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[Fanfic]Nanoha and the eternal sadness

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So folks I'm writing a Nanoha fanfic combining one of my dearest anime characters with my own meta universe. It will be posted here, in parts or in it' entirety. I'd like to get some feedback about writing, characters and tone. Thank you.

Edit 1: So i'm going to take a few liberties with the whole universe a bit since in any case it's rather badly put together. The theme won't be how Nanoha can beat an enemy into the ground but rather how she can use the force of her personality to avoid a disaster.

Edit 2: The other important characters taking part will be Fate, Hayate and her family. The rest of the strikers cast will be absent since they're underdeveloped and would be very easy targets for the villain. i know the strikers universe is deeply flawed but it allows me more space for creative invention.

Edit 3: I'd forgotten how much things like this are and it's going pretty well. I don't know if most people will like it but I'm having a blast writing it. It's also reminding me of the deep flaws in the whole Space Time Administration Bureau and just how lazy the writers of StrikerS were, throwing random terms without the least bit of understanding. In any case it should be ready in a few days.

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Are any other Nanoha characters going to have prominence?

Also, do you have a account (myanimelist also) or somewhere that shows your previous works?

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This is my MAL account: recently I've been rather lazy with the updates and the grades don't reflect any critical stance. I've been an anime fan since I was 14, Nanoha was among my first series. I'd like to stress I'm an anime fan not an otaku. I love characters like Nanoha but not in the exploitative way. Also I've been writing since I was 13, mostly my own creations. If anyone is interested in more of my writing, check out my personal blog: I don't usually do fan fiction but Nanoha is a character I like very much and since I'm having a hard time working on a new novel I guessed a break to write something like this would do me well, as would the constructive criticism.

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Well folks, here it is, I hope the site allows me to post it and I hope those who read it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, this is strictly an R rated story. The copyright of said characters created by me belongs to me, all other characters belong to their respective owners.

  • Somewhere in the depths of space, a cold lifeless body floated. Listless in the never ending void it seemed eerily present, much like any spot in the dark vastness of space. But this one attracted attention.
  • “Alright folks, get that thing aboard.” The commander wasn’t in the mood to waste time. Any moment the enforcers might appear and ruin his catch. As the men took it onboard they were less than enthusiastic about it.
  • “Captain, that thing isn’t natural. A body would’ve disintegrated by now. Let’s just leave it be and be off.’ “Quiet you old space thieves. A body’s just that. Get it and let’s go.’
  • They dragged the emaciated, skeletal remains into the hold and proceeded to pillage the body without mercy. Since no reaction was prompt they showed no regrets or restraints. Unfortunately for them, the only thing of value he held was a tome. It’ title read with engraved letters, “Aeternae in tristitia mihi”, and they could not manage to open it even using magic. The captain stepped in. “No people, that’s enough, let’s go.”
  • Too late he screamed the orders. An enforcer ship was upon them and Chrono Harlaown soon led the bandits into custody. “Did they have anything important?” “No, not really, just this tome.” The soldier handed Chrono the heavyset tome. “Why is a full blown admiral being sent here anyways?” He’d spoken to no one in particular. “Alright, get this ship home.”
  • The Claudia crept into dock and soon the prisoners and all their materials were brought into the headquarters. In the science room, the admiral expected results from the team studying the tome. ‘We’re sorry Sir, it’s just so strange. There’s definitely a low intensity energy emanating from it, magical in nature, but it’s so chaotic we can’t tell a darned thing.” His tone became serious. “Is it a Lost Logia?” “No, since there’s no record of it ever existing.” “Where would it be safer to house it?” The scientist scratched his head. “It’s a tough call, but I’d say away from dimension space and in a stable area. The instability seems to stir it up.” Chrono shook his head. “Very well, hand it to the army, just make sure they know it’s very dangerous.”
  • Indeed the army did know how dangerous it was, as it was shipped to the planet of Alptraum. Here the T.S.A.B. held the most dangerous objects on a sparsely populated, mostly mountainous planet. The edges of the continents were dotted with volcanoes and the oceans tended to be in a constant uproar. Though it was an earth like planet, the inhabitants, mostly colonists, had quickly learned to detest the incessant instability and the animals they’d brought with them grew wild and took to the forests. It could be easily isolated and most people relied on the army too much to pry on dangerous things. The tome was brought here under the protection of captain Signum, who, as all members guarding the thing, couldn’t help but get a bad feeling around it. But such concerns were not expressed as duty bound her to fulfill orders as diligently as possible. Indeed she carried the tome herself to the containment chamber, where it was to be kept and guarded. The officer saluted with reverence. “Reporting, Officer General of the Alptraum Dangerous Magical Artifacts base, it is an honor to meet you.” The knight returned his salute and spoke flatly. “Be careful of this thing. It has the distinct stench of blood about it. Do not let anyone alone with it.” “Understood, ma’am!”
  • And that would’ve been the end of it. The object was sealed away permanently, despite some interest from the head archeologist. Signum told him upright that the book reeked of blood and was best left alone. That is until a strange figure decided to appear outside the Bureau’ main office asking very nicely to see the officer responsible for the magical objects. He was tall but rather unremarkable, clean and well dressed, he would’ve looked just like any other businessman had his destination not been the headquarters. Indeed so polite and mannered he was that a public relations officer agreed to meet him. “Please, I just want my book back; “Aeternae in tristitia mihi” is an inheritance very dear to me.” The officer quickly ran the info by his superior who, with little hesitation, ordered the figure be taken off the premises. The pale, humble figure, simply asked once more that the book be returned to him. “I am ready to offer evidence of my ownership.” The security detail wasn’t impressed. “Listen, whoever you are, that object doesn’t exist, and you claiming otherwise has just earned you a possible trip to prison. But seeing as you’re just a private citizen I’ll let you off with a warning.” He grabbed the figure by the collar and dragged him out towards the security office. There they kept him for a good two hours, his thinly figure and pale complexion making him look even more unimportant. In the end he just kept repeating his demands for his book. Though his aid asked if Signum should be called, the security officer declined. Frustrated and bored he manhandled the figure and all but threw him down the stairs outside. As he was preparing to throw him off the man thought he heard the figure speak in a much too deep voice for such a slender frame. “You’ll all regret this.” He thought nothing of it and neither did his superior officer who didn’t bother filling a report about the incident.
  • Two days later, when he didn’t show at his post, military police was sent over to his residence, only to discover a nightmarish massacre. Since he was military the jurisdiction fell to the army. Even some veterans quivered. The whole family had been butchered and cut to pieces more or less. Their innards had been torn out and stuffed with paper. The medical examiner determined this was done while they were still alive. The officer was the last to die.
