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Looking for Doujinshi or Manga?

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I remember reading this manga (maybe it was a doujin?) about Nanoha and Fate visiting Vivio's school for either career day or parent/student day. In the end, you can see Nanoha and Fate holding hands as Vivio reads her book report (or some assignment) aloud. What was the name of it? Its name is ever so elusive! >.<

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I think it's this one:
It's manga, part of Nanoha A la Carte Volume 1 if I remember correctly.

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I think i'll revive this for my own use given the thread's generic name rather than making a new thread with a similar name (could use this thread as like an Identification request thread for ID Nanoha Doujins/Manga).

just wondering if anyone knows the name of a doujin (English) i saw a couple of pages from.

The pages i saw seems to be the end and in it, it shows Presea pregnant (probably in her final trimester) and Alicia with her. Presea mono-logging saying how she's going to name her new baby after Fate so it seems to hint at being after the anime where Presea made it to Al Hazard and was able to resurrect Alicia.

I'd also want to know if it's Safe for Work (SFW) or Not Safe For Work (NSFW). if it's NSFW i'd like to know how Presea got pregnant.