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Nanoha PSP games discussion

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Non-boxes, how are you? I'm here to tell you all a whole bunch of crap about the PSP games.

Never played the games? No worries, I'll summarize the story so you get a basic understanding of what's going on!

Stuck on a certain part? (i.e: anything with U-D)? Don't sweat it, Natus is here to help!

And so! First off, the story behind Battle of Aces!

Battle of Aces' story is set up so that everyone has their own separate story routes. However, I'll be pulling out common elements from all story lines as well as the important bits. If there's any ...oddities, this is why.


The PSP games take place in an alternate timeline from the original series where Reinforce is NOT killed after A's.

On the plus side, more Reinforce Eins!

On the down side, the Book of Darkness' corrupted defense program is still totally active and will definitely try to kill everyone again eventually. Since no-one can figure out how to turn the thing off,our heroes take the logical route and say they'll cross that bridge when they get to it.

So how much peace do our favorite lolis have until they have to deal with another crisis?

One week.

...Yeah, that's how long it takes for the Book of Darkness to amass an army of evil clones, plus Materials.


Our story starts off with Nanoha and Fate walking down the street, excited about the New Year's party they're going to have (remember, A's ended around Christmas)

Unfortunately, they don't get a holiday as Chrono sends them one of those neat holograph message screens, explaining that some serious stuff is about to go down. Of course, the two of them go off to investigate. The knights are sent out due to this being an emergency situation and Chrono goes off as well. They all pretty much split up and have their own fun little adventures.

They run into the Dark Pieces (or Dark Fragments as they're sometimes called). These are essentially clones of the other characters created by the darkness of the Book of Darkness. The Dark Pieces tend to be corrupted versions of the person they're mimicking or an earlier version of them.

For example, the Dark Piece version of the Wolkenritter tend to be from the times before they met Hayate and are the bitter soldiers forced to carry out their previous masters' orders of destruction.

Reinforce further explains that the Dark Pieces are made from unfulfilled wishes, bad memories and other depressing stuff. At any rate, the Dark Pieces are running around rampant and need to be put down, if only to end their suffering (and stop property damage, of course)

Basically, everyone has their own troubles when they start fighting but meeting up with the Dark Pieces and the Materials help them grow as people. Or something.

For example:

In Nanoha's route, she's having a mini existential crisis as she wonders what to strive for and what her limitations are. Pretty heavy stuff for someone who's like, 10.

Nanoha seems a little uneasy about fighting the Dark Pieces, since none of them are actually bad people. In fact, all she fights are pre-Hayate knights (and Reinforce) in the midst of their despair.

By the end though, she believes that she needs to use her magic to shoot the sadness out of people. Her words, not mine. But essentially she resolves to use her magic for good, more or less.

In Fate's route, she's considering Lindy's offer of adoption before being dragged into this mess. She also goes off an fights Dark pieces.

Fighting the Dark Pieces (and especially the Materials) make her realise that part of the reason she's hesitating about accepting Lindy's offer is the fear that kindness is temporary and she'll be thrown away again, much like Precia did to her. Dark Piece Signum is nice enough to give her some advice before fading away though, so it all turns out alright.


Eventually, after the Dark Pieces are defeated there is some kind of massive concentration of darkness and Dark Pieces, which form the Materials. Instead of being mere clones with a touch of amnesia, the Materials have their own identities. (I like to think of them at this stage as replacement knights designed to protect the Book of Darkness, myself) Unfortunately, whatever personalities they have is never developed as the Book of Darkness is driving them mad.

Seikou has little memories about anything, since she was just created about 5 seconds ago. She's not exactly sure how or why but she can feel the Book of Darkness' corrupted defense program telling her to destroy everything until there is the quiet tranquility of death and darkness.

She;s definitely the most perceptive out of all the Materials, able to shake Fate up before their fight. Interestingly enough, she drops a small line that ends up being the entire point of the second game. A part of her instinctively knows that she needs to revive the Unbreakable Darkness, which will be covered later when I do Gears of Destiny.

When she's defeated by Nanoha though, she seems pleased about having a good fight and passes away peacefully.

Raijin is filled with the Book of Darkness' unbridled rage and can feel it demanding that she destroy the ones that tried to stop it. Raijin is aware that whatever is happening to her is definitely not normal and that it's sending her insane. It comes to the point where she feels the need to kill the heroes just to make the Book shut up.

On an amusing side-note, in her madness she demands that Hayate and Reinforce either step aside or be obliterated. Hayate doesn't care when Raijin talks smack about her but the second she insults Reinforce she immediately snaps at Raijin to shut up and beats seven kinds of crap out of her.

Arf also comments that the insane Raijin, fighting in the midst of despair for a peace that would never be granted is what Fate could of become if she stayed under Precia's control.

Yami is... well, she's Yami. She seems to be the least affected by the Book of Darkness' control because she legitimately wants what the Book wants and doesn't need the mind control. She's fine with blowing everything up and then ruling over the pieces, she's pretty cruel. She even treats Hayate like she's the clone and voices no concern over the the lives lost fighting over dominion of the Book of Darkness. She can't even be bothered with calling anyone by their names, calling Hayate "little raven" and Reinforce "Useless unison device"

Yami also shows everyone why she's the goddamn king of darkness by engaging in a bitter duel with Hayate that almost kills her. Honestly, the only reason why Hayate isn't dead is because Signum fires a Sturmfalken at Yami and pretty much saves the day.

All the Dark Pieces and Materials gone, peace is brought back to middle earth
Uminari and everyone goes happy.

Even though Reinforce is still doomed to die.

Reinforce simply doesn't have enough energy to keep existing and running around fighting Dark Pieces isn't helping at all. In the end, she asks Hayate to make a new version of her after she passes away and to name it Reinforce as well.

To avoid confusion, she offers calling herself Reinforce Eins and the other Reinforce Zwei.

And that, non-boxes, is more or less Battle of Aces! Stick around, we got a whole 'nother game to cover!

Feel free to correct any mistakes I might of made or inaccuracies I need to correct. I'm also aware that I basically used the routes for Nanoha, Fate and Hayate only but since they're the main characters we'll just let it slide right? ...Right?

But no yeah, enjoy~!

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Summary of GOD's story, tally-ho!

...This one is much more longer, okay?
...Actually, as I write this I realised that it was waaaayyyy longer than I thought it would be so I'm going to do this in installments. Enjoy the first bit!


First off, a little prologue.

In the future, there's a planet called Eltria and it's slowly dying. In fact, it's more or less on it's death throes.

On this planet, there's a guy named Grant Florian who lives with his two daughters Amitie (eldest, nicknamed Amita) and Kyrie(youngest)Florian.

Grant is a scientist who is working on a way to save the planet. When Amitie and Kyrie were little kids, they wanted to grow up and help their dad with his work.


And now to the actual story.

Amitie is chasing after Kyrie, who has time-traveled to Uminari City to a point a little while after BOA had occurred.

The two of them get into a fight, Amitie wanting to drag Kyrie back to their time and world while Kyrie wants to do her own thing instead. Kyrie infects Amitie with a virus to slow her down and escapes.

Amitie wanders around trying to find her sister but ends up running into Yuno instead. She tries to ask him for help by pointing her guns at him.

At this point, we realize that Amita is kind of an idiot.

Sick Amitie is no match for Yuno and is defeated soundly. Yuno is called to deal with a sudden disturbance and completely forget about her.

What is the cause of the disturbance? Partly time-travel sending out big energy signals but mostly Kyrie trying to steal the Book of Darkness off Hayate and Reinforce.

They fight.

During said battle, Kyrie demands that the Tome of the Purple Sky be handed over to her. Hayate realises that Kyrie is confused.

The Tome is Yami's book, not hers. Kyrie got the two of them mixed up and is a little late since Yami was destroyed about 3 months ago.

Hayate explains this to Kyrie who is, understandably, pissed.

Luckily for Pinky, Yami takes this as a cue to re-spawn right then and there. Super convenient for her, huh? X3

Hayate and Reinforce get ready to fight Yami again but loses before they even start as Yami binds the two of them immediately and prepares to kill them on the spot.

Kyrie tries to introduce herself to Yami and suck up to her but is also bound, telling her to shut the hell up and keep quiet while she's delivering her "good guys suck" speech.

Yami is about to kill everyone present when Amitie arrives, completely recovered from the virus.

How you ask?
Fighting spirit.

Amitie basically used spiral power and bitch-slapped the virus away. Kyrie responds by saying that saying that using fighting spirit to defeat a virus is like saying idiots don't get colds.

At any rate, Amitie and Yami fight.
Amitie wins.
However, it looks like that stuff about fighting spirit is a bunch of crap since the virus is still very much inside of her and she's not 100% better yet.

Yami is upset that she lost and confused as to why, since all of her magic power seemed to be leaking away through the fight. Due to Yami's loss of power, Hayate and Reinforce also manage to escape the binds. They prepare to unison, which makes Yami realise that all of a sudden she's screwed.

Somehow, ANOTHER party interferes. Seikou and Raijin have re-spawned next to Yami and are here to back her up! Yami calls out to them using their actual names, making the two of them remember that they're called Stern and Levi respectively.

Dearche (also remembering her own name) pauses.

Dearche asks the other Materials if they just re-spawned right now. She then screams at them saying that since they all share the same pool of magic, when they re-spawned her own magic power was divided among the three of them and that if they hadn't, she could of killed everyone by now.

Stern says "thank you for the meal."
Stern is a troll.

While Dearche is screaming at the Materials, Kyrie uses this as a distraction to attack Reinforce from behind. This in turn distracts Hayate, who rushes over to Reinforce's side.

Kyrie uses this chance to properly introduce herself to the Materials and promises them that if they work with her, they'll be able to unlock the darkness from the Book of Darkness, which she calls System U-D (Unbreakable Darkness)

Dearche, always looking for more power, is intrigued and agrees to Kyrie's proposal. The four of them escape while Amitie chases them.

Hayate calls on Nanoha, Fate, Yuno and Arf for help.


Nanoha and Yuno patrol the area and eventually find Amitie, who's wandering around lost again.

Yuno vaguely remembers Amitie as that one girl who was sick and tried to kill him for medicine or something and asks if she needs medical attention.

Amitie goes into a massive spiel about the benefits of spiral power
fighting spirit and ends it with the interesting phrase "nice, my body!" Nice being said in English. Amitie likes to throw in random English now and again, not sure why.

Nanoha concludes that Amitie must be speaking another language and lays the smack-down on her, because she's Nanoha. Amitie runs away.

Nanoha and Yuno eventually run into the Lieze twins as well.
...You know, those cat-girl twins from A's? Yeah, put up your hand if you forgot they even existed \=_=;;

The Lieze twins try to fight Nanoha and Yuno, believing them to be Dark Pieces. With the rise of the Materials, more of the buggers have spawned as well. So much so that Admiral Leti as called them into service again to deal with it.

After this misunderstanding is sorted out, the twins ask that Nanoha and Yuno keep their appearance a secret from the Yagamis and leave.



I have no idea about anything past A's so everything I say about Vivio, Einhart, Thoma and Lily might be completely wrong. You know, just a head's up.

At any rate, Vivio and Einhart have been spit out of freaking nowhere into the skies above Uminari. It seems that Kyrie's attempts to go back in time had some interesting side-effects. Like temporal loli kidnapping.

The two loli's apparently can turn into not-loli's and take a defensive stance against some people they sense is coming.

It's Nanoha and Yuno.

The two not-lolis figure out that they must be in the past or something and try to run away in order to prevent some kind of weird time paradox occurring.

Nanoha chases them, all four of them fight.

The non-loli's manage to break away and make a mad break for it. Nanoha and Yuno would probably chase after them if Stern didn't casually show up.

And I'm stopping there.

Tune in next time, non-boxes!

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Annnnnd after quite a long while, let's continue with GoD part 2!

...What the hell was I up to again? Oh yeah, the Stern x Yuuno shipping.


So after the two time traveling lolis from Vivid have escaped, Stern appears. You can choose whether you fight her as Yuuno and Nanoha, it doesn't change the story too much.

If you choose Nanoha, they talk about the good old times back in BoA and how they wanted to meet (and fight) again. Stern also says that the Materials have adopted their own fighting styles to stop being mere copies of their originals. They scrap. Naturally, as the player character Nanoha will win. Only just barely though, Nanoha thinks that Stern might be more powerful than her.

Yuuno's fight is hilarious.

Stern knows that Yuuno taught Nanoha magic and therefore, in her mind, that makes Yuuno Nanoha's master. Stern decides to test herself against the White Devil's master and poor Yuuno has to fight to avoid being blasted into bits. As the player character, he somehow wins.

Everyone give Yuuno 20% more credit than you usually give him, that ain't easy.

Stern then calls Yuuno master (Shishou) afterwards.. And thus a brand new ship was born.

Either way, Stern tells Nanoha that their main objective is U-D and they aren't planning on causing trouble this time before flying away.


Meanwhile, Fate and Arf run into Kyrie and Amitie respectively. Again, you can choose which fight you want to do.

The Arf/Amitie fight is quite funny, since Amitie can't stop fawning over how goddamn adorable Arf is. She's so obsessed with Arf's tails and ears that she ends up talking out-loud about them, which freaks Arf out.

They scrap, Arf wins. Amitie tries to encourage her Variant Zapper (her device) to keep fighting, to which Arf responds that she should just surrender as her device is crap. This offends Amitie greatly and she goes into this massive spiel about how her father made the Variant Zappers, how awesome they are and how important it is to her. Arf apologizes for being rude, Amitie apologizes for losing their cool.

And then they remember that they were fighting. Arf goes for a bind but Amitie runs away.

In the Fate/Kyrie fight, we see that Kyrie is even more Hayate than Hayate.

Kyrie just won't stop flirting with Fate, calling her cute and interpreting everything that Fate says as invitations to go out on dates. In the end Fate is just overwhelmed and can't keep up. Eventually, Kyrie decides to stop joking around and the two have a punch-up.

After Kyrie loses, she plays her trump card.

She starts talking about her father.

Fate, for SOME reason beyond my comprehension, is completely distracted by the tales of a young girl forced to go on a dangerous mission to retrieve some magical something or other for her dying parent. That does not sound remotely familiar at all. It doesn't matter, since Kyrie uses this as a distraction to sneak in a cheap shot and run away.

Completely unrelated to that last scene, now it's time for Linith and Precia to appear. Or rather, Dark Piece versions of them. Because it's never not fun to revisit Fate's traumas, it's up to her and Arf to stop the Dark Pieces. These Dark Pieces aren't really in the best shape even for Dark Pieces so they just blast them out of the sky.

There are two outcomes to this story, depending on whether you used Fate or Arf for the fights.

The first involves a crying Fate so let's go with that one. Feed me suffering. This is what you get if you use Arf.

After the fighting has ended, Arf goes over to Fate to check if she's okay. She is not. Having fought her own Precia/Linith Dark Pieces, Fate feels incredible amounts of guilt and horror at having to cut down people who were so close to her. Arf hates herself for never being able to stop Fate from hurting.

With the Fate route... well, it's pretty similar except Fate isn't crying. She's got a brave face on and tries to reassure Arf that she's alright but she's shaking as she says it. Arf still hates herself.

And so the two of them continue on until they find Levi, who is objectively adorable. Don't even deny it, you know it to be true deep inside your heart. This is also divided into Fate and Arf routes.

In the Fate route, Levi explains that back in BoA, due to the corruption of the darkness of the Book of Darkness they ended up causing a lot of trouble. She then excitedly points out her awesome aqua-blue coloured magic to Fate. Fate responds by saying that this was the same colour as Alicia's magic. I'm guessing about 12 of you suddenly got good fanfic ideas. Levi wants to know who Alicia is, so Fate says that Alicia is 'beyond the sky'.

Levi thinks that Alicia is overseas on some planet somewhere. She then asks if Alicia was like her. Fate thinks about it and says that maybe Alicia was as energetic as Levi..... buuuut then again maybe not. Levi is upset at such a crap answer, which causes Fate to laugh. She tells Levi that talking to her managed to cheer her up. Levi says that they should fight then, because fighting is "fun, interesting, awesome and cool".

The moral of this story is that lasers and explosions fix everything, kids. Lasers and explosions.

After their match, Levi is upset that she couldn't really hit Fate. Fate explains that this is because Levi's fighting style is focused on lots of flashy moves that she hasn't gotten around to using effectively. ...Now that I think about it, that is actually correct. Levi then introduces herself as Levi, Stern as "the cool, kind, fiery one" and Dearche as "the arrogant one that feels that she is important but I guess is actually important". Fate tries to introduce herself. Levi is even more crap at names than Vita ("It's Fate" "Hate?") and decides to just call Fate "Original".

In the Arf route, she tries to beat the crap out of Levi since she blames her for all of the Dark Pieces. Levi tries to explain that the Dark Pieces have nothing to do with the Materials but Arf isn't buying it.

They fight, cue super mega awesome reverse flying suplex.

Arf gives Levi such a pounding that Levi bursts into tears afterwards. ("What is it?! Why are you bullying me?! Did I do anything bad to you? I haven't even done anything yet!") Arf stops in awkward silence and is completely lost. Levi accuses Arf of beating her up because Arf hates the colour blue and that she hates her. Arf is even more confused. Fate appears and goes into big-sister mode, calming down Levi with a blue lolipop. All is well.

Fate manages to talk Levi into telling her about the Materials plan. ("Hey, can you tell me what you guys are doing?" "Sure thing nice lady!") Levi explains that the Materials and System U-D were part of the core system of the Book of Darkness. U-D in particular is part of the Infinite Magic Linking Mechanism from Ancient Belkan times and talks about many complicated things that no-one understands.

The thing about Levi is that even though she acts like a child and a bit of a happy-go-lucky idiot she's still a Material and therefore inherently understands the more intricate parts of the system that she comes from.

She eats the blue lollipop, states that all blue things (for example, lollipops) are awesome and then flies away in her Sprite Form (her version of Sonic Form).

After watching Levi go, Arf thinks that having things to protect and save is what makes Fate strong. She hopes that those precious things will remain safe and that she'll do her best.


This is quite the text dump, ain't it? Alrighty, let's do one more scene for now!

The next bit is about Thoma and NO WAIT DON'T GO YET. If it makes you feel any better, Hayate is in this bit too. I'm not exactly up to scratch on Force so please excuse any inaccuracies, yeah?

So Thoma and Lily are lost in a desert. Thoma asks his magical book thingy where they are and Lily translates the book's response as "something has called you to this place."

I will now think of the Book of the Silver Cross and Lily as R2D2 and C3PO.

Anyway, Lily detects a magical signature coming so they do the whole magical girl transformy thing. It's Hayate and Reinforce Eins. You can play as either Hayate or Reinforce to lay the smack-down on Thoma.

If you use Hayate, Thoma will keep calling Hayate "commander" while wondering when she turned into a loli. Hayate will remark that Thoma looks like a bad guy even if he doesn't feel like one. Holy crap, Thoma actually totally looks like a villain, huh?

With Reinforce, she's more focused on the magical book that Thoma is using and notes that it's using some kind of energy that isn't magic and is impressed at it's combat abilities.

Either way, Thoma quickly realises that the Book of the Silver Cross seems to be malfunctioning and isn't working at full capacity so he runs away. Hayate doesn't bother chasing after him since she's more worried about finding Dearche.

Too bad they run into Lotte and Aria instead. Lotte is super ultra mega upset at Reinforce over the whole thing about killing Clyde and causing Graham so much stress. She's also pissed at Hayate by extension and believes that Hayate must be a Dark Piece, since she doesn't seem to bothered by any of this. Aria eventually manages to stop the raging Lotte.

Hayate says that the reason she doesn't hate the twins is because she understands the situation that Graham had to go through and that he didn't have any choice. She doesn't hate or blame anyone for what happened, instead she views it as a miracle as everything turned out alright in the end. They agree to let it drop for now and go their separate ways, although Lotte says that she'll never be able to get along with Hayate and her Knights.

With that out of the way, Hayate and Reinforce eventually track down Dearche. Hayate scolds Dearche and tells her not to do anything bad. Dearche dismisses what Hayate's saying, stating that she's only doing her duty as king. Hayate tries to say that she's happy to hear the Materials out and help them if they aren't doing anything bad, but Dearche dismisses this too. She views Hayate's words as meaningless sweet-talk, saying that if it were that simple then no body would ever be sad. Dearche is more nicer to Reinforce though, even asking her to join the Materials in the resurrection of System U-D. Reinforce refuses, of course. Reinforce is unsure of what System U-D is, even though she's Administrator of the Book of Darkness. Dearche says that the Book of Darkness' original form, the Book of the Night Sky, was used to seal away System U-D so it exists on a level inside the Book so deep that even Reinforce wasn't aware of it.

Hayate and Reinforce fight Dearche but it turns out that the whole thing was a set-up to buy some time so that Kyrie could prepare the summoning of U-D. Dearche gloats that U-D is some kind of great weapon, a pair of wings that grants unlimited power. Thing is, she doesn't ACTUALLY know what U-D is so she and Kyrie quickly discuss it while the summoning is going on.

Kyrie and Dearche thinks that giant robots are awesome. Hayate and Reinforce don't get it.

While this deep philosophical discussion about the merits of mecha goes on, System U-D is finally summoned. Everyone is surprised, since System U-D is actually another loli. Kyrie is pissed, saying that this wasn't what Dearche promised. Dearche doesn't get it either but says that not even the Materials were meant to be humans as well but it happened anyway. Hayate, Kyrie and Dearche start fighting among themselves over trivial things like what to call her (Hayate: If she's the Unbreakable Darkness, let's call her Darkness-chan!) and who she belongs to (Hayate as the current Master of the Night Sky, Dearche for summoning her or Kyrie for finding her in the first place).

All of them completely miss the fact that fact that U-D has been mumbling to herself about how the system is unstable and how she needs to terminate the source of the errors while glowing evilly. U-D then powers up and summons her Soul Wings (where those massive claw things come from) and everyone completely loses their shit at the insane amount of power U-D is putting out. Hayate and Reinforce fight U-D, who claims that her power level has only loaded to 5%.

Interestingly, you can continue the story even if you lose this fight. If you win then Kyrie is shocked and Dearche is pissed while Reinforce is proud at Hayate's progress as a mage. If you lose, Dearche gloats that U-D is the predecessor before the Tome of the Night Sky and has the power to rule everything.

Either way, the other two Materials show up. U-D recognises all of the Materials and says that she wants to be happy that she can finally see all of them again.


She wants to be happy but it's too bad she has to kill them now.

It turns out that Dearche was wrong, U-D isn't the power to rule over everything after all. She is, and I quote, "the eternally burning black sun, the shadow that blots out the moon. And therefore, the Darkness that can never be destroyed." She's so uncontrollable that she was shoved inside the Book of the Night Sky and had Reinforce, the Defense Program and the Knights stuck on top to keep her sealed. Not that it worked since U-D's infinite darkness completely broke the entire system.

The killed Materials dissolve away, similar to how killed Dark Pieces die. U-D flies away while Kyrie chases after her. Reinforce states that the Materials aren't completely out for the count as they will naturally regenerate. Shamal then phones in and tells them that the number of Dark Pieces has suddenly increased and that the Knights have been deployed to deal with it.


To save space, I'll just shove everything into this one post. Alright, part 4! ... 3? 4? It's 3 right?



And so for this next bit, all the Knights go out and stomp some Dark Pieces. All of them fight 3 each. It's not terribly important to the plot but it's great character building material and it may give a couple of you good fic ideas so I'll include it anyway. Yay completeness! I'm going to regret this exactly 1/4 of the way through!

Let's start with all of Signum's battles first.

First up, she fights a Dark Piece Thoma. Thoma says he recognises Signum as the one that got cut down by Cypha(?) and that Cypha and Huckebein saved him and Lily. And then they fight. The real Thoma sees the tail end of the fight though and calls Signum "Signum-neesan" before flying away unspotted.

Second up,it's Dark Piece Precia. Signum introduces herself as an acquaintance of her daughter. Precia instantly assumes she's talking about Alicia but Signum says she's referring to Fate. This pisses Precia off, who instantly snaps that Alicia is her only daughter and refuses to recognise Fate. Precia bemoans the fact the Alicia is lost, only for Signum to reply that it's Precia who is lost. Insert punch up here. Afterwards, Signum states that while Precia's attacks are powerful, she has no speed.

Third up, Siggy vs Dark Piece Levi. This Levi describes her pre-BoA experiences to Signum, how she felt sad and bored sealed inside the Book of Darkness. She could feel the other Materials' next to her but she was unable to interact with them, so when she finally got out she decided to make up for lost time and "play". And of course by play I mean "try to kill everyone while screaming like a rabid loon". Signum scolds her and says that she should play more normally while Levi sulks and says that no one taught her how. Signum then offers to play with her. Levi warns her that Signum may get hurt or even killed but Signum laughs this off and tells Levi to ready her weapon. Afterwards, Signum praises Levi's skill, who is happy to hear this even though she lost. She calls Signum a "bushido" person, which she defines as "cool-looking person with a katana".

Let's go with Vita next!

In her first match, she squares off with Dark Piece Einhart. Einhart recognises Vita as an instructor in the TSAB and demands a fight in order to train herself to be stronger. Vita replies that strength alone is not enough since no matter how strong you are, there will always be things you cannot do alone.

In her second match, Vita faces the Lieze twins. Not Dark Pieces but the actual catgirl twins. Vita hates the kitties for what they did to Hayate and I've already explained why Lotte hates the Yagami family. In the end, Aria breaks it up. She admits that she too harbours resentment towards the Yagamis but not enough that she'd go out of her way for a battle to the death. They go their separate ways.

In her third match, Vita goes up against Arf. As in, Arf Arf. Both believe that the other is a Dark Piece and they wail on each other until they call it off. Arf is worried since Fate is missing and there a bunch of Precia/Lynith clones around. Vita says she hasn't seen Fate so Arf flies away to look for her.

I'd feel bad if I left Zafira for last, poor Zaffy. Here we go, Kamen Rider!

Zafira finds Dark Piece Stern in his first match. She says that she remembers being defeated by Zafira before, when her 'heart was hurting' (i.e: corrupted by the darkness of the Book of Darkness). After Zafira spams the circle button like mutha faka, Dark Piece Stern says that she wasn't able to defeat Zafira again but this time her heart seems to be at peace. Zafira promises to exchange blows with her original, noting that if Materials have Dark Pieces then they must have regrets and wishes in their hearts too.

Zafira finds Dark Piece Lynith, whom he identities as a Mid-Childa familiar. Likewise, she recognises Zafira as a Belkan guardian beast. She asks Zafira for help, saying that she's suddenly become lost and she can't find the two kids she was taking care of. When Zafira asks who these kids are, she says that their names are Fate and Arf. After the furious square button mashing, Zafira promises to protect Fate and Arf as well to Lynith.

Finally, Zafira faces off against Dark Piece Dearche. She is exactly like the normal Dearche, except maybe a bit more focused on U-D. Nothing to see here, move along.

Last but not least (except kinda) we have Shamal! Who isn't as terrible to play as this time, yay!

Shamal meets a pre-series Yuuno, who is still looking for the Jewel Seeds. Shamal playfully remarks that even as Dark Pieces, Nanoha and Yuuno don't change. She then happily tells Yuuno that "this will sting a bit so just bear with it, okay~?" as she beats the daylights out of him. Afterwards, Yuuno says that two defensive mages trying to fight is exhausting.

Shamal then meets Dark Piece Vivio, in her... you know, brain-washed form when she was in the Saint's Cradle. She says she's looking for her mama, so Shamal offers to help. Dark Piece Vivio then says that she's not supposed to follow strange people, which makes Shamal feel a bit awkward. Soon enough, Vivio suddenly snaps and goes on a rampage so it's up to Shamal to put her down. Somehow.


The real Vivio and Einhart end up seeing this battle. Seeing how she used to be that one time embarrasses Vivio greatly.

In her final match, Shamal finds Kyrie. These two are... well, their exchanges certainly put a smile on my face.

Kyrie: Heey~! That green onee-san over there! Stoppu~!
Shamal: Ara~! A pink ojou-san. How can I help you?

Kyrie wants Shamal to come with her so she can use her healing magic on the Materials, saying that only Dearche will be able to control U-D (and therefore obtain Examina, Kyrie mutters to herself.) Shamal refuses so Kyrie decides to take her by force. Afterwards, Kyrie complains that it's standard that the healer characters should be weak.

No mater what path you took, the result is the same: a large scale dimensional quake breaks out and the source of it is...


A little before the quake, Amitie confronts System U-D, telling her not to give the Examina to Kyrie. U-D replies by explaining that she won't be able to exist without "the Eternal Crystal Examia" so she wouldn't give it up anyway. Relieved to hear this, Amitie offers to protect U-D. U-D ignores her and states that Amitie is not from this time as well as an Eltrian Gear and therefore not human. At that moment, Kyrie pops up and proclaims that she intends to take the Examina in order to complete her father's research to save their homeworld. Amitie scolds Kyrie, asking her if she forgot what their father asked them to do as Gears - to be the guardians of time that protect the destined fate. Kyrie snaps back at Amitie, saying that she can do that by herself. She also says that since she's the no good daughter, she can go against her father's wishes and she won't let her big sister stop her.

They fight.

U-D decides that now is a good a time a either and moves in for the killing blow. Kyrie is too exhausted to defend herself to Amitie jumps in front of her and blocks the blow with her body. Parts of her outer body snaps off, revealing robotic parts underneath. Apparently "Gear" is equivalent to "Cyborg" here. U-D says that it would be better if the sisters just give and up die as they can avoid pain and suffering that way. Amitie responds by saying that the human heart was made to always look towards the future, even in times of pain. She says that even if her body is metal she has a kind, human heart and that she'll protect her family as the eldest sister.

She then taps into her innate stores of Spiral Power and does the impossible.

She overloads he device pointblank into U-D's face, causing the large-scale dimensional quake I mentioned earlier. What's so impossible about this you ask? It's the power output. Shamal, after seeing this massive explosion in the distance, confirms the sheer power to be greater than that of the Triple Breaker. You know, that huge 3 way beam orgy at the end of A's between Nanoha, Fate and Hayate? Holy shit.

Unfortunatly, U-D fights the power and is completely unharmed. Her barrier jacket isn't even singed, she's 100% fine.

The Knights arrive on the scene and recover the unconscious Amitie (Kyrie seems to have escaped in the confusion). U-D suddenly gets a massive head-ache and disappears while screaming. The Knights acknowledge that they are in no way in remotely able to take on U-D but are going to pursue her anyway. Chrono suddenly contacts them, ordering them to return to the Arthra instead.


At the Arthra, Chrono explains the current situation and comes up with a battle plan. Chrono will look for U-D and the Materials while the catgirl twins look for Kyrie. Everyone else is to take a break and rest up. Amitie has been taken into TSAB custody and is currently in the medical bay due to her injuries.

Chrono eventually finds Levi, the first Material to revive. She's the first since in the Triforce logic that rules the Materials, she is the Material of Power and therefore the one most able to repel attackers from screwing around with the other damaged Materials while they respawn. Chrono tries to be diplomatic and asks if the other two Materials are alright. Levi cautiously says that they'll take a bit while longer to revive while eying Chrono suspiciously since he was their enemy up until now. Chrono tries to explain but Levi doesn't care and attacks. Chrono defeats Levi and tells her that the more magic she uses while she fights, the less that will be available for the other two Materials. Levi calms down a bit at this and sulks, saying that Chrono shouldn't of shown up then. Chrono asks for Levi's help in defeating U-D but she still doesn't trust Enforcer boy. Chrono has no choice but to resort to his secret weapon.

The candy that Fate gave him.

Levi actually hesitates for a second. Not because of the candy (give her SOME credit guys!) but because the other Materials are contacting her from beyoooond the grave.

Rewinding just a little bit, Stern and Dearche are in Material Limbo, still respawning. Stern says that their recovery is going smoothly and it's good that Levi respawned first as her programming is simpler. Dearche ain't too cool with the idea of leaving their fate up to the unpredictable Levi but let's it go since she really doesn't have a choice right now. Stern says that while they were in Limbo, she did some digging and found out some more data about U-D. The Materials and U-D were once a singular entity bound within the Tome of the Purple Sky, which is that magic book that Dearche carries with her. She also says that if the Tome of the Purple Sky regains it's full power, the Materials will be free from the restraints of the Book of Darkness and will be able to act completely independently.

It's at this point we catch up to where we left off as Levi asks the other two if they're alright. Stern says that they're alright but asks Levi to accept Chrono's offer and try to negotiate terms in exchange for their support in defeating U-D. Dearche is completely against this plan and loudly makes her opinion known. Stern, simply, calmly, elegantly, replies:

"Please shut up, Dearche."

Stern explains that this is the most reasonable course of action while Dearche questions whether Stern really respects her or not. Stern answers that she does, just not enough to overthrow her logic. Dearche is miffed and Levi is uncomfortable with the plan but with some gentle encouragement on Stern's part (and Dearche screaming to just get the damn thing over with) Levi agrees to Chrono's offer.

Next up, the Lieze twins finally catch up to Kyrie. She's still pretty battered and bruised from her previous battles so she is unable to put up much of a fight and is quickly put under a bind. They interrogate Kyrie and warn her that they've already interrogated Amitie so they can easily cross-check their stories to see if she's lying. Kyrie gives up and explains her situation.

They come from the future, on the planet of Eltria. However, for years this planet has slowly been dying to the point where it's almost unlivable. For 80 years now, people have been evacuating the planet and began settling on other planets. Lotte says that if that's the case, then everyone would be fine if they abandoned Eltria but Kyrie replies by saying that there are those who love their homeworld too much to leave. Her father, Professor Grant Florian, is one such person. He's devoted his whole life into restoring the planet and created the Gears, ageless machines, to help him in his quest.

At the same time, Amitie is talking about the same thing with Shamal and Mariel. She says that the Professor was someone who failed alot, one such failure being that he accidentally overdeveloped the sisters' personality systems. Not that he minded, since he started raising the two of them as his daughters afterwards. She also mentions other Gears, who don't look or act like humans are are just machines that help protect the planet. She also says that the Professor became deadly ill and it's unlikely that he'll live long enough to see his work come to fruition, which is something that Kyrie could never accept.

Back with Kyrie, she explains that one day the Professor found a strange machine he was able to get up and running. Turns out, it was a time machine. He thought that this was too dangerous for humanity to use though and sealed it up. Aria states that the time machine must be some kind of Lost Logia while Lotte asks why the Professor didn't just use the time machine himself. Kyrie replies that humans simply can't handle the stress of time travel and the only reason the Gears can is because they're more durable than humans.

Back to Amitie, she explains that Kyrie became obsessed with the time machine and saw it as the key to solving all their problems. Unfortunately, time travel is incredibly hard and there was a chance that the whole thing would cause some kind of paradox/time ripple that would drastically alter their timeline. Not only that, the time machine kept bugging out and coming up with system errors, forcing Kyrie to quit.


At the end of her rope, Kyrie discovered the Infinite Linking System, Examina. The Examina only exists in one timeline but it's power is strong to save her planet without any weird temporal side-effects. That's why she came to this timeline, the world where Reinforce isn't sacrificed immediately and therefore the possibility to obtain Examina remains. Amitie goes on further, saying that due to the bugginess of the time machine they will only be able to use it one more time. She also thinks that the reason Vivio, Einhart, Thoma and Lily are here as a side effect of such a crap time machine.

Kyrie is taken back to the Arthra by the catgirls, meaning that all the major players are now on the Arthra. Calling everyone in attendance, Chrono explains the battle plan:

Using their innate knowledge of the inner workings of the Tome of the Purple Sky, the Materials will develop a vaccine program that can be used to finally stop System U-D. However, the program must be loaded into a cartridge to work so only Nanoha, Fate, Signum and Vita will be eligible to carry the vaccine. They'll have to split up into two teams of attackers and backup. The four of them squabble about who should be what. Hayate pulls Chrono aside and expresses her desire to help as well. Chrono agrees and talks to Stern (who as respawned at this stage) about it. Both of them have more than one device and Hayate can always Unison, they explain. Stern reluctantly agrees, warning them that their safety is not guaranteed. Nanoha calls Chrono, saying that they've finally settled on the teams. Chrono then calls the Lieze twins so they can help test the vaccine.

Who is in what team is up to you, really. Whoever you choose to play as is in the Attacker Team. But in-game, the explanation is that they settled it over a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Apparently Nanoha is usually crap at this game but Vita is somehow a pro.

In any case, if you choose Nanoha then she will load the vaccine cartridge... and then blast Chrono to death. Nanoha apologises, saying that she's not used to the increased power output yet. Chrono remarks that Nanoha may end up being a natural in testing experimental weaponry and that if she was to use the Blaster System currently in development, she might be unstoppable.

If you choose Vita... Did you know that Vita is like, really polite to Chrono? For some reason? I'm shipping it and none of you can stop me, bwa ha ha ha ha! So anyway, Vita talks to Chrono in formal Japanese while Chrono says that Vita is a good choice since she's a well-balanced fighter with great capabilities. Vita replies that's she's honoured and even a bit embarrassed. Chrono then replies that he was just repeating what Nanoha said. Which pisses Vita off. Cue hammer beating.

Fate and Signum won't be training against Chrono, their sparring partner will be the Lieze twins.

If you choose Fate, Fate will say that she always wanted to go up against Chrono's tutors. They feel awkward about having to meet Fate's expectations but promise to do their best. They get so completely raped that Aria has to desperately beg Fate to stop. Fate happily thanks the twins for the match while Lotte says that Fate will have bigger mountains to climb in the future. Fate says she'll treasure this memory in her heart while the twins remark on what a good girl Fate is. Yes she is, who's a good girl? Whoooooossssssss a good girl? Yes it's you Fate, yes it's yooouuuuuu! The twins also say that they can't keep up with these youngsters anymore.

If you choose Signum... You ever been in one of those situations where everyone tries REALLY hard to be formal and polite. That, times ten.

The final match is a choice between Chrono/Lieze twins or Lieze Twins/Hayate.