  • His superior, under probing finally remembered the incident and informed the investigators who in turn spoke to Signum. She was appalled and immediately offered to help, which she was allowed to do after some strong-arming. It so happened that the one doing the strong arming was Nanoha who insisted they go together. “It’s not often you don’t tell Hayate everything.” “Indeed, I just had a bad feeling, that’s all.” The bodies had been taken away to prevent any danger of infection but otherwise the scene was still raw. Blood filled most of the house, especially the bedroom. The mattress was completely soaked. As they took in the sight, Signum remarked martially. “The smell is just like that book.” Takamachi nodded, suspicions now confirmed. “So it is related to that artifact.” “I have no doubt.” “Who could’ve done such a thing?” “I don’t know; there’s no footage of that guy from two days ago, somehow. And this was done with care and attention.” “Meaning?” “It was made to be drawn out, I’ll say no more.” The slight tremble in the knight’ voice told Nanoha all she needed to know. “Alert the garrison on Alptraum make sure they are on their toes. Did the report say anything useful?” “No, just that he threatened the whole organization. But that would’ve been nothing new.” “Inform everyone. This is a very serious threat.” Signum nodded and they left the bloody room behind. The word was sent out.
  • But the military police officer sent to inform the P.R. representative only found a blazing inferno at where the man’ house used to be. He looked on in horror as the man and his family ran around inside like walking torches screaming out in hideous agony until the whole thing collapsed into rubble and ash. This had the gift to alert the office completely and they ordered their best agents, namely Hayate and her group plus Nanoha and Fate, to catch whoever was behind the incidents. So the improvised battle group was formed.
  • They’d received a rather large training barracks as their H.Q. and quickly got to discussing the problem. Signum had informed the others of the terrible feeling she had about the whole thing. “When I saw that room it reminded me of the bad old days. We may not remember very much but some things you cannot forget.” Hayate nodded with a smile. “Well what’s really got the main office on edge is the fact that these two incidents happened out of thin air and there was absolutely no warning. If someone can just waltz in and kill personnel as he pleases the Administration looks like it’s a joke. So they’ve ordered us to catch whoever is behind this and take them into custody if possible.” Nanoha spoke next with a grave tone. “I cannot stress how dangerous this enemy is. Whatever his reasons he goes for families. Make sure loved ones are kept safe.” She looked knowingly at Fate who returned her glance. “Vivio.” The only real clue they had was the book Signum had guarded on it’ way to the base on Alptraum. The figure had mentioned it explicitly in his demands. “But this whole thing is strange. Had he simply wanted to take the book then why waste time here? These murders are too much for an elaborate diversion.” Signum intervened again. “It’s a pretext. Something that our foe uses as an excuse to himself even for his twisted acts. In fact I believe he likes it.” The other cloud knights nodded. Fate spoke next. “It’s reasonable to assume he’s going after the security officers so our best bet would be to guard them. At least we can prevent further casualties.” Hayate agreed. “Very well. Three teams, one for each. Nanoha and Fate are one team, Arf, Shamal and Vita the second and myself and Signum the third. It is best we begin immediately. Good luck to us all.”
  • The officer who’ home Nanoha and Fate were sent to guard was more than a little nervous. He had three small children and a wife. The family now slept in one room. The two female mages sat quietly outside the room, hearing the officer talking with his children. “Think he’ll come?” Takamachi spoke with a smile. “When he does, we’re ready for him. I’m scanning the whole area.” Raising Heart reported diligently. “Master, no signs of unusual activity.” “Very good, maintain the scan. Tell me if anything even moves in a strange way.” “Yes, my master.” So the night hours crept by. Nanoha had Fate take a rest, slightly dozing while she kept alert throughout. Just before morning she checked the family and everything was alright. They woke up feeling perfectly fine. It was the same with the other officers as well. “Perhaps this was a wild goose chase.” Nanoha shook her head. “No. There’s something going on, I just can’t put my finger on it. Make sure they’re not alone at any time.” Fate nodded and spoke warmly. “You make sure you don’t overdo it.”
  • Unfortunately their efforts proved to be for naught since the next victim was the first one’ superior. They found him screaming and full of blood, his child and wife slaughtered, apparently by his own hands with Sleep tight being written in blood on the wall above the bed. Even as the medical officers restrained the man sobbed and hollered with what was quickly diagnosed as an extreme mental disorder. Shamal offered immediately to help with investigating his condition and was about to investigate his thoughts when the stress of everything caused a massive stroke to kill the unfortunate.
  • Despite this incident, Hayate determined to continue protecting the officers involved directly in the incident. However headquarters had other ideas. They ordered the unit stay in the barracks ready to intervene the moment there was a hint of trouble. In essence they were panicking. “H.Q. thinks that anyone and everyone involved with the book and connections are now possible targets. There’s no proof the latest case of insanity was connected to the whole thing but it’s a big coincidence.” Nanoha spoke directly. “We’re leaving those people undefended. They won’t survive the night on their own. Hayate, could you please negotiate us back on protection detail?” “I’m already working on it.” Vita asked angrily. “Why is this bastard doing this, killing whole families?” Signum answered calmly. “He’s making a point. No one stops him and no one keeps him from what he wants or else. It’s just like old days. But that’s why he’ll surely go after those officers.” It took the entire day for her to convince the higher ups that the danger was very real for the families. The instant she got the word they flew towards the houses.
  • Nanoha and Fate reached the house in the early evening and instantly felt something was wrong. “Raising Heart, full area scan, now.” “Yes, Master.” She equipped her barrier jacket and Fate donned hers. “Master, the father is exhibiting erratic behavior.” In an instant she flew through the door and cast hoop bind on him. The man seemed to be like a rabid beast, growling and snarling, foaming at the mouth, until he could move no longer under Nanoha’ grip. The family was cowering in a corner, sheer terror reflecting in their eyes. The wife spoke up when he became silent. “THAT ISN’T MY HUSBAND! HIS EYES WEREN’T HIS!” Then she started crying. They called a medical unit and he was taken to a mental facility to be evaluated.
  • A similar scenario repeated itself with the other two, thankfully with no fatalities. But the men were so badly unhinged they were deemed permanently dangerous and essentially locked away for the duration. No matter how hard she tried Shamal found no trace of magic in their minds. But it was clear something unnatural had happened.
  • They discussed things at the barracks the next day. “We’ve saved the lives of the families but we’ve lost our only lead.” Fate asked seriously. “Think he’ll go after them again?” Signum answered just as directly. “Those men have lost everything. He’s made his point.” Nanoha spoke grimly. “The next move is his then.”
  • Two days there was complete silence. They were on point ready to go at any time but knew very well that just waiting for a move by the enemy was a guarantee for failure. There wasn’t even a trace they could follow. No magic signature, no device, nothing. Just the smell of tears and blood. But even so, they didn’t even dream of handing him the book. If he was this dangerous without it, no telling how dangerous he’d be with it.
  • As if things couldn’t get any weirder, as Nanoha was tending to Vivio at school, a very tall, statuesque woman appeared at the gates. Normally, Nanoha would’ve been instantly ready to go, what with things being the way they were. But something in her made her completely calm. The woman appeared to know this and smiled gracefully, looking down with care at Takamachi. “That’s a very sweet child you have.” “Thank you. How may I help you?” The woman’ long copper blonde hair waved with the wind and she spoke with a voice worthy of an opera singer. “You are currently in litigation for an object with someone. I’m more than sure a true descendant can handle herself but he isn’t the fair type so I’ll tell you the gist of the matter. When the time is right you will know what to do with that object. You have full authority as a true descendant to do that. Good luck to you.” Nanoha listened carefully and nodded, barely noticing when the woman moved away and out of sight. She didn’t mention the incident to anyone and Vivio openly said she didn’t see anyone there.
  • On the third day the figure appeared again, dressed blandly, meek, pale and unassuming. They could barely make out his eyes. Even before he spoke guards were upon him and dragged him, not too gently to the interrogation room, where he promptly repeated his demand to receive the book. Hayate was informed and quickly demanded he be kept in a top security area of the headquarters before they arrived. The figure did not seem to mind or protest, just periodically asking as politely as he could, that the book be returned to him. The guards were more than a little irritated.
  • Yagami arrived and was lead to see the prisoner, together with Nanoha. He was standing upright, in his nondescript outfit, covered by the AMF in the cell, gazing with focus at the two figures that’d arrived to talk with him. “Good day madams, I trust you’ve been sent here to interrogate me as well.” Seeing the humble, slender, pale figure made Hayate question whether this was the culprit or just a pawn. “Indeed. Firstly I want to know who you are.” The figure responded politely. “Just someone trying to recover an heirloom, nothing more.” Hayate looked at him with pity. “We can never give you that object Sir.” The answer was just as polite, “That is most unfortunate.” Though it was followed by deep voiced, almost echoingly bass, second line, “As it was unfortunate for those before.” Yagami instantly became alert; her barrier jacket equipped glaring at him. Nanoha put her hand on her shoulder. “Hayate-chan, don’t let him provoke you.” Yagami turned towards her and spoke with anger. “He murdered those families, I’m sure of it. Now he’s mocking us with it.” The figure, which had discretely become less humble and meek, spoke in more direct voice. “I’m only speaking the truth. There’s no need to get angry.” Nanoha spoke to her dear friend again. “Please let me continue.” She turned towards the figure which was now considerably taller and much thicker as well. “Whatever you are, we will never hand that object over to you, especially after what you did to our fellow soldiers.” He didn’t seem impressed. “Well a soldier must expect such things. It is killing for a job in the end.” The guards were trembling with anger. “You bastard!” Nanoha answered calmly. “Do not let him provoke you. If it looks like he’s attempting escape, try to stop him, but don’t risk your lives. Hayate, let’s go.” The two mages left with his now steely gaze following them. “It was a pleasure I’m sure.”
  • “Talk to Yuuno, get him to him anything he can on the tome. Also ask Reinforce about, she may know something or other.” Her voice was calm and serious as she spoke to Hayate. “I can’t believe he’s so brazen, even morphing in front of us like that.” “He doesn’t care Hayate, I’d say he’s acting like a brat but it’s calculated to provoke either you or me or the guards. Tell the higher ups to avoid sending firebrand guards with him and keep contact to a minimum. I have a very bad feeling about this.”
  • It took hours to explain that whatever was now locked up was highly dangerous and most likely a deadly killing machine of some sort. By the time they were finished it was nearly sundown. Fate had stood guard with the knights outside the entrance to the secure area. Signum quickly spoke to them. “This is a dreadful feeling I’ve not had since we fought the self defense program. I don’t think it would be wise for us to leave HQ or bring any rookies here.” Hayate and Nanoha nodded in agreement.
  • To their horror orders were given for the unit to be stationed back at the barracks, night time including. Hayate barely managed to get the superiors to allow Fate to go get Vivio. She was consternated at the decision making. “This is insane, it’s like they’re trying to lose. What’s going on here?” Signum spoke with a heavy tone. “It wouldn’t be the first time they’d double cross us.” Nanoha intervened promptly. “No, something is different here. The attacks on the men, the strange handling of the situation by the higher ups. All these things serve to badly hurt the prestige of the Bureau.” Reinforce, who had recently returned after working in the archives spoke to her master. “There’s no good reason to do that. It’s been maintaining peace throughout space for generations.” Zafira spoke up. “Maybe that is the point. Think about it, if you’d want to really put all out warfare back in the game, you’d first have to disable or discredit the TSAB.” Hayate spoke to Reinforce. “Did you or Yuuno find anything?” “Nothing. Even the infinity library is totally silent on that book.” Nanoha spoke gravely. “Then we must assume the worst. Whoever or whatever is locked in the headquarters is using that book as a pretext to destabilize the Time Space Administration Bureau, most likely for the sake of further conflict.”
  • The guardian beast spoke again. “An old war hound, maddened by blood. He’ll never stop killing till he dies.” Nanoha spoke warmly and kind, though with a very stern tone to her voice. “All the more reason not to be like him. If we end up fighting him, do not try to kill him. It’ll only prove his point.” The whole room chuckled and looked at her with unbridled affection. Hayate spoke for everyone. “You’re always aiming for the hardest spot aren’t you?” she laughed warmly. Since the higher ups were most likely being influenced by the enemy, they decided to go to the headquarters without orders. Shamal telepathically informed Fate of their decision and the group got ready to go save the headquarters building.
  • Just as they’d covered most of the distance with dimensional transfer a babbling message came through, panicked and nearly incomprehensible. “EMERGENCY…HEADQUARTERS…ATTACK…SEND…HELP…ANYONE…HELP…I DON’T WAN’T TO DIE!!!” The panic was palpable in the transmissions and an entire infantry division was sent to cleanse the headquarters. Nanoha was having none of it. “If the army sends that many men he’ll get his war. Hayate, take everyone except Signum and stop those men before they make things even worse.” The five flew off towards the main roads. “Fate, Signum, be ready to back me up, he’s probably either at the top of the tower or at the base.” Fate answered seriously. “Don’t push yourself, we’ll take him together.” “No, Signum, Fate, don’t engage him unless it’s to save my life. Otherwise stay clear.”
  • The massive headquarters was now silent as a graveyard. To their most personnel had been evacuated in time. Their scans showed no other signs of life. But they could feel his gaze, staring down upon them, confident and hateful from the top of the tower. “Stay here.” Aggressor mode at the ready she flew up towards the top where the now very tall, clocked figure awaited. He was immensely tall and looked like part of the blue wall with hic cloak covering most of his body, His head was the only exception, pale and with hawkish traits, roughly defined and without a hint of tenderness. His eyes were like dark abysmal pits, a fragment of outer space on the planet with not a hint of light escaping them. “Good evening sorceress. I trust I won’t have to repeat my demands.” “It’s just a pretext anyway.” He snorted dispraisingly. “Trust a true descendant to be perceptive. But the book is my primary reason for being incarnate in this universe. Destroying this organization is just my nature. It’s arrogant in any case.” She answered much more politely. “You’re just making excuses for being incapable of doing anything other than breaking things.” He scoffed with disdain and mock fatigue. His right hand moved to reveal a very long silvery staff, with a great winged dragon perched at the top. It roared into life as he aimed it at the city. “Aren’t we judgmental, though we live with two abominations in our house, and love them both for that manner. Give me the book and I won’t turn half this city into an inferno.” Two bolts of energy hit him with fury, breaking his focus. “You’re not going to do any of those things. I know your weakness. You can’t beat me.” Immediately she cast a binding spell on him. He broke it and lunged with ferocity at her, hitting her round shield with such savagery that he left a trail of blood on it. “Stop pretending, I know you won’t kill me.” “Who said anything about killing you?” his voice was mocking and she noticed the blood had dripped towards the ground. “FATE, GET AWAY!” The blonde mage’ instincts saved her by a wide margin but Nanoha’ enemy had gained enough time to hit her with ferocity, using his flame covered staff. She repelled it though it singed her hand and let him come up even closer, towering over her menacingly. Unflinchingly she repelled him with a surprise barrier burst which drove him back enough for her to try another binding spell. He shook off the hoop lock and charged at her again. This time she moved out of the way and hit him with axel shooter. He caught every single projectile and growled but didn’t give her enough time to hit him with something more substantial. Another barrage of axel shooter followed, aimed mostly at his joints and limbs. The magic just bounced off his armor and he struck like a coiled snake, breaking through the shield and grabbing her by the neck. “I could break your neck like a twig.” She didn’t flinch. “You won’t do that, and you won’t hurt my loved ones. I know you can’t anymore.” His hand was cold, even though it wasn’t covered by the grey armor he wore. It felt clammy, like some deep sea creature was up against her skin. He grinned with superiority. “Perceptive as a true descendant would be, sorceress. But that trick will not work on everyone else in this universe. Give me the book or I will make this whole galaxy howl.” Losing interest he cast her aside and vanished in an instant. Fate immediately flew up to her. “Nanoha!” “It’s alright I’m not injured.” “Yes you are you’re bleeding at the neck.” She put her hand on the side of the neck her enemy had touched and realized why his hand felt clammy. “This isn’t my blood; get this to an analysis room.” Her whole shoulder was covered in thick blood.
  • Vita was busy directing the armored column back to it’ base, negotiating with the commanding colonel to get his men back to base. Out of nowhere, with a loud boom, the enemy appeared armor clad, menacing and tall. “Sictir!” Before Vita could even get her defenses up she was hit and pushed through the building behind her, knocking her out. The officer’ head was pulverized by a shotgun blast. Then he produced a Vulcan minigun which he used to thoroughly destroy the entire column within minutes. “Good harvest.” The air was filled with the screams of the injured and dying. The cloud knight recovered and flew to engage but found her enemy gone. Now the task was to help the remains of the brigade.
  • The team assembled to help the survivors. In total 1000 men had been killed and 2000 injured. Hospitals were very nearly overwhelmed and the Headquarters could barely find some excuse for the disaster. However Nanoha was given a complete free hand in dealing with the enemy, seeing as she was the only one who managed to engage him and live. There were a hundred further casualties at the Bureau Headquarters.
  • Nanoha and Fate returned late that night to their apartment. Vivio had fallen asleep waiting up for them on a chair. “I’ve told her not to wait for us like this.” “Oh don’t worry Nanoha, she’s just being sweet.” The day’ work now weighed down on both of them. They tenderly put Vivio to bed and lay next to each other, happy and content that they were safe and knowing that no one could take away those moments. “Please don’t push yourself too hard.” “Don’t worry. We’ll be alright.” They fell asleep in each other’ arms.
  • They were once more gathered at the headquarters building. Though the outside was intact, large areas in the interior had been laid waste. They met in a ruined conference room to decide what to do next. “He wasn’t sighted on the surface so most likely he traveled underground. There are no signs of him on the subway, so he likely used the sewers. This is the plan, we first have to neutralize him, at least partially over here, and then we go to Alptraum. Do not get in a fight with him in my absence. I believe the only way we can find him is to look for blood or the stench of blood. Hayate, Reinforce Zwei and Shamal you are on support. Don’t venture into any fights with him. Zafira and Vita you will guard these two. Signum and Fate will come with me. That is all.” Fate spoke to her firmly. “You’re not getting in a fight with him alone this time.” She smiled warmly. “Alright.”
  • Just as they were finishing an aid came running in. “Sir, the 5th division’ base is under attack by an unknown opponent.” Nanoha immediately gave the order. “Move out.”
  • The base was at the outskirts of the capital, towards the base of the mountains and forests. Even as the team hurried using dimensional transfer, they could hear the growing panic in the transmissions. When they reached the outskirts the unmistakable smell of decay assaulted their senses. The air was thick with it. Even from a few hundred meters away they could hear screams. “Support unit, stay here. Fate, Signum, with me.” The main barracks was aflame as was the vehicle depot. A terrified general contacted them from the command bunker. “Relief team, help us, we’re almost overrun.” They soon saw the enemy. Line upon line of skeletal soldiers was attacking every living thing within the base. The soldiers were trying to fight back as best they could but living dead were extremely well organized and their long dead arms were strong enough to break concrete. As soon as a man would fall his body would be crushed into the ground by the enemy. Signum remarked grimly. “This is like some sort of nightmare from olden times.” “Don’t waver, clear the base of hostiles. Hayate, cover the base with an ancient warding spell.” The three mages set to work on putting the dead back to rest while Yagami found the incantation and slowly cast the area of effect spell. It took a few minutes. Signum, Fate and Nanoha had their work cut out trying to save the wounded while holding back the waves of undead soldiers. The defensive spells they used were just barely holding. Only when they managed to reorganize the unit and put up a collective Defenser did the attack lose steam. But just before Hayate cleansed the base, the commanding officer’ voice was heard on the radio. “Nanoha Takamachi, if you wish to end this nightmare hand over the book. Then all this will be over. Things will go back to normal. Hand over the book.” Nanoha mouthed her response. “No.” “Please give up the book, please Takamachi, it’s not worth it. OH DEAR GOD NO!!!” the sound was gone. “Get to the command bunker!” Hayate cast the cleansing spell and the dead stopped moving then became dust again. The three of them rushed to the bunker.
  • Another bloodbath waited inside. The division commander had had his eyes cut out, his nose cut off and all his teeth besides the canniness pulled out. The rest of the staff was plastered on the walls, innards and all hanging out. A trail of blood led to an emergency exit and then to a sewer entrance. Nanoha didn’t miss a beat and followed the trail down into the wasteful depths. Fate called out after her. “Nanoha, wait, it could be a trap.” “No it’s not, I’m sure of it.” Indeed there was no trace of anything. At least initially.
  • In the darkness of the underground channel a shape appeared. She knew instinctively it wasn’t her enemy. Like a shadow within the shadow, still grasping a weapon in an unseen hand. Naught but a deathly wisp of cursed darkness. It spoke with a forlorn and moaning voice, though death and vengeance hung heavy in it as well. “Surrender the book and all shall be but a dream. Refuse and all shall turn to nightmares.” “Even the darkest nightmares have mornings.” The figure seemed to tremble, dark eyeless sockets shining from a bony face, then spoke once more. “So be it. DEATH TO THE LIVING!” the figure vanished in an instant and Nanoha realized the path was a wild goose chase. Signum confirmed it by the absence of the smell of blood.
