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[NanoFate][Fanfic] Just How Much I Love You

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When do you realize that you love someone? When a person confesses to you? When you absentmindedly watch that person from time to time? Or when you kiss, hug or enjoy their company?

To me it was when we stared at another and then an ocean of Rainbows and butterflies surrounded us with their beautiful dance…

Just How Much I Love You


Sha Yurigami

It was such a beautiful morning.

Birds flew through the clear sky while a gentle breeze passed from the sea. Waves gently stroke the coast whilst children laughed and played in the water. Warm rays of light shone onto the bright city of Uminari and it's inhabitants.

Soft rays slid between her eye-lids waking her from her slumber. Her auburn haired spread across her mattress, laying everywhere Must have had an exciting dream again she thought after realizing that most of her hair was covering herself and smiled. Her night shirt was hanging limply on her shoulder, thankfully the bed sheets covered her upper body.

She sat up from her sleeping position, rearranging her shirt so that it was correctly buttoned up and stretched. Feeling her tense muscles with each motion she did, her lilac eyes looked through her room.

Nothing unusual, the stuffed animals were laying lazily around wherever they could, her school uniform was still hanging on her chair she flung it when she went to bed last night, and her dream diary was still laying where it should.

The small little diary with it's blank cover was once again very inviting for her to write something in it, while it still laid on her desk. She smiled again. Her diary was truly precious to her. She wrote in it all the memories of all her dreams she had since she was small. At least the ones she could remember or those she could only remember portions of. She even wrote down some of her daydreams.

Sadly she this time too, she couldn't remember what she dreamed of. That was the case since the last few days, but she couldn't help it. Since she can't control her dreams. And at the least she could read about some of her dreams in her diary again.

Deciding that she shouldn't stay in bed for the whole time, she crawled to the side of her bed and slipped one of her legs out from underneath her bunny dotted blanket while her long hair finally followed along. She wobbly stood up and walked over to her desk. A fond gaze and a soft touch on the blank cover of her most precious possession.

After taking a long look at it, she decides to get herself cleaned up first. The bathroom in her house was just across from her room, so she simply walked in to wash the drowsiness out of her face and to brush her teeth. She stood before the sink with a mirror above it and looked into her reflection. Her hair was a mess. She giggled.

After washing her face she walks back into her room to dress out of her sleep wear and get changed into her uniform again. She noticed while changing, that her uniform smelled of sweat a little. She blushed and felt embarrassed all of a sudden I knew I shouldn't have gone with them… she thought remembering how her friends insisted to go to the newly opened gym to train off their extra weight.

Now that she remembers back to it, she got home rather late didn't she? Well no use overthinking now! with that thought dismissed, she immediately finished getting dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

In the kitchen she met the rest of her family. Her father and mother Shiro and Momoko who were preparing the lunchboxes for their children, her older siblings Kyouya and Miyuki who helped with the breakfast and got the plates and cups ready. Together with her they were the Takamachi family.

She greeted them “Good Morning mama, papa, big sis, big bro, how are you today?” like usual her family greeted back with smiles adoring their faces “Good morning to you too, Nanoha.” her mother answered and placed fried eggs onto the plate before her. Her father didn't say much, just a simple “Good Morning.” and he was yet again fascinated by his so called cooking, which actually looks more like experimenting with an unidentified life-form. He was such a good backer, but he stills fails on cooking.

Her mother on the other hands excels through those. All of them sat down for the regular breakfast, her father quickly gave up his nth attempt in making simple beacon and left it all to her mother. Idly chatting together, talking about news or what their plans for today were.

After finishing the family proceeded to clean the tableware and the counter of the kitchen. After that her sister Miyuki and her mother were getting ready to leave first. That was their regular routine. Momoko and Miyuki would go to the Midori-ya, the cafe the Takamachi family owned, to get the business starting. The first customers won't come within the next hour or so. Just a little later Shirou would get there to help out with the customers and start baking the Midor-ya specialities, the thirty course special fresh made cake menu.

