be seldom seen and even interacted with by mortals with extremely high magical affinities; in even more rare occurrences, a Transcend will encounter a Life-form with a spiritual psyche extremely similar or compatible with their own, which triggers the Resonance Phenomenon. Once this happens the Transcend is forced into a physical body of appearance and abilities similar to the mortal who triggered the Resonance, in which they are trapped. There are no records of a Transcend recovering their freedom in any other way than physical death and utter destruction of the body.

One such phenomenon has occurred lately in another dimension, although that itself and the entirety of the mayhem and adventures it caused are stories for another time. We will now skip forward a few months, to the appearance in this other world of Gensokyo of an unknown dimensional rift. The event in itself was not uncommon as more than one of the local residents of this world tended to toy with the space-time continuum; however none of those who had the power to do so were behind the event. That, of itself, was a first. Much worry was caused by its appearance and none were very warm at the thought of being the first one to cross it, for many reasons. Finally, a volunteer was found in the shape of an outsider with very little to lose. She became the Vanguard of her adoptive world, tasked with finding the origin of The Rift and the objectives of whoever set it up, if any.

It has to be said that this Vanguard was in no way driven by any form of sense of duty but rather by a desire to resume her endless wandering. While she did not intend to wholesomely forsake the people back there, she most wanted to simply be able to explore once again. After jumping on the occasion and crossing The Rift, she found herself in a huge, new world. Her surroundings, however, were not the only thing to change as she noticed the weapon she wielded ever since the Resonance had also been modified by the travel. How this affected the seal placed on her higher-tier powers by the Youkais; she had no idea…

Picture 1 - (Forms 1 and 2, general outfit.)


Picture 2 - (Unsealed Form.)



I'll make a profile for Eis'Luft eventually, but she's nowhere near as powerful as Suzuka so there's no rush for that.

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Ok. Because in RP ive been going on about this "Ultimate Terror" guy, ive decided to do his profile.

Name: Night Terror

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Height: 10ft 5in

Weight: N/A

Eye Colour: Yellow

Appearence: Night Terror appears as a hulking armored beast vaguely resembling Nightmare. What was once azure armor and flesh has become a combination of armor and bone with an orange/red sheen. The helmet area has grown and developed a large crest-like shape and the muzzle-covering area has been removed to reveal a lipless mouth with long teeth shown and its eyes are a beady yellow. At the center of its chest is a glowing core of energy which spreads throughout its upper body. In place of hands are a pair of giant claws and in the "palms" are fully functional mandibles although this does not appear to hamper its ability to wield a sword in the least. Lastly, a slightly long tail has sprouted from the base of the spine area. Flowing from its back are a pair of large, fiery wings.

Weapon: Soul Edge (Complete)

Fighting Style: Memories of Nightmare

Theme song:


Feel my fury......

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I've been in chat for a while and I've had my servant there with me so I might as well post his info here.

Name: Archer
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Original Appearance: Fate Stay Night
Real Name: Shirou Emiya
Current Master: Vergil Tohsaka
Real Name Origin :

I'll post his attacks someday just not now

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Okay it is time to introduce a new RP Character! This one I made out of complete boredom so with out further ado let me introduce Vergil's Love Interest ... YES YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT VERGIL'S LOVE INTEREST!
Name: Uni Arisato
Date of Birth: 4/2/1992 (Age 21)
Hair Color: Bright Brown
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Current Home: Vergil's House
Occupation: N/A
Race: Human
Pet: A Puppy Named Isis

Uni's Past: Uni's past is fall of hate and anger by her parents who always decided to abuse her for no reason, her parents said they hated her because she was growing up to be a good girl instead of a criminal like her Mom and Dad. One day she ran away from home because she had enough of the abuse her parents gave her and ran to the local park where she met Vergil Tohsaka.

Vergil saw her crying and went over and asked what was wrong, Uni explained the 11 years of abuse she got from her parents,

Vergil told her not to cry and to fight her parents and tell them its her decision what she does with her life. Uni had stopped crying and cheered up, Vergil then asked her to take him to meet her parents which she did and when she got home Vergil saw what she was talking about by abuse and then he totally lost it and ended up putting her parents in Hospital and then put in jail for child abuse.

Over the years Vergil and Uni hung out with each other always happy until Vergil had to start his training as a mage but he promised he'd see her again ten years later when they both reached age 21!

Vergil kept his promise and had developed secret feelings for Uni inside his heart while Uni did the same neither person knows but they could REALLY SOON!

Uni's Theme:

Uni's Theme when saving Vergil from the Darkness:

Uni VS Archer Theme:

Uni VS Omega:

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Remove the vs Insane.Black★Rock Shooter theme cause your never gonna fight her for you and Omega have been excluded from the plot for obvious reasons. That and that the Arc is already over

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I think I'll post some of Vergils abilities since I haven't done so yet.

Vergils Abilities
Projection Magic: Taught by Archer
Unlimited Blade Works: Taught by Archer
Power of Darkness: Enters Alter Form
True Darkness: Enters True Alter Form after awakening to his hidden power
Flames of Darkness: Becomes Surrounded by Black Flames in Alter Form
Dark Flame Blaster: In Alter Form with his Device (Requires Flames of Darkness)
Swords of Oblivion: Final Move in Burst Form (The move his limiter blocks)
Persona Summoning: Shoots self in head with Evoker to summon his Persona
Crystal Wall: Ultimate Defense Wall & also a Gold Saint Ability
Excailbur: One of his Gold Saint attacks
Galaxian Explosion: His Strongest Gold Saint Attack
Time Portal User: Time Travel Ability

Add more later

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yeah, that Attack Mimic ain't happening and if Excalibur is anything like Saber's attack, that ain't happening either, nor are those SLB variations

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The Excalibur is totaly different in every way (this ones from Saint Seiya) I'll send a link not to mention its easier to get away from with enough reaction time and I'll remove the mimic and I guess I'll get rid of the Avalon Breaker.

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Update on my Characters Themes

Vergil, Archer, Uni VS The Saints: / (Song will be different depending on my decision during the battles)

Archer VS Omega:

Uni Battle Theme: