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[FanFic] Sugary Confession

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Enjoy your meal

How to make a delicious Nanoha Cake!


Sha Yurigami


2 (3.5 ounce) packages instant vanilla pudding mix

1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed

3 cups milk

1 (16 ounce) package graham cracker squares

1 (16 ounce) package prepared chocolate frosting

Everything x20

In a medium bowl, thoroughly blend the pudding mix, whipped topping, and milk.

Arrange a single layer of graham cracker squares on top of a naked Nanoha. Lay the crackers and evenly spread half of the pudding mixture over the crackers and Nanoha. Top with another layer of crackers and the remaining pudding mixture. Top with a final layer of graham crackers.

And while letting the cake chill on top of Nanoha you got the chance to splatter chocolate on her still uncovered skin.

Dip her toes into mold chocolate and enjoy her squeals until the chocolate cooled off a little.

Now you can eat her to your hearts contend.

''Your kidding me right?'' Hayate said looking at the now dreaming Fate as if she wasn't of this world. She couldn't actually believe that the girl she knew since nine would be 'this' perverted.

''I had to search for a recipe that didn't involve any baking or cooking.'' she laughed at which her friend slowly took her distance from the blond ''I don't want my Nanoha to have any injures. And this recipe was what I had wished for. It's a cake that doesn't involve baking, and I could even bring in one of my fetishes.'' her aura of pure joy and passion frightened Hayate even further.

Never once had she seen her friend like this. And never once had she seen such a ridiculous and erotic recipe. At the very least they would keep it in private.

''Do you also want a bite Hayate?'' Fate beamed at her, noticing the away moving brunette. Her ruby eyes shining like a morning star.

''N-n-No. Sorry but I still want to live tomorrow.'' she hesitantly said fearing that the blond only wanted to trap her. She had never once seen her friend with so much determination for an sexual adventure, and it certainly creeped her out.

''Oh really. I thought you wanted to try the recipe on Vita, but if you don't want it, I can still burn it.'' she stood up. And a dumbfounded Hayate was staggering behind her.

''I-I-I-I I WANT IT!!!''

… … …

Nanoha was quietly humming while she waited for her Fate-chan. ''My Fate.'' even just saying the name of her closest person made her feel warm inside. Her heart was beating unstoppable. And she never wished for it to stop beating like that, whenever she thought of her significant other.

Even thought she wanted to just chat like they normally did that day two months ago.

Even thought her heart beat like crazy when her best friend suddenly kissed her. Looking into this pair of endless burgundy eyes, made her feel dizzy.

And then the words were spoken.

A gentle caress on her cheek, and the repeating of these words, like a mantra echoing in her mind. Warm wetness was dripping from her eyes, blood rushed into her cheeks, and she felt the heat in them rising.

I love you

And she drowned in a feeling she wanted to experience for her whole life. Nothing mattered right now, her hands reached up and slowly snaked around the blonds neck. Fearing that this moment was but a dream.

But it wasn't.

Her being carved for more.

Her mind seeking contact.

She couldn't think straight back then.

Their first time making love was on a flower field.


I wait for you

And she did wait.

Her cheeks were burning from the thought of their special unison she and Fate did nearly every night since then. 'I can't believe that she always ends up on top of me!'she angrily thought. Even thought she always initiated their intimacy Fate Testarossa Harloawn always manages to be on top of her.

Not that she had anything against it.

But it was quiet difficult to wake up normally. She always had to maneuver herself out of the blonds iron grip. She was so angry, that she was late at work so she banned Fate on the couch. Now that she thought about it. They haven't done it for at least two days because of that.

She felt moist between her legs.

Thinking about the blond always ended up imagining their intimate moments. Yet she cherished their childhood memories more than anything.

Never once did she forget the lone girl standing above her.

''She has certainly grown since then she is very gently with me, whenever we do it. I can't believe I just thought that!!! Well I wished she would be more aggressive… I get a headache'' she really does have problems with concentrating these days. She was addicted.

Addicted to her Fate.chan.

''Nanoha! I'm back'' she heard her, melodic voice carrying from the front door. She quickly spurted out of the kitchen, seeing the person she wanted to see so badly.

She walked up to the taller blond embracing her and saying sweetly ''Welcome back, Fate-chan'' She felt content. Being in Fate's arms was like a dream, those strong but gentle hands gently pulling her in towards her taller frame. Their breast touched from the tight embrace they had, and both felt the desire within them.

But that had to wait.

