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[Fanfic] As of yet unnamed crossover with Stargate SG-1.

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Very much a work in progress here. But hey, if anyone wants to take a peek and provide input, feel free. I still need to fill in around a lot of the dialog, fix grammar, and adjust scene transitions. >.>


Jack looked somewhat skeptically at the young woman seated behind the desk, "You're a General? Aren't you a bit young?"

Hayate smiled a bit as she diverted her attention from her screens to look Jack in the face. *Her eyes are wrong,* thought Jack, as he sat down in front of General Yagami. *No person that young should have such a battle weary look about them.*

"I would be a Brigadier General in the US Military ranking system. I'm not quite as young as I look and my rank wouldn't seem as inappropriate if you knew how long I've been serving."

"Your organization recruits children?" he asked, his expression coldly disapproving

"To be fair, I was a special case to be recruited as young as I was. Our military does enlist younger people than would be considered normal on Earth, though it's primarily due to necessity. Powerful mages may become a danger to themselves and those around them without appropriate training and equipment, sometimes beyond even what our schools are able to provide.

"We do not have child soldiers in the way that certain regimes on Earth do. It is extremely rare for children to be deployed in battle. Youths are typically given the training they need and are allowed to gain experience through peaceful missions such as disaster relief, wildlife rescue, and other types of non-violent military activities if they so desire. Those who do not wish to be in the field are required to complete a brief term of service but will be relegated to clerical work."

"I am in charge of an elite task force which was created to tie up some loose ends in regards to a number of major crises which have occurred over the last few years. The gadget drone that you encountered was one of the more dangerous examples of the leftovers we've been dealing with."

"Why did they assign such a young officer to such a hazardous mission?"

"My two friends who you've already met and myself are the three most powerful mages in the TSAB military. No boasting involved here, we do have ways of quantifying magical ability and numbers don't have ego. I didn't earn my rank by just sitting behind a desk." She paused a moment for any more questions before continuing, "So Colonel O'Neill, what can you tell me about your organization? I understand that most of the details are probably classified, but I would like some sense of what we're getting involved in before I meet with your CO."

"A number of years ago, we discovered an artifact, almost identical to the one down on the planet's surface that we came through, which allows us to transit quickly between planets also possessing one. Unlike the other examples you've mentioned of, "lost logia," the Star Gates are purely technological in their functioning, if you'd like more details on the physics, ask Captain Carter. So, basically what we've found is that humans are being used as a slave race on many planets by a species called the Goa'uld. This has been going on for thousands of years so far as we're aware. The Goa'uld are now trying to return to subjugate the Earth, but we've been able to repel them so far."

"They've been attacking the Earth directly?" Hayate asked, clearly somewhat perturbed.

"Yes Ma'am, there have been numerous attacks through the gate as well as via spacecraft."

"I see. Hold on one moment please, I need to make a call." Hayate diverted her attention momentarily and depressed a button on her desk. "Rein, I need you to get Admiral Leti, Admiral Chrono, Lindy, and if possible Admiral Crowbel together for a conference call."

Jack couldn't understand the high pitched, Japanese reply a moment later, but he could read on the General's face that it was being done. "Colonel, I'm going to ask you to see if your Commanding Officer would be willing to transit to this ship for a meeting. I've set us on a course for Earth and we should be there in a few hours."

"Um, okay. How can I contact base from here?"

"I can put you through from here. Do you have a phone number you can use?" she asked as she typed a few commands into one of the floating screens and a numerical pad appeared, floating, in front of Jack. Somewhat skeptically, Jack punched in the series of numbers he'd memorized to get directly through to SGC, bypassing the normal switchboard.

"Hello? How did you get this number?"

"Hey General."

"Jack?! How did you wind up in Japan?"

"Sorry, General, I'll field that question," Hayate interjected, "We are not presently in Japan, but we have a relay station set up there to allow us to communicate with people on Earth via standard telephone. We are presently en route to Earth, with an ETA of approximately 1800 hours your time. I would like you to come aboard for a meeting to discuss possible arrangements for Earth's defense."


"Sir, I would recommend accepting their offer. They seem to be more advanced than the Goa'uld are and some of them seem to be personally invested in Earth's continued well being."

"Very well, I will come aboard. How am I going to get there?"

