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Chat RP: Rules and Guidelines

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DISCLAIMER: All things said henceforth have NOT been adopted by official policy of Nanofate or Haru, and are more an attempt by many of us roleplayers in chat, to prevent several of the conflicts and complaints that have been popping up as of late. THese are non-binding (IE you won't get kicked out of chat for them), but anyone participating in chat RP should definitely follow them. Failure to do so will cause much butthurt on everyone's part, arguments, and generally no one wanting to RP with you anymore.

Furthermore, the scope of these rules is to regulate ONLY the RP that goes on in chat: this document should NOT contain language that would demand that non-RPers be bound by its agreements, as they have not agreed to do so, and as such should not be held against their will to standards they had no say in.

That being said.....

As of late, there have been several... messy, unresolved disputes with Chat RP that have caused much havoc to the main chat. To mitigate this, I propose these set of rules that we can use to self-regulate and try to ensure that such incedents, if not prevented entirely, are mitigated. Several of us (Currently Myself, Juno, Rae, Lae, Mane, Ria, Vivio, and Gregar) have individually voted on the rules; if others have objections, criticism, praise or feedback, please post them in the thread so that a dialogue may be achieved. Remember, these are rules to self-regulate, so please don't complain anywhere BUT this thread if a rule is broken.

That being said: The proposed rules.

Basically, Real Life takes precedence over Roleplaying. Please understand that we're all people with our own lives and business, which includes many serious matters to them personally and can impact the lives of many others, whereas Chat RP is really just a fantasy world that in the end... really doesn't change much. This means that if other players have real life issues to tend to, let them. RP is not that important that to demand other people put it above their issues.

It just is. For those of you not familiar with RP terminology, this means that your character uses knowledge that you as a player knows, but your character has no way of knowing. This is far more serious in regular RPs than Chat RP though, but it can still be VERY annoying.

Usually people want to win their fights. However, with Chat RP, you're facing other people, and you cant both win. There are several sub-issues to this:
-For Nanoverse characters, keep their power levels within the bounds they were established by canon. Arf should not be able to outblast Hayate or anything like that.
-For crossover characters (Characters from another universe), unless they're already rather weak and would be beaten by Nanoverse characters rather easily (in which case you keep it the SAME, not inflate it), slightly weaken their powers. This just keeps the peace between things, because otherwise we all start pulling out the Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann whenever we're losing a battle.
-Original characters should have the limits of their powers specified. THis isn't saying that you have to list out everything that your OC is able to do, but at least list things like ultimate attacks.
-Power levels & The Sliding scale of: if you are playing a more powerful character, either have more restraint or have a limiter. No one should be able to regularly curb stomp anyone who we throw at you, unless they never act agressively at all. This reacts on a sliding scale: If you play an average character, then you can act fairly agressive (but more on that later). If you play a character with unlimited amounts of magical energy (like Yuri (Unbreakable Dark)), then you SHOULD NOT act agressively towards anything less than an equal match for you. If someone else who really shouldn't does mess with your character, though, feel free to begin curbstomping. But otherwise, restrain your anger (at least a little). Another time it is ok to have a overly powerful characte is if RPers know about it in advance and plan and agree on how and when to defeat that character.

Other's characters arn't yours. You should never predefine the effect of an action, especually if the other player can reasonably defend agienst it. You should never say "I shoot you, you die." You should say "I shoot you.", then, let the other player come up with the response. Conversely, you shouldn't respond as to where the other player never touches your character even if they reasonably should. For example, "I attack you with X", "I use a shield blocking it", every time, for every action. This gets boring. As a rule of thumb, if somebody goes "No, X doesn't happen, Y happens", there's a good chance that somebody is godmodding.

This does not mean that your character must be respectful, no. HOWEVER, if someone doesn't want you to fight their character, or get into a long engaged conversation, or have *ahem* close relationship things together.... then don't. Its just really, really poor form, and disrespectful of where they want to take their character. No matter what you might think, it is their character to take in whatever direction they want.

If your chat is getting more steamy than PG (IE being detailed in kissing), use the /join command to make a private room you can do... whatever in. Because some of us really don't want to see it. No matter how hawt you think it is.

Character Death is a rather.... touchy issue. Do not ever permanently kill off a character without their owners consent (This, it should be noted, would also count as godmoding). The relative difficulty for a character to be made permanently dead should in some way scale to how easy it is to revive the character (For example, Raijin and Yami die all the time, being easily revivable, but it would be of poor form to kill Ace, whose spirit would be consumed by his daugher Ithaca upon his death).

Always, always, ALWAYS when there is a fight, there are people, not involved in either side, who will do their best to see it end in a fair and decent manner, because like me personally, they hate seeing this stuff going on, and just want to RP. Whatever beef they have with someone else is just getting in the way of that, and if its not resolved to the best possible outcome, it will just keep them from playing even more. So as such, there are people who will try their best to help you resolve your issue, so please don't turn chat into a raging war that leaves everyone feeling angry horrible. (Note: In-character fights, so long as they don't disrupt the chat, are fine. If they do, then they're fine if they're moved to a private room so as to allow chat to function as... well, a chat.)