''Nanoha. I have a recipe I wanted to try and I hope you help me with it.'' she asked loosing her hold on the flaxen-brunette, disappointing both of them. She made sure that Vivio was at Corona's for a sleepover. She needed the extra place within the house for various activities later on. Nanoha also felt relieved, that Vivio wasn't here just yet, still unaware of Fate's preparations.

They could be as loud as they wanted today.



''Sure I help you Fate-chan.'' she exclaimed, leading Fate to the kitchen. Fate had gone shopping before, placing all ingredients on the kitchen table. Both proceeded to cook.

''By the way, Fate-chan.''

''Hmm?'' the blond replied, thoroughly blending the pudding mix, whipped topping, and milk.

''What exactly are we going to make?'' Nanoha's question didn't stop Fate from whipping, but she turned her head to the girl most important to her.

''That's a secret, but you'll see when we are finished. Meanwhile can you please get that special saucer we normally use for the roasted boar please?'' that answer surprised Nanoha, had she thought that it would be a small meal. Yet she didn't oblige and went downstairs to get the special threat.

When Nanoha wasn't here Fate quickly began to prepare for her meal.

She had at least twenty minutes until Nanoha could even find that antique relict, so she had more than enough time to make something special for her love.

''Here it is! Fate-chan are you ready with the cake?'' Nanoha was was coming up, she didn't expect that the serving plate was this big and heavy. When she was finished placing it onto the kitchen ground, she noticed that her dear girlfriend didn't answer her.

The moment she turned around her head and call out for her Fate, she was faced with her smiling lover. ''F-Fate-chan?'' sh e blinked unsure as to why, for one her girlfriend was smiling like a predator, and for two why she had a spatula with pudding…

''Time to e~at!''

The blond jumped her girlfriend, making them fall to the ground. Nanoha was still to shocked by Fate's actions that she didn't notice that her Fate already began undressing her ''It's always a pain to peal the ingredients!'' she exclaimed kissing her lovers neck longingly while proceeding with opening the buttons of Nanoha's blouse.

With each exposed inch the blond struggled to not finish eating just yet, with each moan from her loves mouth, with each soft whispering of her name, she struggled to go slow. Fate's lips were trailing along the exposed skin of her lover, always lingering a little longer on Nanoha's sensitive places until the first obstacle came…

Nanoha's bra.

She always loved it when they bounced right after she opened the cage they were bound in. her mouth watered and saliva was dripping from her mouth onto her loves still clothed skin. She couldn't hold back…but she needed to!

She unclasped Nanoha's bra, laying it aside. Removing the blouse, throwing it to the ground. Pushing up her loves pelvis, denied to taste, but still unpacked her gift.

Nanoha laid totally exposed in front of her lover, some drops of saliva running down her fair skin. She couldn't move, her arousal too great. Yet her fright of being discovered by Vivio still present… she could only mutter a few words to Fate, before her breathing began to hitch again ''Fa-F-Fate-chan…Vi-Vivio…'' Fate on the other hand took her time to lift her lover into her arms. Fate gently carried her princess to the ancient saucer, placing her down on it.

''If it's about Vivio, I brought her to Corona's place for the night…'' she reassured Nanoha kissing her gently on her forehead. She didn't wait any second and proceeded in applying first the pudding and then the crackers on top of her meal.

When Nanoha recovered a little from her arousal and the sexual assault her Fate did on her, she could blink…

She felt…strange…as if a slimy film of something was covering her whole body…as if her whole body was covered 'W-w-wait…?' she looked down on her body…it was indeed covered…she was covered with the same p-pu-pud-pudding that her dear Fate-chan had on her spatula.

But that wasn't the most shocking… it it wasn't the way she looked(like a Christmas cake)… it wasn't the icing or the crackers that were neatly and firmly pressed onto her most private places…it wasn't her love who was sitting beside her, still applying the crackers and the icing onto her with pudding covered naked body…it was the tongue of her blond lover who began to lick off the pudding off her toes.

Starting with her big toes then slowly engulfing each toe deep into her mouth at once, then repeating the motion with each single toe. She advanced slowly down the sole of her left foot then upwards licking her way to her ankle.

She held her hand between her breasts, close to her heart, wondering what her Fate was doing to her. But whatever it was, it made her feel hot inside, feelings of moistness between her legs began and she had to cross her legs.

To think that her feet being licked would sent her body nearly over her edge.

''Hols still, or you're going to spill the main dish.'' Fate ordered her still licking Nanoha's leg. Her heart beat uncontrollably, the look in Fate's eyes were that of a predator, ready to devour her prey: Nanoha.

