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Kings of Revolution (Lyrical Nanoha and Code Geass Crossover)

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As my first post on this forum, I'll be posting up a crossover between Code Geass and Lyrical Nanoha called "Kings of Revolution", written by sephiroth12285 and other writers. Currently, it is ongoing, but because of the need for serious editing, I will be posting much cleaner versions here.

The story is something that mixes in Code Geass and Lyrical Nanoha elements together, taking place during Code Geass R1's timeline, about two years before Nanoha StrikerS.

After the murder of Lady Marianne, Emperor Charles sends Lelouch and his crippled sister Nunally to Japan, held as political hostages by the Kururugi and Sumeragi Families. He also meets the Yagamis, Takamachis, and now adopted Testarossas in Uminari City. However, their meeting went as far as the Book of Darkness Incident.

Britannia, already flaming with Japan for its control over 70% of the world's Sakuradite, considered the incident to be an act of war and launched an invasion with their new Knightmare Frames. The families of the main Nanoha trio escaped to Mid-Childa with a few friends and their families, but the exiles were left behind to remain acting dead. With the death of the Prime Minister, Japan surrendered after a month and everything including its name was replaced by the number and name "Area 11".

It's been seven years after that happened. The older brother exile now goes by the name Lelouch Lamprouge and hides under the shelter of the Ashfords who supported his mother during her rise to power and development of the Knightmares. He and Nunally have been in hiding, hoping to keep themselves safe from the Britannians and with Lelouch going to chess games to pay the Ashfords off. For all these years, Lelouch has been trying to find a way to bring down the mighty Britannian Empire his father built, but has no clear way of doing it. Until after he falls into a truck containing a mysterious girl.

But this time, instead of Geass, Lelouch has a new trick up on his sleeve. A Device known as the Abyss Soul, which he uses for emergencies and fights with a mask he calls Zero. Thanks to this power he received during his years in hiding, Lelouch starts a rebellion to bring Britannia to its knees.

But this isn't without problems. Becuase Lelouch is using unauthorized magic on an unadministered world, which is forbidden by interdimensional laws, the TSAB senses his identity Zero and sends a team including the three Aces to investigate. What doesn't help is that at the same time, a new force has attacked Mid-Childa with advanced kinetic weaponry. The man behind it refers to himself as the Mandarin (not that Mandarin, but a close second), who declares a holy war against the TSAB. Now fighting as Zero, Lelouch is determined to wage war against the empire that deserted him, his friends trying to stop him, and all the others who threaten him and his sister's dream of a happy future.

Chapters will come up here one at a time as I edit them. Additional information will also be up soon.

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First chapter is up.

Chapter 1
A boring job​


"So how are you doing?"

The voice belongs to that of a man in his late forties, but his gray hair and complexion suggested he was possibly older. He wore a brown uniform with a dark blue tie and boots, common to members of the Ground Forces of the Time Space Administration Bureau.

"Perhaps I should have accepted Subaru's idea of bringing some magazines with me. Or maybe a book or two."

A young woman of about fifteen years of age, wearing a similar uniform to the older man, but there was a drastically obvious difference in rank between them. The girl had mid-back length purple hair and green eyes with a fair skin complexion and a black hair ribbon-tie.

"Well you should have at least a month more of this before you can return to Mid-Childa. This is just part of something everyone is assigned to do, especially for those involved in both the Navy and Criminal Investigations. It's a recommended experience to serve at least a short tour of duty observing undeveloped worlds. Just be happy it's not a full year, rather a few months," Genya Nakajima said to assure his daughter, Ginga, who couldn't help, but wonder who she accidentally upset to be shelved to such a duty despite what she and her father were told.

"I suppose, but this is arguably one of the worst jobs you can undertake."

"I think the term “most boring” is probably the best one," Genya said trying to humor his daughter who could help but chuckle at the comment.

"I suppose, but I better get back to it. Give Subaru my best and take care, father."

"I will just take it easy, Ginga."

With the video conference over, Ground Forces member of the Battalion 108, Private First Class, Ginga Nakajima returned to her duty of monitoring Un-Administered World #97. It was otherwise known as Earth, which was relatively peaceful ever since the Book of Darkness and Jewel Seed incidents eight years ago. But maybe peaceful wasn't the right word either as it was peaceful as far as the higher-ups in the Bureau were concerned; things were quite heretic locally.

Ginga wasn't the only one monitoring the planet as there were four other stations in places such as China and Japan, including a few smaller areas under her supervision, while the rest of the world was being watched from other observation outposts strategically positioned in orbit. As such, Ginga was briefed on recent history in the areas assigned under her watch.

One of the more recent major events that happened seven years ago, which happened to be in the same country where both the Book of Darkness and Jewel Seeds incidents took place. The result was, Japan was no longer an independent nation as on August 10th 2010 A.T.B. when the Holy Britannian Empire invaded the small nation, beginning a one-month war. By all accounts, the war was primarily to seize its Sakuradite mines, which was quickly becoming an increasingly invaluable resource. A key component in the production of Britannia's new war-machine, the Knightmare Frame was first used in the war against Japan's ground forces.

A month later after the conflict begun, Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi committed suicide to put a stop to the military's actions, despite having earlier called for a do-or-die resistance to the bitter end. However, rumors persist that the Prime Minister was, in fact, assassinated and the suicide was merely a cover story. But regardless, without Genbu to lead them, the Japanese government reluctantly surrendered to the Britannian Empire with Japan being renamed Area 11. The Japanese people were dubbed Elevens, losing their country's independence, name and culture.

This also forced the Bureau to remove their ground based agents since maintaining their presence in Britannia-occupied Japan became exceptionally difficult.

However, despite the defeat and loss of their country, much of the Japanese military that survived went into hiding, organizing into a resistance organization that would be known as the Japan Liberation Front. Over the next seven years, the JLF and other resistance groups that would form since then would attempt to challenge the Britannian Empire. Although some resistance groups were crushed, the Japan Liberation Front remained the Japanese's best hope for Japan to become an independent nation once more.

Regrettably, the success the organization made was limited and after seven years, Japan still remains as Area 11. But unknown to Ginga and others, something new was about to be introduced that would change everything.


At this very moment, currently inside a large up rise apartment building was a game of chess between an elderly man and a younger man in his late thirties, a member of the Britannian nobility playing for money for something or rather someone who was about to appear. He was wearing a brown suit with a blue tie, possessing an unusual hairstyle, but he had matching brown hair along with a beard and mustache as well as blue eyes. The elderly man wore a pair of glasses, had gray hair and a thin, scrawny appearance while wearing a white dress shirt and black vest with matching pants and shoes. Also present in the room were the nobleman's bodyguards as evident by the black suits they wore.

"Why don't you give it up already old man you don't have a chance against me?" The noble declared, feeling absolutely certain of his victory while the elderly man he was challenging was trying to figure out a suitable move to make. But he was saved by a new arrival as the doors opened to the room.

"Oh, thank goodness I am saved; I trust everything at school is going well." The elderly man declared happily at the sight of a seventeen year old high school student wearing a black uniform trimmed with gold. He was on the thin and scrawny side, but he was quite tall for his age. He had black hair, purple eyes and a fair skin complexion with a bored expression on his face. Following him was a more sociable young man who the same age as he was except he had spikier blue hair, gray eyes and a more sun-tanned skin tone.

"What…a pair of schoolboys? I have to say, that is a desperate, but a very pathetic attempt at trying to win, old man." The nobleman commented, prompting the black haired student to grin before speaking.

"Well, look at this a nobleman…"

"I envy you boys you all have so much time on your hands. Time for regrets, that is." The nobleman declared as the black-haired student took the seat that had previously been occupied by the old man, sitting behind the black chess pieces. "What is your name?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge…"

"Whoa, how are you going to win this one? It’s impossible, right?" Rivalz Cardemonde declared. Looking at the situation, the old man had been in position that was obviously needless to say pretty bad.

"Rivalz," Lelouch began calmly asking his friend a simple question. "When do you think we would have to leave in order to make our next class?"

"Twenty minutes if we bust our hump."

Lelouch smiled in response.

"Well then, let's be sure that you drive safely on the way back." Lelouch readied himself after studying the chess board before him. "I'll need nine minutes.” He turned to the old man beside him. “And about yesterday?"

"Understood, sir. We'll discuss it later." The elderly man replied.

"Nine minutes? You’ll only have twenty seconds per move!" The nobleman pointed out as Lelouch calmly picked up the King.

"Plenty of time…"

"You start with the king first?"

The nobleman began laughing, but Lelouch only smiled, knowing that he was going to win.


Meanwhile in another part of the Toyko Settlement, but more closer to the heart of the settlement itself, was a large estate. Unlike most parts of the Toyko Settlement, it had a large number of trees and plenty of green grass. If you remove the walkways and the school buildings, the whole estate would appear to be a forest with large clearings. It was lunch time for the students of Ashford Academy as a particular group of students were sitting together on stone benches in a small circle eating box lunches together. They were all female students of the Academy, which was the same school Rivalz and Lelouch hailed from. They wore the same uniform, but there were differences in the socks they wore and the color of their uniform. The male uniform has a black coat while the females’ were sandy colored and with a green tie.

"Where is Lelouch?" A busty, young eighteen year old woman with medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and dark blue socks inquired.

"I believe he and Rivalz have gone off gambling again. I think it was poker this time?" A quiet, shy girl with green hair asked. She wore a pair of large glasses and wore black socks.

"Those two are off gambling again!?" A girl with a slender and athletic figure possessing long orange hair and green eyes wearing a uniform identical to the blonde girl's. "Both of them are on the Student Council! I can't believe people as smart as them are wasting their talents on such stupid stuff! If they keep it up, they'll get held back."

"Oh how cute…how I wish for my darling Lelouch to be more upstanding citizen of society," Milly Ashford teased which caused Shirley Fenette to blush.

"Please, madam President!"

"Good luck on that," The second to last member of their gathering spoke.

She was also a young woman around the same age as Lelouch with thigh-high white socks and mid-back length light brown hair, gray eyes and a fair skin complexion.

"Lelouch has been sneaking out of this school to gamble ever since he was sixteen. I find it doubtful you can break this habit of his easily."

"I agree, sis. Lelouch is a very stubborn one," The girl's twin sister replied as the only difference between them was a more excitable personality in contrast to her sister's calmer demeanor and longer hair.

"You encourage him, Lotte!?" Shirley shot back at Lotte Liese as her sister Aria Liese calmly watched while trying to enjoy her lunch.


Elsewhere across town speeding along the highway was a cargo truck, seemingly unaware of the fact that a police VTOL was tailing them. The driver of the truck was a Japanese man in his late twenties with long black hair tied into a long-ponytail and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue uniform complete with cap on his head. Next to him sat a young woman with red hair wearing similar attire.

"Perfect, after all of the trouble we went through to finally steal this damn thing!" The driver snapped, noticing the police VTOL through his side mirror. "It's all because Tamaki couldn't follow Naoto's plan! And now we got a problem!"


A short time later Lelouch and Rivalz were leaving after in a time of less than nine minutes Lelouch had found the match. The duo exited the elevator after reaching the lobby where the two disembarked from as Rivalz congratulated his friend on his victory.

"I love playing against the nobility! Because when they lose, they pay out of pride! By the way eight minutes and thirty-two seconds is a new record!"

"He didn't have much time to move either. As opponents go, the nobles are tepid, nothing but over-privileged parasites."

"Well, why not challenge some of the Elevens? They are nothing like us Britannians." Rivalz suggested as the two boys walked outside, but before Lelouch could answer, the chatter of people outside drew their attention. A building-mounted television monitor displayed a terrorist bombing that took place in Osaka yesterday.

"What are these terrorists trying to prove by killing innocent people?" One bystander commented.

"Those Elevens terrify me." A female civilian commented as the image on the monitor changed to the Britannian flag, followed by a female announcer.

"We apologize for the delay. His Royal Highness Prince Clovis, the third Prince of Britannia will address the nation." The announcer spoke before the image faded away, revealing a young man in his early twenties wearing a royal garb complete with a purple and gold trimmed suit and white cape also trimmed with gold. Lelouch's eyes hardened at Clovis as the prince spoke in what was obviously a publicity stunt.

"To my imperial subjects!" Clovis spoke while Lelouch's eyes narrowed in hatred and disgust. "And, of course, to the many Elevens who cooperate with us!"

Yeah right…

Lelouch thought as Clovis went on to make his grand speech which was not only an obvious act, but it showed that Clovis was indeed a back actor.

"Do you not see? Right now my heart has been torn asunder! Into a heart filled with sadness and rage! However, as ruler of Area 11, I will not allow terrorism of any kind! The reason being that the battle we fight is a righteous one! A righteous battle to protect the happiness of all! Now then, everyone! Won't you join me in grieving for the agents who died in the line of duty for justice?"

"A moment of silence please," The female announcer spoke as everyone with the exception of Lelouch and Rivalz took part in the moment of silence.

"You're not going to join in?" Rivalz asked Lelouch, who was paying the meter that kept Rivalz's bike, a motorbike with a passage car attached to it, locked in their parking space.

"Are you?" Lelouch countered.

Rivalz chuckled slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed before climbing onto his bike, putting on a helmet, gloves and goggles. "It's sort of embarrassing."

"I agree," Lelouch replied before he added. "Besides, crying tears for them won't bring the dead back to life now, will it?"

"Dang, that's dark, buddy." Rivalz stated.

"It's all about self-satisfaction. It doesn't matter how hard you try. You can't do it. There's no way you can change the world…" Lelouch said, but in his thought he thought about it differently.

Not without overwhelming power at least.

As Lelouch and Rivalz were getting ready to leave the young man began musing to himself.

I was once born as Lelouch vi Britannia. But even so, the only family I have is a little sister who was crippled and blinded in the same incident that took our mother's life seven years ago. I was born the eldest sibling, but among the rest of my extended family, I am among the younger siblings, but my half-siblings are not worth mentioning. We were a prince and princess of the most powerful empire in the world until that man who was supposed to be our father exiled us to Japan when I spoke out against him. He denounced my claim to the throne after questioning him on his inability to protect our mother.

My life was uneventful until that day, but since that time our lives continued to come apart all around us as we had nothing, save our names and the title of political hostages given to us by the Emperor. If anything, all we had were the clothes on our backs. Even after Japan and Britannia went to war, we managed to survive. But only by seeking the help of the Ashford Family, we could remain hidden from Britannia after being declared dead in the war to protect us from the royal family.
Even now our futures are uncertain, but a friend of a girl I knew has given me something that could change everything. I was skeptical at first, but I know what I can do and how this power I have can prove to be useful.


At the specialized television studio within the Viceroy's Palace at the heart of the Toyko Settlement, the cameras were turned off and pulled away on the movable arms. Viceroy Clovis stepped down from the stage towards a small group waiting for him. Some of which were beautiful women in expensive gowns while high-level executives in suits stood with them.

"That was magnificent, Your Highness! No one would guess you were attending a party while doing that."

"After all, the Viceroy is the lead actor of Area 11," Clovis said as two servants removed the white cloak he wore over his shoulders. "I need to change costumes quickly."

"My…you are so self-confident."

"It's all in the performance; the public wants a charismatic prince, so I give them one."

"Untrue," An obese man in a brown suit with a black tie spoke, obviously the owner of the television studio and likely a member of the nobility as well. "Prince Clovis, our key purpose in life is to support and assist your reign in any way we can."

"His reign is a pathetic slam."

A man was leaning against a wall away from the gathering, reading a folder he was holding in his hand and observing the scene in disgust. He was in his late twenties with blonde hair tied into a ponytail. He wore a blue jacket, matching pants with a red turtleneck and black shoes.

"Y-Your Highness!" A man of large stature with a bald head said as he hurried into the room seemingly alarmed about something. He wore a dark gray uniform with a black cape with a monocle over his right eye.

"A soldier," the newsman noted.

"Bartley, how boorish of you," Clovis said, noticing General Bartley Asprius hurrying towards him.

"I beg your pardon your highness," Bartley said before whispering something to the Viceroy.

"Not another appearance…I hope not as dreary."

"YOU FOOL," Clovis suddenly snapped, drawing the newsman’s attention.

"The police were informed that it was medical equipment, that’s all! If I scramble the army, they'll be able to…"

“Deploy the Royal Guard!” Clovis ordered, bluntly interrupting his right-hand man. “Launch the Knightmares as well!”


"So tell me something," Rivalz asked bringing Lelouch out of his thoughts, "Why did you move with the king first?"

"If the king does not move, then how can his subordinates follow?"

"What's with a saying like that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do have ambitions of running a major corporation or something?"

"No way, ambitions like that ruin your health." Lelouch replied before the sound of a truck’s horn was heard from behind.

"What the hell?" Rivalz exclaimed as he tried to move out of the way.

The truck closed in from behind, leaving the two in danger of getting run down. Panicking, Rivalz turned hard and sped up to get away from the truck. Unfortunately, the driver made a sharp left turn off the highway, heading into a construction site. But it was traveling too fast to slow down, crashing into a metal frame-work of the structure being built.

Rivalz stopped the bike as he looked at the dust cloud that had arisen from the impact.

"Was that our fault?"

"I don't think so," Lelouch replied.

A crowd began to gather, looking over the crash site while Lelouch dismounted the bike when Rivalz was unable to start it back up. Suddenly, a glowing phenomenon of some kind could be seen from the truck, prompting Lelouch to remove the goggles he had worn. He tried to look at it more clearly, but the glow was already gone.

"Oh, man. The power line for the bike got cut!"

Lelouch didn't quite hear his friend, but he was distracted by the light he saw.

"Yeah, say Rivalz take a look at this," Lelouch said, but his attention was diverted by the growing crowd of people who began to comment on the scene.

"What happened, some sort of accident?" A female citizen asked what should have been obvious.

"Probably some drunk driver," Another citizen said, but this time, it was a man in a business suit.

"Yeah, it's already some moron," A third citizen commented.

"Hey, maybe someone should help."

All those idiots...

Lelouch thought disgusted by the lack of activity from the citizens, who should have been checking out the crash to see if anyone was alright. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Lelouch deposited his helmet and riding goggles into the side car of the motorcycle before hurrying to the crashed truck. As the crowd began commenting about Lelouch's involvement, the young man ignored them as he reached the trailer of the truck. But the driver cab was blocked to him.

"Hey, are you alright?" Lelouch shouted, but he got no response as he tried in vain to move a fallen steel beam cutting off access to the driver cab. When that failed, Lelouch began using a ladder on the side of the trailer to climb up and reach the driver seat that way. But as he did, Rivalz was forced to move the bike off the road, complaining about their situation.

"Yeah, yeah, I know it's the right thing to do. I wish the guy would quit flaunting his pride and give it a rest for a while! Now we're going to be late to school…"
After Lelouch reached the top of the trailer, he heard a voice call out to him.

It's you…finally, I found my…

What was that?

Lelouch shook the thought aside as he continued trying to reach the driver. But as he looked over an opening in the top of the trailer, the driver had regained consciousness. Once its driver, Nagata was wide awake, he quickly started the truck back up and threw it into reserve before racing away from the scene. His sudden reversal caused Lelouch to lose his balance and fall into the opening of the trailer, trapping him inside.

"Stop, I am in here!" Lelouch called out, but no one heard him. "Damn it, you would think they’d stick a ladder in here, too…"

"Stop the vehicle! Give yourselves up and you'll get a chance to defend yourselves in court! Surrender now!" A military pilot called out on a loud speaker as a trio of military combat helicopters closes in on the truck from behind. "Give up now or we'll shoot to kill!" the pilot warned before firing some warning shots to get his point across.

As the truck passed through a tunnel, Lelouch was stood behind a capsule-like device that the truck was transporting. But even if he found a way out of the trailer, he could either get shot or killed by falling onto the street below. However, when the door from the driver cab opened up, the young man took cover.

Lelouch watched as a redhead woman entered the trailer, taking off a blue uniform she had been wearing and showing a more revealing outfit underneath.

"Can you enter the subway through the Azabu route?" Kallen Kozuki asked as she began to board what resembled a Knightmare Frame at the back of the truck.

"Let's use it here! Why not?" The driver of the truck asked.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath!" Kallen snapped back as she climbed into the cockpit of a Knightmare Frame.

"Ugh…you're right…"

I have seen her before…

The young man could swear he recognized the woman from somewhere before, yet nothing came to mind. A few moments later after Kallen launched in her custom Glasgow Knightmare Frame, Lelouch tried to escape by jumping out of the back of the truck. It closed before he could even attempt such a risky escape.

"Damn it, these guys are real terrorists!"

Lelouch's situation was steadily getting worse and worse, but he still had a way out as he opened up the top of his school uniform to bring out a silver chain where at the end was a familiar blue marble.

Even if I use this, there is no chance I can make a clean getaway. I could be seen.

Other than the sounds of gunfire and explosions, there wasn't enough for Lelouch to provide a clear idea of what was going on outside. Yet from the way the truck was moving to the sides and increasing speed, it was clear that the military was in hot pursuit. As Lelouch contemplated his options, he found himself struggling to maintain his footing just as the truck made a sudden hard left turn. It was likely a quick evasive turn or quick escape in an effort to shake pursuers, although Lelouch suspected it was likely the former. The sound of gunfire and explosions faded, but the road became bumpy and the interior became darker.

It's getting darker in here and judging by the bumpy road, Lelouch thought before pulling out his cell phone to check if he still had service. I see. So we must be traveling through the old subway tunnels, heading for the ghettos.

Lelouch began looking around, but as his eyes passed over the discarded coat the female terrorist left behind earlier, he spotted a communication device.

I got to get out of here, but…Ok, I got it…I am not big on the military, but if I give them this terrorist communicator…no…I forgot…

The former prince thought he had a solution in mind, but quickly discarded it. He realized the solution could lead to further problems for him, especially considering the possible contents of what these terrorists might have stolen.

Suddenly, the truck hit a large hole in the middle of the tunnel it was driving through, stopping the vehicle in its tracks. Lelouch nearly stumbled over, but the young man grabbed hold of the large device the truck was transporting.

"What now, an accident?"

The truck's engine went dead moments later after struggling to get free. Lelouch took cover, but after the truck sat motionless for a few minutes, the doors on the left side of the truck's trailer opened up, revealing that the truck was stopped inside a subway tunnel. When Lelouch didn't hear anyone coming, the young man cautiously poked his head out from behind the device he had taken cover behind.

This is my chance. I better get the hell out of here.

Lelouch stepped into the open, cautiously looking outside the truck to make sure the area was clear before making a run for it. As he was about to run for it, a Britannian foot soldier flying through the air and preparing to strike the young man with a spinning roundhouse kick appeared suddenly. Lelouch deflected the kick with his arms, but the impact knocked him to the ground. Before he had a chance, the soldier seized Lelouch by the collar, pinning him to the ground.

"What the…are you Britannian?" Lelouch struggled to say, but the strong hand holding him down kept him from moving.

"That's enough mindless murder!" The soldier snapped as his gas mask slipped off, revealing his mouth.

"Wait! I am not with them!"

"Planning to use poison gas? Don't play dumb with me!"

"GET OFF OF ME!" Lelouch screamed as he tried to kick the soldier, who reacted by jumping away. The soldier got back to his feet, jumping back and assuming a defensive stance. "I am not here by choice! And if that's poison gas, it was made in Britannia, wasn't it?"

The soldier was shocked as he muttered, "My god."

"Mindless murder? Why don't you just obliterate Britannia!?" Lelouch shouted angrily.

"Lelouch! It's me, Suzaku," The soldier said as he removed his helmet, revealing his identity. Lelouch was shocked by this revelation as this was probably the last place on earth he was expecting his old friend from the days he had first come to Japan. They separated after the war between Britannia and Japan, having not spoken to one another since then.

"Suzaku," Lelouch said remembering the young boy he knew, his first real friend. But he was surprised by his career pathway, "You became a Britannian soldier?"

"Yeah, and what about you…are you," Suzaku began before Lelouch interrupted him.

"Just what are you saying?"

Suddenly, the capsule began opening up, emitting a hissing sound. Before Lelouch had a chance to react, Suzaku tackled the black-haired boy to the ground, putting his gas mask over his mouth to protect him from what the Japanese boy was sure would be poison gas. But instead, inside was a green haired girl with a white Britannian prison straightjacket.

"That's not poison gas. Who is that?"

After recovering Lelouch got up and demanded of the young man, "Poison gas; tell me the truth, Suzaku…this girl?"

"What's going on…the military is after this girl, but the terrorists assumed it was poison gas, weren't they?"

"I don't know,” Suzaku didn’t have an answer. “It's what they told us in the briefing."

Lelouch and Suzaku hauled the woman out of the truck and laid her out on the ground as Suzaku began undoing the restraints on her legs. But without warning, a series of large spotlights were turned on, illumining the area as over a dozen members of the Royal Guard stood in front of them. Lelouch's face paled as he immediately went for the blue marble he had moved into his pocket, knowing he was going to have to use it now, but…

"Stupid Monkey, being an Honorary Britannian will excuse you from this!"

"But sir, I thought this was poison gas!"