  • The base was a shambles and there were more than a thousand dead and injured. Though the unit tried to reorganize with the few NCOs still well enough the officer ranks had been completely wiped out. Even as relief arrived some of the injured were so gravely hurt they died on the way to the hospitals. The unit tried to help as best it could; putting out the fires and stabilizing the critically injured who still had some hope to live. But even as they finished putting things in order worse news arrived. There was an incident at a school. Nanoha informed headquarters of a possible attack on all important facilities within the city and reluctantly asked them to issue a wide area alert.
  • The situation at the school was bad, though initially not as terrible as she thought it would be. The children hadn’t been harmed. Not directly at least. The adults had all been slaughtered though. Each classroom had witnessed their teacher being ripped limb from limb by undead soldiers. Nanoha quietly thanked her inspiration not to send Vivio to school that day. Almost all the pupils were either catatonic or terrified to tears and hysteria. The enemy had targeted a middle school. The parents had arrived and were being kept back by the civilian security forces. There was a cacophony of sobbing, screaming and panicked curse words. Most were thankful their children were safe. But on the front wall of the building, written in what would prove to be blood, the enemy had left his demands. “Nanoha Takamachi, give me the book, or next time there will be no survivors.” Fortunately the team left fast enough to avoid any scandal with the distraught parents.
  • The army had gone to full alert and four more divisions were being mobilized. Nanoha instructed every officer to avoid direct confrontation with the main enemy, else risk massive loss of life. By the end of the day sightings of undead, real or imagined, had been reported by the hundreds and people were crowding up to leave the capital. Panic was beginning to set in and officers doubted whether their men would show up for duty.
  • But Nanoha did not budge. The superiors at the headquarters saw things her way, reasoning that the enemy might well be invincible with the item. And as long as he was so close to base the response would be instant. The fleet was also notified to be on standby, though she advised against it. Her day and Fate’ ended at about 12 midnight.
  • Vivio had once more stayed up to greet them and failed; now sleeping once more on the chair. But as they got her up to bed she awoke slightly. “Mama.” “Hush Vivio, it’s time for good girls to go to bed.” “Is work hard?” Nanoha smiled lovingly. “No, there’s just a lot to do that’s all.” She kissed her goodnight and Vivio fell asleep again. She spoke whimsically to Fate. “Children can be so perceptive sometimes.” “I remember someone not that long ago who was exactly like that.” They laughed warmly together and went to bed.
  • The next day began pretty badly. Another division’ base was attacked and half the men were killed or injured, this time the 32nd. As before the officers had been all killed and a message demanding Nanoha relinquish the book left behind. The attack had taken place during the night and the division was only at half strength. The enemy had an easy path into the base and took his time to inflict heavy casualties. The commanding officer had been killed in the same way as the commander of the 5th. As soon as Nanoha’ team arrived the forces rallied. Takamachi, Signum and Fate cut their way through the skeleton warriors who were now in a phased withdrawal. The true enemy was nowhere to be seen. Hayate cleansed the base and relief crews quickly got to work. No clues as to the identity of the enemy were left behind.
  • The lab had analyzed all the blood recovered and come up with nothing. Every single drop was plain old blood, nothing special about it. Nothing was found in the sewer monitoring system. No sensors picked up anything, other than the occasional undead skeleton soldier. Command tried finding some sort of pattern in the sightings but could find none. A general order was given for inhabitants to avoid parks and other isolated or wooded places. Instead of randomly trying to catch the enemy Nanoha determined to wait him out at Headquarters. Shamal set up quick dimensional travels to every divisional base in the capital while the Headquarters tried to reason with the civilian authorities to block the sewers. They were told in no uncertain terms that the city was in enough trouble without drowning in shit. Takamachi ordered that a quick dimensional travel path be ready for the city hall as well. Her instincts proved to be right.
  • A wave of undead was reported coming from below the building and it soon became evident this was a major attack. Immediately the team went into action. As the range was very close Vita and Zafira were free to join the melee inside the building. The smell was almost unbearable, the pungent, turbid odor of decay filling every room. The civilian security forces had been almost wiped out and a further relief unit was being sent besides Nanoha’ team. The fight dragged on for hours. One wave would be defeated only to be followed by another. The worse enemies were the ones who seemed to be just walking shadows. They were the deadliest as everyone soon found. Skilled, quick and almost completely unpredictable they could move and attack from any position in any angle. The team quickly noticed that the enemy was merely trying to knock them out while the rest of the staff were to be slaughtered. For some reason, mostly due to panic, the mayor himself wasn’t evacuated. The middle aged typical middle level politician was cowering in his office. As the Cloud Knights and Female Mages defeated one wave after another, they heard words eerily creeping from long silent skeletal mouths, “vengeance, death, fight for never ending glory” spoken, through some unnatural means, much like a believer would pray to the divine. Hayate cast so many purging area spells she nearly fainted, but it still did not stop the attack. By now the team was blasting entire hallways and floors with long range shooting spells. Realizing the enemy was wearing them down by sheer numbers Nanoha determined the moment had arrived. “Fate, get the mayor out of here. Everyone else, pull back.” With everyone out of the way she rose above the building and unleashed her Divine Buster with so much energy the hall was disintegrated along with every single enemy inside and about 30 meters directly bellow. When the smoke cleared a pool of water was forming where the city hall had once been. The stench of decay began to lift and the sound of water rushing in was now the only thing that could be heard. As she was recovering, the mayor, still being carried by Fate, started to clap mockingly. “Congratulations on doing my work for me. That building was in bad taste anyway.” “Fate, be careful.” The voice was superior and mocking. “A little late for that!” The man took out a pen from his pocket. “Give me the book!” He thrust the pen into his throat. Shamal was quick enough to save him, but his mind was badly damaged. On the other hand, no further enemy activity was detected and the relief units could tend to the survivors who had been evacuated in peace. During the commotion, Nanoha had managed to capture one of the deadliest enemies in a Crystal Cage, giving them, she hoped, their first real clue.
  • The team withdrew back to headquarters where Nanoha informed the superiors of the threat against civilian security institutions and had Shamal get rapid dimensional transfers ready for every station. But there was no sign of the enemy for the rest of the day. Nanoha brought her captured enemy to the laboratory only to see the creature disintegrate into a pile of dust. The scientists did all they could to get some sort of results from the sample but all they ended up with was still nothing. The cage contained just plain old dust and earth, a few hundred years old it was true, but otherwise absolutely nothing remarkable.
  • The only good thing to come from that day was it’ much swifter ending. Fate and Nanoha could finally return home at a decent hour for once in the last few days. Vivio was waiting patiently and quite alert. “Mama!” as she ran and hugged the two she spoke innocently. “Mama smells funny.” Only now did they realize the wretched smell of decay still covered them. “Nanoha, you go take a shower I’ll stay with Vivio and go after you.” The warm water washed away the rancid smell and she felt relaxed for the first time in days. But any feeling of such sort evaporated with the finger nail like sensation she felt on her back. Instantly she equipped Raising Heart and turned to face her enemy only to be face by the mangled visage of a woman, weeping and sobbing, grey with death and decay. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill the neighbor’ child. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” The last phrase she screeched out in agony and melted into the water. Burned onto the wall behind her: “Give me the book!” Fate essentially broke into the bathroom, equipped and ready to fight. “It’s alright Fate, we just need to fix the wall.” The golden haired mage looked at the wall with anger. “Are you alright?” “Yes, I’m fine. Did she bother Vivio?” Fate relaxed and answered warmly. “No. she’s sleeping soundly.””Good.” Nanoha’ voice was now warm again. “Mind joining me for a shower?” “Not at all.”