She couldn't control her body any longer, she wanted Fate to eat her…and once again, such a thought sent her body ablaze. She wanted it so badly, but Fate was still licking and reapplying pudding onto her feet that it became nearly impossible to stop her legs from squirming around.

She pressed her breasts together with her shoulders, trying to get the crackers off of her pink erected peaks, but it wouldn't stop…that feeling of arousal wouldn't leave her be! Then she felt the blond shift…

Fate got up from the place she sat, her spatula being gripped loosely, then falling to the ground.

''Bardich'' she called out to her device, letting it fly above her right hand ''Take a nice picture.''

''Yes, Sir!''

After Bardich took several erotic images of his masters lover covered in pudding and her face as red as a cherry, he returned to his master side. Both Nanoha's device Raising Heart and Bardich were placed in the living room, Fate didn't want them to distract them with any lousy calls.

Back in the kitchen she immediately went to her loves side.

Nanoha began to shiver…anticipation…arousal…

She couldn't hold back any longer!

Fate slipped her apron off her shoulders, followed by her skirt, pants and panties. She threw he pullover aside and pulled her T-shirt up just above her breasts. She took Nanoha's in pudding covered legs and began to lick the chocolate icing and the yellow slime off of her toes again.

Nanoha squirmed from the tickling sensation gracing her feet. She felt even more aroused, her sweat slowly mixing with the vanilla flavored topping. Fate licked her toes free from the yellow mass and proceeded onto the rest of her feet. Licking the sole advancing towards the ankle and then shifting to the other feet, while Fate's pelvis came closer to Nanoha's.

The touched, Nanoha's moist butt was touching the blonds private area, her legs were still being held up by her blond lover and her mind still hazy.

After cleaning Nanoha's feet, Fate pressed them firmly onto her breasts. Her heart beat uncontrollably the more firmly she pressed her loves feet onto her bosom. She felt so aroused about the fact that one of her fetishes had finally come true. Nanoha took this as a chance, thought she nearly lost herself in the pleasure she received, she still wanted her dear Fate-chan to fell good as well.

She squeezed Fate's erected tips between her big toes and the rest. Pinching them and swirling them as Fate moved her legs. Fate moved her pelvis further onto Nanoha's, crushing their private areas together.

Loud moans escaped out of their mouths.

Fate lifted herself off of her lover, panting slightly, she nearly came from Nanoha teasing her breasts with her feet…she was beet red from the thought, but pushed it aside, seeing that her love spread her legs.

Nanoha needed her.

And she needs to finish her meal.

So she placed both her hands onto her lovers legs, lifting them up once more, before placing them onto her shoulders. The blond slowly lowered her head, sensing that her love watched her.

She got closer.


Parting the wet and slimy lips and pressing her loves tights farther apart, she lowered her mouth. Biting onto the cracker first. Crunching the ti before taking half into her mouth and pressing the other half into the moist flesh.

She screamed out, gasping for air. Never did she feel something, something like this ever before! The hard and itchy feeling of the invading object, together with Fate's skilled tongue entering her over and over again, sent her on the edge immediately.

Panting like crazy she slowly opened her eyes, seeing how pudding and her moisture covered Fate's face. She pressed herself shakily up, slightly pressing their erected tips together…and began to lick all the slime and wetness away from her beloved Fate-chan's face.

Fate snaked one arm around Nanoha's waist and forged them even closer together. Their breasts covered in pudding danced in the rhythm o Nanoha's licking. When she moved upwards Fate's breasts would push hers on top of them, grazing their erected peaks against another. When she moved closer to the blonds lips, their mounts were directly bouncing on each other. When she licked Fate's neck her breasts would be pressed upwards by Fate's.

Both moaned uncontrollably, unrestrained and screamed the name of their loves.

Fate instantly pushed Nanoha onto the saucer gripping her arms and pinning them over her head.

Then she parted Nanoha's legs with her own and positioned herself right between them. The yellow essence now covered their fronts. Her left hand traveled down Nanoha's legs and got behind her bottom. Said girl immediately knew what her dear Fate wanted to do, and her eyes widen.

She wasn't ready for that yet!

But the blond was insatiable, she got between the valley of Nanoha's buttocks and slowly caressed the small hole under her treasure. At first it was one finger tip, that slowly entered her most forbidden entry. Nanoha clung onto Fate, her arms practically holding the blond head so closely that even their breasts were more firmly pressed together.