In the first instance, the Lieze twins say that Chrono is becoming more reckless because of his juniors. Chrono replies that's it's probably for the best. Since this is probably the last match they will ever have with each other, they promise to go all out against one another. Afterwards, the twins announce that Chrono has surpassed his teachers. Chrono says he still has a lot to learn but Aria says it's his turn to teach his juniors from this point on. The twins later discuss among themselves that they also don't have a lot of time left before they die.

In the second instance, Hayate says that she insists on helping out since U-D came from the Book of Darkness and as the Book's master she feels responsible. Stern has also found a way to link the vaccine program between her devices so she'll be in the front lines as well. Hayate asks the catgirls to help her familiarize herself with the new system. Lotte is reluctant, due to her thing against the Yagami family. Hayate shrugs, saying that she used to pet them when they were cats. The catgirls still feel too awkward to fight Hayate, to which she decides "screw it, I'm doing it anyway ~♥"

After the fighting, Lotte says that the system is working perfectly. Aria asks Hayate what she thinks of the Book of Darkness, since no matter how hard she works the sins of the Book will never disappear. Hayate says that she understands that these sins may never be forgiven and that the world can judge for itself whether Hayate should live or die as the master of the Book of Darkness. She then goes on to say that if she was told to die then she would do so. She also says that if she was told to live to save the lives of others then that would be her future. Lotte remarks that this just makes Hayate another victim of the Book of Darkness, if she is to be judged for what the Book did. Hayate responds by saying that the sins of the family must be taken on by the family head... but that as the family head it's also her duty to ensure the happiness of her family. She's joined the TSAB to use the Book of Darkness' powers for good and to dedicate her live to saving others. Lotte replies that in the real world such pretty words won't change anything. Hayate's response is that she'll keep working harder to be more useful and become greater than the person she is today. The twins formally end the test and the two of them go their separate ways.

Just before Hayate leaves though Lotte calls out to her saying that even though she hates Hayate for being a brat with lofty ideals, she knows that she'll become stronger in time. Aria tells Hayate to do her best Hayate thanks them both.

I'm calling this next section part 7, in honor of Sequence 7 of the game. That out of the way, it's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-summarise the plot of a video game.


The first part is all about Lynith. Or rather, a Dark Piece Lynith. Unlike other Dark Pieces though, this Lynith has all the powers and personality of the original. It's basically as Lynithy as you can get without actually being Lynith.

We start of with Lynith reflecting on her life. She was never entirely sure of the reason why she was born but she was happy to have Fate and Arf in her life. She says that Fate was always a straightforward and hardworking kid but she always regretted that she was never able to get Precia to pay attention to her.

Wandering around, Lynith runs into Nanoha. Nanoha introduces herself as a friend of Fate's. This comes as such a shock to Lynith that she asks Nanoha to repeat herself. Lynith is super happy that Fate was able to make friends and she is just about to try and call Fate and Arf when she realises something. She's supposed to be dead. She asks Nanoha how she became friends with Fate, who doesn't really want to answer. (what the hell is Nanoha supposed to say? "I made friends with her after beating the s##t out of her"?) Lynith decides to force an answer out of Nanoha and fights her.

Afterwards, Nanoha is amazed at Lynith's skill as all of her attack maneuvers were avoided or disabled. Lynith asks Nanoha about her situation and Nanoha can only make a vague guess that Lynith's past memories were shoved into the present and then given a physical form. Lynith seems to accept this and estimates it must be around 3 years since she died. She then asks Nanoha more about Fate, who says that she goes to school and made more friends. Lynith is pleased to hear this but is suddenly teleported away. She has suddenly been unstabilized and respawns in a new area.

Lynith ends up in an area being patrolled by Signum, who soon confronts her. Signum asks Lynith to identify herself. Lynith does so, adding that she was Fate's teacher. Lynith asks if she knows Nanoha and Fate, to which she replies that they are allies although they once enemies. Signum gets a call from Nanoha, saying that she's contacted Fate and Arf so please keep Lynith there until they arrive. Lynith asks if Signum is Fate's new teacher, which she denies. Signum adds that Fate has had her own unique style ever since they first met. Lynith then asks Signum to have a match with her, to her surprise. Afterwards, Lynith is fawning over how awesome Signum is, how cool knights are and how strong she is. Signum feels a bit awkward about this but comments on how strong Lynith is as well. Signum then explains that Lynith is a Dark Piece and what that means. Lynith notices that Signum refers to Fate as "Testarossa". Signum replies that it's out of habit but Fate doesn't seem to mind. Lynith is happy that Fate is surrounded by good people and Signum says that her feelings towards Fate are like that of a parent. Lynith responds that it's more like that of a tutor before suddenly being force-teleported again.

She ends up in an area patrolled by Levi and Reinforce. The two of them are hunting Dark Pieces so Levi immediately tries to blow her out of the sky. Lynith confronts the two angrily but stops when she sees Levi since she looks so much like Fate. She asks if Levi really is Fate, to which she replies that she's "Levi the Slasher". Lynith then scolds Levi for attacking her, which annoys Levi. Just as the two of them are about to go at it again Reinforce steps in as she senses that this Dark Piece is different. Nanoha then calls Reinforce and tells her to keep Lynith there. While Reinforce is talking with Nanoha, Lynith and Levi have magically resolved their differences, to the point where they chat happily while Lynith pats Levi on the head. Lynith asks Reinforce about how long she will last as a Dark Piece, to which she answers that usually as long as you have a strong regret or wish you will keep going. Should that wish/regret fade though, your body will become unstable and fade away. When Lynith tries to ask for Reinforce's name though, Levi interjects to just call her Black Feathers since her name is so hard to pronounce. (At least it's not "Kyon") Reinforce says that Nanoha and Fate were the ones that saved Hayate and herself. Lynith is pleased to hear that Fate is helping people and asks for more details. Levi is interested too so she wants to hear the story as well.

Meanwhile, Nanoha is calling Fate and Arf, telling them to hurry up before Lynith disappears again. Arf is skeptical about the whole thing since most Dark Pieces were not like this but Nanoha insists that it's true. Reinforce then calls, saying that Lynith suddenly disappeared again. Signum also calls and believes that whenever the conversation turns to Fate, it causes Lynith to disappear.

Lynith then appears right in front of Fate and Arf.

Fate immediately tries to apologise for not being able to save Precia but Lynith interjects with her own apologies. Fate says that there were a lot of tough times after Lynith passed away but now she's surrounded by lots of kind people. She then excitedly talks about school and her friends to which Lynith is very happy to hear. Lynith then asks Fate to fight her with Bardiche, since she wants to see how far she has progressed.

Fate ends up losing the fight and says that Lynith is still to skilled for her to beat but Lynith replies by saying that she's happy with the magic that Fate has developed on her own. Lynith wants to do the same thing with Arf but it's too late. Lynith was always worried about Fate and Arf but after seeing that they are doing so well she can rest in peace. She slowly fades away in a big group hug with Fate and Arf.


Meanwhile, Dark Piece Precia has been kicking ass left, right and center.

Similar to Dark Piece Lynith, Dark Piece Precia is basically exactly the same as normal Precia.

When she is first spawned she is confronted by Chrono. She recognises him as that one TSAB Enforcer that infiltrated the Garden of Time and thinks that he's getting in her way again. Chrono says that Precia shouldn't have been revived again like this, especially since she's now lost all hope of reviving Alicia. Precia replies that she doesn't give a damn about what Chrono says and that she will give Alicia all the happiness she wasn't able to give. Chrono says that the state Precia is in now, she is like a bad dream and that he'll end it.

They fight. Chrono gets his ass kicked. He is completely shocked at just how powerful Precia is. Precia remembers that Chrono once said that everyone has something sad that has happened to them so she asks Chrono if he ever lost someone he loved. He replies by saying that he lost his father, Clyde, when he was 3 and that he was a very busy but kind man. Precia seems to accept this answer and states that even if she is no more than a dream then she'll continue to use all of her power for Alicia's sake and moves away.

She then confronts a Dark Piece Fate over a stormy ocean. It's important to note that Precia is the only character who doesn't know what a Dark Piece is, she thinks she's talking to the real Fate. The Dark Piece Fate she's facing is a "What if Fate was a lot more open with her feelings?" version of Fate. She says that all she wanted was for her kaa-san to smile and that she always thought that the reason Precia never loved her was because she never tried hard enough. She states that even if Precia hates and rejects her, she could never hate the one who gave her life. Precia responds by saying that it was Lynith who raised her and in any case, she has no interest in Fate. Precia then destroys the Dark Piece Fate while she pitifully calls out her her kaa-san. Precia simply says that Alicia never called her that and moves away.

Precia has the choice of either running into Zafira or Shamal next. It doesn't matter either way. They both accidentally let it slip that there is a time machine and you can instantly see the plans forming in Precia's mind. She could use it to get Alicia back and all she has to do is curb stomp everyone in her way.

On her way to the time machine, she runs into the one person who has any hope of stopping her.


It looks like the Dark Piece Lynith from before hasn't completely been unstabilised as she still has one regret deep in her heart. She always regretted not being able to make Fate happy but she also regretted that she was never able to make her master happy either.

Precia states that she never wanted to see Lynith again, even in her dream-like state. Lynith responds by saying that Precia is as cold as ever. Precia proclaims her idea to use the time machine but Lynith immediately shoots it down, saying that she should stop focusing on the past and look towards the future. She further explains that even if Precia succeeds, the Alicia she saves won't be the same as the Alicia who died. Precia says she doesn't care and that she hates Lynith for saying unnecessary things but Lynith responds that she's only looking out for what's best for her and she's worried about her master. Precia becomes angry and demands that Lyntih gets out of her way while Lynith begs to know what it will take to takes for Precia to listen for her. They end up fighting.

In the end, they both expend all of their energies and their Dark Piece bodies begin to break up. Lynith says that she loves Precia and that they should dream a happy dream instead of nightmares. Precia is angry but knows that her time is up and doesn't fight it. Lynith says that this is the first time that they will fall asleep side by side, to which Precia comments that this is a stupid thing to say. Lynith admits that she saw Fate and Arf do it once so she's always been a bit jealous.

Precia corrects her saying, that they did it before in the past. Lynith suddenly remembers the times when she fell asleep while Precia patter her when she was a cat. She says that she was always Precia's cat and that she remembers feeling Precia's warm hand. Precia says that all the beautiful things in her life were all in her past but Lynith says that now she can be truly happy. Precia tries to say something but it is too late as they both dissolve into nothing...

Non-boxes! This tale is almost over! All we need now is some more recruits to take on the Unbreakable Darkness menace!


So Thoma and Lily are wandering around half-lost in a forest/jungle somewhere. Lily keeps trying to convince Thoma that they're somehow in the past but it takes her a while for Thoma to believe her. They deduce that since Nanoha and her friends look about 10, they should be about 15 years in the past. Lily asks if he wants to use this as an opportunity to visit his home town before it was destroyed. Thoma declines without even thinking twice about it, saying that he doesn't want to lose his future by screwing around with the past- if he does something then he may not have met everyone.

Who the bloody hell 90% of these peeps are I have no idea, but I assume this is who Thoma's talking about.

Thoma's magic book detects magical signatures so Thoma and Lily set up and confront the possible threat. It's a Dark Piece Thoma, made from the "what if Thoma became completely corrupted from the start and just killed literally everyone" hypothetical. After they fight, Thoma notices that this Dark Piece fights as if though he was never formally trained, probably because he never had the opportunity after killing everyone.

Meanwhile, loli A and loli B (aka Vivio and Einhart) are loitering on rooftops. Vivio has Sacred Heart doing a data search, looking for lost logia signals. This is because the two of them are pretty sure that a lost logia is probably what caused this mess.

Lost logias are pretty much behind the plot of everything, huh?

The two plushy devices detect magical signals. Vivio is excited since this may mean seeing her parents as lolis but Einhart is more worried that danger may be approaching. She's right, naturally. Two Dark Pieces appear, one is a Vivio and the other is an Einhart. The battles are Vivio/DP Einhart and Einhart/DP Vivio. Dark Piece Einhart is from before she met everyone and was stalking the streets beating people up in her quest to become stronger. Dark Piece Vivio is the brain-washed Saint Kaiser Vivio from the Saint's Cradle.

Afterwards, they pick up another signal heading their way, it's Thoma.

When they meet up, Thoma recognises Vivio but Vivio doesn't recognise Thoma, saying that he's too tall. Vivio also has no idea who Lily is, which upsets her greatly. Einhart also has no idea who these two are. Lily has a way of proving that Thoma is Thoma though, the DSAA-R Contact System which was used in that one tournament from Vivid. Yep, fighting solves everything. Yay for lasers and explosions! After the fighting, Lily asks Vivio how old she is. She's 10, but the Vivio that Thoma and Lily knows is 13. This is why they don't recognise each other.

They decide to work together to return to their respective times. They all get along well, except for Asteon and Silver Cross. For some reason, Asteon likes to nibble on Silver Cross and the book is helpless to resist.

In the end, they formulate their master plan: wander around a bit and hope to hell they find the Florians.

