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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation

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We just got the news here, NANOHA Detonation is scheduled to be released in 19 October. The news comes from official activities "Lyrcal Party 6".
So far, I have very little information and other related resources. So I sent you here to see how you comment.

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I just only wish that this part 2 Reflection will not too much focused on Nanoha only, at least consider on Hayate more since Fate have more appearances than her. Which is made me sad to watch Hayate only cover so little in the part 1 movie.

But not only Hayate part, I really want to watch how those 3 new characters from Book of Darkness will act and how they are going to do next. And what will happen next after the Detonation movie if they decided to show us the epilogue of this movie, just like as usual for previous 2 Nanoha movies. Or some sneak peek too. Too bad that we have to wait not on October but later if we are overseas/not Japan Nanoha fans to watch this movie. But at least this is the conclusion of whole Nanoha Reflectnation movie story we have waited so long.

Right now only have 2 figurines released for this movie:

I really hope that future will have Hayate (Detonation) version of figurine for me new collection of her though.

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I think you might like Hayate. Character Hayate has already played a long time in NANOHA StrikerS and VIVID. And in this movie, She plays the supporting role of one of the leading characters at the same time as last time. That is to say, she might play an auxiliary role. There's nothing particularly important for this. And a character Dearche similar to Hayate has appeared. Dearche was a completely irascible character, and she's a rival.
Because I used to play PSP games, so I probably know that the movie's ending may be a planetary Eltria reconstruction. As for Nanoha and Fate, Hayate et al of them may continue to live a normal life.

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On the latest Detonation PV (, It has been passed on to Chinese network. So they make subtitles based on this video translation.
Nanoha's lines at the beginning of the video are as follows
"遇到了重要的人,遇到了温柔的人,那真是非常幸福的事。但是,也有没能帮助的人,没能拯救的人,那是非常悲伤的事情、痛苦的事情。我再也不会让这种痛苦的悲伤的事情发生在我面前了。所以,这次一定能成功。(English: I have met an important girl, and a gentle girl. That was really a very happy thing. But I haven't been able to help woman, and I couldn't save woman. That was a very sad thing, and a painful thing. I will never let this sad and sad thing happen to me. So, I'll be successful this time.)"

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After Nanoha Detonation in cinemas at October 19 2018. The next project will be 15th anniversary of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Series at 2019, i suggest to Masaki Tsuzuki will adapt Nanoha Force into films and sequel titles in TV called Magical Record Force Destiny which is set as the fall of Special Duty Section 6 and is return to set on Earth.

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Lowlihao1997 wrote:
After Nanoha Detonation in cinemas at October 19 2018. The next project will be 15th anniversary of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Series at 2019

This is speculation and not official information, right? I don't think I have heard any announcements about 2019.