These rules are just a draft, and are in no way final. However, I hereby submit this full draft for approval. Signed,


Hearts Cross

Trailing note:

A note, not in any way included in the rules or to be interpreted as part of this document other than a personal correspondence from the acecipher (hereafter referred to as 'the author') who feels that such commentary is of enough importance to be placed in the first post:

The author of this document wishes to express his feelings that an RP such as the one we have in chat must be conducted by its players with a certain level of maturity over conflicts in order to not devolve into chaos. Although this may be condescending, the author wishes to emphasize that his own shortfalls in this area has resulted in several negative results for himself, and heavily disdains being found superior to another in his maturity, and is certainly prepared to provide enough self-effacement to prove his point on this issue. However, without a certain level of maturity in issues such as peacefully resolving conflicts and gracefully admitting defeat, the author doubts that an RP as informal as this one can be sustained for long, unless conflicts such as combat are removed from the game. It seems odd to him that others object to the mention of this in the main text of the document, for in all of his previous RPs being lacking in one's maturity was an offense punishable by blacklisting for that GM's future RPs.

Furthermore, as someone who has done so to his own detraction, the author wishes firmly to remind others to please treat their IRL matters with a higher priority than chat RP, something which the author continues to do to this very day, much to his own detraction, and is currently doing with this document (which he feels more than adequately proves his point about the maturity thing; however, despite his own failures, he still feels that such things are neccessary to be said from his own breadth of experience.)



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I'm Mane Astrum and this is my favorite thread on nanofate o.ob

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I vow to obey and honor these rules.

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Basically, Real Life takes precedence over Roleplaying. Please understand that we're all people with our own lives and business, which includes many serious matters to them personally and can impact the lives of many others, whereas Chat RP is really just a fantasy world that in the end... really doesn't change much. As such I think there shouldny be much argument about this.

My one criticism of this is with rule 0. I would simply like to propose that it uses clearer language and insert a "but is not limited to" after "which includes," changing the clause to "which includes, but is not limited to, many serious matters..." My reasoning for this is that if the rest is not specified, then it may be inferred that as long as serious conversation is not happening, then you can RP all you want without limit (while adhering to the following rules).

I will sign in agreement once this change has been added, or another change has been made to fortify the language used.

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Well.... No? The purpose of rule 0 is to prevent people from going "THISGUY is a jerk because he didn't RP with me, and instead did SOMETHING!!!!" It ISN'T to say that serious conversation shuts down RP. If the conversation is that serious, then one of the parties should move regardless. The whole thing with splitting chat and RP is an entirely different thread, which is Haru's domain, and as such is unable to be dealt with here, since then it would have to become all official.

And if no other conversation is happening, then why SHOULDN'T people be allowed to RP as much as they want? Won't the chat be empty otherwise?

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Rule 0 in it's most basic is that: If someone has to go because they need to do something IRL (think school, work, sleep, dinner) then they will go, because real life is more important then the internet, it has nothing to do with chat subjects and RP suddenly stopping because someone feels the need to complain and QQ about their life.

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I don't RP much but I think this rules are pretty good....if not a little funny because its true. ^^ I well do my best ^^


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Okay, I have updated the topic. I ask that all the signatories review the document and give their consent that this is something they approve of.

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Wow. You gave me a list of (not really) rules.

You know what this means? I can feel my evilness well up inside me, it commands me to do what I do best!

Silently nit-pick the hell out of every single line and then use the rules to my own damn advantage, with as liberal an interpretation of the rules as I can conceivably come up with and then wave them in your face if you try and stop me!


Wow, maybe there actually IS a good reason I study law! BWA HA HA HA!

...What's with that look? Look at my signature. What ever made you think I was a good guy?! BWA HA HA!

...But no seriously, as a bystander to most of the chat going-ons I really don't give a damn what happens in there. Just as long as something, ANYTHING is happening then I can read it and assuage my boredom for a couple more seconds. Yep, you are all little puppets dancing for my amusement.

My EVIL amusement! BWA HA HA HA HA!

Cardboard box is here!

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I'm Commander She-

Oh, nevermind.

I approve of these rules.

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Newly revised character I approve

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I like the rules and I agree to obey.

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I agree w/ these rules

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I agree and approve.

Feel my fury......

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I agree and approve as well.

I take that back. Reason...I'm going to have to side with Aekari on this one. If your not going to state what you originally stated before and not come up with a rough draft and put in a document and post a link on it for members to read so they can comment on it...then why do it at all?

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Now that I read the rules I agree with them as well

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If by my life or death, I can protect these rules, I will.

You have my sword.

On a serious note, everything checks out fine!

Philosophical juggernaut, disabled Bruce Lee

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Lord of the Rings is so last year, you need a better dialogue.

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I truly agree with these rules. And I don't think Yuri or shall I say Unbreakable Dark ( My RP Character ) would think she is the highest of all, and honestly, she's hardly involved with battles, Ace unless she needs to.

On a cuter note, lmao, Sansker! xD