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NanoFate movie clip idea

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Ok so I know that this clip isn't NanoFate but that would be the cutest thing in the world if the creators did something like this.

Picture this:
Nanoha and Fate are on a mission on a planet or facility that has strong AMFs that prevent them from flying or using magic effieceintly. Fate and Nanoha are put into separate teams and ordered to look around or apprehend some criminal. During the investigation Fate gets hurt and the groups are unable to contact one another. While searching with her group Nanoha beings to faintly sense Fate's magical energy. Due to Fate's wounds she is unable to sense Nanoha and while searching withher group she collapses, giving up on all hope of seeing the one girl who has her heart, but just as Fate is about to let go in the distance she sees a figure clothed in white running towards her and calling her name. Finally Fate recognizes the voice of Nanoha and with some renewed energy Fate gets up and runs over to Nanoha. Excited to see her other half again, Nanoha, in tears, runs and tackles Fate to the ground and begins glomping her......

Lol I just had this idea while watching Wolfs Rain. Oh and sorry for the grammatical errors and spelling errors. I'm an engineer not an English major haha.

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Sounds cute to me.

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awsome idea

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Good idea, hopefully its implemented.