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Queen Hayate Yagami: Linker Core Reproduction, And other thoughs.

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Ok this is going to be a weird post but it just came into my mind re-watching some Nanoha so Reinforce Eins and Hayate had some sort of Magical intercourse where in their Linker Cores Fused and the result was Reinforce Zwei now from that and force I gather that Hayate is not really Hayate anymore she's more Part Hayate and part Reinforce Eins and Zwei is sort of their daughter

which is kinda obvious if you look at Zwai she seems to have many traits of Hayate as well as Eins including Hayate's Hair Clip

anyway point is this is you can fuse linker cores which results in a magical offspring ... does that mean anyone can do it or was it just because Eins is a unison device

also by that information does that mean if Hayate was to limite break she'd become Eins in appearance

many people seem to hate the term walking lost logia that is directed at Hayate in the Force manga but in strikers the aid to Regius said Hayate Merged with the Book of the Darkness unlike the avatar of the book Reinforce she didn't simply unison she actually merged with the book and the book became the basis for her magical power which is why I said she's part Reinforce this merge was mostly a result of her becoming Eins and then being able to resume her original form of Hayate which leads me to believe that Hayate can if she knew how assume the form of Eins

all that was destroyed with the actual tome was the original unison device which was malfunctioning anyway

Also puzzles me why people say Hayate is unsuitable for actual combat yes she's a extreme ranged bombardier with slow spells but what people forget is that she has Wolkenritter and Reinforce Zwai for a reason their suppose to keep her enemies busy while she's charging up that spell that will obliterate the enemy which is why 1 on 1 fights never made sense to me because it's suppose to be 1 on 6 always the writers never seem to actually understand the basis of their own character which puzzles me even more

why give her the Wolkenritter and Reinforce which seems vital to her own ability to fight only to have her go 1 on 1 in almost every fight I mean I Understand they don't want to mary sue Hayate but at least give her some lime light and let her fight at her full power at least once :D

another point to her not being totally hayate anymore is the fact that she was able to survive and recover from being stabbed through the chest in force which would no doubt have killed human hayate signum and vita in strikers survives similar damage would but the guardians aren't exactly humans so what does that make Hayate? merging with the book of the darkness may have had side effects that we aren't aware of due to failings on the writer part or simply that we are learning of them now

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Well, in Force Signum almost died, and Vita was on her last wind at the end of Strikers. Other than making the Wolkenritter be mortal now, I can't think of anything else. But Hayate knows all of the more powerful magic in the Tome of the Night Sky, which is why she can only do magical nuke attacks. I wish Hayate get more character development than what we have.Hopefully there's some in the Reflection movie.

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Well that isn’t exactly true. Hayate and Reinforce did fusion their Linker Cores, that is why Hayate has such strong magic, but Rein was made out of the remaining data of Reinforce, not born from Hayate’s Linker Core. In that sense Reinforce is different in nature to the Wolkenritter. These are programs, she is a device. The fusion means that Hayate has tie the Book of Darkness or Tome of the Night Sky if you want, to herself and when she dies the Tome will go with her as well as the Wolkenritter that are linked to her magic as familiars. Rein looks are just because Hayate wanted to make her that way.

The conversion in A’s is something reflecting just the nature of fusion with a Unison Device. The dominant personality use to be the one that is seen by the others, at that moment Hayate was take away by the pain and Reinforce took over. About the name “walking Lost Logia” is never going to catch on no matter how much the manga tries to do so. Surviving that stab in the chest by Currenn was just because she decided to pierce trough not vital points.