That's how they got so popular, especially among younger customers. Kyouya on the other hand was still busy with university and his girlfriend, therefore he left as fast as possible after making sure she got her school supplies ready to go. Just to make sure she didn't forget anything important like last time I don't really wanna remember that embarrassing event she thought shivering inwardly just as she also got off to school.

Like usual Nanoha ran through the streets and paths that lead to her high school. Greeting acquaintance who walked in opposite directions or watered their flower gardens. Those were usually elderly couples who always looked after her when she was little or accidentally though she was their grand daughter. Her smile grew even bigger. They all were such good people.

The cherry trees came into her view signaling that the school wasn't far. She walked along the cherry petals covered ground. Through the shower of light pink specks radiant in the bright day and dancing in the mild breeze. Her hair flew freely. The view she was granted was always pleasant. Especially in this season with such wonderful weather.

And there just a little bit farther away, were the school gates. Closer and closer, as she got closer to the front gates, she saw other students arriving a them. Chatting and greeting, applauding their friends for managing to not over sleep that day or simply walking in silence. Within the cluster of students were first years to third years, and even some teachers who lived close by. Everyone wore the same uniform as her, except the teachers of course.

Then, she stopped. Arriving at the same time as her, was a girl with long radiant blond hair that was tied by a white ribbon on the tips of her hair. She had a tall body, and was at least half a head taller than Nanoha, which was well trained. But what made her stood out the most were her burgundy colored irises.

No other Nanoha knew had such unique eyes like her best friend “Fate-chan!” she shouted getting the attention of the blond girl. She brightened and smiled the moment she saw the auburn haired girl running over to her. They couldn't help but lock eyes.

A sea of rainbows seemed to float around them. Blending out anything but them. Nanoha got closer to Fate still looking into her eyes like it was the only thing she could do. They smiled at each other. Fate lowered her head. Their foreheads touched. They drowned in each others color. Burgundy danced with lilac in a parade of white and blue.

Nanoha lifted her hands and snaked them across the blonds shoulders, holding her neck loosely in a slight embrace. The blond mimicked the motion and slightly touched the side of her waist before pulling the smaller girl closer. Their smiles never left. She then stood on her tiptoes to nudge the blond playfully backwards to which the blond nudged back.

Another blond with a much shorter cut walked together with her violet haired friend towards the school entrance. They talked about their rather stressing training in the gym the day before and how her muscles felt sore. Soon joining them was their brunette friend, who looked like she overworked herself. And just as they wondered where the remaining members of their group were all three of them stopped in their tracks when they looked at the scene right before the school gate.

“Arisa-chan?” the brunette tried to call out to her shocked blond “We're not imagining that or?” no answer came from Arisa as she still looked straight ahead. The brunette then looked to her other friend who slightly blushed “Suzuka-chan?” she got a “Hayate-chan” the Suzuka began taking both hands of her friends before sincerely saying “Let's not disturb them, okay?” But that didn't reach Arisa's ears.

Right before the was the scene of their best friends Takamachi Nanoha and Fate Testarossa cuddling like crazy. Without a care in the world and completely undisturbed by the students staring at them. It was commonly know that these two tended to be more intimate then normal friends, to the point that no was really sure if they were or not. It didn't help to give them subtle hints that they may appear like…Well no one really cared if they were or not, but it was unnerving.

Though no one really cared, Arisa Bannings wasn't one of them “Just how much more obvious do those two wanna be?!” she hissed and started to stomp into their direction. Until she heard them beginning to speak.

“Good morning Fate-chan.”

“Good morning Nanoha, did you sleep well last night?”

“I was so tired that I forgot to hang up my uniform, so it's all crinkly.”

“It doesn't matter. You still look really beautiful and it doesn't look all that wrinkled.”

“But it is!” she pouted “And I smell…” she blushed and whispered the last bit while looking to the side. But the blond still heard it, then after seeing how red her dear friend got, she decided to sooth her mood a little.

