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Midoriya Cafe - Roleplaying

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Midoriya Cafe in the chatroom is where any and all can come to roleplay the Nanoha characters and OC's, to have a fun old time and enjoy the thriving community of NanoFate ^^
I hope everyone has lots of fun with us in Midoriya and gets a great experience out of it ^^
We are not sure on a plot yet, but we're setting it 6 years after StrikerS ( We don't really pay attention to Vivid or Force, so many of those plot points are not used. So there's THAT ).
With most things, there are rules that have to be followed, we do this to make sure everyone has a good time while roleplaying.
May be boring, but please, if you want to roleplay, we would very much like you to read the rules and understand them, so everyone is happy :3

1) Canon characters: If you want to Roleplay a Canon character, please just ask one of the experienced RPers. Hopefully you can get the character you wish, if the original roleplayer of the character wants to give you a shot at the role, then go for it! If not, there are many characters in the MGLN world which you can choose from :3

2) Original characters (OC): Any OC you can make can be a good addition to Midoriya Cafe! Making an OC can be fun, however there are rules for them. Any OC you make must be bound to the Nanoha universe's rules, that should be fair game. Also, your not to make your character SSS rank so it destroys everything, that's not fair to anyone. OC's can only go as high as AA rank, if you wish your OC's rank to go higher, you will have to ask the experienced RPer's or the GM to allow that.

3) No Crossovers. That is what the Custom Setting RP is for.

4) Sex. It happens XD
Recently, there has been a lot of 18+ stuff going on in the Roleplaying. Which I orchestrated
. If you're going to go 18+ stuff in the chat, please be so kind as to do such acts in a tab or Private Messaging room so the rest of us don't have to see it.

5) Don't come in with an OC claiming to be a long lost relative/familiar of *insert canon character*. We don't like this all too much, and it really doesn't set the mood of the RP either, so please don't do that :3

6) Please make sure to say how your Non-Canon/Canon chracters relation with other characters in the RP, so it's easier for people to follow the plot ^^

7) Laevatein is the Game Master (GM), which essentially means is what he says goes. His word would carry more weight then most experienced RPer's. Laevatein is a seasoned Roleplayer for NanoFate Chat and has always made the best decisions in any and all RP's there. So we can assure you that all his rulings are fair and justified, and not a personal crusade against any one person who bends the rules. There is also a number of experienced RPer's who will also try and guide you in the right direction. These people are: Seikou, LyricalReana, Acecipher, Mello or myself.

8) Punishment. Tough cookie, I know, and hopefully you won't break the rules or try to annoy people, but there have been a few people who have disturbed the other RPer's. So here is the punishment system.

-1st Warning: having it made clear to you to not do it again, no matter what you did wrong, godmodding, be it complete intentional out of character-ness with canon characters.
-2nd Warning: If repeatedly continuing to break rules, having roles as canon chars taken from you.
-3rd Warning: Ignored for good. All of your actions are useless.

Basically being a good person and abiding by the rules will take strikes off, being an arse will not XD

That's all good! Now, here are the listed Canon characters for Midoriya being played, if you don't see one being played, jump on that opportunity!:

Mello: Fate (Shared), Vivio, Alicia
Seikou: Seikou, Reinforce Eins, Ginga
LyricalRaena: Shamal and Zafira
Acecipher: Chrono
Bardiche: Nanoha, Bardiche, Lindy, Sein, Yuuno
Raccoon Hayate: Hayate (Shared)
Laevatein: Hayate (Shared), Fate (Shared), Signum, Tre, Uno, Laevatein, Subaru
Sansker: Sister Schach

This Forum is also in use for you to add your own OC's below this post, so we all know how your OC's work and will interact with other characters. The Canon characters really don't need their own page, as we all can look them up :3
Other then that, have fun!! ^^

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Hello everyone, Seikou here, I've been a part of Chat RP since it first started up, so, I guess I am indeed a veteran, anyway, I will be using one OC in this RP as of now, the profile follows:

Ex Vee

Official Name: Project XV
XV ( pronounced ‘’Ex Vee’’ )
Vienna, some of the organic companions shes worked with believed she needed a more.. human name, they took the liberty to give XV this name

Sex: Female
Age (appearance): 19
Actual Age: 6
Mental age (thinks like a (insert age) old): 19
Race: Prototype Combat Robot Infiltration type, based on Combat Cyborg known only as Due
Native world: Mid-Childa
Creators: Jail Scaglietti, the TSAB (reprogrammed before first activation at the hands of the TSAB)
Current situation: XV is currently serving as a Cleaner in service of the TSAB, a Cleaner is ranked equally to an Enforcer, but instead of investigating, XV's missions are kill oriented only, she is sent on missions that always end with the target dead, so called Kill Missions, she has recently been transferred to Riot Force 6 though.

Equipment: Talonys ( Steel Claws )
Flight capabilities: Compact back mounted jet wings build into her back, not to be used for long term flight, costs too much energy, mostly used as a quick means of evasion of otherwise unavoidable danger, wings collapse into her back structure when not used.
Inherent Skills: Liar's Mask V2, various minor IS's that improve the capabilities of her Steel Claws

History: The 15th in production of Jail’s numbers, also the only one not to be in operational status at the time of the JS and Cradle incidents, XV was not considered essential as Jail already had 12 operational numbers, including XV's predeccessor Due, after Jail had been beaten, XV was found, reprogrammed and activated by the TSAB.

Project XV was not a mere 15th number, XV was to be a prototype of something entirely new, the next step, as Jail saw it in his twisted plans, the numbers I to XII were all combat cyborgs, XV was to be the first of an entirely new series of numbers, a prototype Combat Robot, not a cyborg, a complete, entirely steel robot.

More specifically, XV was designed to be a direct successor to Due, she contains most, if not all of what Due was capable off and equipped with, most importantly a heavily improved version of the IS known as Liar's Mask. ( )

Personality: Focussed on her objectives, usually doesn't show much emotion, but certainly not emotionless.

Steel Claws appearance mostly based on: XV has one of these on each hand.

Default Appearance: About 1.90m tall, long silvery blond hair, golden eyes, usually wears simple civilian clothes and a trenchcoat. (and no, the trenchcoat has no additional properties)

To any untrained eye, XV mostly resembles Due in appearance, with only a slightly differing hair color

Barrier Jacket: Her barrier jacket pretty much resembles a suit of light metal armor, black in color, designed for high maneuverability, the armor is emblazed on the shoulder plates with the TSAB symbol, under it is engraved in gold ''XV'', it is not that often used as XV is usually found behind enemy lines rather then on the front lines

Combat: Aside from being an infiltrator, XV is also a melee specialist, her claws make her deadly in close quarters, she has no direct magical attacks, instead she uses various Inherent Skills to enhance the effectiveness of her claws, this includes an IS that enhances the claws effective range and an IS that enhances the claws damage.

Relation to her ''sisters'', social wise: Simple, there is none, XV has never personally met any of them, nor do any of them know of XV, the only one aside from Jail himself that knew of XV was Uno, that is mostly because of the fact that she was an accomplice of Jail's in Project XV.

XV knows who her sisters are, she knows what they look like, however, she has no interest in them at all, no interest in meeting any of the ones adopted by the Nakajima family, nor any interest in getting to know them.[/

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Well I will be doing my own OC character in this RP so here is my profile for it. And I know may have a few issues so I will address the others in the chat about it and look if they are cool with it.


Race: Combat Robot, Advance Attacker Model M-923 “Draken”

Name: Unit 0468. Was nicknamed Draken after his own model because his human companions seem to believe he needed a proper name instead of a number.

Sex: Programmed as male.

Age: Unknown, but is presume several centuries. However he has been active for only 10 years.