At that moment, they detect 7 magical signals closing in on them so they set up to fight. It's Hayate, Nanoha, Fate, Zafira, Yuuno, Vita and Kyrie. They've come to take them to the Arthra. Vivio and friends decide that they don't really want to do that so they're going to try and break through the enemy lines and escape. There are a whole bunch of matches here, so I'll make this quick.

First is Einhart/Yuuno. Einhart decides to test herself against Nanoha's teacher and decides to beat the crap out of him. No one should mention how Nanoha learned magic anymore, it's bad for the poor ferret's health!

Second is Thoma/Hayate. Thoma is terrified of Hayate when she was (or rather, will be) commander and is terrified of her now. On the other hand, Lily is just taken away by how adorable loli commander is and wants to hug her so bad. Thoma replies that doing so would be a bad idea as even as a kid he's pretty sure that Commander Hayate will be scary. Meanwhile, Hayate is sitting there staring at these two whispering back and forth between each other and wondering why they're so afraid of her. It hurts her feelings you know, she hasn't even done anything yet!


Thoma and Lily politely excuse themselves and fly away. Hayate watches them go and waves goodbye. And then realises what just happens and demands they get back here. Thoma screams that they've been stopped by "a lukewarm tsukkomi" like it's fatal and Lily completely panics, telling Silver Cross to go to full power, non-lethal mode. Thoma says that doing so is a bad idea as Hayate will surely punish them for mutiny and they should just haul ass instead. Too bad, they have to fight. After Hayate is defeated, Thoma and Lily panic and offer a thousand apologies before remembering that they need to escape, screaming even more apologies as they run away.

......What the f##king hell is Hayate like in Force?! Now this I have to see!

Anyway, next up is Vivio/Nanoha. Vivio is squealing over how kawaii her mama is as a loli while Nanoha talks to Vivio like she's an adult helping a lost child. Vivio doesn't mind (I wonder if she even notices?) and is eager to have a match with Nanoha. Afterwards, Vivio thanks Nanoha for the fun match and flies away. Nanoha does a Hayate and suddenly realises that she's letting her just walk away but by the time she notices it's too late.

Einhart/Fate is pretty similar, Einhart is eager to have a match with Fate. Einhart fought with Fate once before but couldn't even touch her. While Einhart reflects on this, Fate is just in love with Asteon and his/her/it's cuteness.

Finally is Thoma/Vita. Thoma and Lily panic even harder because they really don't want to go up against an angry Vita. Vita sees Thoma's big sword and tattoos so she decides that Thoma must be some kind of delinquent and gets angry. God it sucks to be Thoma right now. They realise that Vita can't really handle the Divider's attacks so they stop using it and opt to just run. Vita roars at them as they do, causing the two of them to think that Vita has always been this angry.

The Vivid/Force gang finally run into Kyrie, who unleashes her greatest weapon!


She is literally the only character who successfully manages to avoid a fight just by fighting. She will be a scary politician when she grows up. She says that she'll work together with Amitie to help them get back to their own times and the group eventually turns themselves in.

Meanwhile, back in the Arthra Levi and Amitie are discussing U-D. System U-D is building up power and once she reaches her maximum power level she'll be far stronger than anything they have faced so far. The Materials by themselves won't be enough and Dearche hasn't even respawned yet. Amitie apologises to her Variant Zapper but says that she still needs it's power.


Later, Chrono finds Kyrie trying to escape and intercept her. Kyrie asks Chrono if he's here to ask her out on a date and to wait 3 years if he is. Chrono, ever the straight man, ignores this and asks if Kyrie is plotting something. Kyrie confirms this, saying that once U-D fully awakens she could easily destroy 2 or 3 planets in a single go. Chrono replies that since U-D is the source of the darkness of the Book of Darkness such power is to be expected. Kyrie responds that she's still after that immense power, she's going after the Examina again. Chrono asks if she's going alone, to which Kyrie responds that since newer machines are always superior to the old ones, as the younger sister she should be stronger than Amitie and therefore able to defeat U-D. Chrono replies that he believes that Kyrie is just feeling guilty and what she's really trying to do is make up for it. Kyrie tells Chrono that he's still just a kid after all, even if you figure out what's in a woman's heart you shouldn't say it outloud. Chrono says that he'll keep this in mind but stopping U-D must be a team effort and that going solo is forbidden. Kyrie says that everyone fighting together would just mean everyone dying together so she'll do it herself, fighting past Chrono and making a break for it.

Shamal intercepts Kyrie, saying that a patient shouldn't be running around without being discharged. Kyrie states that Shamal is a doctor for people, not machines like her. Mariel helpfully states that they also have a mechanic onboard. Kyrie is annoyed at all of these people trying to 'help' her and blasts her way through Shamal. Shamal says that they should all be trying to work together but Kyrie refuses. Her obsession over the Examina is about to doom an entire world and she regrets it, she isn't even sure that the Examina would even work anymore. She also says that she is a machine and machines are made to serve humans. As a machine, she can just be replaced or thrown away once she's broken but everyone will be sad if another human dies. Shamal replies that even if she is a machine, there are people who love her so they too would be sad if Kyrie is destroyed. Mariel also says that there are those who will have wished for Kyrie's safety and happiness and that this suicide mission would betray their feelings. Kyrie is about to respond but then...

It's gut's time.

"YES, I AM ONEE-CHAN!" Amitie screams as she bursts into the scene, much to everyone's surprise. Kyrie is about to scream at Amitie for getting in her way but Mariel cuts in, saying that Amitie is still far from a full recovery. Amitie says that everything is alright since her BURNING HOT SPRIRT has restored her to full power. Mariel does a quick system check and is shocked to see that Amitie is actually at 92% recovery from sheer spiral power. Kyrie yells at Amitie, calling her an idiot. She also says that doing such reckless things would shorten her operational lifespan. Amitie responds my saying that this is nothing compared to the heart-attacks that leaving Kyrie alone would give her. Kyrie screams at Amitie, telling her to get out of her way and that she hates her.

After the fighting, Amitie easily comes out on top. Kyrie demands to know why Amitie is going so easy on her but Amitie says it's because Kyrie is holding back too - she's actually given up deep down and isn't seriously fighting. Amitie then goes in for a big sisterly hug. Kyrie sulks and tells her to let go but Amitie says that she loves her cute little sister very much and it's her job to take care of her.

She's been away for most of the game, so please welcome back our special guest Dearche!


Dearche is just finishing up respawning while Stern runs a system check on her to make sure she's spawning right. Dearche has spawned around the general area she was killed it seems so Stern and Levi will be escorting her back to the Arthra. Dearche is only 81% respawned though - enough to take on physical form and fight but at this stage still no match for System U-D. Dearche proclaims that she still fully intends to take control of U-D with her Book of the Purple Sky after the whole thing is over so she can gain the power to rule as the king of darkness. However, a bunch of Dark Pieces have also spawned so the Materials need to fight their way through.

You can use either of the 3 Materials here, I'll start summarising them one by one.

With Stern, you first run up against a Dark Piece Dearche. Stern wonders if the fact that even the Materials are getting Dark Pieces is an indication that System U-D is almost fully charged. She also completely hates Dark Piece Dearche, saying that just by existing it's defiling the image of her true king and must be completely destroyed. Once she's done doing so, she states that even the imposter's weakness is an insult to Dearche.

Nanoha then contacts Stern soon after, saying that she sensed that Stern had just gone into battle. Stern says that she's alright, to which Nanoha replies that as strong as Stern is she shouldn't over do it. Stern thanks Nanoha for her concern and says that seeing a fake of those you know is disturbing, she wants to know why Nanoha and co accepted the Materials existence. Nanoha says that she never thought of Stern as a fake or a copy, although she was surprised at first. She further goes on to say that one of her first thoughts was "We match outfits~!" Stern says that Nanoha is an interesting person and would love to spar against her again one day - she feels that if she can learn more about Nanoha then she can learn more about herself and become stronger.

Next up is Dark Piece Vita, Stern declares that she'll clear a path for her king and blows Vita up.

Moving on to Levi's route, she encounters Dark Piece Stern. This Dark Piece is even more corrupted that Material-S was back in BoA and is focused almost purely on destruction. After fighting her, Levi boasts out loud that the Dark Piece's attacks didn't hurt at all. And then she thinks herself that yes it really did hurt goddammit.

Levi then gets a call from Fate, who wants to check up on her like with the Stern/Nanoha situation above. Levi says that she's fine and she's still holding onto the extra candy that Fate gave her. She wants to know if the candy will go bad because she wants to wait a little longer before eating them. Fate says that as long as you don't eat it halfway and then leave it or take it somewhere hot then it should be fine. Fate then asks why Levi hasn't eaten them yet. Levi responds that she wants to share them with the other Materials after their work is done. Fate says that this is a good idea and then asks what the Materials are planning to do after the U-D incident is resolved. Levi shrugs, she doesn't know and doesn't really care. She says that Dearche and Stern will probably think of something and she'll just tag along with them. Levi asks why Fate wants to know and she replies that it would be nice if they could all be friends. Fate wants to keep talking since she wants to know more about the Materials but Levi is tired of talking and ends the conversation. She then gets a call from Stern (asking why she's been standing around for so long) and from Dearche (telling her to hurry the hell up).

Levi hurries along and runs into Dark Piece Zafira. Boldy proclaiming that she'll protect Stern and Dearche, Levi cuts through Zafira and carries on.

Lastly we have Dearche's route. She finds a Dark Piece Levi who's completely in "destroy everything" mode a-la Material-L. Dearche scolds the Dark Piece for it's audacity to challenge and and destroys it.

Much like before, Hayate calls in to check up on Dearche. Dearche immediately blows her lid and wants to know why Hayate is even talking to her. Hayate replies that it's only natural to check up on her, since they'll be working together. Dearche's response is that this is only a temporary alliance as their goals happen to be the same and that she has no intent to ever get along with Hayate. Hayate says that even if it's only temporary, as long as they are on the same side they should collaborate together. Stern agrees with this idea and Levi says that Dearche should show Hayate (or "little raven-chin" as she calls her) her magnanimous side. Dearche, ego suitably stroked, is now more open to the idea and asks what Hayate wants. Hayate wants to invite the Materials over once the job is done, she also says that since Levi said they don't have any plans she could help them find a place where they could play as much as they want. Dearche instantly rejects the offer, she can't stand the idea of owing anything to Hayate. Hayate tries to calm Dearche down but she's not listening, instead she's listing off a number of death threats and punishments. Stern also tries to calm Dearche down, saying that Hayate isn't as bad Dearche thinks. Dearche whips around and demands to know if Stern's mind has been poisoned by beam lolis. Stern replies that this is the most logical course of action and that staying calm is important, further adding that she should cool her head down a bit. Levi pipes in, saying that they have a fire user and an electric user but not an ice user. If Dearche learnt ice magic then she could use it to cool herself off! Dearche is annoyed, asking if her fellow Materials respect her or not. Stern answers that even as she continues to make snide remarks she will always follow her king. This isn't exactly the answer Dearche wanted, which annoys her further. Hayate apologises for upsetting Dearche and says she really does want to talk to them after U-D is dealt with. Stern talks over talking for Dearche and says that all they will promise to do is listen to what she has to say and no more. Levi states that if what Hayate says is insulting to her king then she won't let Hayate get off the hook so easily.

Dearche wants to know what Stern is thinking, co-operating with Hayate. She replies that she's doing this for her king's sake, for a world covered in warm darkness. Levi adds that they never had a real goal in the first place and asks Dearche what she wants to do afterwards. Dearche states that she intends to absorb all of the others into herself. Levi becomes upset, since she doesn't want her friends (Original, Black Feathers and Bushido) to go away before she could play with them again. Stern adds that she doesn't want Nanoha to be absorbed either. Dearche grumbles, calling them selfish. Stern replies that the world has changed since Ancient Belkan times, the world isn't drowning in war and chaos. In this time of peace the ways of the world and the definitions of ambition and selfishness have changed. She again states that she is only thinking about her king's reign and freedom, to which Levi says that she is doing the same thing. Dearche says that this is natural, since they are her retainers but she's calm down quite a bit now. She still manages to fit in another complaint about Hayate, saying that it's her fault that they're even having this touchy-feely conversation.

Finally, Dearche finds a Dark Piece Signum. Dearche remembers that Signum is the one who killed her back in BoA so she just completely annihilates Signum. She's disappointed at how easy it was though.