"We'll send down one of our people to pick you up at a location of your choosing. When you decide where, you can call this number with the coordinates. I've scheduled a meeting with some of our military leadership for 1900 hours to hear your case."


When General Hammond arrived at the designated location he found that there was already a young woman waiting for him there. She immediately snapped to attention and crisply saluted when she noticed his approach. He returned the salute and offered his hand. "General George Hammond, United States Air Force."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, General Hammond," replied the young woman as she shook his hand. "I am Lieutenant Colonel Nanoha Takamachi of the Time Space Administration Bureau Air Forces. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, please lead the way."

Nanoha smirked a little as she opened a comm channel, "Beam me up, Shari." She could almost see the younger woman rolling her eyes as the glowing magical circle blossomed beneath her and the visiting General.

General Hammond had just opened his mouth to ask what was going on when they arrived aboard the Wolfram in a flash of light. Quickly closing his jaw, he made a brief assessment of the situation. They seemed to be standing in a 3/4 enclosed area at the rear of the bridge of the ship. There was a young woman purposefully walking toward them dressed in a similar uniform as the woman who had picked him up but with a long white coat draped over her shoulders. Much to his surprise, the crew that he could see appeared to be predominantly female.

The young woman came to a halt in front of the transport pad and saluted. General Hammond and Nanoha both returned the salute before she introduced herself. "General Hammond, it's a pleasure to meet you sir. I'm Brigadier General Hayate Yagami."

"The pleasure is all mine, General Yagami. Please, lead the way." Hayate led the pair down a brief series of corridors to a conference room dominated by a long table, the surface of which seemed to be one large touch screen interface. The members of SG-1 were already seated together at one end of the table, leaving the head seat open for the general. Hayate gestured for them to be seated as she took her own seat at the opposite end of the table flanked by Nanoha, Fate, and a few other crew members who SG-1 hadn't yet been introduced to. A few moments after General Hammond had seated himself, the door opened once more to admit a vibrant looking woman with shocking mint green hair who quickly found a seat along one side of the table.

After giving everyone a moment to get situated, Hayate typed in a sequence of commands and hologram representations of various members of the TSAB leadership materialized in the empty seats along the sides of the table. Along one side, three ancient looking people in somewhat more elaborate uniforms than the rest of the officers sat, two male and one female. Along the other side were two women with rather shocking hair colors and a man who had a somewhat more normal appearance. Hayate introduced the three senior Admirals first, followed by the woman with purple hair and the relatively normal looking man.

"Now, it has come to my attention that Earth is presently engaged in a conflict with an aggressive race called the Goa'uld who rule an empire spanning hundreds of planets relying largely on slave labor. Is this correct, General?"

"Yes, that is an accurate description. The Goa'uld first came to Earth and discovered humans some ten thousand years ago. The humans were enslaved and the Goa'uld used the Stargate network to transport human slaves to many planets through out the galaxy. Earth later overthrew their master, a being named Ra, in a series of massive revolts. The gate on earth was buried for thousands of years until being rediscovered more recently."

"And these Goa'uld have made direct attacks against the Earth?"

"There have been three attempted attacks from space as well as innumerable attempts at incursion through our Stargate."

"Admirals, I would like to request permission to furnish assistance to Earth in repelling this threat," Hayate began, "It is evident that we are dealing with an aggressive, expansionist race, who, based on the position of their territory according to what we've been told, may begin to attack worlds under our protection in the near future."

"The fact that this race has been employing slave labor for over ten thousand years is alone enough of a reason to commit ourselves to some level of involvement, however what degree of aid we may furnish will depend in part on the strength of these people. We cannot simply sit idle, but our actions must be well considered as we are not ready to engage this enemy in open war," the female Admiral stated, even as the two men flanking her nodded their agreement. "We will station a defensive force near Earth while we work toward assessing the level of threat that these beings present and deciding on longer term courses of action."

"Admiral Lindy, Admiral Chrono, and General Yagami, you will be assigned to the defense of Earth for the time being. You are authorized to take any actions needed to defend this world from attack. You are not authorized to engage in any offensive movements in enemy territory. Take this time to do as much research as possible into these beings, their technology, their history, and their military assets. We will contact you with further orders after we have been able to evaluate the situation further."

"Yes Ma'am," Hayate and Lindy replied before the hologram of the three admirals flickered and vanished.

"So General, how best may we be of assistance?"