Appearance: In his standard appearance he looks like a regular human male in his mid 20, with brown hair and black eyes. Is 2m tall and this appearance is just a disguise so he can change it if he must but can’t change his high or shape. Use to go around in black cloths. His real appearance is the one he assumes when he is in combat.

Personality: He lacks human emotions so he can’t feel anything. However he shares a curios sensitive nature as his program was create to imitate a human mind in several aspects. This allows him to operate in a logic base while also having his own sense of moral. While he is emotionless he isn’t consider cold and when lacks knowledge of some human behavior, that makes him a little socially odd, he is program to see and learn.

Magic Rank: N/A however his power level is equivalent to an AA mage but some of his weapons reach AAA rank.

Barrier Jacket: N/A. He can’t create a Barrier Jacket, when he is force to enter combat he just reassumes his real form. That looks like this: (I know who he is and I just take the armor not the powers of the character so is not a crossover character)

Characteristics: Draken is a powerful war machine design for battle. It possesses a strong chassis cover with a durable armor which allows him to resist strong impacts from magic attacks to physical impacts. He operates thanks to a rare jewel generation on his chest. Can survive in hostile environments such as the vacuum of space or extreme temperatures and its immune to most of the weaknesses share by living beings. Physically stronger than any human and capable of flight for transportation and combat. Have several types of scans and can see, hear and detect more than human senses can however he use to limit his sensors to a human level when he isn’t in mission.

Combat: He was create as a armored unit so he fights using several built in weapons in his systems that allows him to fight in a mid and long rage being able to use larger cannon attacks or smaller bullet type of fire. He lacks any weapon as blades or so but poses and incredible strength and hand to hand combat knowledge. He lacks any bit of subtlety or infiltration abilities because of his size and power and bases his attacks on superior force to take down the enemy.

Weapons and Defense: As a combat Robot Draken poses several devices that make the work of spells he can’t use. Those are use for both attack and defend:

-Shield and barrier generation. Can create a force field around him to protect him or to protect others.

-Machine gun. A small gun built in both arms able to shoot rapid fire of A base bullets but with incredible speed.

-Hand cannons. The palm of its hand can shoot longer beams to a even AAA power level.

-Chest cannon: His most powerful weapon that uses the energy from his core. It can even shoot to an AAA+ level.

-Finger cannons. Smaller weapons for simplest task but with little range.

History: Draken was a part of a project created during the Saint King Unification War by Belkan enemies. The planet of his creators was devastated during the war and their entire civilization eradicated. 15 years ago a group of archeologist found the remains of the world and start to explore the ruins of it. His body was found with several other units of the same model. He, with other 4 units, were found in a very good shape and brought back to TSAB HQ to be study. In their way back he and his “brothers” reactivate and attack the mages. He was take down with the others and bring to a lab.

There a group of scientist, who at this day he considers his “fathers”, reprogram the memory and mind of the androids. The unites lack any complicated program or IA so they were use as empty shells to what was meant to be a new generation of robots to help the TSAB. However the lab was victim of a terrorist attack and in the battle the entire scientist team died and the units rebuild where destroys leaving only Draken as the last of his group. Thanks to his new program he wasn’t a killing machine as his original creators wanted to be so the TSAB decide to still use him and keep it as an active agent in their military forces.

Even when he can’t feel actually anything for the lost of his “family” Draken seems to want gain human emotions. When is ask why he simple says because he wish to understand human nature better and at some points he seems to wish becoming a human but rather gain his own humanity thanks to a personal development than a simple program. He aspires to grow and end like a human.

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yes, I know this RP's on Hiatus, but I figured I'd post this anyway for when it starts up again.

Name: Miranda
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Mage Rank: B-AA (approximate; never been tested officially by the TSAB)
Magic Color: Red
Barrier Jacket: Red-on-Black
Homeworld: TSAB Administered World #91—Avernine

Avernine was, a century ago, a small and independent world of little importance to any of the major powers. However, due to the effects of the end of the Belkan war, Avernine was reduced to little more than a protectorate state of the TSAB. Over the first fifty years the Averni lost much of what made their culture distinct as the TSAB attempted to reconstruct their destroyed society and integrate them into the Administrated Worlds. Their language vanished and their traditional magic system was all but forgotten; replaced by the Mid-Childan system. Despite this, things have begun to improve; Miranda’s parents were part of a cultural revival movement that, among other things, encouraged a revisiting of the native Avern magic system and promoted interest in learning about Averni traditions.

