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[Fanfic] Love&Magic [wip]

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I'm sorry for the lack of responses for your story but as much I love reading NanoFate fic I didn't follow HP much.. but so far I have enjoyed the snippets and the fluffiness (you need to write their wedding night lol). ok, question is: where is this heading? TSAB give hands on killing Voldemort and searching for the horcruxes? what is Ludo hinting here invade Japan/TSAB? or taking Nanoha and Fate into Hogwart?
or just their honeymoon is done with spending their time making havoc in the HP magic world?

I saw in your post under humor and romance. so don't know what to make of it. from the flow you take I get it a light heartened fic, nothing serious so far with Nanoha always sleepy during the conversation and the hormones and the TSAB secrecy.

I read it fine, I can follow, understand and enjoy it so far. so yeah, keep it up.

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Where is this heading?
Well, what is going to happen is that I'm going to have Nanoha and Fate (plus someone else but I don't want to reveal yet who) go to Hogwarts to investigate if these wizards could be a problem like "ooops, I was experimenting with my magic and I ripped reality apart" problem.
That's the official version for the TSAB, in reality what will happen is that "their honeymoon is done with spending their time making havoc in the HP magic world" Hogwarts. I'll try my very best to throw around as much fluffy and humorous moments as I can. The story will pretty much go on like it started, it won't be that plot-heavy.

And I guess I'll post the drawing as promised now. ^^

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Chapter posted on
Some little tweaks here and there, a line that I hope will better close the chapter, and I added yet more info in the note about the TSAB translation program.

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A little snippet.

Harry sipped his tea as he idly listened to the conversation going on.

Soon after Mr. Graham had asked Mr. Weasley to tell them about the wizarding world, the red haired man embarked in a rather awkward description of the average wizard’s life, the most common magical creatures one could encounter, what was there in a wizard’s home and other similar info, some of which Harry himself didn’t know about despite his three years’ experience in the magical world. The most entertaining moment so far had been when he told them how wizards not only didn’t use any kind of muggle technology, but they also didn’t have electricity in their homes.

The blonde girl, Fate, in particular, seemed to have troubles wrapping her mind around the complete lack of anything more advanced than an oil lamp. She had asked at least thrice if he was serious, and still didn’t look convinced. Not that Harry blamed her, he had needed some time to get used to it too.

Trying not to be obvious about it, Harry observed her. When their eyes first met he had almost jumped to his feet at seeing her crimson gaze, something inside him instinctively said that red eyes meant evil. However, not even a second after, he realized how stupid that notion was, especially when Fate did nothing more than prepare and serve them their tea and offer them snacks. Moreover, he had caught her sending worried glances in Ron, Hermione and his direction as well as disapproving frowns at the adults. In a way she reminded him of Mrs. Weasley, she had the same motherly disposition, although Fate appeared gentler and, as much as he appreciated Molly Weasley, the blonde was younger and undeniably more beautiful.

Harry took another sip as his eyes moved to the other girl, Nanoha. She, too, was really pretty, although in a different way. Whereas Fate looked elegant and composed, Nanoha had an open smile and bright eyes. She was one of those people that could brighten up a room with their liveliness, a characteristic Harry found very appealing if he were honest.

Of course, these were just idle thoughts. He might not have great deductive skills or observation abilities, but he knew that Hermione did and had learned that, if he looked at her, he’d be able to pick up things he wouldn’t notice by himself. That was why, when the introductions were made, Harry looked at his friend out of the corner of his eyes, and what he saw were Hermione’s own eyes latching onto Nanoha’s left hand, her ring finger, and the golden band around it.

The fact the girl was apparently engaged wasn’t really important anyway, after all it wasn’t like Harry was interested in her that way. Sure, she was petty and seemed nice, fun and friendly, but still, he didn’t really know her, and she was older than him, and came from a different country. His thoughts went for a second to another older, pretty, Asian girl he knew, but the black haired boy shook his head to chase away Cho Chang’s mental image.

“Hey, are you alright?” Fate’s soft voice asked him in a whisper.

“Yes, just… thinking…” He felt his face was getting warm and hoped with all his being he wasn’t blushing.

Fate nodded as if to accept his words, even if she didn’t look completely convinced. It was still a bit baffling to have someone, a perfect stranger at that, showing worry for him. Especially if said stranger was an attractive girl. He might have been more attracted to the auburn haired girl but Harry was neither blind nor stupid, he could recognize a true beauty when it was sitting right in front of him.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ he thought and almost shook his head again before he caught himself. He really shouldn’t make a fool out of himself.

Looking once again to their hosts, Harry guessed that these people were just naturally really good and nice. Even Mr. Graham, who at first had seemed almost intimidating, was showing himself to be a calm and open-minded individual.

His reflections were interrupted by a cracking sound at the entrance, soon followed by a some familiar voices.

The black haired boy turned just in time to see Ludo Bagman skipping back into the room followed by none other than the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, and Albus Dumbledore. The group was closed by Mr. Crouch, who had been looking extremely vexed ever since his house elf, Winky, was suspected of having evoked the Dark Mark, and now seemed only a step away from hexing Bagman. Harry couldn’t blame him too much, after all the blond former Beater was treating the whole thing like a game, as if he didn’t realize that less than an hour ago the whole campground had been thrown in panic by Voldemort’s mark.

Harry’s green instinctively eyes went to Dumbledore as he remembered how his scar had hurt Saturday morning. He had written a letter to Sirius as he had no idea on how he could have brought it up to the Headmaster without it sounding stupid, but now… Now it was different. Maybe he should take advantage of the fact he was there to tell him about it.

I wonder, is this about right? Do 14 y.o. boys think like this? Sorry, I know this isn't exactly what you guys might have expected, but all characters need their own moment.