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A dere-dere class

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In order to keep my mind in happy stuff instead of the huge disappoint I just suffer today I decide to give you guys a class about the dere-dere types of personalities for the propose of waste some time. Anyway for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about I will explain this: the dere-dere personalities are 4 stereotypes of anime/manga characters that play with some sort of personality disorder implying that the character will be altering its attitude from one to another complete opposite. And the 4 types are: tsundere, kuudere, dandere and yandere. I will proceed to explain each one and give examples with the help of the cast in MSLN just to make sure you will get it. Also as a final note I must say that even if these dere-dere characters are usually female there are also some male characters that will enter in the categories.

Tsundere: The most popular and well know of the 4, the word is even a part of the otaku culture right now. I presume most people know what a tsundere is but still I will explain it. A tsundere is a character who goes for two basic types of moods the tsun-tsun (Irritable) and the dere-dere (lovey dovey). To be more explicit lest say a tsundere is just a person with a harsh, rude personality that hides a sweet, cute side of them, that being said a typical tsundere will be aggressive, cool and even violet towards any other person but deep in the inside she or he cares for the rest. The tsundere is like a shell the character use because these persons are sensitive and vulnerable so they act aggressive to prevent them to get hurt while interacting with others. The change of mood is rule by the call “love interest” of the tsundere a character which the tsundere is in love or cares too mucho but is unable to say it out laud. A typical dialog for this type of characters will be something like this “Listen I just did this because I have too, no because I care for you or anything” or “I just happen to be near so I decide to came and look, I was not worried about you” and so far.

And examples in the series are: Vita, Teana and Arisa. Of these three my favorite is Vita because is a very well tsundere material. Vita is a very nice child and as obvious she tends to create bonds with the people around her but the life she experiments as a guardian of the Book of Darkness hurt her a lot, she was constantly in battle and everyone around her use to either die or gone so in order to protect herself from this she use to be very aggressive and irritable, in the past her relationship with the others Wolkenritter was bad because she didn’t want them to be important to her because she will lose them. That way when Hayate finally enters her life Vita is finally able to express that sweet side of hers that she always cover in the past. The problem is that she still have issues regarding expressing emotions to other persons as clearly show in her relationship with Nanoha. Vita will protect Nanoha no matter what and she likes be with her but she can’t stand Nanoha showing her any sort of affection or vice versa.

Kuudere: My personal favorite. This is not as well known as the first but I just have a weakness over this type of characters. A kuudere is a character that plays between a kuu (cold) personality and the dere (Cute) one. A friend of mine calls them “Ice Princess” and I have to agree with him. The kuudere is a type of character that is cold as ice with little to no facial expression and that will always keep a flat face no matter the situation or will just have minor expressions. A kuudere is quiet, never speaks unless some else talk to them and can be very rude with their cold indifference. This is how it is because either the character lack emotions (A robot or some alien life form) or the emotions are suppressed by a trauma or something. The kuuderes are self controlled and will keep it cool most of the time, but as well as the tsunderes this use to be a cover, the big ice cape over the warmer and cute side of them resting on the inside. As well as the tsunderes the kuuderes will change if they have a love interest or some else who knows how to press their bottoms to break the ice.

An example in the franchise is a little hard to tell, being so far few characters that can play the description. Fate in the first season could be consider one but I have my doubts, Reinforce Eins is also in the same line but then again I don’t think that will fit her well. To offer examples in anime you call say: Rei Ayanami (From Neon Genesis Evangelion) or Tenshi (From Angel Beats!). But in any case at less this will explain why I will always prefer the cool and wise Reinforce Eins over the annoying moron Reinforce Zwei.

Dandere: This type is very easily confused with kuudere and there are some reasons for that. First of all a dandere character is also a very passive one. They are calm, rarely speak but on the other had they use to be always polite and correct addressing other people, but as well as the kuuderes they will show no great deals of emotions. The difference is that in the dandere case they are like this because of a sense of insecurity. The danderes are timid and usually introspective people who feel insecure addressing strangers so they pretend to be that cold and calm to manage their insecurity. In a way is most like the aggressive attitude of the tsundere, is a self defense mechanism but the danderes are far more calm. So in the end a dandere is just a timid person that hides his/her emotions because of insecurity.

In the series there is far easier to find this type of characters than kuuderes, and I also think that Fate is one of them. Remembering the first season Fate was, in the first, cold and indifferent to Nanoha or any other character she face. Complete focus on her mission and prepare to beat anyone who gets in her way. But that was because all of them where strangers, when Fate interacts with Arf she was more soft and kind. The fact also that Precia use to whip her plays a very important role on her. Fate is timid while interacting with others, she is brave and has a strong will but in her hart she still feel some sort of discomfort facing others that way Fate tends to be calm and cold in the first place and even when Nanoha manage to melt the ice Fate still is show as a calm person. Her development to that motherly self in StrikerS is a complete mystery to me but even then she keep those parts of her former self, she is very calm and professional to her superios but more soft and cute when she is with her family and friends.

: The last class. This is by far the most infamous of the 4 personalities. To put it simple a yandere is, in some way, a psychopath. A yandere is usually defined as the opposite of the kuudere, which is a cute and sweet personality covering a hard and rude one. But while that sound harmless enough is actually a trap. A yandere is an obsessive and possessive character that will usually develops love to a person that most likely will not correspond but in the yandere’s mind he or she is bound with them. So a yandere can be either a good friend that will make favors and always watch over the love interest but also a possessive, jealous one that could even kill someone if they get to close to his/her love interest. That way the love here is more like an obsession and can even result in the yandere killing the love interest in some bizarre reason of love.

As I say the yanderes are like psychopaths so there isn’t a single character in the entire series that matches this personality. No, Jail doesn’t count; he is just a regular crazy. Watch the Higurashi series, almost all the cast there are yanderes. Well to be honest Raijin could be one. She is very childless and immature but also with a rage that burns like an inferno so she could be consider yandere for that.

So class, what did you say? Any questions? Any comments? Did you even read this at all?

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Oh, well done. It's good of you to clear some of these issues up, yeah?

Heh heh, I have the Otaku Encyclopedia so I'm never confused on these issues! XD

I never heard of dandere though, adding it to my list!

The only other dere I know of is the darudere, or the Kyon-like character (lazy, apathetic or relaxed but can suddenly be mean and critical

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Well I was boring so I decide to put this

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the second class, Kuudere, describes a character I created

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