  • On top of a nearby building the enemy the enemy frowned with distaste. Brazen as every true descendant. But she would have no choice but to give him that which he desired. The tome was his by right. She who had written it, who had loved him and had been murdered by him, left everything to him. He vanished like a wisp of smoke into the night.
  • In the early hours of the morning a civilian security station was attacked and all personnel wiped out. The enemy had riddled every single living thing with bullets, and then set the whole building on fire using the sea of blood covering the station. As if that was not enough he’d then set off on foot killing passersby left and right in a mockery of the inability of the authorities to stop his rampage. He’d covered three buildings in his bloody demand, always making sure to spell out Nanoha’ name.
  • The team did their best to follow him in the sewers but there was absolutely no sign of the enemy and the civilian authorities were now in chaos. The city council leader stepped up to take the place of the mayor but half the staff was dead or injured. The military had to intervene to keep the city running. Nanoha and her team were busy all day helping the authorities keep order, preventing a mass exodus from the city and calming the citizens.
  • By the afternoon a dangerous situation was developing with undead being sighted at every major land entrance into the capital. Headquarters, against Takamachi’ advice mobilized a further three divisions, ordering them to keep communications open. The higher ups knew this would put their men in harm’ way but instructed the strike team to have dimensional pathways ready to every point where the troops would be deployed. They also made it very clear that Nanoha would be indefensible if things kept escalating. A few more disasters and she’d be forced to surrender the object herself.
  • Unsurprisingly, a regiment sized group of undead attacked one of the main pathways into the city. Even with prepared defenses and entrenchments the soldiers had a hard time and Nanoha was quickly sent out. Though not armed with modern weaponry, the long dead soldiers compensated with unflinching discipline and unholy strength. Only the quick arrival of Nanoha’ team prevented the position from being overrun. Hayate covered the whole area in a purging spell and the rotting army pulled back in very good order. Takamachi once again managed to capture an enemy in the Crystal Cage and this time spoke directly to the skeletal soldier. This was no shabby mangle of dirt and bones cobbled together by chance. The armor showed signs of great care and was elaborate though a skull now covered the heraldic symbols which had been there before. The posture showed dignity and pride even when there was no flesh left to express them. Without a trace of hostility Takamachi spoke to the warrior, motherly and kind. “What’s made you come back to the land of the living? What could disturb your slumber?” at first there was no answer. Then, like a low earthen rumble, deep and broken, a voice crept from the skull. “Glory, undying, unending. Vengeance. Left on the field to die, called for help but no one came. I know… they could hear me!” She listened carefully and answered in the same tone. “Your heart won’t heal through vengeance. Glory will not give you rest. You must have had something else you were fighting for. Remember what that was.” A long silence followed as the figure seemed to freeze in place. “The kingdom, the country. So the country would flourish.” “Take a good look. It’s never been more flourishing.” The figure turned towards the horizon. “So magnificent!” A low moan of relief seemed to escape and the figure began to turn to dust. For a moment the figure of a young man, hopeful and handsome appeared then vanished with the last traces of dust. Nanoha relaxed her grip and the cage disappeared. Hayate spoke with admiration. “It’s too bad you can’t talk to the all like that.” She answered jovially. “I would if I could.”
  • The day was far from over. Another well organized attack was reported at an entrance into the city and the team travelled there with all haste. Like before they managed to rally the defense and beat back the enemy regiment. Hayate cleansed the base and the attack ended within minutes. The officers of either unit weren’t targeted. This immediately alerted Nanoha to the danger. “SHAMAL, CREATE A DIMENSIONAL TRANPORT PATH TO THE COUNCIL BUILDING!” Quickly the team moved to stop another disaster.
  • But it was too late, the attack had already begun and the deadliest enemies, along with their master, were present. The few survivors had been pushed aside and were hauled up in the security room. While Shamal and Hayate took care of them Nanoha and the rest punched their way through to the council chamber. There the enemy was finishing his slaughter of the city council member. “Good evening sorceress.” Completely clad in dark grey armor, he was holding the council leader’ head in his hand. “I trust you found my pawns amusing.” Takamachi immediately cast a bind spell on him. The enemy shook it off without a moment’ hesitation and threw the politician’ head towards her. His pitch black eyes shone with hatred and his mouth curled into a grimace. She shrugged it off and cast a Crystal Cage around him. “Oh but we are pushy today. I wouldn’t hurry though; we’ll have a long chat soon enough.” He burst the Crystal Cage open with his arms and feigned a lunge before turning away and breaking through the walls and disappearing in a cloud of debris. “Play with my minions for a while sorceress.”
  • The bloody room was crawling with the skeletal shadows, oozing hostility and moving more like small clouds of darkness than solid matter. Fate and Signum quickly charged in and the three began to cleanse the place of their presence. Nanoha defeated most of her enemies then focused on capturing one of the last ones to interrogate. When the figure saw it was trapped it stood up, like a snake coiling before an attack and gazed at Takamachi. The blackened skull and yellowish green eyes shinned with intensity. Nanoha didn’t hesitate and asked in her usual warm manner. “What could’ve made you want to come back from the grave that you’d look like this?” the figure seemed to weigh her up, angling the ghostly sword in it’ bony hand. The broken remnants of armor could be seen on the shoulders and some traces of a cloak. A voice, almost like an echo from a lightless pit, heavy and seething with hatred rose from the figure. “The sword is the only thing you can trust. Most loving and honest thing. The living, lies, deceit, greed, hunger, lust. All is nothingness. Triumph, victory; that is the only truth, and battles the only path to it. Death is the only master of truth. DEATH TO ALL THINGS!!!” in an instant the figure turned into dust. “What foolish people. Too scared to trust others you rely on weapons.” The whole building was soon cleared. On the front wall, written in blood as usual, the enemy repeated his demands, spelling out Nanoha’ name. But by that point they were all too exhausted to have any strong reactions to it.
  • Lying in bed after an exhausting day, Nanoha spoke tenderly with Fate. “Do you think I’m doing the right thing? Maybe if I’d have given him that book, we wouldn’t have lost those lives.” Her partner looked at her lovingly. “I know you’re doing the right thing. I trust you with my life, and so does everyone else. I also know in my heart that you’ll defeat this thing. Just don’t push yourself too hard.” Nanoha giggled somewhat embarrassed. “Guess I’m more tired than I thought.” Fate smiled lovingly and kissed her gently. “Don’t try too hard.”
  • Unfortunately the news wasn’t good. With the death of the council, the civilian authorities really leaned in on the military to put a stop to the whole affair. Though they were hesitant to so openly admit defeat, the higher ups had no choice but to relent or see the public vent it’s fury against them. However the superiors managed to have Nanoha as the acting responsible officer for the whole affair. But the orders were clear, give up the book. “Sir, as this is my responsibility, I would like to handle everything with my team to avoid any further casualties.” “Very well Takamachi, the fleet is already prepared to escort you to Alptraum. Admiral Chrono in the Flagship Claudia is waiting. Good luck to you. “Thank you Sir.”