A large dimensional quake erupts suddenly, it's System U-D. Stern says that U-D has powered up a further 8% and at this rate she will become unstoppable even with Nanoha and co's combined powers. Dearche asks if the 3 of them could take on U-D now, before she fully powers up. Stern says it's impossible, to which Dearche replies that she's going to bomb U-D anyway. Stern says that it should be her job to confront U-D as Dearche needs her strength so she can attempt to control U-D afterwards. Stern also says that it was always impossible right from the start for U-D to be stopped by the Materials, which is why she chose to work together with Nanoha. However, U-D is growing to powerful and she needs to stop recharging. Stern states that she's prepared for this, as she's planning to sacrifice her physical form to try and stop U-D. The other Materials immediately reject this idea. Dearche says that since U-D is so strong, she could easily erase Stern's system code and thus permanently kill her. Stern replies that U-D could also do the same to Dearche, which is why she's doing it instead. Only Dearche's kingship, coupled with the Book of the Purple Sky, stands a chance of bringing U-D under control. Dearche is simply too valuable to lose.

Stern then binds the two of them and asks for their forgiveness. She then asks Levi to watch over Dearche as she flies away, saying that as the Flame of Destruction that will open a path for her king, she will have no regrets if she burns out in her duty. Levi, with her sheer strength, breaks through Stern's bind and catches up to Stern. Levi says that Stern is just lying to herself and that in the end she really would regret it if she was to die here.

And so the two of them finally confront U-D. You can choose either Stern or Levi for this fight, it doesn't make any difference in the end. U-D says that she has no hope of ever being rescued and that she only expects a future of further destruction ahead of her as that is why she was created. She then warns the two of them to leave as her power is too great and uncontrollable. Levi will reply that power without a goal isn't worth it while Stern will say that she has the utmost faith in Dearche and believes that U-D's rampage can be stopped.

After the battle, U-D will emerge victorious and clutch the player (Stern or Levi) in her claws. Dearche will scream (player character)'s name as U-D prepares to crush them. However, the other Material will rush in and attack U-D from behind using the anti-UD cartridge.

It doesn't work. Both Materials are killed.

U-D has taken quite the hit though and escapes. Dearche rushes to the scene and cradles both of her retainers. Dearche says that she's preparing to share her magic to save them but Levi and Stern refuse her help, Stern saying that the opposite should be happening instead. They start to fade away as they sacrifice themselves for their king while Dearche demands that they stop and that she doesn't need their power.

Stern says that they can no longer fight so they'll put all their trust in their king. Levi says that it's always been Dearche's dream to have true power and now she has it. Dearche replies that what use is a king without any followers and again orders them to stop. Stern responds by saying that if Dearche cannot be anything other than a king then she and Levi can never be anything but her loyal retainers. Levi says that their power and their dreams will be in Dearche's hands from now on.

They both disappear and are absorbed into Dearche's body.

Nanoha, Fate, Hayate and Reinforce soon arrive. Hayate asks if the Materials will be able to respawn like they usually do. Dearche snaps that of course they can and she won't let it end like this. She tries to fly over and fight U-D immediately but Reinforce stops her, saying that her retainers' data is unstable - if Dearche falls then the Materials will be gone forever. Dearche threatens to kill Reinforce on the spot if she doesn't move out of her way, she is in absolutely no mood for discussion right now. Nanoha suggests that if Dearche is going to go and fight U-D now and cannot be stopped then they should initiate the plan now. Soon, almost every single character converges onto U-D's location to begin the final battle.


Soon, all 15 (Yuuno and the Lieze twins aren't coming) have arrived. Chrono quickly goes over the battle plan: team one (Chrono, Einhart, Kyrie, Shamal, Zafira, Signum and Vita) will buy some time for team 2 (Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Dearche, Vivio, Amitie, Reinforce and Thoma) to get ready. Their job is to also weaken System U-D enough so that the Anti-UD cartridge works this time.

After a massive fight, U-D is still surprisingly holding out. However, she notes that she is unable to power up at the same rate as before - Stern and Levi's desperation attack managed to stall U-D recharging after all. However, U-D starts screaming and starts to recharge again, causing her to change appearance.

Kyrie identifies that the Examina is reaching full power while Einhart thinks that U-D is crying. Vita says that Stern once told her that when U-D reaches this stage, she would cause a never-ending cycle of destruction.

Nanoha calls in, saying that team 2 has arrived while Fate says that they're starting their phase of the plan. Amitie winces and Vivio notices, asking if anything is wrong. Amitie quickly waves it off, saying that she's totally fine. Hayate says that they're entering the combat zone so everyone should get ready.

In this section, everyone has something to say to U-D. In fact, if you launch a Full Drive Burst (special move) on her they'll engage in conversation as they fight.

What happens next? Who knows, cliff hanger time.

How long have you been holding on to that cliff edge? Pull yourself up, it's time for the final battle!


So, team 2 has arrived and the battle begins. There are 7 possible choices, I'm going to briefly go through each one. Naturally, there is a bunch of touchy feely talking going on. I mentioned this earlier but they'll even talk when you launch a Full Drive Burst on them.


First up is the titular character, Nanoha.

U-D: Who are you?

Nanoha: It's a pleasure to meet you... You haven't seen me yet, I guess. I'm
Takamachi Nanoha. I've come for you, the lost child...

U-D: I am not lost... Just now... I have obtained the power to exist alone!

Nanoha: You are lost... Surely, you were always confused. In the past, I was confused as well... It was sad being alone... I hated myself who couldn't do anything... But, that all changed. I've met with magic, I've met important friends.

U-D: You and I are different.

Nanoha: Even so, right now we are in the same time and under the same sky. That's why we can talk like this. With meetings, the world will definitely expand.

U-D: I... The world...

Nanoha: Let's change together, U-D! There are people waiting who would care for you!

U-D: (screams)

(During Full Drive Burst)

U-D: Your wings could have saved a lot of people... If only you never met me.

Nanoha: Here I go U-D! We will definitely save you! Zenryoku Zenkai! Starlight Breaker! Blast! Shoot!


Next up is Fate.

U-D: Who are you? Why are you here?

Fate: I've come for you.. Because there are people waiting for you.

U-D: Nobody is waiting for me. In the past, the present and even the future. It
would be best that I be left alone. In that case, nobody would be sad. As long as nobody gets close to me.

Fate: You're kind, aren't you? But if that's the case, you would be sad. It's fine to act strong... But it's better if you try to be honest as well.

U-D: I... Cannot do that.

Fate: You can do it, definitely! Please realize you're not alone! There are people waiting for you! Program Cartridge load. Drive Ignition! I and Bardiche will save you from that emptiness!

U-D: (screams)

(Durning FDB)

U-D: The kind Flash... Destroying you makes my heart hurt. With this... Goodbye.

Fate: Don't close your eyes! Open your heart! If you can do that, then it will definitely grant you a future! Jet Zamber!


Here we have Hayate. She unisons with Reinforce just before entering into battle with U-D.

U-D: Mistress of the Night Sky, you're...

Hayate: Let me apologize. Sorry, U-D. I'm the Mistress of the Night Sky yet I wasn't able to notice you. If only I did, you wouldn't have to go through this sadness.

U-D:It's not something you could have done in the first place. More importantly, please hurry and get away from me. If you stay near me, I'll end up destroying you. If I end up taking in even the Power of the Night Sky, I'll definitely...

Hayate: I won't allow that. Besides, me and Reinforce have come to save you.

U-D: Save me?

Hayate: The King is waiting for you, because there is a way to save you.

U-D: Stern and Levi were already destroyed by my hand... Meeting that child, anybody saving me are just illusions.

Hayate: That's not an illusion. It may be difficult, the chances may be slim. Even if that's the case,, if something can be done about it, then it's no longer an illusion but something called hope.

U-D: Those who carry hope will only know despair. I have spent eternity with that in mind!

Hayate: If there is a chance, don't give up! Please wait, U-D. Me and Reinforce, the Mistress of the Night Sky will save you!

(During FDB)

U-D: The Mistress of the Night Sky and her Wings... I didn't want to fight against you. But now... Goodbye.

Hayate: Here I go, Yami-chan! Receive the Blessing of the Night Sky!

Reinforce: Resound and gather!

Hayate: Open the path to the future! Reach her!

Hayate and Reinforce: Ragnarok!


And here we have Amitie. She gets a special extra event if you used Kyrie during the team 1 battle.

Amitie will say that her Variant Zapper is low on power and it's still knocked up from when she previously fought U-D. Just as she's about to fly away, Kyrie will stop her and gives Amitie her device. Kyrie says that she'll let Amitie use them but since they're her treasures she's just lending it to her. Amitie notices that the guns are fully charged, to which Kyrie will respond that it's because she was careful not to use it all up. Amitie figures out that Kyrie is lying and that she just sacrificed her own magic instead though.

Kyrie: For this no-good younger sister's sake... Sorry. Please.

Amitie: What are you saying? It's a request from my cute little sister! BRAVERY 100%!! I'm ready to go!!!


U-D: You again... You didn't learn you're lesson?

Amitie: Putting that matter aside, I must apologize for the trouble my sister caused. Unlike the last time, it's you who I'm going to save now.
-D: It's meaningless... And it's impossible. Nobody can stop me. My despair and my helplessness will not end.

Amitie: I've found out a lot about you. Always alone, but always going ones's own way without recognition from others. You must have been always sad. I'm also a machine created by a human, a Gears. So I can understand some of that sadness.

U-D: I don't need your sympathy. If you would just get away from me, that's enough.
Amitie: It's not sympathy. This is rapport. And of course, I'm here to save you. This meeting, this clash is what gives birth to kindred hearts. No matter how hard you try alone, the heart will not be nurtured. Those are my father's words. There are people who would protect and nurture your heart. You know them right? That black-purple King.

U-D: Dearche... That child too...

Amitie: Yes. That's why you shouldn't mull over this by yourself. For some strange reason, I feel you're like my sister. You're both straightforward and earnest, having a great sense of responsibility. But you are also not comfortable with getting help from others.

U-D: ............

Amitie: But to make such a girl not sad and to make her smile. That's the duty of an older sister!

U-D: You are...

Amitie: An Eltrian Gears. Kyrie Florian's sister and Professor Grants' child, the Florian Family's eldest daughter!

Amitie: AMITIE FLORIAN!!! People close to me call me Amita!~

Amitie: I also got a special treasure from my sister. To make amends with causing trouble, I'm going to save you!

(During FDB)

U-D: You're passion will now end here. Goodbye. Ancient Matrix. (This is the name of U-D's FDB)

Amitie: I will end this never-ending fate! End of destiny! With this bullet, shoot through!


Running out of lolis, here is Vivio!

Vivio: Nice to meet you, U-D

U-D: The Saint Cradle's King? No, you're not her. How...?

Vivio: You know Olivie? Olivie is my ancestor.

U-D: Ancestor? Olivie did not leave any descendants as far as I know.

Vivio: Well... A lot of things happened. You know, talking about the past is fun but... just not now. I've come to save you. If this goes on, U-D will remain lost forever.

U-D: I'm not lost. I was always and ever will be alone.

Vivio: That's called wandering around aimlessly. If you can live alone, that's fine. But that's not true, right? The truth is you want to connect with someone... to do something for the sake of someone else, right?

U-D: A dream that cannot come true is nothing but an illusion. I cannot meet with anyone.

Vivio: If you have a wish you aspire for, let's try and make it come true! If you can't do it alone, it's fine to rely on others!! U-D definitely has the power to grant her own wishes... So please!

U-D: If I admire it I'll just become sad... In that case, it's better to lock up that dream.

Vivio: Please don't say that admiring your dream is sad... If your eyes will stay close, I'll help open them for you!

U-D: You... will be destroyed as well.

Vivio: I won't! I'm weak as well. I feel like I'm going to be crushed many times... If I do my best in moving onwards, I'll definitely live onto the future! This is what I was thought! U-D, you also have people waiting for you. That bad-mouthed and rather hard to place, but definitely kind King.

U-D: The King?

Vivio: So please don't cry. Come here...!

(During FDB)

U-D: If a dream cannot be granted, it's better not to see it. That's why... with this... Goodbye.

Vivio: Please don't cry anymore... Because there are people waiting for you! Sacred! Blazer!


Here we have Thoma and Li-NO DON'T GO YET WE'RE ALMOST DONE

U-D: You... You too are from another time.

Thoma: Ah. So I do look like that? I was born on an Administrated Planet, though.

U-D: Our appearances stand out a lot after all.

Thoma: Hey, U-D, there are people waiting for you. Can't you come with me?

Lily: You know her right? That rather unpleasant but strangely cute King?

U-D: The King? The King only wants my Examia... only wants the power of the Unbreakable Darkness.

Thoma: That's wrong. Those kids were one with you all that time.

Lily: You were born the same way, birds of the same feathers.

U-D: That may be true... But now that's an illusion. I'm already broken. I can't do anything but destroy.

Thoma: You know, a long time ago... No, just a short time ago actually. The same thing happened to me. So much happened. I ended up attacking anyone I got close to. I became a slaughtering machine.

U-D: ......

Thoma: There was nothing to be done. That's why I planned to die alone so I wouldn't cause trouble to anyone. But I was saved... by a lot of people

Lily: Me and Thoma now live with those people and are able to work properly.

Thoma: That's why, you mustn't give up, U-D! Even if you think it's hopeless, things will unexpectedly work out!