"SILENCE! You are supposed to follow orders!" The Royal Guard Commander snapped. He was a tall man, a typical racist Britannian at the worst with blue eyes, black hair and a scar on his face. He wore the custom red uniform of the Viceroy's Royal Guard. "However, in light of your stellar service record, I'll be lenient."
One of the commander's men handed his superior a pistol before handing it to Suzaku.

"Private Kururugi, you will use this and execute the terrorists."

Lelouch knew what this meant. He discreetly moved his hand with the marble out of his pocket and was about to activate his Intelligence Device.

"I am sorry sir, but I can't do that. He is just a civilian and I cannot do that."

"I see," Suzaku's superior said before shooting him in the back with the gun he had intended to give the young man.


"Now, school boy, it's your turn."

"You are going to pay for that!" Lelouch said as his blood was boiling.

"And how would that be possible?"

The commander fired a shot, aiming for Lelouch's head, but an energy field of purple energy deflected it. With a look of vengeful fury in his eyes, Lelouch opened his hand, revealing the marble as he spoke.

"Abyss Soul, activate in device mode prepare for battle!"

"Yes sir," Abyss Soul as the weapon suddenly transformed into a device form as Lelouch held it.

"What the hell is that!?" A Royal Guard said in fear.

"What do you call a Britannian who detests his own country?" Lelouch replied before aiming Abyss Soul at the Britannian Royal Guards. "Abyss Soul, Scatter Shot!"

The soldiers aimed their weapons at Lelouch, about to fire as a large amount of energy collected above the blue sphere on his staff.


A solid beam of purple energy shot out before breaking up into several separate beams, tearing through the shocked Royal Guards and killing them as some beams pierced their chests or heads for those unfortunate enough. The green haired woman was shocked as the Royal Guards dropped to the ground dead before Lelouch began laughing as his attire began changing.

At that moment, Abyss Soul transformed into a silver bladed staff while Lelouch's own appearance began to change as he donned what would be his own Battle Jacket. The casual clothing he was in vanished as he became garbed in black robes trimmed with gold and silver. He had a flowing black cape with a purple interior, gold plates of armor on his forearms, white cuffs at the end of his sleeves, a sleeveless black coat with silver armor plating on the shoulders and parts of the chest where the cape was attached and a high collar that covered the lower half of his jaw. The coat had a purple interior and a black belt with a gold plate going across his chest, attached to a parted skirt of silver scale mail armor that protected his thighs. The rest of his attire consisted of a form-fitting black leather shirt lined with gold and it came complete with a white cravat that bore a small blue gem on it, matching black pants and black belted boots with gold knee armor and three silver buckles on the sides of the boots.

Gripping Soul Abyss tightly Lelouch looked down at Suzaku's still form while his eyes burned with a righteous fury.

"If they want a war…then I'll give them a war!"

The demon had been unleashed.

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Next chapter. If you know Code Geass, you could absolutely see why, both during the chapter and the end, it detours from.

You may be surprised or not by who's become Lelouch's ally in this war against Britannia.

There's also an introduction to some of the abilities of Abyss Soul, Lelouch's Intelligent Device along with an Original Character who'll be important to the fanfic.

Chapter 2

The Rise of Zero


A G-1 mobile base sat on the outskirts of the Shinjuku Ghetto while the Britannian Military under Clovis’s command surrounded the ghetto. Clovis sat on his throne within the command bridge, where he was told seconds ago that his royal guards were found dead near the truck. The Viceroy was anything but pleased at this moment. News that the device was empty meant the girl had likely escaped during whatever had taken place.

"I am terribly sorry, Your Highness. We'll recover her, I assure you." Bartley said while under Clovis's gaze. But the blonde haired prince ignored him.

"We'll move onto the next stage of the plan."

"Your Highness?" Bartley muttered, knowing that the Viceroy had in mind.

"If word gets out about her, I'll be disinherited. Tell the homeland we're carrying out a plan for urban renewal. Clovis began as he stood up rising from his throne. As Clovis third prince of the empire I command you: Destroy Shinjuku Ghetto! Leave no one alive!"

It wasn't long before the Britannian Forces, having completely encircled the ghetto, began a one-sided massacre of the civilians living there as anyone in front of the Britannian Army was ruthlessly gunned down. No one was spared, not even children as the body count began swiftly rose. Artillery shelling ravaged the ghetto, dramatically increasing the body count.

"These filthy Elevens aren't even worthy of becoming Honorary Britannians. Wipe out every single last one of them!" Bartley ordered over an open channel as the massacre of Shinjuku Ghetto continued.


Lelouch hid underground within an old subway station, a distance away from where he had witnessed his first friend in Japan being shot in the back. The woman with green hair was still with him. As it was, the young man could easily leave her and escape, but something within him kept him from leaving. The ceiling above him rumbled as a result of artillery fire, which was enough of a sign for Lelouch that the Britannian Army was carrying out a liquidation of the entire ghetto.

All because of this girl, but just what is she?

"This chaos is all your fault, isn't it? Just what are you!?"

The woman didn't answer her, but Lelouch was combing through possibilities. Yet, without any additional information, he couldn't come up with any logical conclusion.

"Soul Abyss, scan the female subject and check for abnormalities," Lelouch instructed as the orb on the top of the staff glowed.

"Yes, sir," Soul Abyss replied before a wide-spread blue grid of energy scanned the young woman's body leading to these responses.

"Scan is complete…Unknown entity - the parameters detected are similar to an Anima Compositus."

I see. So could she be an Artificial Being? Like those Wolkenritter? Or something else?

The green-haired woman wanted to protest, but the binds over her mouth kept her from speaking.

"I'll have to investigate you later, but if you want to escape, then come with me."


A short time later above ground, a Sutherland was speeding by when he was suddenly waved down by what appeared to be a ground forces trooper. The Sutherland came to a sudden stop to speak to the ground forces soldier demanding.

"You there! What is your ID and unit, soldier?"

"I am Apolly Bay of 12th Reconnaissance Company," The soldier spoke before pulling a disc from his pouch pocket. "I obtained this disc from one of the terrorists. Could I ask you to transmit this to headquarters for me, sir?"

"A disc, huh," The pilot said opening up his cockpit. "I still need to verify your ID first."

"Right, understood, but," The Britannian soldier said before vanishing suddenly. The pilot standing outside of his cockpit hatch was confused before a magical blast nailed him, sending him flying from the cockpit. Lelouch appeared moments later before entering the cockpit, upon which he raised Abyss Soul over the controls.

"Alright, let's see if those special functions Peter installed in you work. System override," Lelouch commanded as Abyss Soul glowed. It began hacking through the controls wirelessly.

"Override Successful," Abyss Soul reported moments later as Lelouch was now in control of the Sutherland.

"Excellent, but we still need at least a dozen more," Lelouch said while smiling.


Sitting alone in the Student Council Clubhouse, but more specifically within the council meeting room, seated at a computer was a student. Browsing the internet, reading up on scientific articles and news reports, she was a young woman around sixteen and seventeen with mid-back brown hair that hung freely. She wore a pair of blue hair clips and reading glasses with large lenses. She was obviously dressed in the female uniform of Ashford Academy with white knee-high socks. Next to the keyboard, she was eating a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting on top. Her brown eyes were reviewing an article before a faint beeping could be heard suddenly from a watch-like device on her left wrist.

Knowing who it was, she sighed in annoyance. However, she decided to accept the call, knowing he would just keep pestering her if she ignored him.

"What do you want, Lelouch? I am busy."

"Skipping out on Physical Education again, I assume?"

"You're one to talk, but why call? You should have come back by now."

"Quattro, I assume you are in front of a computer, right? Could you give me the latest news? Anything about Shinjuku?"

"I can, but," Quattro began before she stopped her sentence midway as she bore a suspicious expression. "Lelouch, just what are you up to? I know you were going to engage in some more underground chess matches today, but you always returned to school on time."

"I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I will when I return. I am in a bit of a...situation here."

"What kind of situation?"

Lelouch sighed, but he knew if he was going to get Quattro to work with him, he had to come clean. "Well, I was on my way back to Ashford when there was a bit of an accident. A truck nearly ran us down, but it ended up crashing into a construction site."

"I suspect you decided to play the good Samaritan again, didn't you?"

"Yes, but it happened after the power line on Rivalz's bike got cut during his effort to avoid getting run down. The people gathered near the site like idiots, gawking at the crash."

"Well, what did you expect?" Quattro commented with a bored expression before taking a slip from her soda.

"Fair enough, but when I went to help, the truck suddenly backed out and sped off. It turns out it was being driven by terrorists that stole something from the Britannian Military."

Quattro spat out her drink in shock before demanding.

"WHAT! YOU…climbed into a truck being driven by terrorists!?"

"Yes, I know, of all of the trucks. Now, I am in the middle of Shinjuku Ghetto and the Britannian Army is killing everyone. You know, gunning down civilians and bombing buildings?" Lelouch said rather casually, but he knew that Quattro would freak. He didn't even need to see her expression to confirm his suspicions as the young woman's face was frozen in a state of total shock. It wasn't long before she recovered and shouted.


"Easier said than done. The Britannian Army has this entire place surrounded and I have someone here, too. She was locked inside a capsule, mistaken to be poison gas bomb. Abyss Soul detected some abnormalities; I don't think she’s human."

"As interesting as this may sound, you still need to escape. Just take the girl with you and we'll deal with it when you return to the Academy."

"I would have to move her above ground. I haven't tried using dimensional travel with a second passenger before."

"Damn it!"

Despite being frustrated, Quattro regained her composure and quickly began thinking. The computer brought up the latest news related to Shinjuku.

"The only news on Shinjuku are traffic restrictions. Why it's happening is unknown."

"Well, of course. Once they finish everything off, they'll release news that favors the military."

"Then, what are you going to do?"

"I’m gonna have to make an opening."

"Don't do it, Lelouch! The Bureau cannot find out about you."

"I'll do it the old-fashioned way. I got a terrorist communicator and have a plan already in mind to turn this battle around for them without exposing my talents. I'll call you once I escape," Lelouch said before hanging up, leaving an irritated Quattro.

"That…ugh," The brown hair woman said before stopping her sentence.

Graham won't like this. I swear, as talented and intelligent Lelouch is, I he more trouble than he's worth?

Rising from her chair and quickly cleaning up, Quattro took care to remove her glasses before hurried out of the room. Her intent was getting to Lelouch at Shinjuku before he does something stupid.


Back at Shinjuku Ghetto, the former Britannian Prince was hiding in one of the old abandoned office buildings. The green haired woman sat quietly nearby as the sounds of battle echoed around them. Parked nearby was one of the Sutherlands he had stolen earlier while capturing a dozen more and hidden them in a mobile location. He was safe for now, but as Lelouch brought up a tactical display of the surrounding area with his Intelligent Device, he saw a three-dimensional map of the area around his current position.

They need to keep a lid on this information, so it will be hard for them to call in reinforcements. They will have to make do with the pieces on the board. But I am stuck in here and even if I could destroy a lot of them with Abyss Soul, I could attract the attention of the observation posts in orbit. Attempting to gain refuge on my own also carries its own risks. However…

In the distance, Lelouch saw a combat helicopter shot down.

I want payback for being dragged into your fight and Suzaku…They'll pay for killing you.

With a plan in mind, the green haired woman finally spoke.

"How are you going to create an escape path?"

"I have captured a number of Sutherlands so far, but the only difficulty left is to give them to the resistance group fighting here without them seeing me."

"I assume you managed to force the pilots from the machines?"

"I used a few tricks I had, but besides the one I captured for my own use, I removed the IFFs from the other ones I captured."

"Then, why don't I give you something to help?"

"What?" Lelouch said as the green haired woman managed to free herself from her binds before standing up and putting a hand on Lelouch's shoulder. As his world was about to go white all around him, an unseen force suddenly sent the green haired woman flying back as if something within Lelouch rejected her. "What was that?"

For once in her long existence, the woman was completely shocked as her attempts to form a contract with someone had never been rejected in such a way before.

"I don't understand it…I wanted to form a contract with you."

"Whatever you were trying to with me, it clearly won't work," Lelouch said. He wanted to investigate the matter further, but he didn't have the time for this. "I need to go to work and deliver these Knightmare Frames to the terrorists."

"How will you do that?"

"I think I have an idea. However, I need you to stay hidden for now."


Meanwhile, back at Ashford Academy, another student was about to become aware of events transpiring. In the chemical lab, a teacher was standing before the board was using a black marker to write out a chemical formula for his class to see. The teacher standing at the board was surprisingly young for his age, being in his late teens to his early twenties with mid-back blonde hair tied into a ponytail with a bow of black ribbon. He had a fair skin complexion and wore a black suit underneath the white lab coat with a red tie, complete with black dress shoes.