“Ne, Nanoha?” said girl looked up again “You smell so nice today. Do you use a new conditioner or something?”

Nanoha blushed, and Arisa paled.

She was well aware that Fate heard her say that she smelled, but she just couldn't believe how sweat the blond was to say that she smelled good. It made her heart flutter in joy and she held the blond even tighter against her.

“Thanks for the compliment, that's a special one I have just for Fate-chan.”

That's it Arisa decided and wanted to drag those two into the school by force. But she was stopped by Suzuka and Hayate who held both her hands. They also were flushed beet red by the dazzling display of affection their friends showed without any care in the world.

“Don't you dare stop me Suzuka, Hayate! I can't take it any longer! They're so obvious that they don't even realize it!!!”

“Calm down Arisa-chan. Even if you say it out loud to them they wouldn't get it.”

''Suzuka-chan is right, and anyway we already tried that for years and they only keep getting more affectionate!”

“Oh, Nanoha and Fate are at it again, huh?” a blond boy who walked behind them said. He had his blond hair tied in a ponytail and wore glasses in front of his emerald eyes. With his arrival the three girls tension lifted a little. “Good morning Yuuno-kun.” Hayate greeted him and begged him with her eyes to help them stop Arisa before she uses domestic violence on their friends. He sighed.

Yuuno only moved back to this town recently, and he was assigned into the same class his old childhood friends were in. But though he knew them doesn't mean that he was prepared for that, but let's leave that for later. What's more pressing right now was to stop one of the many outbursts from Arisa.

He walked up to her and whispered something into the ear of the furious girl instantly making her go red and stop her rampage mode. She then glared at him “Sorry had to say it or else you would have gone insane…again…”

“Nanoha, I noticed that your hair is down today.” she said stroking the auburn tresses lovingly.

“Oh, I didn't notice. Though I wasn't in a hurry this morning.”

“And you also have a few cherry flower petals in your hair. It looks beautiful but maybe, should I fish them out?”

“Please do.” the blond gently stroke through the the auburn hair. They shone in the bright sun and seemed to glisten. They were soft and only slightly damp. That made it easier for her to pick the petals out of Nanoha's hair without any difficulty. After she finished picking the petals, she decided to stroke the hair again. She made sure not to put to much pressure on it so that she wouldn't hurt Nanoha. Thankfully she was finished rather fast with the task. She let go of Nanoha to get a better look at her. And smiled. Just as she was about to let go Nanoha tightened her grip on her shirt.

“Let's go in or we're going to be late again” Fate said to the girl in her arms. Who started to pout.

“But I want to keep hugging Fate-chan” that made the blond giggle and playfully kiss the shorter girls forehead.

“I also want to keep up at it, but I don't want your grades to drop. So let's please get going and afterward I hug you as much as you want okay?”

Nanoha beamed at her answer and let go of her. She practically skipped ahead of the blond motioning her to follow. But she was stopped as the blond called out to her again. The girl held out a with ribbon to her. Nanoha looked up into her eyes.

“Here is one of my ribbons. I can't let your beautiful hair get stuck on a branch can I?” she smiled as Nanoha took the token. She tied her hair at the tip of her hair and looked up to meet Fate's curious look. She fidgeted with her fingers at first. Her friends who walked close by to them stopped in their tracks once again. They couldn't believe what was displayed right before them.

“Uhm…I always wanted to match with Fate-chan.” she admitted reaching out to hold both of Fate's hands. Hand in hand they walked towards the school building. Completely ignoring their stunt friends.

Inside the school building she and Fate sat down on their seats. They always sat next to each other no mater which year they have got in. Shortly after they arrived Arisa and the others walked up to them. “Could you at least stop ignoring us when we are right next to you?” Arisa asked her.

“Ah good morning Arisa-chan.” she said smiling at her friend as if what she said didn't matter at all. And she didn't like it at all, but even she wouldn't do anything to make that stupidly happy face go away…Really? How can she make that face?

