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[Fanfic] Split Personas chapter 1

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Phew! It's been a while since I wrote a chapter/ story so I decided to post it here and get some comments before making some amendments and possibly posting it on

So without further ado, enjoy?? my 7th NanoFate fanfic? Haha.

Edit: I know my story isn't a very good one so, you may feel free to comment and give me some points to improve on. I would be very glad to learn from you professional writers.

Split Personas

Chapter 1

Have you ever thought about have a different you inside your mind or body, living together with you and of course, sharing your ‘life’ with them?
Have you ever thought about someone disrupting your wonderful and peaceful life all of a sudden?
This is my part of the story that happened 2 years ago,
I was on my first high school trip to another planet. I was having lots of fun with my two best friends, Arisa and Suzuka, who had been with me since elementary school. And just when we were about to explore the last part of the town that we were in… an explosion happened in front of my eyes; It was just a few centimeters away from me. I got the shock of my life. I could only stand at the spot I was at and stare blankly into space. Then suddenly, someone as fast as the wind caught my eye; we had a moment’s of eye contact before I realized she was heading for me. She scooped me up into a princess hold straight after arriving in front of me and dashed towards an unknown direction. I shut my eyes tight to prevent the smoke from entering my eyes as she ran.

She came to a halt after a few minutes and I opened my eyes slowly. Looking around my surroundings, I noticed that this was an alley that I passed by yesterday while having a tour around the town with my friends. She placed me down on the ground gently and spoke with a slightly out of breath voice, “Hey… You shouldn't just stand there you know! It’s dangerous! And everyone was already running for their lives. Don't you care a single bit about your life?”

I flinched a little from what she had just said. She was right. If I was really scared, I should’ve just run for my life, why stand there? I directed my gaze to the floor and started fidgeting nervously, a little scared about what she was going to do next to me. But… she did nothing to me. She only turned her back to me, peered out of the alley cautiously before she turned back to face me. “It’s still dangerous now. The explosions won’t cease until a little more. *Sigh* Would you like to come to my place for awhile? I will bring you back to your house later.” She sounded a little reluctant to bring me to her home, but she did ask if I would like to stay there until the danger is gone.

“I-If you don’t mind?” I answered her with a question instead.

“I mind. I definitely mind. However, it’s not a time to be saying such things. Since I saved you, I’ve got an obligation to protect you until this is over. I can't quit halfway and leave you to die.” Such a prideful person. I thought to myself.

At her house,

“Come in, just sit anyway you like. I’ll get you a drink to calm you down a little.” Just as she finished her words, she went to her kitchen and got me a drink.

I sat down at the black leather couch not far from her kitchen and peered in her direction a little. She’s like a prince, a blonde prince with strong and determined red eyes from a fairy tale. I wonder why… my heart’s beating so fast. I should have calm down minutes ago but… it’s strange. When I look at her, I would remember how it felt when she carried me just now. Her body was so strong and firm. It’s like a guy’s body, like my father’s strong built. “Hello? You okay?” she snapped me out of my thoughts by waving her hands in front of my face and her face a little too near to mine.

“Wha- Y-yes?!” I jumped up from the couch; accidentally head butting her chin at the same time.

“S-sorry! It’s not on purpose!” I hurriedly apologized and reaching my hands out to her chin.

“N-no… It’s okay. It just, ouch, hurt a little.” She rubbed her chin with her left hand, her right waving to me, signaling she was really fine.

“Erm… Sorry to ask, but do you live alone?” my curiosity to know her better got me asking ridiculous questions.

“Hm… Well, yes. Is there anything wrong with that fact?” we had direct eye contact and I could feel my eyes being attracted to hers, unwilling to look else where other than into her beautiful deep red eyes.

“Ah… No-no. Nothing wrong at all.” I reassured her as I waved my hands frantically in front of me.

*Bzzz! Bzzz!*

Her phone rang and she gave me an apologetic look before she walked out into her balcony to pick up the call.