"Technically, chemistry is the study of matter," The blonde haired man commented before putting down his marker and addressing his class directly. "But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Just think about this. Electrons, they change their energy levels. Molecules change their bonds. Elements, they combine and change into compounds. Well, that's all of life, right? It's the constant, it's the cycle. It's solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really."

His name was Peter Vanderfloog. As far as people were concerned, despite being a simple chemistry teacher, he was very popular among the students for his engaging science lessons.

As he eyed the classroom before him, Peter's green eyes came to two empty seats, one of which was normally occupied while the other was sometimes empty. As the chemistry teacher continued his lecture into chemistry and its fundamentals, he opened up his mind and began reaching out, using telepathy he had with one of the missing students in question.

Quattro, why aren't you in class? Did something happen?

Oh, it's you…Well, something did happen and you are not going to like this...

Does it have something to do with Lelouch?

Regrettably it does…

Peter mentally sighed having a bad feeling about it.

I assume you are on your way to get him out of whatever mess he is in?

I am. I'll do what I can, but the situation is already spiraling out of control.

What exactly has happened?

Apparently, some kind of incident has happened in Shinjuku. The Britannian Army is wiping out its population and somehow, Lelouch got pulled right into it.

Peter was stunned, but he carefully kept his expression from changing while he kept teaching his class, as if nothing abnormal was happening. However, on the inside, several alarms were going off in his head.

Quattro, hurry to Shinjuku and stop Lelouch. I am worried he might do something foolish like openly use his magic. I know we have taught him to conceal it, but an unpredictable battle situation in Shinjuku could bring about a situation where he has little choice. I'll contact Graham and inform him of what has happened. Hopefully, he'll rendezvous with you and help with Lelouch if need be.

Understood, I'll hurry.


Back at Shinjuku Ghetto, the situation was looking increasingly grim for the resistance group. Fighting a losing battle as the death toll kept rising, they were hopelessly outnumbered and badly outgunned. Inside her Glasgow, Kallen Kozuki was doing her best and among the only few who made any progress. But success was very limited and not enough to turn the tide of the battle. After shooting down another attack helicopter with a slash harken, a pair of Sutherland Knightmare Frames with red painted shoulders had appeared on the scene.

One of the Sutherlands was being piloted by Jeremiah Gottwald, the leader of the Purist Faction.

"Well, if it isn't our Glasgow friend."

Kallen spotted the two Sutherlands before taking off to evade them. They gave chase and it was only a matter of time before they close in on her. To complicate matters, she had thirty minutes left on her energy filler and once that was empty, that would be it for her. Yet, just as all hope seemed lost, an unexpected and unfamiliar voice spoke over the radio.

"The west entrance…"


"Use the tracks to move to the west entrance."

"Who is this!? How do you know this code!?" Kallen demanded.

"That doesn't matter. If you want to win, then you are just gonna have to trust me."

"To win?" Kallen said as she hurried along. After some careful consideration and knowing she had very few other options, she leapt onto the train tracks on a bridge and began traveling west. As Kallen moved along the tracks, she spoke through the radio. "Ok, what do I do now?"

Suddenly, Jeremiah's Sutherland and his partner's Knightmare Frame were catching up to Kallen.

"You pathetic eleven, if you simply run away, then this hunt offers nothing in the way of sport."

Just when Kallen was doomed, a train came straight at her as the voice spoke.

"Since you trusted me, you are going to win. Now, jump onto the train!"

"Got it!"

Kallen leapt over the train's main engine and hopped across the cars, leaving Jeremiah to catch the train with his machine as he slowed it down.

"Trying to escape through that way? Hm, if that is your plan," Jeremiah said as the train came to a complete stop. "You, there. Go after the Glasgow."

"Yes, my lord." The Britannian pilot said right before jumping. He never got the chance to chase the red machine as a pair of slash harkens hit his Sutherland in the waist and neck, knocking its head off and sending the machine off the bridge.

Hidden inside a bit of rubble within an overlooking building was a third Sutherland, which was the culprit that had taken out one of its own.

"Shot by friendly fire?" Jeremiah said to himself before calling out to the other Sutherland, unaware of who was inside the cockpit. "What is your name and your unit? We're after the one-armed Glasgow!"

No response was given save for the Sutherland opening fire with its machine gun, pelting Jeremiah's machine and costing him the its left arm.

"Oh my god, a terrorist!?"

Jeremiah tried to pull back, but a bullet took out a landspinner along with most of his left leg, stopping him in his tracks. In an effort to counterattack, Jeremiah took aim with his Sutherland's machine gun, but he didn't see the red Glasgow rushing back to launch a counterattack.

"You son of a-!" Jeremiah began but the battle cry Kallen gave alerted Jeremiah to the approaching danger, giving the man time to eject and escape a possible death at the hands at the Glasgow.

"You saved me. But how did you get a hold of a Sutherland?"

Kallen asked her unknown rescuer, but when she looked at the place where he had been hiding, he was already gone.

What, where did he go?

"Kallen!" A man outside of the machine called as he approached with a group of three others, consisting of two men and a woman. "What the hell was that radio message earlier!?"

"What? He contacted you, too?"

"He sure did. And Yoshida's group should be here soon." Kaname Ohgi replied as he received a call from their mysterious helper.

"Are you the one in charge here?" the caller inquired, asking the man in his early twenties with brown hair, wearing blue jeans, a large brown jacket and a tan shirt underneath with a red headband on his head.

"Uh, yeah…"

"I present to you the cargo in that train over there. There are tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders."

Kallen went over to one of the cars and opened it up, revealing some Sutherland Knightmare Frames inside much to her shock.

"There is more in here!" Naomi Inoue called out after checking another car.

"Here, too!" Shinichiro Tamaki added before Yoshitaka Minami commented.

"There is even more here, too…Maybe we should give this guy a chance!"

"All of this, but how?" Kallen asked herself. But seconds later, she was called on again.

"Woman in the Glasgow!"

"Uh, yes?"

"Stay where you are. Your unit is going to run decoy, you got that?"

"Understood," Kallen replied.

In the distance, Lelouch hid inside his Sutherland on one of the upper floors of the old Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. In hindsight, it was fortunate that he decided to stash them aboard a train.

"Energy filler status?"

"About fifteen minutes worth," Kallen replied quickly.

"Then recharge it. In ten minutes, I'll contact you with your next instructions."

Lelouch ended the radio transmission before reclining back in the pilot chair. He was determined to pull this off, yet the question remained as to how he would get to Clovis inside the G1 mobile base. He could eliminate most, if not all of the Britannian Forces, but still there was the matter of getting through. He could use his illusion spells to get by the guards. Lelouch was then back at square one when it came to clearing out the command bridge of any guards protecting Clovis and the Staff Officers.

Perhaps, it's best to see how events will progress before I consider that.

The former prince thought as it was too early to really say how events would go; he still had a battle to win after all.


Quattro was cautiously making her way through the Toyko Settlement, yet traveling as quickly as she could without alerting the wrong people to her movements and capabilities. Ten minutes later, Quattro was inside an old building, but in light of the situation, she changed out her school uniform for her Barrier Jacket. It was based upon the old body suit she and others like her had worn, but it was all black with gray patches, mirroring the patterns of her old Combat Suit. She wore it quite literally her entire life for the most part until up to a year old, where she traded out the blue and light blue body suit for something new.

On her hips were three plates of black armor with additional armor plating on her shoulders. Her boots had a small green gem on the top near her knees while her gloved hands had a large green gem on her palms. She wore a white cloak trimmed with gray and black feathers around the collar, which came with long white sleeves.

Yet, that wasn't all that was new. Instead of either the old uniform she wore or a Barrier Jacket, Quattro wore a new type of Assault Suit designed to be superior to the Barrier Jackets used by most mages. However, Quattro's suit doubled as a hybrid Intelligent Device, integrated into her own suit by extension. It not only enabled her to use magic, but her device and suit enhanced her other abilities and skills.

Quattro stood alone in the old, crumbling room as a number of holographic computer screens appeared around her. As did a set of piano keys on a green holographic setup.

"Let me see if I can find your exact position, Lelouch."

At that moment in another part of the ghetto, the resistance group's counterattack under Lelouch's command was about to begin.

"Hey, are you sure about this? They all had their IFFs removed!" Tamaki questioned, obviously having some second thoughts about the whole plan. "What if this is a trap?"

"The other side has total advantage in this war! They don't need to set any traps!" Ohgi replied. "Alright people, let's move. Get to your assigned points."

It wasn't long until Lelouch called them.

"P1, can you move?" the former prince asked. "It operates basically the same to what you are used to."

"Can't you at least tell us who you are!?"

"I can't tell you anymore. These frequencies could be intercepted," Lelouch said. He moved on to avoid giving Ohgi a chance to question the matter further. "If Q-1 is on schedule, then two enemy Sutherlands will reach you in twenty-three seconds," Lelouch noted before adding to their shock. "Shoot them through the wall."

"He's out of his mind!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Everybody, double-check your weapons," Ohgi ordered in response, which unlike Tamaki, he was confident.

"Are you serious!?"

Almost on cue, the red Glasgow piloted by Kallen was spotted by the Britannian Forces.

"Enemy spotted at point F-31!" An officer on the G-1 announced to Clovis, who sat on his throne.

"A faint eh…how pedestrian."

"Tell Lazio's squad to go straight in! And then, have Hugo and Valerie strike from the rear!" Bartley commanded, expecting an easy victory. But as the two Knightmare Frames moved in, they were ambushed by Ohgi and the others who gunned down the two Sutherlands through the wall as Lelouch commanded them to do.

"Sir Hugo and Valerie's units have been lost!" An officer reported.

"An ambush?" Clovis asked surprised that something like that happened.


"An ID signal can be a double-edged sword," Lelouch began as he sat in the cockpit of his Sutherland. "Besides, if the resistance fighters follow my orders, then all of the conditions for my victory will be met."

Lelouch reclined in his chair and began issuing more orders.

"P1, P5 and P7, move to the right and fire your slash-harkens towards 3'oclock!"

"You heard him! Do what the voice says!" Ohgi replied.

"Damn, what else does he want us to do?" Tamaki complained.

"P5, ready?"



For the next few minutes, the battle for Shinjuku Ghetto was experiencing a sudden turn around. The resistance group stationed in the area that had been losing was now suddenly finding itself stopping the Britannian Military successfully in their tracks. They had a long way to go until victory was achieved, but Quattro was overhearing a lot of the panicked chatter on the open communication lines among the Britannians. They tried to frantically change their codes, fearing their transmissions were being intercepted, but Quattro had already deduced what was going on.

I see. So Lelouch used some of the illusionary magic I helped teach him and used it to trick the Britannian pilots to get out of their Sutherlands. He then captured their machines and gave them to the resistance fighters to fight back against the Britannians.

"The enemy is moving towards G-2-8!" An officer reported.

"Send Lazio's squad! No, I mean, George's squad!" A panicking Bartley ordered as Quattro was listening in on conversations happening within the G-1.

"This means...the enemy has our military weaponry?" Clovis inquired, finally realizing one of the reasons why the battle had suddenly gone against them.

"Well duh, dumbass!" Quattro commented to herself while trying to comprehend how an idiot like Clovis was put in charge of Area 11. "It's more than just that. Lelouch is a natural-born prodigy, with a genius-level intellect and keen mind perfect for tactical and strategic planning. You, on the other hand, are a pathetic excuse for a military commander! As are your Staff Officers! I am shocked the resistance groups in Area 11 haven't made much progress with such dumbasses running the place."

No, wait. The Japanese are idiots, too, because the so called resistance groups are nothing more than a bunch of punk kids just fighting against the system. The JLF is even worse because they are still fighting with old tactics and methods that failed them badly in the war seven years ago.

Quattro thought, correcting herself mentally.

"Sir Williams has ejected! His unit has been lost!" Another staff officer cried out.

"Change our codes! They're intercepting our transmissions!"

"We already have, sir! Four times!" A second staff officer replied before Bartley snapped back.


You idiots, Lelouch is sitting in one of your machines, using the IFFs inside the machine to track your movements. Your moves are so predictable that it's even easier for him to swiftly counter anything you try.

"This failure is unacceptable!" Clovis shouted.

"Oh, someone is a sore loser," Quattro muttered teasingly. Someone new then appeared on the main screen as she hacked into the cameras on the command bridge to actually see what was going on.

"Good afternoon," A man with short light blue-white hair said to Bartley, wearing a white lab coat with glasses on.

"WHAT IS IT? We’re in the middle of an operation!"

"Yes, it’s not going well. I say, it's time to deploy the ASEEC Special Weapon," Lloyd Asplund suggested much to the annoyance of Clovis.

"We have no time for this!"

"I am not sure how much the Lancelot could make a difference. Granted, its performance as a machine of this planet's technological levels are impressive." Quattro noted as she recalled hacking some information from the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps pet project. It was the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame, the Z-01 Lancelot.