"For the moment, having your ship in orbit is all that we can ask of you. The gate itself is well secured, but we are vulnerable to attack from space as we have no military presence there."

"We will have the Claudia and the Wolfram maintain their orbits, Admiral Lindy, can you lead the research team on the ground?"

"Yes, of course. I can deploy immediately with Mariel and Shari." She stopped for a moment before continuing with a knowing smile, "Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate, would you be so kind as to pick a few things up for me from my home?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" the three replied enthusiastically.

"Excuse me, am I missing something here?" interjected Jack.

"Sorry, Colonel. These three grew up in Japan. I think they'd like an opportunity to visit friends and family."

"You live in Japan?" O'Neill asked, incredulously.

"That's correct. Also, before you ask, the Japanese government has no idea about any of this."

"Alright people, you have your assignments." Hayate broke in, "Admiral Lindy, please take Erio, Caro, Teana, and Subaru with you as well. Chrono, you can take charge of the fleet as soon as the Claudia arrives. Admiral Leti, we'll be in touch soon with more information about these, 'Goa'ulds'. General Hammond, please follow Admiral Lindy to the transfer pad. Nanoha, Fate, it's time to visit home."

With that the meeting broke up, Lindy escorting the General and SG-1 to the dimensional transfer pad, meeting up with the rest of her ground team on the way. Shortly after they had vanished, Hayate led Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio onto the pad. "Lucino, you have the con. We shouldn't be gone for more than three hours. Contact me immediately if anything happens."


It was shortly before 11 in the morning, local time, that Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Vivio appeared in the alleyway behind the Midoriya, dressed in civilian garb. The group quickly made their way to the front of the establishment and walked inside where they were greeted by who Nanoha assumed must be a new employee as she didn't recognize any of them and looked to be about Vivio's age. She quickly and politely showed them to their table and handed out menus before walking off to alert one of the waitresses to come and take their order.

A few moments later, Miyuki, walked over and froze in place the moment she caught sight of the group. "N-Nanoha? NANOHA! MOM, DAD, NANOHA'S HERE!" There was a commotion as Shiro and Momoko burst forth from the kitchen and Miyuki dove forward to hug her sister. The young Hostess who had seated them just a moment ago stared in surprise. Nanoha was out of her seat with plenty of time to spare before Miyuki landed in her arms.

"Hi, nee-chan. Long time no see." Shiro and Momoko approached a moment later in an only slightly more restrained fashion, Shiro grinning widely and Momoko misty eyed. "Okaa-san, Oto-san."

"Grandma! Grandpa!"

"Oh Vivio, look at you! How tall you've gotten!"

"Shiro-san, Momoko-san,"

"Fate! It's been so long! have you been taking good care of Nanoha?"

"Mou, I can take care of myself mom."

"Are you staying long? Why didn't you call ahead?"

"We can't stay long right now, but we've been stationed not too far away, so we should be able to visit more frequently in the near future."

"Oh, it's so good to see you. Please call ahead next time so we can prepare a bit."

"You don't need to do that."

"But we do. We've missed so many birthdays and holidays for all of you. If you're going to be near by we need to have a proper party some time soon."

"We'll be sure to do that then."

Miyuki appeared a moment later carrying a tray with four glasses of caramell milk and a few pieces of cake to hand out.


It was already pitch black out when General Hammond and SG-1 arrived back on Earth with their guests in tow. It was a brief hike back to the base and the guard admitted them with a minimum of fuss. General Hammond apologized that their first stop was to be the infirmiry to have their guests go through a few blood tests, but the team seemed to take it all in stride. Doctor () was extremely fascinated by their guests and was visibly shocked when the Admiral told her that this was her natural hair color.

The second stop was the research department, where Daniel picked up leading the tour. Each of their guests seemed interested in different sections, Caro and Shamal at the biological samples, Mariel and Shari with the technology, and Subaru, Teana, and Erio with the confiscated weapons. Everyone listened politely as they were guided to different stations and introduced to the technicians working there.

Finally they were guided to the main conference room, overlooking the Stargate. "So this is the Stargate," said Lindy, fascination in her voice. "Just how wide-spread is the gate network?"

"From what we've been able to determine, it covers most of this galaxy and there are a few ways in which to reach nearby galaxies as well."

"And the transit time doesn't vary dependant on distance?"

"Actually, there is some variance in the arrival time, but in all cases, it's quick enough that it may as well be instantaneous," replied Captain Carter.