The finger still caressed the outer shell of her butt hole, her moist flesh nearly exploded as Fate still teased that place.

They only did this once,…to each other at the same time…because both were curious at how that would feel. It felt strange for the both of them, but Nanoha liked it to know that Fate-chan was within her…everywhere.

She firmly pressed her lips onto her beloved, their tongues dancing within their mouths.

'Don't tease me Fate-chan!' Nanoha demanded telepathically, pushing her center onto Fate's.

Both moaned from the contact, especially Nanoha.

Through their unification, Fate accidentally pushed two fingers into Nanoha's butt. Her droll was streaming down Fate's shoulders and she moaned so erotically, that Fate's nub began to twitch and rubbed against Nanoha's just as erected nub.

While still being inside Nanoha's butt she instantly began to bump against Nanoha, while Nanoha could only hold tighter onto her beloved Fate-chan, crossing her legs behind Fate's back tightly.

Nanoha practically straddled Fate's waist by now, as their centers rubbed harder and harder together. They both bumped into one another, while Fate's fingers were still impaling her butt hole. Nanoha by now was on top of Fate, although she was still straddling her, but she dug her face deeper into her blonds shoulder, biting down onto her skin.

Her butt was burning.

Fate instantly ,whenever she bumped upwards with her nub against Nanoha's, she would sink her fingers deep into Nanoha's butt, at which said girl would scream and press their meeting flesh harder together.

When Nanoha came the sixth time she took her fingers out and positioned her hands onto Nanoha's waist.

They were sitting once more, still pressing their moistness together or if one would be allowed to say french-kissing.

Neither felt tired yet, but that was soon to come.

Fate slightly leaned back, supporting her weight with her left arm, and allowed Nanoha to rub their centers together more firmly. Each rub and each suck on their lips,breasts and intimacies, drove them crazy.

Both needed this.

Pure and simple love making.

''I love you Fate-chan.'' Nanoha whispered into her Fate-chan's ear holding her face with both hands, kissing her right after the words left her mouth.

'' you too, Nanohaaaah!'' she answered, releasing together with her love.

Both were panting harshly. Nanoha being held closely in Fate's arms, while the flaxen-brunette's rested on her shoulders. They looked at one another lovingly, smiles graced their exhausted faces before they kissed tenderly.

But something still bugged Nanoha ''How come Fate-chan was so aggressive today?'' Fate on the other hand hummed replying ''I just wanted to shower you with my love.'' she said receiving a small peck on her lips.

Both got their wobbling bodies up, went together under the shower, making love yet another time while washing the rest of the yellow mass away. Nanoha was being lifted up like a princess again after their shower and was carried over to their shared bedroom.

Tonight neither of them would get to sleep ''Ah that's reminds me!'' Nanoha suddenly exclaimed, making Fate look curiously at her outburst ''What is Nanoha?''

''Let's do it like earlier from now on ever!'' Fate looked at her a little perplexed.

''I don't mind…but why?''

''That way You get to be seme and I can get up early once again for work! And you won't ever have to sleep on the couch!'' she happily exclaimed earning a chuckle from her beloved and a kiss on the lips.

''We will see.''

…to be continued? Maybe?

… … …

Omake: Addition:

''Hello here speaks Fate Testarossa Harlaown…''

''Ah! Hello Fate-chan, here speaks Hayate! I did as the receipt told me to do, but Vita-chan pulled out her mallet and hit me! Please tell me what to do now, or else you're going to have a new superior tomorrow! OR WORSE, Vita will eat me!''

''…I am currently not available, because I am either eating my lover or am doing extreme physical activities with her at this moment. Please leave a message after the peep tone…PEEP''


''Hayate-chan, I'm going to eat you~~~!''

''Wha- Vita-chan! NOOOoooooo………ohh that doesn't feel all that gross XD''

Ok guys Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to test out writing M-Rated Stories and this is what I've ended up with XD

I may add more pure smut stories on this Story later, whenever I feel like writing about Love-making.

If you guys got other receipts or fetishes you guys want to write about with our favorite pairing or SigRein (I know what you think but believe me! Those two have future!) then feel free to pm me!

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*grins*...That was amusing and kinky all at once. Total LOL...esp. with Hayate's reaction. Oh...and the omake was hilarious.

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Sorry not that I want to be off topic, but kaname, did you get that signature from deviantart? Coz I made that sig for someone and I'd appreciate it if you tell me first before using it :)

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Sorry about that. If you want me to remove it...I can you know.

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