“Good morning Arisa” Fate also greeted her and in contrast to her best friend she apologized politely for their behavior earlier. Uh, serious how can they do that…they are just so… she was getting frustrated, her two too obvious friends were so innocent that she couldn't help but feel like a donkey. That was until the rest of their group arrived shortly after her.

Both girls greeted them and they chatted about their little training the day before.

“Don't make me remember…”Hayate said as she sat down on her own seat that was close to Nanoha's and Fate's “I'm still sore from all those pushups and squats I had to do, ua~h!” she was the most easy going in their troop so it was easy to sympathise with her when it came to certain subjects. Such were sports of any kind and maths as well as the annual meeting with her grandfather.

“But I have to say, Fate-chan you really have a well toned body don't you?” that question made said blond feel embarrassed. She began to scratch the back of her head and replied with a sheepish laugh.

“That's just because I do many sports and am a regular customer at another gym…” she said getting further embarrassed. Nanoha who noticed that knew exactly what to do know.

“No need to get embarrassed about that Fate-chan. You just surprised us yesterday, in a good way and I am sure you were enjoying yourself plenty.” Nanoha said to her knowing fully well that her best friend couldn't handle too many compliments at once. So she just had to say the truth, that was always the best way to calm her Fate down. As an answer the blond smiled at her.

“While we're at it” Nanoha started again taking Fate's hand into her own once again “I would love it if you carry me around like a princess one of these days.”

Fate smiled and squeezed Nanoha's hand “I would also love to do so, but let's wait till summer vacation before we do that, okay?” the auburn haired girl nodded with a slight blush adoring her cheeks and a radiant smile on her lips.

Hayate, Arisa and Suzuka, along with their whole class had but one though when they heard and saw their conversation

No no no, wait for that when you're getting m...

But before either could end that though their teacher Letty arrived signaling that it was about to chime. The few groups of students that usually sat together began to depart to their assigned seats. All previous thoughts dismissed as the class paid attention to their strict but friendly homeroom teacher. She checked if there were any absentees. And pleasantly no one was missing that day.

It was the usual lecture about algebra which no one really paid attention to. They were just taking notes about things that were a bit more difficult than usual. Which wasn't really much. But than a difficult formula was written onto the blackboard, so all of them took as many notes as possible. Mrs.Letty was always one to give her students a little push when needed. And till this day, not one of her students had to repeat or failed classes.

During the whole lesson Nanoha scribbled into her notebook and occasionally taking notes when like everyone else did. Math may not be her favorite subject but she was fairly good in it. Same goes for her best friend Fate who sat to her right.

She stole a glance at her. And the blond glanced back. They smiled at each other. Then Nanoha took a piece of paper from her notebook and started to write something on it. Then she slide the little note under her forearm and showed Fate what was written on it

It's such good weather today!

If it's still so good tomorrow when weekends starts, wouldn't it be
nice to go to the beach together, just to relax instead
doing anything special?


The blond nodded. She took the note and started to scribble something on the backside of it. When she was finished and laid her pen aside, her hand moved to Nanoha's and interlocked their pinkies. The shorter girl smiled and squeezed their little fingers together more firmly. Not letting go until the blond shoved the note from under her palm to the auburn haired girl.

I would love to ^ ^

But let's buy new swimsuits first.

We wouldn't want to wear our school swimsuits right? And I really
want to see you in a swimsuit in your favorite color again ^///^

Those suit you always the best XD

Her smile got even brighter. She untied her finger from Fate's to wrap her whole hand around the blond's. Fate intertwined them somehow. And when she thought no one look, she leaned to her left and gave Nanoha a peck on her cheek. Nanoha suppressed her giggling and promptly returned the gesture. Then both leaned against the other. Still thinking that no one would notice if their shoulders touch.

The whole time until the end of homeroom they stayed like that. Hands held together and their shoulders slightly touching.