From where I was, my eyes were glued to her back. “I wonder what has happened to me? I've been acting and feeling a little weird ever since a while ago.” Suddenly something came to me. My face turned a deep red when I tried to deny that fact, “No-no, it can't be that… I… FELL IN LOVE WITH HER?” I shook my head hard. There’s no way it could be true at all. It's just so wrong. So very wrong.

“NOOO!” I shouted out loud unknowingly when I felt something touch my shoulders.

“H-huh? Are you alright? Is something wrong?” when I had realized and processed the situation in my mind, her face was already in front of mine; just inches away from mine once again. “Did you get a shock from the earlier situation? Do you need a doctor?” I could care less about what she was saying, my head was spinning. My eyes were glued to her lips and my heart was beating like it never did before.

“WAAHH! What are you doing?!” seems like I had been taken advantage of before I even knew it. She had taken action; she was holding me in her arms in a princess carry. “Hey, put me down.”

“*Breaths out* Haa… You… Stay still for a second will you? You don’t seem right; I’m bringing you to the doctor.”

“No! I’m fine. Put me down!” I struggled in her arms, my face getting redder by the second; out of anger and embarrassment.

“Fine,” She placed me down on the couch gently before she continued her words, “Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll spare you from going to the doctor.”

“… Weren’t you reluctant earlier? To save me, let me in your house and all. Why the sudden change?” just when I finished my sentence, I saw her face turn into a shade of pink. Was she embarrassed? No, it couldn’t be. It must be my imaginations. “Erm… Hello?” I waved my hands in front of her face, hoping to get a reaction from her.

“That was- I was just- Ughh…” she seemed to have trouble speaking. She was covering part of her face with one hand and the other fidgeting around on the couch. “I have a secret…” she was honest all of a sudden. “So… could you keep it a secret if I tell you about it?”

*Thump! Thump!*

A loud thumping sound could be heard. But, I was certain it wasn’t from me. Then… it could only be… “Fine, if you wouldn’t take me to the doctors.” I was seemingly a little of tease to actually want her to accept my conditions just because I wanted to listen to her secrets; even though she was just threatening me a while ago too.

She straightened her back, her hands on her knees elegantly, “I- I have split personality, a-and – I don’t have control of it yet, s-so I wouldn’t know what would happen to you if I were to change personality at an unknown timing!” the light shade of pink on her face deepened in color, her posture starting to collapse as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

But, wait, why was she embarrassed about it?

“…Sorry… but could you say that once more?” I couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes.

There was only silence and no answer.

“*Sigh* Okay, okay. I shall believe in you this once, so why are you so embarrassed about it? Is your other personality a really strange person or something?” she gave nod, “And how do you know about that?” She shook her head hard. “.... okay…. So…. Am I to be afraid of you or something? I don’t have a single idea of how you want me to react to that secret of yours.”
“J-Just remember to be aware of me if you’re going to stay for the night. After all, I don’t think you'll be able to go back anytime soon. The attacks are a little too random this time.”

“Haa… I see… By the way, who are you? More like, what are you? How do you know so much about the incident that happened today?”

“Ah… I’m just a police. You don’t have to worry about my occupation, I’m not one suspicious for that.” Somehow, her eyes didn’t seem to have the shine and look they had earlier. Could I have asked the wrong question? But I needed to know at least that since we’re about to stay a night together. “… Never mind about that. Do you mind me ordering a delivery service for your breakfast tomorrow before you leave? The call I received earlier was a call for me to join them tomorrow in investigating the incident today. So I won’t be able to send you home personally.” My heart sunk when I heard those words. I wouldn’t see her again to bid her farewell if I were to sleep tonight. “My apologies for that.” She stood up and bowed to me. My heart stung. Somehow or another, the tears that weren’t in my eyes a moment ago had been threatening to fall.

Why was I so fixated on her? Just what is going on?

No, you can't leave.

You have to stay up all night.

You have to do everything and try to stay here until it’s really time for you to leave for home.
Ugh… My head, why is it hurting so badly? The voice, whose voice is it echoing inside my mind?

“Are you okay? You look pale.” I wasn’t okay at all. My head was spinning, no, my vision was spinning. “Hey—ey- y-”

Huh? My vision… it’s fading…

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