Device: Phoenix Dawn
“Phoenix Dawn” was originally an anonymous poem scrawled on the TSAB embassy’s door that later became the motto of the Avernine Revivalists, and so it was natural for Miranda to name her device after it. While traditionally Avern magic did not use complex devices, Phoenix Dawn is one of a handful of new Intelligent Devices designed to specifically use the Avern magic system.
Standby Form:
In its standby state, Phoenix Dawn resembles a winged silver and jasper pendant.
Casting form:
Has the form of a short staff.
Sniping Form:
Analogous to the “Shooting Mode” of other intelligent devices, it is the mode which allows direct attack. The top becomes pointed.

Magic System: Native Avernine, Hybrid Avernine
Avernine magic focuses heavily on field-control combat rather than wide-range magic blasting or close-range combat. The purpose of most wide-area spells is to restrict an opponent’s options and movements so that they may be hit with greater accuracy by accurate sniping spells. It is most effective when the caster is able to focus on only a single target. Hybrid Avernine is akin to New Belkan magic in that it takes elements of Mid-childan’s bombardment style of attacks.



Scatters a series of compressed-mana tetrahedrons around a given area, causing injury to anyone unfortunate enough to step on them. This effectively limits ground movement within the area of influence.
Aerial Caltrops
An upgrade of the Caltrops spell which can be used to make a certain area near-impossible to fly through.
Gale Vortex
Generates an air vortex that produces high winds. Since this effects flight magic in all but very powerful mages, it can limit movement through the air in order to concentrate battle on the ground.
Causes downward pelting “Drops” of mana which, while harmless to combatants, interfere with the trajectory of shooting attacks.
Coronal Burst
Little more than a lightshow in actuality, Coronal Burst causes a large field of magical light in the mage’s color. It is harmless on its own, but has a great tendency to mask other spells of the same magic color.
Flare Wall
Generates an electrified wall of mana, size depending on how much mana the caster is willing to expend in order to maintain the wall. Good for blocking possible escape routes where Caltrops are not enough.
Sphere of Consciousness
A meditation spell, it causes the caster to become aware of all movement within an expanding sphere of influence. Its effective range depends on how long the caster is allowed to meditate, reaching optimal size after one hour. At this optimal range, the caster should receive fair warning about any and all potential threats approaching them.
Piercing Bolt
One of Miranda’s only true direct attack spells within Traditional Avernine magic, it concentrates a great amount of force into a single, physically small shot. It is a highly energetic attack, and the best advice for going against it is simply to not be hit by it. Under normal battlefield conditions this is easy due to the attack’s small size. However, when combined with other Avernine spells it can be highly dangerous. It is also dangerous to single targets at long distances, since it has the effect of sniping.
Triangle Bolt
A less accurate though potentially more dangerous spell than Piercing Bolt, the energy is split between a main shot and three extra rounds in a 3-1-1-1 ratio. These three extra rounds spread out in a triangular pattern slightly ahead of the main shot, and can potentially hit multiple targets.

History: Miranda was born on the world of Avernine to a pair of native parents and grew up amidst the cultural revival. She attended school in Avernine’s capitol and spent summers at cultural festivals. She was one of the first children in more than 50 years to learn Avernine-style magic before Mid-Childan style, and became a peer-mentor to the other children when she showed talent at casting magic. At age 14 Miranda was able to gain a seat in a prominent school on Mid-Childa, and so recently has left Avernine to pursue a higher education. She has declined to join the TSAB academy on principle, choosing to remain a civilian. However, events have on occasion facilitated her taking direct action in minor conflicts.