I suppose that depends on the pilot, but I am surprised they found someone since I read a lot of test pilots had refused because of its lack of an ejection block.

Pushing the thought aside, Quattro began fluttering through the other chatter in the area. She was trying to find the communication lines between the resistance fighters and Lelouch, who was no doubt calling the shots. It wasn't long before the brown haired woman found what she was looking for as she heard a familiar voice.

"R2, fire slash harken!" Lelouch said as a resistance fighter took out a combat helicopter. "B7, use UN ordinance!" An armored vehicle was just taken out before the former prince added, which only widened the amused smile on Quattro's face. "N-group, you will continue your advance."

A group of five Knightmare Frames advanced upon a group of four enemy Sutherlands that were suddenly trapped between them and another group of resistance fighters.

"You bloody elevens! Arrragh-" The pilot cried out on an open channel before his machine went down.

"We just lost Lazio's squad!" A staff officer within the command bridge of the G-1 reported as all of their men fighting within the ghetto perimeter had been taken out.

"So, do it! We'll have to bring up Quincy's squad." Clovis commanded, not wanting to lose. But Quattro didn't need to be a gifted strategist to know that what he was doing was a bad move.

"My lord, that will break the encirclement!" Bartley warned.

A wiser move would have been to recall your forces to the ghetto perimeter and call in an airstrike. But you are not going to do that, are you?

"Close the breach with some of the units guarding me. All we know for certain is that enemy forces are here."

My god, that has to be the biggest tactical blunder I have ever seen! Lelouch is going to skin you alive for making such a stupid move! Now, how will you respond, Lelouch?

A short few moments of silence passed on the resistance fighter's end before Lelouch's voice was heard.

"You…Q-1, do you have an area map?"

"I do…it's a map of the old town, but it has no current landmarks."

"It will do," Lelouch replied as Quattro recognized the woman's voice for a moment there. She remained quiet and listened to Lelouch giving out new instructions before sitting back to enjoy the show. It was minutes later before the final stage of his battle was upon them.

"Alright, send in Bert and the others, too," Clovis replied hoping to crush his enemy with overwhelming numbers.

"You might as well order them to shoot themselves in the kneecaps while you are at it." Quattro said as Clovis's troops were closing in on what they were convinced to be the enemy's position Little did they know that the resistance fighters Lelouch commanded had fled underground to slip away by traveling under them.

"Surround them, and then close in! Their forces are at that center dot. We'll finish every single one of them off!"

Quattro watched with a smile as she knew what was coming. The Sutherlands arrived at the center dot and unsurprisingly found nothing there. She imagined one of the Knightmare Frames at this moment, likely the last one taking up the rear, turning around and firing its slash harken to bring down the ceiling of the tunnel they were traveling through. In turn, it caused a devastating chain reaction as over forty-five Sutherlands were instantly taken out by the collapsing ground they had been foolishly standing on.

"Hook, line and sinker," Quattro remarked before clapping her hands together, applauding Lelouch's successful and brilliant display of tactics while laughing at Clovis's misfortune.

Seeing Clovis slowly backing away, she could imagine him thinking.

Who...who in the hell am I up against?

Cleary, the only person he could think of would be the legendary Kyoshiro Tohdoh of the JLF. But even he knew this was way superior to Tohdoh's capabilities.

"LLOYD!" Clovis called out as the man was clearly out of options.

"Yes, Your Highness?"

"Can it win? Will your toy beat them?"

"My lord, please be so kind to call it Lancelot."

That could be problematic, but whoever they got as a pilot will be the deciding factor.

After some careful consideration it was time to contact Lelouch directly.

Congratulations on your success so far Lelouch, but I think you know why I am here?

I was actually expecting you a little sooner. I assumed you enjoyed the show?

Very much so. You know, you got the ASEEC newest Knightmare Frame about to come after you.

I see, so what are you going to do about it?

Lelouch inquired to Quattro amidst their telepathic conversation. The response Lelouch got was the sound of laughter in his mind.

I think I have a new toy to play with.


Minutes later near the G-1, the custom trailer carrying the Lancelot was preparing to launch the new Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame. While the Special Corps were preparing it for launch, a young man Lelouch assumed to have been killed right in front of him was just changing into a white and black pilot suit with a gold trim. Suzaku Kururugi, having survived being shot in the back, had been carrying a pocket watch that deflected the bullet, saving him from a lethal gunshot wound. Though the bullet's impact did some damage to his ribs, it wasn't enough to stop him from piloting a Knightmare.

"Have you read the manual?" A female voice asked him.

"Pretty much," Suzaku replied before exiting the medical trailer.

"Well done. You have scored at the top of your class in the simulator," Cecile Croomy said before Suzaku politely interrupted her.

"Hey look…about what you told me earlier."

"Huh…It could happen, but the possibility is zero."

"But that means there could be a chance, right?"

"Yes, I am afraid that's true," Cecile replied as Suzaku stepped out, heading towards the special dispatch trailer that carried the prototype Knightmare Frame while the tarp covering it was about to be removed. "Even so, you are not to do anything reckless; the new system is not outfitted with an ejection system."

"Ok, I understand Miss Cecile," Suzaku answered as the tarp came off, revealing a white Knightmare Frame. Its shape and design was unlike anything Suzaku had seen before, lined with gold and really looking like a giant white knight with green eyes. "Is that it?"

"Yes…the advanced weapon developed by us, the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps. Lancelot, the world's first seventh generation Knightmare Frame."

"Well, if you are ready, Suzaku, we shall begin with the initial start-up," Lloyd ordered as Suzaku made his way into the cockpit of the white machine. As Suzaku was entering the trailer, getting ready to board the Lancelot, Cecile began preparations for launch.

"Prepare start up, beginning from Phase 21. Equipping energy filler," Cecile said as the battery filler was installed and its systems began starting up.

But before Suzaku could climb in, the cockpit hatch suddenly closed. From there, everything went wrong for the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps.

It happened at the moment the energy filler was installed. Lloyd and Cecile lost control of the start-up procedures as the monitors before them were not responding. Suddenly, the Lancelot activated on its own before its connection cables disengaged themselves from the trailer. It turned its head to their shocked expressions before a feminine sounding electronic voice spoke.

"Nice toy! I'm just going to borrow it for a bit…BYE-BYE!"

The Lancelot took off at high-speed, leaving its pilot and a shell-shocked Lloyd and Cecile. The blue haired young woman was the first to recover as she tried to warn the G-1.

Lloyd Asplund was still in complete shock while Suzaku was completely speechless, uncertain of what to do or say. Upon mentally processing all that had happened, Lloyd Asplund suffered a complete mental breakdown. It began with his right eye twitching before he began screaming. When his voice tried screaming from his high-pitch, he began stumbling about. Grabbing the radio from Cecile, the very upset designer and creator of the beloved machine cried out on an open channel.

"Someone get me the army! The marines! The Royal Guard! OR THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND, BUT GET MY LANCELOT BAAAACKK!"

"Please, sir. Relax. I am sure it will be-" A nameless technician said, trying to calm his superior down. His attempts were met by Lloyd seizing the man by the throat and proceeding to strangle him.


"Lloyd, please get a hold of yourself!" Cecile pleaded with her superior, but it was no good as Lloyd picked up a wrench and with a battle cry ran out after his creation.

"Lloyd, no! That's suicide!"


"No," Lancelot spoke as it turned around and flicked Lloyd away like an annoying insect. As his body impacted against the side of the trailer, he was knocked out. He was surprisingly uninjured for the most part, muttering random incoherent nonsense and insults before he was silent.

Suzaku could do nothing. He merely stood there as he didn't have any better chance of stopping Lancelot than Lloyd did. Instead, he tended to the fallen Lloyd by helping an engineer, who was trying to check him for injuries.

Quattro, on the other hand, was laughing like a maniac. She was clearly having a very good day as the young woman was about to turn what should have been their savor to prevent their defeat into their destroyer.

Cecile made a quick call to Clovis.

"What is it, now!? You already have authorization to launch the Lancelot!" Clovis snapped upon seeing the young woman's face.

"Your Majesty, we have a serious problem. The Lancelot has been hijacked remotely by terrorists!"

Clovis's face went pale. The blood drained from it seconds before the Lancelot began savagely attacking the Britannian Forces around Clovis's G-1 mobile command center. Quattro was laughing manically as she used the Lancelot to gleefully decimate their forces before attacking the G-1 to destroy their chain of command.

"Now, Lelouch, is your chance for a big finish to this battle," Quattro said while projecting her words mentally to the former prince.


For an editor's note: Quattro x Lelouch for the win.

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Alright, now it's time to introduce some of the mentioned Mandarin's forces and a few of their allies.

You'll find it surprising on two accounts. One is the same guy who did the failed hotel jacking from Geass, now upgraded and smarter thanks to this merge. The other is from Nanoha, who you may also find very shocking to side with this new enemy.

Brace your yourself as this is going to get ugly.


Chapter 3

The Flames of Chaos​


As blood was being spilled on Earth, there was a planet elsewhere in the universe with an environment similar to Earth's, yet the planet as a whole was completely different. Mid-Childa was the Time-Space Administration Bureau's Number One Administrative world and home of the TSAB Mid-Childan Main Office in the capital of Cranagan. In an empty parking lot in the middle of the city, a trio of white transport trucks was parked together in a row. Nearby, a black four-door car sat while its occupants stood near the trucks, speaking to their drivers.

"Now, do you have your instructions?"

The question came from a young woman who was about seventeen years of age with long purple and silver hairs as well as a fair skin complexion. She was beautiful for her age, especially with her eyes dressed in a black suit. It was decorated with a skirt, high heels, a black tie and a white blouse. In her hair, she wore a black headband to complete her look.

Standing next to her, a man in his early thirties and a bit taller than her. He had dark brown hair, a mustache and beard upon his face and brown eyes. He wore a black trench coat with a turtleneck sweater underneath, which concealed his large bulky muscular physique. Hanging from his left side stored within a black scabbard was a Katana like weapon with a silver and black handle. At the location where the hand guard would be was a large block like object with a red electronic eye and a magic cartridge ejection system.

"Yes, ma’am. We’re ready to carry them out," Another large muscular man who was the leader of the three drivers spoke as the other two nodded their heads. Like his compatriots, he wore a black working jumpsuit with a belt around his waist. The leader of the drivers was a bald man while the other two had short brown hair.

"Good, but rest assured your families will be very well compensated. Your actions today will end the complacency of the TSAB. They think nothing for the suffering of the smaller worlds and bend their own laws as they see fit. Today, what begins shall mark the beginning of the end of the corrupt rule of the Time-Space Administration Bureau."

"Yes, madam!" The drivers saluted in unison before the woman saluted them back.

"For Logos!"

"Logos," The drivers cheered before climbing into their trucks and driving off with zeal, but the term “zealots” might be more appropriate for them. Once they were gone, the woman brought out a cell phone before making a phone call.

"It's done. The men are on their way." The woman replied listening to the caller's response.

"Those men will not return."

"Of course. We know this is a suicide mission more or less. We'll likely lose the troopers in the back of one of the trucks, although the bombs will do what needs to be done."

"Victory is not measured by losses, Miss Tsukimura, but by what is gained."

The reply was electronically distorted to conceal the identity of the caller.

"I understand, Mandarin-sama. I assume you want me to unleash the prototype weapons as well?"

"Yes, but make certain you collect as much combat data as possible."

"I understand, sir…Leave it to me," Suzuka Tsukimura said before hanging up. Once the cell phone was back in her pocket, she couldn't help but grin with a dark smile.

How long have I waited for this? I'll make you sorry you three abandoned us.

"I'll take my team and we'll begin our assigned mission." The man with the katana said.

"Yes, and let's hope the Yoshimitsu Troopers will prove effective. If they can prove effective against the Time-Space Administration Bureau, then just imagine their effectiveness against the Britannians."

The man smiled wickedly before he added.

"It just makes me all the more eager to unleash them upon those Britannian pigs."

"Then lead them well, Lieutenant Colonel Kusakabe."


Elsewhere in the capital city, a military facility located near the outskirts had a wide open training field for professional training by combat instructors for the mages stationed there. At that moment, some of them were up in the sky, performing maneuvers while trying to develop some new techniques and combat methods. Just returning from her lunch break, a young seventeen year old woman, with blue eyes and long mahogany hair tied into a large single pigtail that hung from the left side of her head, stepped outside. The woman was wearing a white and blue uniform, complete with a blue skirt and bearing the ranks of First Lieutenant.

