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Hello, the new guy just being curious

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Well then, if your wondering what I created this thread for, i'll cut to the chase

I've seen some fan fiction here relating to Nanoha/Fate romance and I was just wondering to myself, has there been any action fics that involve the Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha universe and all its characters?

I haven't really explored this website too deeply yet so if there are, sorry for being an idiot.
Another reason for asking is because I have an idea for my own fan fiction revolving around this universe. I haven't really worked out all the details yet, not to mention I want to work on some other fan fictions in another show, but nonetheless I was just curious since i'm kinda still new here.

Well, I guess that's it for now, time for me to get back to listening to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage X and to get to watching the 1st movie of this series.

and again, I apologize if this was a waste of your time and a waste of space to the thread forums, like I said, I was just curious
I hope I get to meet a lot of nice people here!

Edit: I got another question, does anybody know how many chapters exactly there are on ViVid and Force? I just want to make sure I didn't miss any chapters.

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You probably should look up, there are more fanfics there as well as most of the ones you'll find here too.

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When you're searching for a fanfic that contains the whole Nanoha-verse cast then keep an eye out for my story FirstS:

In which a very aggressive Fate tries to steal all of little Nanoha's firsts XD But on the way to it many complicated situations have to be faced off!

Well as for other...jep just look at there you will find nearly everything!