Mrs.Letty turned around when she finished writing down what the homework for her class were. Then she could get a glimpse of the two best friends sitting on the window side. How close they were and how they interacted trying not to be noticed but still the ones who stood out the most. Maybe they really should tie the kn- she tried to muse but before she could finish her though Yagami Hayate, the normally most energetic girl in her class called for her.

“What is Hayate-san? Do you have a question about your homework or did you not get something?” as usual she cared to much for her students which is also the reason why she's one of the most liked teachers at their school.

“I have a question about that part of the formula.” the slight violet haired woman walked over to her student. After she helped the brunette, Mrs.Letty walked back to the front. Than she noticed something.

The auburn haired girl, Nanoha, was smiling happily and suppressed her giggling as the blond, Fate, stroke her palm with a thumb. Slow and gentle circles. This made the auburn haired girl's heart flutter like crazy. And the blond haired girl's as well. She wore the brightest of smiles on her lips and enjoy the way their hands fit. Both had blushes adore their cheeks.

The teacher looked through the lines of desks after looking a little to long at the scene. All her students also seemed to notice, but they didn't bother to tell them. A smile came to her lips. She was truly happy to see such an understanding class And I am really happy to see something as pure as these two at least once in my life she thought looking over her shoulder to see both girls still as close as before.

No maybe even closer.

Soon school was over and the close group of friends was ready to go home together. Usually they would simply pack their things, say goodbye to Mrs.Letty ,other teachers they had today and their classmates. But today was a little bit different.

Fate and Nanoha were still hand in hand walking together to the school gates. Their friends were close behind them. For once Arisa was thankful that school was over. Somehow the level of affection her friends showed towards each other was even higher than usual.

Maybe now they are finally going to d-
before she could even dream to finish her thought her mouth dropped. And she wasn't the only one.

Fate swept Nanoha off her feet and carried her like a princess out of school grounds and down the street. “Didn't you say you wanted me to carry you like a princess?” the blond asked her playfully. She giggled and snaked her arms around the blonds neck.

“Thank you for fulfilling my wish!” Nanoha said with a gentle smile leaning her forehead against the blonds. Only one question arose now. And she whispered that one question into Fate's right ear “How far are you going to carry me?”

Fate smiled and turned her burgundy eyes towards Nanoha's lilac ones. Fate leaned towards her while Nanoha tightened her hold on Fate. Their faces only inches apart. Close. They were gradually getting closer each passing second. Until Fate's lips landed on Nanoha's…temple.

The auburn haired girl giggled and enjoyed the feel of Fate's soft lips touching her skin. After putting some distance between there faces Fate simply said

“I'm sure you have nothing against the idea of me carrying you home, do you?”

To be continued …

No Drama! No Angst! No Flaming or Blaming!

This story was given birth too by the simplest of thoughts and a certain question:

Why do the romance stories on this website have to be so …so…grown up and angsty?

And then I came across a certain reader, who shared the same mind set. That's why I decided to make the most fluffiest, romantic, cavity and caries inducing, heartfelt and the simply PUREST love story you will ever have read!!!

There will be no one who will do a purer story than this! I guarantee! This story is about the purest love possible!

Everything you desire and yet so heart drenching that you just want to shout “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!!!” in an inhuman voice full of frustration!

I guarantee once again, this story will be the most fluffiest, romantic, cavity and caries inducing, heartfelt and the simply PUREST love story you ever have read in your whole life!!!

If you want to read more chapters please visit my fanfiction account too, I already posted chapter two already XD

(I'm going to kill you all with fluff)

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Ehhhhh? No comments yet? D: Well, I'll be the first then!!!

I read this chapter, I just need to read chapter 2~ I will soon when I am not busy!! :D

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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Impeccable, Sha. Impeccable. That's all I have to say. :P

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I love it!! Need moar!!" :DD

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Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *hugs* Oh I love your story <3 Waah su cute you can't know how fan I am. *p* Keep uploading it ! I beg~ x3

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Such fluffyness, it's almost too much for poor ol'me... :3