Lily: What lies beyond not giving up are lucky and happy things you can do. That's what everybody thought us!

U-D: But... I-

Thoma: It's alright! If you can't stop yourself, WE'LL stop you!

Lily: That's right! We'll definitely save you!!

(During FDB)

U-D: If you also carry the power of destruction, it would have been nice to understand each other. But... Sorry. Goodbye.

Silver Cross: Hyper Drive: Engaged


Lily: With the King and the others... We will definitely save you!

Thoma: With this, everything-

Thoma and Lily: WILL RESET TO ZERO!!!


Last but least, Dearche!

U-D: King... Why are you here?

Dearche: As if you had to ask. I have arrived to take you by my hand.

U-D: You... cannot hope to match me. Even Stern and Levi... I've already destroyed them.

Dearche: Do not make me laugh. Those 2 aren't destroyed. They have given me their power and are just resting.

U-D: Even if that's the case. How do you plan on obtaining me?

Dearche: I will make your power mine and control it! That was my wish right from the start.

U-D: Obtaining infinite power... Even if we assume you can control it, what do you plan on doing?

Dearche: You have a point. Destroying this world into tiny little pieces sounds good, but I have thought of another idea.
I will go into a world where people like trash do not exist. There I will realize my Kingship from zero.

U-D: That's only an adventure in a dream... You cannot accomplish that.

Dearche: I don't care about being able to do it or not. But, whether to do it or not is my prerogative. This is not a pointless request but an order. Come to my side, U-D!

U-D: Even you... Like Stern and Levi will be destroyed.

Dearche: FOOL! I won't be destroyed! Inside my body, the power of the Stars and Lightning has been entrusted. These powers have lead me to the path of reclaiming you! Above all that, I am unbreakable! Carrying these powers, I will wrench you out of that eternal torment!

(During FDB)

U-D: I don't want to destroy you. But... This is goodbye. All of us will...

Dearche: Gather! Stars and lightning, back into my darkness! This is MY Unbreakable Darkness! The power of a King!! Fall, Juggernaut!


Either way, after you win U-D's Examina will be temporarily knocked out and her arms will explode.

Dearche will then attempt to bring U-D under control, causing a massive explosion.

U-D: (screaming)

Dearche: Stop crying! Your despair... will be crushed by my darkness!

There is a blinding flash of light, making everything look white. U-D is knocked out of the sky and starts falling, her Examina broken. She wonders if she's dead as she can't see or hear anything. Dearche comes screaming out of the sky straight towards U-D. She catches her and carries her bridal style, asking if she's alright. U-D is shocked and surprised but she's too tired to react. Dearche explains that the plan was to knock out the Examina, just long enough for Dearche to force as much magic as she could into U-D's system code and hack her back into control. She also says that this is similar to how Hayate took control of Reinforce during the end of A's.

Dearche gloats that it was because of the combined powers of the Materials that the matter was solved. She also says that would of preferred to do it without the help of Hayate and friends but the important thing is that U-D's destructive impulses have stopped - Dearche has excercised her kingship over U-D, bringing her under her control. U-D starts to ask why Dearche is helping her but Dearche continues explaining. Once upon a time, the Materials and U-D used to be part of the Eternal Ring Program. This program was separated into four components; Stern (representing wisdom) and Levi (representing power) act as retainers for Dearche (representing kingship and the power to rule). The Materials all followed an additional master however, their sovereign U-D. U-D says that she doesn't remember any of this but Dearche says she doesn't need to. Dearche says that they too have forgotten for a long time but even then they were always looking for her. She goes on further, saying that now that they have found her they will never let her be lonely or cry again. She apologises for taking so long but says that U-D has nothing to worry about anymore and that she can finally come to her side. U-D is very happy and thanks Dearche, calling her king. Dearche says that even though U-D may be small she's still their leader. She also says that she wants U-D to call her by her name, not as king. U-D agrees and Dearche is pleased.

Dearche also says that a long time ago, before she became System Unbreakable Darkness, she was a human girl named Yuri Eberwein. Dearche says that from now on, this is what everyone will be calling her and if she's okay with it. U-D is just as happy as Reinforce was with her name change. Dearche realises that they're taking too long and that she needs to go check in with "the idiot and the other trash" (aka Hayate and everyone else) before they kick up a fuss.

Dearche flies out of the light and checks in with Hayate and co. They kick up a fuss. Hayate starts calling for Shamal but Dearche just screams at her to shut the hell up since Yuri fell asleep (even though Dearche was way louder). Hayate is about to make a smart-ass reply but changes her mind. Nanoha asks if "Yuri" is what she's calling U-D now and Dearche says that it's her name so they should call her Yuri and not U-D. Fate and Nanoha instantly come to the same conclusion that Dearche just made the name up on the spot, like how Hayate made up Reinforce's name. Dearche is about to scream at them again but is suddenly struck by an acute sense of "I really don't give a s##t anymore", instead demanding to be given a place to rest. She then flies away with a sleeping Yuri in her arms.


Now that everything is over, the cast are packing up and doing the final clean-up. The case is recorded as the Unbreakable-Darkness Incident and everyone retires back to the Arthra for some rest.

The Vivid/Force group are sitting at a table together, completely tired.

Vita comments that they'll have some weak and annoying brats to take of in the future while Nanoha says that they got some great help from them. Signum says that she heard that Nanoha will one day be Vivio's mother. Apparently, Kyrie warned Vivio not to get too close to Nanoha in case she causes a paradox. Apparently, Vivio doesn't give a damn about what Kyrie says because she's already told Nanoha everything, even calling her "little-mama". They get along great and it is adorable. Meanwhile, Hayate is poking Thoma while demanding to know why he's so afraid of her. Thoma is too scared to answer, causing even more poking.

Kyrie appears and says that it's best that they know as little of the future as possible. Next to her, Amitie says that since they know too much they're going to seal their memories in order to preserve the time line. Nanoha is disappointed but Kyrie responds by teasingly saying that if the future changes then maybe Vivio won't become Nanoha's daughter. Nanoha and Vivio both exclaim that they wouldn't want that to happen, shocking Fate at how in sync they are. Amitie adds that in Thoma and Lily's case, it would be really bad if there was even a small divergence in their futures. Kyrie says that they will seal only the memories concerning time travel. They will still remember the Purple Sky group and the Florians but the future group won't remember the past group and vice-versa. Hayate asks why they don't erase everything, to which Kyrie answers that if they remember a little bit, they'll just dismiss any further information about these events as part of what they remember. If they forgot everything, when they come across something that reminds them of this event then they might remember everything. She also explains that for the sake of convenience, they will remember the Florians as people from a non-administered planet.

Mariel asks if the info obtained from Amitie and Kyrie should be deleted from the TSAB's records, to which Chrono says that since this involves the illegal use of a lost logia it would be easier if everyone could just forget about it afterwards. Nanoha asks if Vivio and co will be able to return to their own times and Amitie asys they'll drop them off along the way back to Eltria. Kyrie says that using Dearche and Yuri's powers, they'll have more than enough juice to make the multiple trips.

Just as Fate is asking where the Materials are now, Dearche snaps at her from behind, saying that she shouldn't talk of her so familiarly. Everyone (except Dearche) congratulates on another on their hard work while Yuri thanks them all. Dearche announces that now that everything is over, it's time for the real job to begin: she's going to kill them all on the spot and let the world tremble before the powers of her darkness. Nanoha just nods and says "okay". Dearche then says that since this world is too restrictive, they'll be joining Redhead and Pinkie (what she actually calls them) in the future of Eltria. Fate asks if that's okay and Amitie says that it's fine. Levi is super excited, since Eltria is apparently some kind of video game world filled with monsters, treasure and dungeons.

Stern says that since they'll all be living there from now on, the Materials will work together with Yuri to restore Eltria and stop it's decay. Yuri is happy to be able to use her powers for revitalization instead of destruction. Nanoha is a little sad since this means that they won't be able to see the Materials anymore, to which Levi answers that as sad as it is, she would get super bored if she had to stay here. Nanoha asks Stern about their promise to have a rematch, to which Stern answers that they will surely meet again one day. Even if they have to wait a long time and they've become adults. Nanoha agrees that they'll meet again one day.

Meanwhile, Hayate tries to talk with Dearche. It ain't going so well. Hayate says that she'll miss Dearche when she's gone, to which Dearche says that she's had enough of Hayate's foolishness and her stupid way of talking so she'll be glad to leave. Hayate giggles, saying that Dearche is so mean even though they're like sisters. Dearche loses her shit and screams at Hayate, daring her to say it again. Hayate's response?

"You can call me onee-chan, you know~?"

Dearche completely goes berserk and tries to take the conversation outside so she can explode the crap out of her. Stern cuts in and asks Hayate to stop the teasing as this is going to result in a lot of trouble if Dearche finally erupts. With this out of the way, the memory wipes are done and the future peeps go back to their own times.


Some time later Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are discussing the Unbreakable-Darkness incident. Nanoha says that she vaguely remembers something about a little girl who could grow bigger but she doesn't remember anymore than that. Hayate says that she really liked that girl and Fate says that she's sure Nanoha and her will meet again some day.

Meanwhile, in the Vivid timeline Vivio and Einhart are jogging together. Vivio says that she had this dream where she met a lot of people and some stuff happened but she can't really remember any of it. Einhart says that she had the same dream. Nanoha and Fate arrive, bearing snacks and saying that Nove, Rio and Corona will be coming soon.

Meanwhile again, in the Force timeline Thoma, Lily and Isis are getting a lecture from Hayate for breaking some training equipment.

Thoma and Lily says that they had this weird dream and they wanted to try out some of the things they saw in it. Vita snaps back that she doesn't give a damn about their excuses, they broke the equipment and nothing they say will change that fact. Hayate says in a sing song tone of voice that they're causing trouble for the maintenance crew as well, her tone becoming more and more amused as she goes on. Isis, sensing that this is a sign that she is f##ked, desperately tries to say that at least their abilities improved and they worked out a new combination. Vita replies that, again, the point is that they broke the goddamn training equipment and nothing they say will change that. Hayate tells everyone to calm down and that she has a solution. She wants to see what they did to break the equipment so she'll be testing them personally. In fact, she's going to invite Nanoha along as well. Vita says that she'll join them too. Thoma screams with tears on the inside at the thought of being gang-raped by Nanoha, Hayate and Vita at the same time.

God, just LOOK at Vita's trolling smirk!

Meanwhile again again, the Purple Sky group and settled down on Eltria nicely. Eltria is still dying but at a slower pace and there is even signs of improvement. Everyone is doing their best, although Dearche will occasionally complain about it. Levi is having the time of her life playing real-life Monster Hunter, saving towns and villages completely by accident. Stern has created water purification systems while Dearche is using the Book of the Purple Sky to research magic that can be used to help the people and the environment.

Grant Florian, the professor who built the Gears, has already passed away at this point. His efforts didn't save the planet but his creations will do it in his place. He was able to die a happy man as his dreams of saving his home planet finally became a real possibility.

Kyrie says that she is happy that she was finally able to show Grant the start of his dreams coming true. Amitie says that it's thanks to the Purple Sky group that this was possible and thanks Kyrie for bringing them here. Kyrie asks if Amitie is being sarcastic since in the end she couldn't do anything right and screwed up. Amitie says she's being honest and that it's thanks to everyone including the mages from before that everything is going so well.

And so the story of the Gears of Destiny comes to an end~


Ha, yeah right.

NEXT TIME! The true conclusion! The tale of Yuri's every day life in the happy world of Eltria~

Here we are, the true end of Gears of Destiny!


It's been quite some time since the last time we've seen the Eltria group. The planet's recovery is going well but there is still the issue of monsters to do deal. That's why today, everyone is have a friendly practise match to keep their skills sharp. As before, they will talk to each other during their FDB.

First up is Yuri vs Stern. Stern seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Yuri as she usually has a smile on her face around her. Amitie calls out to Yuri from the sidelines, saying that since Yuri isn't very good at holding back she shouldn't overdo it. Kyrie says that they should try to avoid making any craters and Yuri says she'll do her best. However, Stern has other ideas. She wants Yuri to go all out against her. Levi notices that judging by her facial expression, Stern is just itching to test herself against Yuri's full power. Dearche says that she doesn't get the point of such a useless match and retreats to a safe distance. Kyrie tags along, which annoys Dearche. Stern says that everyone is as lively as usual and prepares to fight.

(During FDB)
Stern: Now, Yuri... Receive my flames! Shin Luciferion Breaker! Fire!

Yuri: Now... Here I come, Stern! Ancient Matrix! Dokaaann~desu!

After the match, Yuri thanks Stern for the training session and says that it was helpful. Stern says that she's happy to hear it but thinks to herself that if she's going to lose this easily, she'll need to train harder to be able to match Nanoha one day.

Levi calls out that her turn is next. She's eager to see which is stronger, Yuri's Soul Wings or her Vulnificus.

