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Fix The Website

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Joined: 09/06/2012
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Hello everyone. Dudes and dudettes. It has come to my attention that in recent days both the site and chat have been bugging. Mainly the site going down for a certain time and chat refusing to respond. I know there was a sever change but its clear the site needs fixing. These bug-outs are very annoying and irritate both me and other members, so if it is possible it would be very helpful if the site was fixed and these bugs ironed out. Thanks

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I'm really tired of dealing with server performance issues for all these years, and honestly there isn't much I can do anymore. Our site got too big for our own good, we're using more than 9GB at the moment, and spam bots draining half of the resources of our server is an issue as big as always.

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That...really sucks, man. I remember years back when the server issues got so bad you could barely load a page at any given time until the new server came. I guess we're almost at that point again. I don't know maybe you guys can open donations for a better server? I'd definitely donate if I could.