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So, does anyone have any Nanoha related dreams? I had one last night. It was a short one, but it was touching and morbid too.

It was where Fate comes out of this room and another one comes out behind her. They are confronted by Hayate and Nanoha. They say to prove which one is the real one. The first Fate hugs Nanoha and starts crying, which so does Nanoha. The other Fate goes up to Hayate and takes out a longsword and stabs her. When she removes the sword she turns into Seikou with a satisfied look on her face and a creepy smile. The blood on her face and the sword then vanish and that's about it.

Anyone care to share theirs on here?

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I have bits and pieces of MNLN related dreams, most of which I incorporate into my crack fics.

Of course, my favorite ones are the scenes with Precia~

Like this one time when Nanoha tells Fate she's secretly been cheating on her with Precia, that was pretty funny X3

There was this other one where Yuno accidentally fishes Precia out of Imaginary Space with a doughnut as bait.

There's a bit where the Florian sisters accidentally run Precia over in their time machine and end up booting her out of Imaginary Space into Mid-Childa, where she accidentally causes a massive crisis while telling people she's not a gundam.

Oh! The most recent one I had is where Fate tries to figure out who her father is. Since she's blonde she thinks that her father must be blonde too and proclaims Yuno to be her father.

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It was a CoD-ish dream where i had to battle Riot Force 6, got stabbed by Nanoha and that's when i woke up XD

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I had a dream once where I went to the bakery with my best friend; we bought muffins.

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Maybe it's because I've read this message before going to bed, but I've just had a MGLN related dream. oO

I don't remember everything, but it had Fate and Nanoha in school and they didn't know each other until one day they meet (can't remember how, I think they walked into each other literally or something like that because I remember Nanoha apologizing) and Fate is stunned by how beautiful Nanoha is. They become friends and girlfriends.
Then one day Nanoha confesses that their meeting wasn't casual, but that she sought Fate out and that she had been watching her and been in love with her for a while. Moreover, Nanoha had finally made her move because she had to go back home to her family, which she actually reveals being on another planet and that she is an alien. However, she promises that she'll do her best to come back to Earth so that they can be together and Fate answers that she'll wait for her on their bridge.
[I half-wish my dream stopped here, but there's more.]
Nanoha goes back to her planet to solve her family matters, and after a week she manages to come back. She's happy because she made it in time to start the school year with Fate, but once she arrives at the bridge Fate isn't there. It's then that she hears a voice calling out her name, and turning around she sees a really old woman sitting on a bench. She walks to her to ask how she knew her name when she recognizes Fate's eyes, and she realizes that time on Earth flowed differently than on her own planet. Nanoha starts crying kneeling in front of her and holding her hands, but Fate tells her not to and that after waiting so long she's happy to be able to see her one last time, and finally, with those words, she exhales her last breathe and dies of old age.

When I woke up, aside from being a bit grumpy and sad, ironically enough my first thought was that I had a bit of a role reversal, since Fate is the real "alien".

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I can't recall exactly the event snow but i remeber have various nightmares involving Signum after the incidents of FORCE Ch. 7. Before that i had a couple of dreams of adventures involving the Wolkenritter in epic quests on an fantasy land xD

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