She was recognized as Nanoha Takamachi, a tactical instructor for the Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps of the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

While most of the instructors and their students were up in the skies, Nanoha was going to focus on training and tactical simulations on the ground for the afternoon. As she headed to an area on the training field reserved for her and her students for today, the young woman's mind began drifting as a cold wind blew past her. It was odd really… she had been thinking more of him recently.

Was it a sign or an ill omen perhaps?

Nanoha was originally from Japan on Earth. When the Britannian Empire conquered and turned it into Area 11, the Takamachi Family was relocated along with her friend Hayate Yagami and her family to Mid-Childa for their safety. As the situation in Area 11 worsened, taking into account the Britannian Empire's methods of ruling the subjugated Area, the former independent country was too dangerous for Nanoha and others like her to stay. Although her family was safe on this planet with her, a number of her friends were left behind.

Among them were Lelouch vi Britannia and his younger sister Nunnally. Of all of the friends she knew, except for another dear friend, the former prince from Britannia was different from the other children she knew. Perhaps that was why she was curious about him. But recently, she thought about him more and more, including the first time they met over seven years ago.


It was at the foot of the small mountain on the outskirts of Uminari City, near one of the mansions belonging to the Kururugi Family. Lelouch and his sister Nunnally vi Britannia had been staying there after the shrine was deemed an inadequate place to keep them.

Nanoha and her friend were walking together, planning on going to the sunflower fields, which were supposed to be near the estate. But along the way, they came across a group of Japanese school boys beating up on a small ten year old boy. They were viciously kicking him while the small boy laid helpless on the ground.

"This is Japan!" One of them shouted.

"Yeah, stay out of our country, you dirty Brit!"

Another boy was standing a distance away. He had short brown hair with curls wearing a hakama and a white dog watched the scene.

"Come on, fight back!" The boy shouted, kicking Lelouch in the gut as the former prince simply cowered and took it.

"Hey, you are supposed to be a prince, aren't you?" A third boy commented before kicking Lelouch again. "Come on, get up and fight! What are you, a girl? Some kind of mama's boy?"

"That's enough!" Nanoha shouted, approaching the three boys with an angry look on her face. "Stop beating up on someone who can't fight back!"

"Why do you care? This kid is a dirty Brit?"

"Who cares where he is from!?" Nanoha shot back.

"Oh yeah, and what about your friend? She looks like a Brit, too!" The tallest of the boys said as they were beginning to gang up on Nanoha and her friend. She was a blonde haired girl who didn't look Japanese, with red eyes and a fair skin complexion. She wore the same white and black school uniform as Nanoha, but her hair was styled into a pair of long-pigtails. Before anything further could take place, the brown haired boy who had been watching suddenly became outraged before rushing up to them without thinking as he shouted.


Seeing the boy approach, the three bullies recognized him before running away. Nanoha and the blonde haired girl weren't sure about the identity of the brown-haired boy. For some reason unknown to them, his appearance prompted them to run away. Nanoha ignored the boy and went to the beaten up black-haired boy and tried to help him up. Lelouch refused her help and tried to push her away. Meanwhile, Suzaku began to verbally chew out the men supposedly assigned to watch Lelouch, believing them to be bodyguards.

"What were you doing!? What kind of bodyguards are you?"

"They are not bodyguards. They are just watchmen to make sure I don't run away or kill myself. Besides," Lelouch began turning to the girl who was kneeling on the ground in front of him. "Why did you help me? I am a Britannian!"

"Why should it matter where you come from? It's not right to beat up someone just because they come from a different country." Nanoha's seemingly simple answer surprised Lelouch a little as he wasn't expecting it. "I am Nanoha Takamachi and this is Fate Testarossa, what's your name?"

Lelouch was seemingly confounded by the girl's indifference to him being a Britannian. As the black-haired boy began to slowly rise back up to his feet, dusting himself off before, he answered.

"I am Lelouch."

Below where Lelouch had been lying laid some fish and some crushed vegetables the former prince had purchased from a nearby local market.

"Could you move?" Lelouch began asking Nanoha to move her foot off of something on the ground. "You are standing on my reward's card. I just need four more points and I get a discount."

"Oh," Nanoha moved her feet as Lelouch picked up a small card he got at the nearby local store. Lelouch surprised Suzaku, who observed the young man treating the card like something precious. To him, the idea of a Britannian Prince bending down to pick up the card and loose change seemed pathetic.

"It's your own fault, you know. Why don't you just except the food we give you instead of risking yourself going into town? It's not poisoned." Suzaku snapped at the black-haired boy.

"Don't be so mean to him!" Nanoha began, but Lelouch interrupted her.

"I know it's not poisoned!"

"Then eat it!" Suzaku shouted.

"I am here and I will live…I am living by my own strength and I won't be dead any longer. Not me and not Nunnally either," With those words, Lelouch picked up what food he had bought and began to limp away. While Suzaku was silent, Nanoha approached and tried to help him.

"Why do you keep trying to help me? I don't need it?"

"It's not because you need it, it's because I want to. You are hurt," Nanoha pointed out.

"I'll be fine…"

"I am still helping you."

"I don't understand why," Lelouch said sounding irritated.

"I told you already, I don't need a reason!"


What are you doing now, Lelouch?

Nanoha thought as she returned from her trip down memory lane. She arrived where her thirty students had been waiting for her, stood in uniform lined up together. But before Nanoha could begin, two of the three white transport trucks were driving up to the main building and were not slowing down. Instead, they were speeding up, intending to ram their vehicles into the building. Before impact, the trailers opened up as a dozen men came out in black cybernetic armor with artificial limbs and sword-like weapons.

Moments later, the trucks rammed into the building and set off the bombs they were carrying. Most of the surrounding area around the crash site was bathed in flames. The third truck came to a stop as a dozen more men in black full-body armor emerged from the truck, ready to provide support for the next approaching group of combat weapons.

Seconds later, at the large lake next to where the base was set up, a trio of large shadows approached the surface and erupted from the water. Landing upon the ground near the water's edge stood three gigantic bipedal, unmanned combat machines that moved more like animals than actual machines.

Each one crouched at a towering twenty-five meters tall with reverse joint legs. But if they stood up, they would be much taller. Each one had a long tail with a sword-like tip at the end while they had wing-like pods in place of arms and heads in the shape of a sharp beak-like head. Its eyes were a set of eight red glowing compounded eye sensors. Although a mechanical unmanned machine of combat, the machine had more of a streamlined design with black ridged segmented armor, trimmed with yellow lines protecting its organic-like inner workings. They also had a surprisingly amount of agility and flexibility despite their size.

Upon each of the three machines’ blocky thighs were retractable dual rail gun turrets, equipped with specialized hypervelocity armor-piercing ammunition. On the shoulders near where the wings were attached to the main body were another set of retractable dual railguns. Concealed inside the left wings on each machine with storage and launchers for missiles and bombs. The right-wing concealed something different. On the back of the animal-like machine were more missile launchers, but for a different kind of purpose than those inside the left wings.

Releasing bone-chilling, electronic yet animalistic-like screeching-style roars, the three machines began their attack. Each of them launched missiles from the wing-like pods on their left arms, aiming for barracks and storage hangers while avoiding further damage to the main building. Several mages were moving to engage the machines, using their lance-like devices to fire beams of magical energy at the gigantic robots. To their shock and horror, the sphere-shaped barriers of pink energy surrounded the animal-like robots, absorbing the energy from their attacks.

An anti-magic field…No, there is something different about it.

Nanoha thought as she put her hand on a red orb she wore around her neck.

"Raising Heart set up!"

Within moments, Nanoha changed from her TSAB naval uniform into her barrier jacket. It consisted of a blue and white mini-skirt with a metal waist guard, styled after the Seishou Elementary School uniforms for female students. Her barrier jacket also came with a waist-attached cape and long white socks that went past her knees and red gems on the shoes. The red orb she carried transformed into her signature weapon, a staff with a golden near-complete ring with the red orb, now the size of a large tennis ball in the center, with a pink staff handle. Near the top were gold magazines, carrying magic cartridges.

Nanoha was ready for battle with Raising Heart Exelion in hand.

Taking to the air as her students followed with her the young woman calmly gave out orders.

"I want half of you to get the wounded. Take them off base to get medical attention and any non-combatants get them out of the combat zone! The rest of you with me!" Nanoha said as she spilt up her thirty students into two groups.


Back on Earth, another battle was coming to a close as the Lancelot under Quattro's control destroyed another armored truck. What remained of Prince Clovis's forces were now decimated. As the white Knightmare Frame went on its rampage, the only things in proximity that remained intact was its transport trailer and the G-1 base, although its external defenses such as its mounted turrets were destroyed. Anything else, however, was destroyed with along with any Sutherlands that attempted to stop the Knightmare Frame; its superior specs allowed it to easily outperform the older Knightmare Frames and make short work of them.

Worsening the situation for Clovis, Lelouch commanded Ohgi and his resistance cell to systematically wipe out the last of the Britannian forces making up the broken formation encirclement. Thanks to the panic and disarray happening at the G-1 base, the enemy's morale has been broken along with their chain of command. Effectively, Lelouch and Ohgi's resistance cell had just won the Battle for Shinjuku Ghetto as the Britannian Forces had sustained far too many losses to continue.

Now, the matter of Clovis himself remained.

As Ohgi, Kallen and the others mopped up the disorganized and demoralized Britannian soldiers, Lelouch approached the area where the G-1 in his Sutherland. Yet, as he approached, he recognized that he would need a mask. Lelouch solved that issue, using a simple illusion to project an image over his head in the form of a mask. He would just need to be mindful and careful that no one would attempt to hit him in the head.

As Quattro in the Lancelot stood guard, Lelouch emerged from the Sutherland triumphantly.

Quattro's help ensured my victory, but still…I can do it. I can…I can destroy Britannia!

Lelouch smiled audaciously under the illusion he was using to hide his face. As he got out of the Sutherland, the Lancelot laid its palm out, lifting Lelouch up to the G-1 shattered windows, near where Clovis and his staff officers stood. Most of them were trembling, but they stood ready to defend Prince Clovis to the death with handguns. The black-haired prince grinned as he held Abyss Soul in front of him, switching it into Shooting Mode, a bladed lance-like form with a longer silver blade at the top.

"STOP! In the name of Prince Clovis, I order you to stand down and surrender!" Bartley snapped.

He has to be joking, Lelouch thought as he almost burst out laughing.

Without speaking a word, Lelouch fired a red beam of energy from his staff, killing burning a hole through a Staff Officer’s chest. The remaining officers and Bartley fired their handguns, but their bullets bounced harmlessly off his Barrier Jacket. Fortunately, no one considered aiming for his head. Lelouch didn't give them the chance.

Disappear, Sapphire Flare.

In quick session, Lelouch shot and killed Bartley and the remaining Staff Officers on the bridge until only Clovis remained.

"Clovis la Britannia, third prince of the Empire and Viceroy of Area 11…You have lost."

"W-Who are you!?"

"I am…Zero."


Meanwhile back on Mid-Childa, the black armored cyborgs dubbed “Yoshimitsu Troopers” invaded the main headquarters of the Tactical Instructor Corps. They fought their way to the main networking hub for the base, where the computer core that stored sensitive research and tactical data was being kept. Two combat mages tried to stop them, but as they approached, they got a good look at the invading soldiers. Their armor was seemingly part of their bodies with red electronic eyes. They had skull shaped masks and a full body suit of shorts with plates of black armor grafted onto their bodies. Their arms and legs were also completely cybernetic. In their hands, each one carried a katana-style sword with a yellow energy blade while their forearms had built-in rapid-fire energy weapons.

The mages put up a valiant effort when their katana blades met with their shields thanks to their defense spells. However, the black cyborgs were unrelenting their attacks, trying to force their blades through the magical barriers the mages had raised. Then from behind, a third Yoshimitsu Trooper appeared and cleaved into the backs of the two mages, killing them.

Back outside, two of the gigantic bipedal robots left heading for the city. The third stayed behind to engage the Tactical Corps Mages, with Nanoha and her students facing the monstrous machine. Its combat artificial intelligence brain was already devising a number of countermeasures, focusing on defense and collecting data before determining the best course of action.

"Tom and Saji, I want you two to attack from behind to draw its attention!" Nanoha ordered as her two students began attacking it from its backside, trying to find an opening in its defenses. "Samuel and Setsuna, I want you two to back them up and flank that thing!"

"Yes, madam!" The two students said as they flew towards their target point with devices ready. Nanoha took up position and fired upon it.

"Barrel Shoot," Raising Heart said as Nanoha fired a powerful shot at the walking tank. As expected, the walking robot raised its energy shield to deflect the shot.

"Keep hitting it, I think we might have it cornered!” spoke one of the mages, attacking it from a flanking position as everyone was hopeful they could defeat the robot.

