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[Fanfic] Miyuki ~in spaaaaaaaaaaaace~

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Here, have a plot bunny starring one of my favorite side characters. Will develop further later maybe.

Hayate quietly pondered her options as she sat behind her desk. A lost logia had been found on a non-administrated world and she had to figure out some way to safely recover it. That, in itself, was nothing new to her; what was new was that the world was both densely populated and really quite primative. Complicating matters further, the nation in which the artifact was located was embroiled in a civil war and there was a unique sort of radiation eminating from the planet's rings which disrupted their magic.

She reviewed her options, dossiers floating in front of her, once more, trying to find a fit for the mission. The agent had to be a skilled fighter, have enough subtlety to be able to determine where the artifact was being hidden away and infiltrate the location, and accomplish all of their tasks without use of magic or if possible, any other advanced technology. Her knights were all out of the question, their skill sets were too focused and she wasn't sure if they'd even be able to function inside the world's anti-magic field. Fate she had marked down mentally as her fall-back, as she might have some chance between her skill with a sword and her investigative background, but her combat skills all used energy weapons and Hayate wasn't sure how that experience would translate to more traditional arms.

Hayate was still stuck, reviewing her list of available agents for the third time when Nanoha walked into her office. Nanoha walked over to the desk and handed her commander a steaming cup of tea. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown, right Hayate?"

"That's Colonel Hayate, Captain" she said, a joking smile on her lips.

"So what's weighing you down today?"

"I'm just having trouble choosing a candidate for this mission," Hayate replied, making a vague gesture over her desk which resulted in the screen listing mission parameters to flip to face her old friend.

Nanoha began reading through the criteria and frowned. "The magical disruption really narrows your choices, as does the need to navigate a war-torn country on foot and infiltrate wherever they're hiding the Lost Logia." She focused her attention on Hayate, "So who's the front runner?"

Hayate sighed, "It's looking like Fate may be our best candidate. She's got the best balance of investigative and combat skills, but I don't know how well she'd fight with a conventional blade rather than with Bardiche." She rolled her eyes, "Ugh, what we really need right now is a friggin' ninja." After a moment of not receiving a response, she looked to Nanoha, who was standing still with a pensive expression on her face. "Nanoha, you don't actually know a ninja, do you?"

"Nyahaha..." Nanoha laughed nervously. "Three actually..."

"And this hasn't come up because?"

"They're all retired?"

"Do you think any of them might be willing to help us out here? It's definitely not standard operating procedure, but considering the special circumstances of the mission, I think I might be able to get a skilled civilian colaborator approved. Can you contact any of them?"

Nanoha nodded as she spoke to Raising Heart. "Raising Heart, communications mode, cellular bridge." She paused for a moment as she looked at the chrono mounted on the wall. "Call Midoriya."

Hayate quirked an eyebrow as she tried to guess who Nanoha would ask for after someone picked up. She didn't have to wait long for an answer and she found herself having to pick her jaw up off her desk when she found out.

"Hi mom, it's Nanoha. Oh no, everyone's alright. Could you pass the phone to nee-chan please? Thanks. I'll call you later to talk more." There was a brief pause before, "Nee-chan! How are you? Mmhmm, yes everyone's fine. Actually, I need your help. No, it has nothing to do with math. Have you been keeping your swords sharp? Would you be willing to help us out on a mission? Of course. Well, I can't really discuss details over an unsecured line, would you be free to meet up after work? Okay, just call me back at this number when you're ready to go. Okay, tell mom and dad I love them, oh, and oni-chan too. Talk to you later. Bye."



"Your sister is a ninja?" Hayate asked incredulously. Miyuki was just about the last person she would ever think Nanoha would have been talking about.

"Umm. More or less, yeah." Nanoha sighed and seated herself in the chair in front of Hayate's desk. She could tell that there was about to be a lengthy conversation about her family history.


Miyuki stood in the middle of the family dojo, a duffel bag with assorted articles of clothing and her swords on the ground at her side. She hesitated for a moment before pressing the call button on the phone in her hand. Miyuki didn't relish combat, particularly after her last mission, shortly before Nanoha had discovered magic. She was jealous of her sister in some ways, Nanoha had found a meaning for her life and latched onto it without hesitation. Miyuki had felt herself stagnating, she wasn't anywhere near as good at working in the cafe as her parents or co-workers and probably would never take over the family business. Maybe she could find some meaning for herself on another world.

"Hello, nee-chan. How was work?"

Miyuki had to stop herself from laughing. She was about to be teleported to a spaceship orbiting some other planet where for some reason her combat skills would be needed, and her younger sister was asking her how her day at work was as though nothing were out of the ordinary. "Work was fine."

"Are you ready to go?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Miyuki replied. She had to fight to stay calm as an extremely complex looking arrangement of squares, circles, and symbols blossomed beneath her feet. Moments later there was a flash of light and she found herself standing at the rear of what looked like the bridge of a naval vessel. Before her were three familiar figures, Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate all stood at attention, facing the teleporter. "Um. Permission to come aboard?"

"Granted," replied Hayate as she walked to Miyuki and extended her hand. "Welcome aboard. Please follow me."

Miyuki followed Hayate off of the bridge and down a series of corridors, Nanoha and Fate trailing closely behind. Various crew members stole quick glances as they passed before scurrying off. [Sorry about the crewmen, nee-chan,] she heard Nanoha's voice in her head, [Hayate decided that the quickest way to brief the crew on your skill set was to have everyone sit down and watch Ninja Scroll. I think they're a bit intimidated, very few of us are actually trained in non-magical combat.] Miyuki rolled her eyes as yet another crewman decided to duck down a side passage rather than walk past their little group. Finally they were led into an office.

Hayate took a seat behind the desk and grinned mischeviously at Miyuki after the door to the office had closed. "How've you been, Miyuki-san? I haven't seen you in more than a year now I think."

"I've been well enough, thank you. And you?"

edit: I was a jackass and forgot to actually use a topic title when I OP'd. Derp.

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Ahahahah, I started giggling the second I read "ninja" and never stopped.
It really is a pity so few people ever consider showing how Nanoha's career as Magical Girl for an alien military is seen by her family.
I mean, it must be so mind-boggling from Miyuki's or even Kyouya's point of view to think about their little sister like that... Some times I wonder how the Takamachi explain Nanoha's job to their friends... XD

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The moment I read the mission briefing all I could think about was 'Teenage ninja turtles' setting XD lol. I look forward to updates :3

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When I read your idea I just had to make an account to say how much I love it.

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I read this before the title was added, I already really liked it before I saw the title, afterwards it's that much better.

Crazyla makes a good point about how interesting this might be as a look from Miyuki's POV at Nanoha's life. She does the mission, earns a trip to Mid for doing such a great job and gets to visit Nanoha, Fate and her favorite Niece for a while. And hilarity ensues of course.