  • The admiral was waiting for them calmly at the port. “Officer Takamachi. I wish we could’ve met under better circumstances. This incident began with my bringing the book into our custody. I wish to see it to an end.” “Admiral, you are a most welcome companion. I’m sure we’ll have a safe trip.” The party was lead onto the bridge where the admiral prepared the ship for takeoff. A crewmember handed the admiral a note. Chrono spoke with undisguised frustration. “Nanoha, you’re expected on the personnel deck. It’s him. I’ll come with you.” “No. Admiral, you must guide the ship to our destination. I’ll go.” Fate grabbed her hand. “Chrono and the others may have to guard the ship, but I have to guard you.” She followed her down to the personnel deck where the enemy was waiting patiently, in a conference room, staring into the void of dimensional space. His back was turned towards them. “Have a seat sorceress. I see you’ve brought your consort.” He turned to face them. His eyes were now more human though of a very dark tinge of brown. He looked quite at home on the ship. “Have a seat.” “We’ll stand if you stand.” Her voice showed no signs of hesitation. “Very well. There’s no point in being wry, I’ve won.” Again she didn’t flinch. His voice and tone were matter of fact, cold and almost metallic. “Come now I promised you a long conversation. It’s the least that I can do. Or would you like to hear sordid details?” “No thank you.” “Well then, no entertaining conversation makes you a bad host.” She didn’t answer. “Well guess we’ll have a silent trip then. Though that means I’ll get slightly bored and might consider playing with my minions to pass the time.” Finally Takamachi answered. “You really are a childish person.” His tone didn’t change. “You believe I’ve no understanding of the lives I took, or that I did it on a whim. On the contrary. I know I’m a murderer. In fact I’m the best one there ever was though such comparisons are indeed foolish. Every life I took was precious to it’ owner. They struggled to the last to keep hold of it with. They wanted to live with all their being, but alas, fortune was merciless. Or rather I was a bit prosaic. But their deaths were with purpose. They brought me victory now and will serve my master’ and my own purpose in the future. And that is all that matters. Oh, and if you’re thinking of reneging on the order then that will be even better. Your headquarters would accept my services in an instant, and they would be mine. So tell me again, who is childish, sorceress. You as a true descendant could’ve saved nearly all those lives by simply giving me the book as you are going to now. Instead you wanted to play games. And a whole bunch of people lost their lives.” Nanoha clenched Fate’ hand after he finished and she gripped hers back with warmth. “Yes you are childish, for all your tricks and power. You want something and the world has to obey, if you don’t get it, the world suffers. You couldn’t be more childish than that.” He didn’t seem affected. “As always a true descendant will be obstinate. And indeed from your point of view I may be childish. But as long as I have victory that does not matter.” Nanoha looked at him carefully for the first time since her enemy had appeared and measured him up with care. Not the features which were hawkish and indeed warlike, not his elaborate skin like grey armor, but his now human eyes. Though cold and outwardly unfeeling she sensed something else. “What is this really about? All this death and power thrown around for an object. Just what is that book?” His face became unreadable and he answered in the same tone as before. “That is none of your concern, sorceress.” “Oh but it is my concern seeing as you’ve threatened my whole universe for the sake of getting it.” He shook his head with disapproval. “You really don’t get boundaries do you? If I say it doesn’t concern you then that is that. Insist and Vivio will have a nice little memory of listening to the woman who murdered her neighbor’ child.” Fate tightened her grip on Nanoha’ hand, though Takamachi did not waver. “No reasons, no explanations. What are supposed to talk about? Anecdotes?” “That would indeed be interesting, but I’m afraid not very productive. You ask for reasons then do you? You hold your lovers hand so tenderly even when I threaten the child you both love. You feel the life flowing through her veins how her heart beats harder when you are near, see how her smile grows, her cheeks blossom and eyes glow when she sees you are there. You’ve been through a lot together. Your bond is truly remarkable. Now imagine killing her with your own hands. No devices, no weapons, no nothing, just taking her life. I don’t have to imagine it.” His voice never changed his tone never shifted nor did his gaze falter, but the two didn’t take any step backwards. “So because you’re hurting other people have to suffer too. Childish.” “Try human. Though that isn’t a word fit to describe me anymore. It’s quite simple actually. Since every living thing has the potential to do evil, then that potential must be eliminated. Of course being that the universes are infinite in number that task will never end. But nonetheless that is what she wanted me to be, and what my dearest friend and master needs me to be, so that is what I will be till every eternity has passed.” “That’s insane.” “Look at the world and tell the joys of sanity.”
  • The ship suddenly lunged to the side the alarm for danger rang out. “I have the feeling that you haven’t yet understood who the winner is. I will make that clear to you on the planet. See you there sorceress.” He vanished in a wisp of dark fumes as the ship began to rock violently. “Al personnel, brace for emergency landing. We’re heading for the surface of Alptraum.” Though the captain did his best, the ship fell on the outskirts of the port. Thankfully no one on board was hurt.
  • Just as the team gathered to head for the facility the enemy appeared perched on a high bluff overlooking the main road into the space port. “Alright kiddies, seeing as your leader still doesn’t understand just how small you people are we’re going to have a little contest. If you can last more than five minutes against me, then I’ll quietly follow Takamachi to the deposit and take what is mine. If you fail I’ll just take it by myself. If you refuse I’ll burn down the whole settlement. So what will it be?” Nanoha stepped up and spoke calmly to the group. “Just don’t try to kill him.”