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Well, well, my friend...

Yes. Oh God, YES. THIS is what I'm waiting for~! You have absolutely no idea how psyched I am to finally read a crossover between Nanoha and "Stargate SG-1"!

And trust me: this looks really, really promising!

I think there is plenty of room to improve, though. Like you said, there's the scene transitions, and I would've liked a better intro, instead of jumping right in with Hayate talking to Jack.

This first chapter was quite interesting and it set the stage quite nicely. So, I hope you get this story goin' soon, as I can't wait to read more~! X3

Mission Start!
Update ASAP! That's an order!

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Daniel Jackson had to shield his eyes the moment he came through the stargate from the blinding glare of the planet’s pair of suns. The suns themselves weren’t the immediate problem, but rather that smooth layer of glass coating the crater that the gate was sitting on the precipice of. The air around him seemed to shimmer with the heat radiating off of the glass and the sand around him.

While the exact nature of the basin hadn’t been obvious via the video feed from the probe, it had been assumed to have been some sort of blast crater, made some time ago based on the thermal readings from the MALP. Daniel dropped into a crouch to more closely examine the surface. What had appeared to be a single smooth piece of glass was actually a fused mass of fulgurites. Daniel shook his head, that made no sense, the molten area was much too uniformly covered in glass and much too neatly contained. Shards of rock peppered the area, sticking unmelted out of shattered areas in the glass surface.


The strange mechanical spheres approached more rapidly this time, firing some sort of energy weapon which melted divots in the rocks they impacted against. So far one of the four mysterious assailants had been felled under sustained fire from the SG-1 team and another looked like it was beginning to have trouble staying aloft, but the team’s ammunition reserves were beginning to run low. Jack was beginning to get worried when suddenly the onslaught stopped. No, it hadn’t stopped, but had been re-directed as he could still hear the sounds of the beam weapons discharging. After a moment, he dared peek out from behind his boulder only to be greeted by a blinding flash of pink and yellow followed by a sizeable shockwave and flying debris.

There were no more blasts as the dust and debris began to settle around the SG-1 team and one by one they began to peer out from behind cover. The three remaining mechanical foes were down, one having been reduced to a heap of molten looking slag and the two others heavily perforated by rocky debris. “Colonel, above us.” Jack whipped around to look at the crater rim above and behind them. He scanned back and forth along the rim for a moment, but didn’t spot anyone.

“No sir, ahead! Eleven O’clock high.”

Turning his attention back to his front, he elevated his vision and had to squint against the glare of the planet’s pair of stars to see the pair of rapidly growing figures, silhouetted against the blinding light. “We’ve got incoming, people!” Jack announced as he reloaded his weapons and took cover once again behind his boulder. A few moments later he heard a young, female sounding voice calling out.

“Anno, minna-san, daijoubu desu ka?”

“Um, Jack,” Daniel whispered to him, “she’s speaking Japanese.”

“What’s she saying?”

“She’s asking if we’re all alright.”

“Well, answer her.”

“Umm...Watashtachi wa...daijoubu...yo.” Daniel spoke haltingly.


“Excuse me, I’m here to speak with General Yagami.”

“You’re talkin’ to her now, Colonel. Please, have a seat,” she said, motioning to the chair in front of her as she pulled up Fate and Nanoha’s mission reports on a holographic display. She blinked twice at something she’d read before turning her attention back to the man sitting before her. “Colonel Jack O’Neill, United States Air Force and commander of SG-1, from non-administrated planet 97 also known as Earth. Appeared with a well prepared team on a world in the () nebula via use of an artifact known as an Astria Porta, or Star Gate.” She looked at him steadily through the hologram, “So, Colonel, what brings you to this arm of the galaxy? It’s apparent that you didn’t accidentally activate the Star Gate.”

Here's what happens before the scene in the initial post. Still needs scene transitions and filling in, but at least you'll know where the story starts now. (Of course the universal translator would make Hayate's Kansai-ben into a southern accent for the Americans. >.>)

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Oh, I see, I see. Interesting.

That sure sheds a lot of light into the original post, and this was a really neat introduction, too. ^_^

Gotta love Daniel Jackson acting as a translator. LOL

And yeah, Hayate's accent would be considered an American Southern accent, which is quite lovely in Hayate's case~ :3

Keep it up!

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