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Custom Setting Channel

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Greeting Fellow RPers. It come to our attention that newer RPers, and people wishing to RP are finding it hard to fit into the Rp Setting in Midoryia cafe. So starting Monday or Tuesday depending on your timezone. The RPing setting in Midoryia cafe will be moving to it own Custom channel started by fellow RPer Seikou, and will be led by the GM Laevatein.

What this mean is after the move Midoriya will be returning to a Nanoha centric RP based on Canon Material from Nanoha setting. Those who wish for a lighter tone RP, an more Nanoha driven one should join this RP in Midorya. While other who wish to have a more in depth RP should join the Custom setting RP channel. Once the Cafe Nanoha based RP start please make sure OC are Nanoha universe based, and not crossover as we don't want this Nanoha Centric RP to be bogged down with Crossover material.

OC made for the Custom Setting RP must have a back story and power and abilites that are well explained and thought out. The character by the creator will then be rank according to this super weight Class scale from TVtropes. org.


The weight class will then need to be approved by the GM Laevatein along with abilites. Do know that rank for super weight will have limits placed on them, and can only attack other if attacked first, or other interacting characters approve of it. Rank 5 World weight, and Rank 6 Cosmic weights will have serve limits on who they can interact with and only the GM along with a majority of RPers can approve of anyone using such a weight class for character beforehand. Rank 7 Author tier is strictly forbidden for anyone to use, and only the GM alone has the sole power to use such rights.

Anyone who wish to join this Custom RP pleas refer to this doc before coming to partcipate in the Custom setting.


Sign by RPer LyricalReana/Rae