  • Instantly Zafira cast Steel Yoke on him, Shamal, Commandment Thread and Nanoha and Fate combined the Lighting Bond and Restrict Lock. He just scowled with superiority and moved to break free. His expression quickly changed to a much more focused and mechanical one when his first move didn’t break the enchantments. He put much more effort into the second try and all but the Steel Yoke dissipated. The delay however allowed Fate to hit him with Plasma Lancer in his joints. This was swiftly followed by Vita hitting his shoulders and knees with Schwalbefliegen. The grey iron staff suddenly appeared next to Zafira and shot a wave of flame at his feet, forcing him to withdraw and breaking his concentration. The enemy broke his binding, though he now limped badly, and summoned his staff back. Vita intercepted it with Graf Eisen and pushed it back. He tried to take advantage of her having her back turned but Signum intercepted him and hit him with Purple Lighting Flash. He caught the attack with his hands but this gave Fate the perfect opening to hit him with Sprite Zamber. The attack caused him to step back, his armor audibly buckling with the force of Testarossa’. His staff hit Vita with a wave of darkness, blasting her back and resuming it’ course towards him. The enemy recuperated quickly and threw Signum off then turned to hit Fate’ head. But Nanoha caught him with Restrict Lock, allowing Testarossa to pull back and her to fire a full strength Barrel Shot. He broke the bond and blocked the shot with his hand. Shamal stopped the staff with Commandment Thread. Zafira caught him with Steel Yoke again and Vita charged in to strike with Tödlichschlag. This had the gift to irritate him profoundly and he caught Eisen with one hand and punched her with the other. Though quite bruised the small knight mocked him with gusto. “You’re not so tough without surprise on your side.” He grabbed her neck and started chocking her in response. Signum Quickly hit him again, making him lose his grasp on Vita, though he got a hold of Laevatein and almost tore it from her hands. Fate hit him with Jet Zamber and he had no choice but to let go and turn to face the new threat, shouting for the staff, which obeyed promptly breaking through the bind. Hayate in unison with Reinforce now fired Hræsvelgr against him. “Come forth, the wind of snow, and become the fletching which falls from the heavens.” The enemy caught the attack with his staff, broke it up and sent a wave of darkness towards Hayate. Shamal quickly caught it with her Wind Shield and Signum hit the enemy with Flying Dragon Flash. He caught it sideways, but didn’t budge. Vita then charged on again this time hitting him with Rocket Hammer. Though he caught with both hands, the sheer inertia pushed him back and made him lose his footing, finally catching the back end of the attack with less focus. This gave the team the chance to bind him with all their spells once more and Nanoha readied her Divine Buster. With inhuman strength he broke the bind spells, damaging a few parts as he did, and lunged towards Vita. The red knight withdrew and Signum together with Fate hit him on his flanks again, allowing Nanoha to completely trap him in the Crystal Cage. With her enemy trapped she unleashed Divine Buster with a whole magazine’ worth of cartridges. Unflinchingly he simply stood at attention and began singing the Grenadier Lied as the full force of the spell hit him head on. The blast surrounded him and blew away most of the bluff, covering the whole area in a cloud of dust. As it lifted, the enemy appeared, still singing the march, with blood gushing from his armor and eyes. He punched his way through the bind and flew at Nanoha, grabbing Raising Heart and staring with his now once again pitch black eyes into hers. Takamachi didn’t falter. “That’s five minutes.” “Who’s counting anymore?” Vita charged after him and blasted him away, before he could do anything. “Nanoha, get away! Go get that book or whatever this bastard wants. End this.” The enemy grabbed Eisen with both hands and hit her face with his forehead. Signum hit him again and Fate prepared to do likewise. “Fate, go with Nanoha, keep her safe till she ends this. GO!” Nodding, the two mages flew off. The enemy scoffed. “You idiots! Without the true descendent here, there’s no limit on my abilities.”
  • He caught Laevatein in snake form and unleashed a wave of energy through the weapon, hitting Signum with enough power to knock her out and backwards into the ground. The enemy descended and caught Vita as she was trying to counterattack. He used Eisen as a lever to flail the small red knight into the earth until she was knocked unconscious. He used his staff to blast Zafira who was desperately trying to restrain him again, blowing the guardian beast into the forest and rendering him helpless. He flew to Shamal who barely had time to react to his movements before he knocked her out with the back of his hand. The last person standing, Hayate, trying desperately to cast some sort of binding spell felt his cold hand on her throat. “I don’t even know why I bother with you. You’re already mine. That nasty little defense program was the wish I granted to a former owner of your device. He wanted something that would answer only to the strongest. So I gave it to him.” Yagami fell unconscious as he strangled her and Reinforce was barely able to slow her fall as the enemy vanished.
  • The two mages flew at top speed towards the depot. The whole city was on alert what with the crash of the Claudia but neither of them wanted any more people involved. The officer in charge was anxiously waiting for them. “Reporting ma’am, the object is in the central area.” “Good, we’ll find it, evacuate your men and find shelter.” The two mages entered the building with the enemy not far behind them.
  • He drifted till he was too close to the true descendant and his abilities began to be reduced again. Even as the base was being evacuated there were enough imbeciles that got in his way. Victory was nearly his. Yes, that which was theirs long ago would be his again. Even as blood now started to flow freely from his skin, he kept his dignified posture. Every step closer was now an ocean of agony but that did not matter. Pain was a constant companion, in one form or another. He could not falter now when an object of hers was so nearly in his grasp.
  • The room was deserted and the tome, simple and unimpressive, was lying in it’ containment chamber. Fate quickly deactivated the security around it. The book looked more like a diary, with a bright red cover and the title engraved in dark red gothic letters. There was nothing remarkable about it otherwise. She scanned it with Raising Heart first. “No abnormalities detected, Master.” Nanoha took the tome in her hand. Initially she didn’t feel anything strange, but then she heard a woman’ voice, melodic and sweet, sticky almost. “Oh hello there, true ancestor. Your name is Nanoha I see. Funny, when I made this spell I thought the next person to touch this would be him. No matter. He’s probably having a cute little tantrum right about now. I wonder how many he’s killed. Such a diligent man he is.” “Won’t you please make him stop? Hasn’t there been enough suffering?” “Make him stop? My dear, I helped him down this path. After all humanity has done to us, our loved ones, our homes, our dreams, every single one of them deserves those things taken from them as well. And as for suffering, all of eternity is not enough to compensate for what has been lost because of them. And he deserves to suffer the most. But you now have this book in your hand. I sense your decision is already made. Pity but my protégé has given you authority so this tome will obey. Just like her to think on her feet. For you, the decision you’ve made is quite correct. It has been a pleasure.” The voice went silent and Nanoha felt almost like she’d woken from a dream. But she knew exactly what to do.
  • “Give me the book.” The voice was ragged, gargling even, as the enemy appeared; standing with dignity though deep red blood now ran down his body. His stance was dignified, his expression blank and his eyes clear. Takamachi didn’t hesitate. “This book is not yours to have. No one should suffer so but you chose that path. I’m giving it to it’ rightful owner, or rather keeper.” The tome vanished in constellation of small white lights as the figure looked at it desperately. “Sorceress you win this round.” Blood began to rush from his mouth as well and smoke started rising from his body. “We will meet again.” The figures disappeared in a massive fireball as the two mages collapsed with exhaustion. They felt the throws of sleep taking them with unnatural strength and soon their eyes closed of their own avail.
  • The light shone through the window in the early morning as Nanoha took a good look outside. It was a duty free day, so she could spend time her family. Fate still quietly dozed besides her. Her hair shone in the sun’s rays. With care not to disturb her, Takamachi got up and headed for the kitchen. There, Vivio was desperately trying to get the early preparations for breakfast ready. “Vivio you know you’re not supposed to play in the kitchen by yourself.” The small girl answered cheerfully. “Yes.” Nanoha admonished her sternly though her voice was warm. “Now go finish your exercises or do them again while mama gets breakfast.” As she was finishing breakfast Fate appeared, still a bit drowsy. “Morning.” “Morning.” Testarossa looked in on Vivio. “You can stop doing those exercises and come to the table Vivio.” “Ok.” The three sat down to eat breakfast. “Fate, did you ever hear of a planet called Alptraum?” the golden haired mage was puzzled. “No. Doesn’t that mean nightmare?” “Oh?” Fate put her hand over Nanoha’. “Did you have one?” “Yes, probably.” They looked into each other’ eyes lovingly. “Good morning.”

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Definitely the kind of nightmare you don't want to have. (^_^)