However, their seemingly growing success was short-lived. Instead of attacking Nanoha, who was obviously the bigger threat, the robot turned its attention to her less experienced students. Its combat AI reasoned that if it targeted the weaker enemies, then it could force the stronger enemy to desist of an alpha strike and go to defense. It also took into surprising account all of its accumulated information on Nanoha Takamachi, including her personality.

Its back unit fired four missiles into the air, but they were different from the previous missiles it had launched earlier. They hung in mid-air, revealing that they were short-term airborne attack pods. As Nanoha and her students took up defensive positions and moved away, the pods opened up and released a hailstorm of Arrow-Class Mortar Rounds. The eight-rounds came falling towards the mages and once they were in range, each round suddenly shattered. Released were hundreds of hypervelocity flechettes made with an alloy that somehow disrupted their Mana fields. This weakened the mages’ magic barriers, allowing the flechettes to not only penetrate their projected defenses, but they savagely shredded the students. Some were either outright killed or mortally wounded by the attack.

Nanoha was nearly unharmed because the machine didn't target her, but the flechettes launched were smart rounds, which were actually aiming for her students. Those below the A rank managed to keep their barrier up, but everyone else below that rank were not so lucky. Nanoha didn't have a chance to do save any of them. In an effort to save the few that remained, she used Axel Shooter to shoot down any new projectile missiles that launched from the machine's back.

The giant robot merely replied by using its rail guns against her remaining students, shooting off a heavy volley of hypervelocity bullets. One student barely recovering from the last attack was mowed down as were a few others, prompting Nanoha to immediately go on the offensive.


Nanoha opened fire as the pink beam hit its target dead on, but the machine's defense field weathered the attack and began absorbing the energy. Instead of counterattacking against Nanoha, the red-eyed machine continued picking off the students aiding Nanoha one by one. It then used the retractable turrets inside its hips and shoulders to shower high-velocity projectiles at the mages. The explosive tips caused havoc with their shields as some tore through the magic barriers that had been weakened by previous attacks.

To drive its advantage further, the mechanical beast released an ear-splitting mechanical howl, another one of its specialized attack. The howl was part of the machine's dubbed “Banshee Field” as sonic waves emitted from the machine attacked the mages’ senses. What they were experiencing was an aural attack field that released a sound frequency in the ranges that harm the auditory system and wreck with the equilibrium of the victims.

My ears…what kind of attack is that?

The result was that anyone unfortunate enough to be in earshot endured what can only be described as the head of the victim ringing. As if someone had stabbed a chunk of glass into their ears and behind their eyes. Nanoha and six students who had been strong enough to throw up magical barriers against the mage-killer's last attack were holding their heads in agony. Despite her best efforts, Nanoha fell onto one knee, unable to focus as her ears were filled with a painful ringing and her vision became blurred. To completely disorient them and leave them vulnerable, the mage-killing machine raised its left-wing to unleash a cluster of Mana Burst Flash Bang Grenades. These were specialized grenades created to use against mages, which added to the harming sound of the Banshee Field, coupled with their blinding flashes. They released a short, but very intense, mana burst in the energy frequencies of sensor systems in devices, wrecking their sensorial systems for a few minutes.

It was probably the worst situation a mage could him or herself in during combat. Despite Nanoha's efforts to force herself back to her feet, her mind was a mess as her senses were badly disoriented. Even so, Nanoha cried out to her fellow mages who had been fighting alongside her.

"Retreat, all of you retreat!"

Sadly her words could not be heard. The mages under her instruction were in far worse shape than she was as they had blood dripping out of their ears and were closer to the mage killer. They lacked the means to defend themselves properly as it launched a set of fragmentation bombs from its left-wing and the finished with rail gun fire from its shoulder turrets.

The only benefit of what she was experiencing was that Nanoha couldn't hear the agonized cries of her fellow mages being slain until only she remained.

Nanoha's vision was slowly returning to her, but the ringing in her ears was barely dying down. Yet she couldn't see the mage killer closing in on her to finish her. Yet from the sky above a high-speed flying glowing marble flew straight at the machine. It managed to throw up its shield just in time, but that first move was just a feint. A large gray and yellow hammer equipped with a rocket booster delivered a stone-shattering blow to the head. The machine stumbled forward before falling onto its head. A small red-haired girl, styled into a pair of two queues that trailed behind her head. She wore a red Gothic Lolita-style dress with black frills and yellow ribbons, a large red hat with plush rabbit heads, and black and red boots. She took the chance to grab Nanoha and get her to a safe distance.

Taking cover behind the ruins of one of the destroyed warehouses from the initial attack, member of the Capital Air Force, 1321th Squadron Vita Yagami tried to tend to her friend.

"Nanoha, are you alright…say something?"

"Uh…Vita…my ears…hurt."

"Just stay here. I'll take care of this."

With her armed device mallet, Graf Eisen in hand, Vita went to engage the mage killing machine alone.

But as she quickly moved to close the distance, the sight of the devastation around her sank in. More so was Nanoha's condition and the knowledge that many of the mages here who underwent training under her were slain. It was more than likely the poor woman was torn apart over their deaths. This only caused Vita's blood to boil as her blue eyes took on a familiar and dangerous look. The redhead entered what could be considered her berserker mode.

"All of these people; how dare you do this…HOW DARE YOU!"

The recovered mage killer roared in response, moving to engage Vita head on. But the red-haired girl struck first.

"Schwalbefliegen Claymore," Vita called out as she generated a trio of basketball-sized ironic spheres that flew ahead of her.

Once they were ready, the girl used her mallet to launch them at high speeds towards the mage killing machine, but guided them to strike specific areas of the walking tank. Two of the large spheres rushed to strike from the sides while the third went straight for the machine. The first one hit its mark, but the mage killer used its shield to protect itself. The other struck the ground near its feet. Its shield still appeared, but the ground around it was destroyed, causing the machine to lose its balance and footing for a moment, giving Vita an opening.


"Explosion," Graf Eisen said as it loaded a magic cartridge and transformed once again from into its Gigantform. The two small faces of the two-sided mallet transformed into large octagonal shapes larger than Vita's head. At the moment its shield faded, Vita went in for an attack, striking the side of the mage killer's head with all she could muster, knocking the robot onto its side.

"You can't handle close quarters combat very well, can't you?" Vita shouted as she literally hammered away. She used hit and run maneuvers with Graf Eisen, dishing blows to the machine's head and upper torso.

The giant machine unveiled all of its retractable turrets and began firing, trying to hit the Knight of the Iron Hammer, though Vita's small size and quick movements gave her an edge. The machine's learning AI was growing more accustomed to fighting the small knight as its aim was getting closer to connecting with the fast-moving child. But a moment later, the machine suddenly leapt into the air, spinning its giant body around before managing to slap Vita in the face with its long tail. Vita was thrown back in pain, but the small aerial mage quickly recovered, flipping upright before landing on her feet.

Vita was now angrier than ever.

Charging at the machine, the Iron Knight was going to attack with more up close physical attacks. But the mouth of the machine opened up, revealing a cannon inside. Vita moved to the left and right to evade, but the AI of the mage-killing machine was already anticipating her attempts to dodge. It leapt into the air, releasing a cluster of missiles from its left wing, mixed in with a few Mana Burst Flash Bang Grenades. Vita dodged the missiles, but the flash bangs went off, blinding her and briefly disorientating her. She recovered just barely in time as the mage-killing robot fired its mouth weapon.

DAMN IT…Flash bangs mixed in with that missile attack to get me by surprise.

A high-pressurized stream of water shot out from the machine’s mouth. There was an ionizing field around the water stream, enhancing the speed and adding the option to ionize the water splashes, releasing an electric burst shockwave attuned to the ionization frequency. Overall, it increased its destructiveness as Vita dropped down moving to the right, narrowly missing the stream. Sadly, her hat wasn't so lucky as it was torn apart by the stream of water. But the stream kept going cutting through the communications tower of the Tactical Corps Headquarters, almost splitting the whole building in two.

That could have killed me.

The machine was already moving to launch another attack. This time, it was planning to attack the Iron Knight with its own melee attack. Its right wing opened and unfolded a large sword that turned red. Pink energy powered up, running along the edges of the blade, creating a sword that used energy on the blade to increase its cutting power. The machine spun around, forcing Vita to drop to the ground and evade the large blade. She was suddenly coming under fire from the retractable turrets as she evaded. Moving in close, Vita was going to take out the legs. But at the last moment, the machine leapt up into the air, landing near the waterfront.

“For something so big it's freaking fast.” Vita mutter before using telepathy. Hey, Signum! Where are those reinforcements!? I could use a little help over here and Nanoha has been badly hurt!

I am sorry Vita, but everyone is busy trying to deal with the other two machines.

Well, what the hell are they doing? Vita demanded to fellow her Wolkenritter and leader of their group.

Those two machines are using hit and run tactics all over Cranagan. Just about every other base and academy connected to the Bureau has been hit by long-range missile attacks from the water front. We can't pin them down; they keep moving from one location to another and we can't pin-point where they’ll fire from until after they hit their target.

Oh, you gotta be freaking kidding me, Vita groaned mentally as she dodged more rail gun fire. She hurried to close the distance between her and the mage-killing machine.

I am sorry, Vita. I'll try to get over there as soon as possible, but I have my own hands full over here.

I'll head over to help Nanoha, another member of the Wolkenritter jumped in.


Just focus on destroying that thing, Vita. I'll be there as soon as I can to help Nanoha and anyone else who has been injured.

Thanks…I'll destroy this tin-can!

Vita was more determined than ever now to bring down the monstrous machine. To create an opening, Vita materialized a larger iron sphere. Using her hammer still in Gigantform, she sent the ball flying through the air after enhancing it with magic.


Instead of attempting to block it with its shield, the robot leapt into the air again. It swiped its blade at the Iron Knight, who managed to not only dodge it. She began running up along the blade, making a beeline for the shoulder. However, between ducking and sidestepping high-velocity bullets flying at her, something unexpected happened.

A pair of two long wings made of pure energy erupted from the back of the machine, while it was flying through the air. It suddenly spun over and under in midair, performing three quick rolls which successfully shook the small child knight from its blade just as she reached the shoulder.


Hovering above the mage-killing machine, Vita was quickly trying to decide her next course of action. But the red-eyed machine wasn't going to give her the chance. It fired another round of flash bangs, mixed in with dubbed “Hammerhead” missiles aimed at the child warrior. Remembering this tactic, Vita quickly backed away while swinging her hammer to take out the missiles coming at her, ready to close her eyes from the coming flash of light.

In the middle, the machine descended from the sky, preparing to strike Vita with its sword. Just as the flash bangs went off, she realized the coming attack and managed to block the sword strike with her hammer. Vita was struggling against the towering machine. One wrong move and the blade could cleave her in two. But the child-knight was stuck as its rail-guns on its shoulder and right hip were taking aim.


"Divine Buster!"

A near point-blank range of pink energy tore through the right-wing of the mage-killer, causing it to explode and the sword that had been attached to it to break apart as Vita was now freed from that deadly deadlock. To her surprise, Nanoha readjusted her position and was standing upright again. The Ace of Aces had gained her second wind despite being injured. Nanoha flew in and floated on her back, pointing her Raising Heart straight up at the wing-like arm of the machine. The distance between her and the machine made it impossible for it to properly deploy its anti-magic shield, especially due to the deadlock it was engaged in with Vita.

It was a risky move, but it paid off as Nanoha had inflicted some real damage to the machine.

"You shouldn't be moving around."

"I am sorry, Vita. My hearing isn't working very well still," Nanoha replied as her hearing had been damaged by the machine's Banshee Field. Her injuries could be healed, but she could barely make out what Vita was trying to tell her.

Their chat was cut short as the black machine got back up. Despite losing a limb, it was still fighting. It began arching its back, prompting Nanoha to recognize what the machine was about to.

"Vita, we got to attack it! It's going to use the same field that immobilized me and wrecked my hearing!"

"Right," Vita replied as the two mages charged in to attack the mage-killing machine before it can employ its Banshee Field again.

"Axel Shooter," Nanoha said as she took aim with Raising Heart.

"Locked on," The pink and yellow device noted.

"SHOOT!" Nanoha cried out as a dozen pink spheres appeared around her, shooting out to hit the black machine, which responded by throwing up its anti-magic shield. But as it leapt up into the air, moving backwards to put some distance, Vita attacked crying out.


"Zerstörungsform," Graf Eisen called out after using two magical cartridges before transforming. It grew even larger in size, becoming a gigantic hammer with a built in rocket booster on one end and a golden drill on the other. The machine became aware of the attack, but as it launched more missiles from its back, they were quickly shot down by Nanoha's Axel Shooter.

With a fierce battle cry, Vita brought Zerstörungshammer down upon the machine as it didn't have time to evade. In a desperate effort to survive the attack, it threw up its anti-magic field, but it couldn't withstand such a powerful physical attack. The hammer effortlessly tore through the shield and penetrated the back of the giant machine, driving its drill tip through its body and impaling it. The walking tank let out a terrible screech as if it was crying out in pain. Vita didn't stop as she poured all she could muster to drive her blow deeper to finish it.

At last after a full minute of screeching, the machine stopped moving as its red eyes shorted out, seemingly disabled.

"We did it," Nanoha said letting out a sigh of relief, but suddenly she saw something.

The eyes of the machine flickered back on before they began beeping in a quickening sequence. A terrible feeling built up in Nanoha's stomach as she quickly put some distance between her and the wrecked machine. Before that, she called out to Vita.


"Huh," Vita muttered as she noticed the blinking of the black machine's eyes. Realizing the likely meaning behind it, the child knight tried to hurry away from the wreck. But she only got a short distance away before the whole machine exploded in a massive fireball. The sheer size of the explosion engulfed what remained of the machine in flames, but the pressure wave released sent the Iron Knight flying through the air until she impacted a stone wall. Nanoha was thrown back by the pressure wave from the blast, but unlike Vita, she escaped injury as she was further away.

Nanoha hurried to Vita's side, horrified to see the girl partly burnt and injured with a black eye.

"Vita, are you ok? Please, say something!"

The obviously delirious Vita tried to sit up. She instead coughed up some blood before she muttered.


Vita passed out much to the worry of Nanoha, but the girl was still breathing.

With one of the three machines defeated, two remained active.


The leader of the Wolkenritter, Signum was chasing a fleeing transport truck through the streets of Cranagan. Not too long ago, Signum had tried to help defend TSAB Mid-Childan Main Office as it came under missile attack, but the defenses at HQ were more extensive, unlike some of the other targets. Yet given the aggressiveness of the attack, the number of defenders was boosted as a precaution by the higher-ups as they tried to get more reinforcements. They dispatched a group of mages to deal with the two machines, but a call barely managed to come in that a facility nearby used to check in and store Lost Logia had been hit by a group of armed men.

So the attack from those robots was only a distraction to keep us from the Lost Logia Storage Facility.

This meant that the men had penetrated headquarters as the facility runs underground below the TSAB Mid-Childan Main Office. The facility away from HQ merely provided a means of easy transport and moving of Lost Logia without doing it above ground on public streets. Signum and several others were dispatched to the facility, but by the time they arrived, it was over with seven white transport trucks speeding off into different directions. Each of the Ground Forces mages took off for one truck, leaving Signum to choose the last one. She noticed it was initially heading deeper into the city before changing direction and heading towards the northern outskirts.

Signum followed the truck to keep it in sight, hoping it would lead her to the ringleader of the terrorists attacking them.

If I can catch the leader behind this, I should be able to stop all of this.

The chase came to an end as the truck sped out of the city, traveling along an old and barely used road. Its destination seemed to be abandoned research facility of some kind. The site had seen better days, but even through one of the buildings had exploded years before, the rest of the structure was still standing even when time had taken its toll. Parts of the parking lot were showing signs of grass and plant life. The surrounding area was a thick forestland area with a large number of trees. The truck pulled into an old unloading dock area for trucks used in the past. As it backed up to a loading platform, the terrorists were likely planning to off-load what they had stolen.

Landing on the ground near the parked truck, Signum readied her Armed Device, Laevatein as it was already in Schwertform.

The driver of the truck called out shouting out something in Japanese that surprised Signum. The man was quickly silenced as a yellow burst of energy tore through his body from behind and killed him. In moments, four Yoshimitsu Troopers exited from the truck, one being the trooper who had killed the man. Signum assumed a fighting stance, but a fifth man appeared joined the Troopers. Yet for the sake of his identity, he had to use a torn off piece of cloth as a makeshift scarf.

"Let's see here…pink hair, a sword and wearing a white and pink battle dress with armor plates. You must be Signum, Hayate Yagami's servant."

"Who are you?"

"Someone who would have wished to put down those two treasonous and unclean excuses of whores that forsook their honor as Japanese. But since you are here, perhaps we'll send them a message by giving them your head with a note on it." the ringleader said as he took out a small pocket knife. "Muramasa, Katana Mode."

"Yes, sir," A female voice said in Japanese as the small pocket knife transformed into an Armed Device similar to Signum's Laevatein. As the name of its mode implied, it was a katana-style blade with a long blade of at least sixty inches. The blade itself was blood-red, but it had a glow making it appear it was burning red-hot. The hilt was black trimmed with gold, but like Signum's weapon, it had a bolt action-type Cartridge System similar to hunting rifles with capacity of five cartridges. There was a mono-eye sensor above the hilt near the cartridge ejection slot while the bottom of the hilt was flat with a silver ring around the base.

Gripping the large katana with both hands the ring leader glared at Signum before adding.

"Anyone who serves those treasonous vermin, especially if they are friends with that second traitor Nanoha Takamachi, shall been see to it that both including you are punished."

Signum was furious with the labels they were not only putting on Hayate, but Nanoha as well.

"You will not walk away after insulting Mistress Hayate like that!"

"Neither shall you," the officer said as the four troopers under his command charged the pink-haired woman.

"Laevatein, Purple Lightning Flash!"

"Jawohl," Laevatein replied as flames surrounded the blade. The first trooper closed in armed with an energy blade in the form of a katana crossed blades with the Ancient Belkan knight. Pushing her foe back just as the trooper's comrades closed in on her, Signum backed off and launched a mid-range attack to thin down the enemies’ numbers.

One of the troopers was overeager to attack her and overstepped himself. Signum swiftly disabled her foe by cutting his legs and arms skillfully to interrogate the trooper later.

Just as the disabled trooper dropped to the ground, his other comrades rushed to engage her.

Their speed and reflexes are well beyond your standard foot soldier, so they are cyborgs after all.

Signum thought as the situation was a little suspect, given their armor and overall appearance. Their speed and strength was an obvious sign of cybernetic augmentation. This was likely true, given that none of the enemy troopers before her have displayed any magical ability, although it was clear their leader had magical talent. Even so, the troopers made up for their lack of magic training with combat training, coupled with their cybernetic bodies and advanced weapons.

The leader of the Wolkenritter parried and fended off the attack of three Yoshimitsu Troopers at once with an impressive display of swordsmanship. Signum ducked her head to avoid a plasma round fired from one of the forearm mounted cannons from her foe. She then delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of the attacking cyborg's head, right before she swiftly disabled another enemy trooper by cutting key points of her foe's limbs to immobilize him.

Two troopers remained, but Signum noticed that their leader wasn't taking an active part in the battle.

What is he up too? Is he a coward? No, this doesn't feel right...

Signum cautiously kept her eye on while focusing on finishing off the last two Yoshimitsu Troopers as soon as possible. Suddenly, the eyes of the Yoshimitsu Troopers began glowing bright red as their speed and strength seemingly doubled. Their reflexes and agility were suddenly enhanced even further. The swordswoman was forced onto the defensive as she parried and deflected fast-paced sword attacks from her enemies, but it was difficult to keep up with them.

What happened. They weren't this fast before.

One managed to get a kick through, but Signum pulled back just in time before it could connect with her stomach. She moved into range of the other trooper's plasma weapon as he fired a shot aimed for her head.

"Panzergeist," Signum commanded as Laevatein ejected a cartridge to shroud the woman's body in a magical defense aura that protected her from the plasma shot. Had it landed, it could have inflicted some serious damage upon her if not run the risk of outright killing her. "Sky Fang!"

Signum unleashed a point-blank mana slash attack a trooper who thought he could take advantage of an opening he thought he saw his partner created. The trooper was badly injured by both the attack and impact of his landing against the wall of the abandoned building. He was removed from the battle for now, allowing the pink-haired warrior to focus on the last Yoshimitsu Trooper. But at that time, the bodies of the downed Yoshimitsu Trooper and the one still standing began glowing bright as the last trooper made a mad charge at the woman.

Years of accumulated combat experience and instinct kicked in at the instance as alarms went off in Signum's head. She wasn't sure what this was, but she knew she had to shield herself.

As the soldier got close to her, his body began glowing brightly before suddenly exploding along with his partner's body, engulfing Signum in a large fireball that devastated half of the parking near the unloading dock. When the smoke cleared, Signum was still standing, having raised a Panzerschild to protect herself from the bulk of the explosion.

I can't believe they would self-destruct like that…just who are these men?

"Well…even for a servant of a traitor, your skills aren't bad," the leader commented as the tri-point magical rune shield vanished. "However, it's time we get this real fight started."

This time without a word, Signum attacked first. She charged her Laevatein once more with flames, intending on defeating the leader and taking him alive. Their blades met as his Muramasa surged with electrical power, displaying a signs of possible electrical-type Mana Conversion Affinity. The two sword wielders were deadlocked before a moment before the two broke away.

"Raimei," he said as Muramasa ejected a cartridge before drawing a large amount of electrical energy into the blade. Fire and Lightning met in a shower of sparks and flame as the two warriors struggled to overpower the other, although Signum was trying to take her foe into custody alive. Suddenly, her opponent broke away and took to the air with Signum following in hot pursuit as the two mages engaged in a fierce display of aerial combat.

"Sky Fang!"

"Tengoku no sandā," the terrorist leader replied as he unleashed a ranged slash attack in the form of a bolt of lightning. The two attacks cancelled each other out as the two warriors continued their increasingly fierce battle in the skies above the abandoned facility. Signum quickly fired off another Sky Fang, but it was shielded by her opponent’s own Panzerschild.


As the two formidable warriors continued their battle, the soldiers below them that Signum had disabled earlier had managed to crawl back up to their feet before limping away. They entered the facility where the cargo they had stolen from the TSAB had been unloaded by two of their other comrades. They were brought into the chamber where Suzuka was waiting for them in the center of transportation circle for long-range dimensional transfer spell.

"That is the last of it, but where is Colonel Kusakabe?"

"He is still engaged in battle with that mage from the Yagami Family, Mistress."

"I see. He better hurry up because the TSAB will dispatch mages to this location soon. And I don't want to lose all of this wonderful combat and performance data we collected." Suzuka remarked by tapping on a special PDA device.


Back outside Signum and her opponent, Kusakabe locked battles again as the two were struggling against the other. The Japanese man knew he needed to end this battle quickly.

"I guess I go no other option, Sandāāmā," Kusakabe said as his entire body was surging with electrical energy within moments. The man was standing before her one moment, but was suddenly behind Signum in the blink of an eye. Signum barely had time to block it, but even there, his attacks were coming much faster to the point Signum couldn't follow the blade with her eyes. That let alone realizing on instinct and years of experience to predict and counter the incoming blade strikes. Even so, as a true testament to her skills and experience as a warrior and mage, she held up against Kusakabe.

But things suddenly changed with one dirty cheap trick.

A loaded gunshot similar to a shotgun rang through the air as Signum suddenly fell backwards, but not before she saw the bottom of Muramasa's hilt pointed at her. Moments ago, while preparing a large special series of sword strikes, Kusakabe held the blade in a odd position before triggering a concealed projectile weapon inside the hilt. At the range it was at, it pierced Signum's barrier jacket and dealt her a serious wound.

He used a hidden weapon in his armed device, a dirty cowardly trick.

But Kusakabe wasn't done yet as he delivered a lightning fast slash across Signum's torso before kicking her to the ground. She fell forty feet before impacting the pavement of the parking lot with Kusakabe landing near his downed foe with a good opportunity to finish her off.

"This is not how I wanted it to end, but I am short on time sadly."

"That…that was…a dirty and cowardly tactic," Signum said in-between coughs as a pool of blood formed from the wound she got from the surprise round that pierced her stomach and the slash across her upper torso.

"Your mistake was bringing a tool to a sword fight. You lost to me because you lack something. Yes, I see it now…you deny your weapon its purpose! It yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies, but you hold it back."

Signum glared at Kusakabe.

"Maybe next time, you can give me a real fight. Remember, I could have finished you right here and then."

With those words, Kusakabe began to walk away to rejoin Suzuka and the others. They afterward made their escape, leaving a badly wounded and furious Signum behind. Once Kusakabe was gone, Signum got to her feet in defiance, although she was struggling to stand. At that moment, however, a friend was trying to contact her, having only returned to Mid-Childa not too long ago.

Signum…do you read me?…Signum, Fate Testarossa demanded.

"I…Need…Medical…Help," Signum managed to say before she dropped to the ground and passed out.

Signum? Signum, are you okay? SIGNUM!

The attack on the Time-Space Administration Bureau came to an end as the two machines vanished into the oceans of Mid-Childa to shake off pursuers. Yet, they left the large-scale devastation in their wake.