(During FBD)

Levi: Yuri! A battle like this is fun, right? Here I go! Dukyuuun! Eternal Thunder Sword!! Slay the living!!!

Yuri: Now... Here I come, Levi! Be taken away by the fire of darkness! Blood Flame Sword!! One-Hit Sure-Kill!

Afterwards, Yuri will tell Levi to stop because she's taking it too seriously and it's really starting to hurt. Levi pouts, saying that she didn't want to lose. She suddenly gets upset and demands a rematch. Yuri giggles, saying that she's fine with it but Amitie scolds Levi for getting too fired up. Dearche says that the playfulness of those two is endless and Kyrie agrees.

Kyrie then says that she hasn't moved around much lately so she'll be taking the next match. Levi sulks at this since she wanted another go but Kyrie says that this is just how it works. She then playfully warns Yuri that her Variant Zapper has a full charge so getting too close would be dangerous. Yuri says that this just means that she'll face it head-on. Kyrie blinks and then notices that Yuri has been influenced a lot by Amitie and Dearche lately. Yuri is surprised to hear this and asks why she thinks so. Kyrie points out 3 things: Yuri is always polite, Yuri is acting unreasonably hot-blooded and forward, Yuri is an airhead. Yuri replies that she's always been polite and an airhead but she's not sure about the hot-blooded thing. Levi comments that Yuri does spend a lot of time with Amitie. Amitie says that this is because she and Yuri usually go on the same missions together so they end up spending a lot of time together.

Stern then says that Dearche will sometimes get depressed while saying "Yuri isn't coming home a lot..." to herself. Dearche completely denies this and threatens to explode Stern on the spot, saying that Stern doesn't respect her after all. Stern replies, in the most monotone voice posssible, that she totally respects Dearche. Dearche tells Stern to lie down so she can launch Inferno on her from above, to which Stern refuses. Kyrie says that they'll never get anything done if they keep watching so they might as well start now. Yuri thinks to herself that this was Kyrie's fault in the first place but doesn't say anything.

(During FDB)

Kyrie: Yoisho! Here I go~! Slash Rave Impact! One... Two! DOKAAAN!

Yuri: Here I come, Kyrie! Ancient Matrix! Toryaaa~~~!

Afterwards, Yuri is happy she won while Kyrie is a little disappointed. Dearche says that if Kyrie was to use her "cowardly ways" then she wouldn't lose a single battle. Levi cheerfully pipes in, calling Kyrie "the cheating genius". Kyrie awkwardly laughs it off, saying that she doesn't feel like she's being praised at all. Amitie tries to defend her sister, saying that she's just using her head and Yuri backs her up by saying that Kyrie's strengths lie outside simple fights like this. Kyrie cheers up and thanks Yuri, patting her on the head.

Amitie asks if Dearche wants the next match, to which Dearche replies if she thinks the king really needs to practice to stay on top. Yuri says that she'd love to go against Dearche though, she wants to fight against someone specializing in long-range magic. Dearche changes her mind immediately and agrees to fight but she does it in that typical tsundere fashion. The Florians both think to themselves about how easy it was for Yuri to convince Dearche.

Yuri says that she wants to again thank Dearche. Dearche asks what for and Yuri answers that it's for saving her and bringing her to "this beautiful blue sky". Dearche scoffs, saying that she doesn't need thanks and that she was just doing what she had to. Yuri says that even if that's the case, she'll still thank Dearche for her kindness.

And then she says that she loves Dearche.

Dearche reacts badly to this, saying that just hearing that caused a chill to run down her spine. She demands if Yuri has forgotten that Dearche is born as the king of darkness. Yuri replies that Dearche is important to her and that she hasn't forgotten that Dearche is king. She's still going to say that she loves Dearche as much as she wants though. Dearche starts screaming, embarrassed. She dives into battle, saying that she'll shut Yuri's mouth herself.

(During FDB)

Dearche: (In a very flustered tone) Geez! Saying such embarrassing things all the time! Be swallowed in the darkness and reflect on your actions! Juggernaut!

Yuri: I'll pierce through Dearche's heart! Here I go~!! HEARTBREAK MATRIX~❤!

Yuri is happy she won while Dearche is clearly upset. Dearche then goes into denial and blames it on the fact that she's feeling a little hungry and that Yuri is just having a good day today. Yuri says that after their done with the practice matches, they should all eat dinner and that she made it herself today. Dearche flails, screaming at Yuri not to read her mind. Yuri doesn't get it but says that she wouldn't even if she could. Kyrie says that those two get along well while Amitie says that their like parent and child. Stern says that it's wonderful that the Lord of Darkness and the Sovereign of the Purple Sky can get along so well. Levi says that it's nice and all but she's hungry now. Amitie then calls out to Yuri, saying that she'll be the last opponent.

Yuri says that it was a good thing that the Florians went back in time and when Amitie asks why she answers by saying that if they hadn't, she would of eventually broken out of the Book of Darkness and went on a rampage. She would of probably have killed Nanoha and co but she's confident that the Materials would of managed somehow. Amitie says that she didn't do anything special, agreeing that the Materials could of done something. She then goes into time travel theory, saying that even if they interfered in the past, people and history won't change so easily. She describes it by saying that a ripple in a lake doesn't affect the fish. Yuri wonders about this but Amitie says that this is what she believes, that humans will march towards their futures full of confidence. She says that this is also why she likes strong and earnest people and that meeting everyone made her love humans even more. Yuri agrees, saying that she loves Eltria and it's residents too. Completely apropos to nothing, they decide to break out into something you'd expect to hear from Gurren Lagann.

Yuri: Today, tomorrow and the day after that!
Amita: Our wishes are one! To once again make the planet green!
Yuri: In order to achieve that dream-
Amita: Yes! We'll go forth full of expectations!

Kyrie comments that those two are really similar after all and Stern agrees.

(During FDB)

Yuri: Passion, hot blood, burning feelings! With all this things Amita thought me, I'll keep on doing my best!

Afterwards, Kyrie teases Amitie for losing. Stern says that she's also hungry now and that it's time they all went home. Levi bounces around, saying that she picked some fruit last night and that it's waiting for them all in the car. Dearche praises Levi for this and Amitie calls out that they're all heading home now.

Looking at the sky, Amitie thinks about her friends from the other timelines. She hopes that they're doing well and that everyone on Eltria always talk about meeting them again, even if they're separated by time and space. They won't forget meeting and being saved by them. When Eltria is fully restored, she'd like them to come visit one day.

Until that day, she and the others will spend everyday doing their best and living to the fullest, never forgetting to smile...

AND THERE WE GO! Gears of Destiny is now officially over! Of course, if this wasn't enough then feel free to go look for the GoD sound stages too~ The last CG is nice ain't it? I wish it was bigger, it'd make a nice wallpaper~ I wonder if I should do a gameplay guide next, would anyone be interested? See ya next time~!

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I've read Force (for the story I'm working on) and I'll tell you what Hayate is in Force, and I quote, she is a "Stupid Racoon Girl". That may sound harsh, but it's true though, it's exactly what she is!

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I can't wait for the conclusion! I just have to say thanks for putting your time into telling everyone about the game and story, it helps me out a lot too.

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There's still more!? Ooooh, I can't wait, since this is good research material for my story. I wasn't going to say anything too pushy, and forgive me if I sound a little like a jerk, but please do the next one as soon as you can really fast please.

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GoD summary complete! Don't worry about it, I'm happy to deliver~ I'd love to read this story of yours as well~!

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well, i have to finish my rough draft of the first chapter then tweak it, but thanks! and you should do a gameplay guide as well for the fun of it.

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I guess you're using the fan names for the material in wich case you may find an unpleasant surprise when you get to the G.O.D. storyline where their canon names are finally revealed xDU

Yay! Signum saved the day xD!

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I'm well aware of their real names myself (and I prefer them actually). Once I get around to GOD I'll announce their real names as well~

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I had both. It's just a pain to actually play them since it's in Japanese. But it's still worth it just listening to them talk and just push random buttons to fight. Lol.

Sorry for the pointless comment.

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Agreed, I have no idea what anyone is saying (and since everyone loves to go all poetic about their feelings they have massives speeches) the talky bits can be quite troublesome ^^;;

It's good to stick around for the CG at least though~ Freaking hell, I need to finish this huh? I'll do it as soon as I get my ass in gear and finish this assignment.

So I'll be seeing you all in November then.

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Well, if you watch so many Animes before you might have an idea on what they're saying. At least...

So you've finished the game yet? I just started and I'm having a hard time playing it.

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Yep, finished it almost 100%~ Just getting the last few costumes and stuff. What part are you stuck on, exactly? I might do a gameplay guide after I get the story stuff out of the way as well...

Is it something U-D related? 90% of the problems I had with the game was trying to not die against U-D. Just hit her once and then run away for the rest of the battle until time runs out if you can't win in a fair fight, technical wins are still wins after all.

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I stopped playing after defeating the second battle in Fate's story. I'm a busy old man. Haha.

Sorry, I don't think I would even go that far in the game. *sweat drop*

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If I ever learn Japanese in the future, I will get these games and play them. But until then, please continue the summary please!

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After reading the synopsis of Gears of Destiny I got a need to do something about helping bring about a translated version. Since the aces's routes through the game have been translated over on AnimeSuki, back in the day I decided to try out Battle of the Aces and see if I can modify it.

It's not particulary deep and I feel like range focused characters have a definite advantage, to the point where while playing on the Nanoha's part the only characters that gave me trouble are Zafira (because his auto guard blocks a lot of my shots and he has the skills to force me to fight close to him) and Reinforce can be annoying since she has quick cast beams that can track you even through dodges. This might be a artifact of the AI not being the smartest tool in the toolbox, which is probably exemplified by Signum who is ruined by it. Signum has a lot of short to medum ranged attacks, BUT the AI seems not to be able to understand that her attacks have an actual range, so she will happily continue spamming attacks that have no way in hell of reaching me.

By now I have completed 4 paths and I have lost not once. Then again I was playing as the Aces and Rein where I could exploit ranged shenanigans. Considering that I'm terrible in melee (I have the reflexes of a dead horse) it's likely going to be more difficult going with some of the other chars.

By contrast I tried to play the second game and had my shit ruined in the first fight.

Then again I don't mind the game being easy, I like curb stomping my foes.

As for the possibility of modification, that is a bust for now since while I have figured out how to decode the files that contain the subtitled dialogue, I was not able to find the scripts that do the reverse and the tools the Chinese used to do it for their localization are gone.

BTW if anyone is interested this is how you decode the files as far as I could figure it out:

DISCLAMER: Even though I have a CS degree I'm faaaaar from somebody that is comfortable with this kind of low level work/hacks. As such most of this is based not much on my expirience as on cobbled together info I was able to glean from the Internet. So the thanks should go there.
As for how did I do it, the dialogue seems to be contained in the story pac files. They are labeled according to which stage and whoose story they do. So Nanoha's prologue is in PSP_GAME\USRDIR\story_na_prologue.pac, but just opening the file in notepad won't do since that file is actually an archive containing multiple files. The archive can be extracted using quickbms's Add Pac script. Now that you have extracted the files from the pac archive one of them should be story_na_prologue.asm, but that one has been compressed using LZS compression (not much deduction needed when the first word in the file is LZS) and to uncompress it use LZS script for quickbms. This should give you the uncompressed story_na_prologue.asm file that contains the text that the characters speak in the Prologue of Nanoha's run and addresses of the sound files. You should be able to spot towards the end the Rising Heart's lines since they will be the ones that can be understood meaning even though we don't know how did they encode the japanese characters, ASCII should work for English

As the modification route is a bust I decided to see how difficult it would be to simply provide subtitled versions of the cutscenes, and the answer is it's not that problematic and the following is a sort of proof of concept:
Subtitled version of Prologue and Stage one on Nanoha's path in Battle of the Aces

I decided to cut 99% of combat since with Nanoha it tends to favor repetition, bind, beam, bind beam, beam beam bind dodge etc.

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Translated stages 2-4 of Nanoha's run:

I only really read the translation as I was adding the subs and couple of things surprised me. For example since I did not know what Shamal was saying to me before I finished recording, I learned too late about her situation and her possible post battle dialogue. As is I trounced her ridiculously since her AI is terrible, but after I learned that she knows that you DESTROYED her only friends (Dark Piece Shamal has memories of Shamal from before Hayate), and now understandably wants revenge and is willing to give it her best shot to defeat Nanoha. But since I trounced her handily in the end on top of the anguish of loosing what she considered her only family, she was not able to do ANYTING against and has FAILED her companions. Had I known that I might have gone easier on her and let her do some damage to me at least so she is somewhat content.

The standout is Hayate, who completely no sells the entire angst thing that Dark Peaces have and is just as happy as the real one and only wants a practice match with Nanoha. And since I bungled that match through overconfidence and she nearly ripped my/Nanoha's face in melee she is happy for it. Nanoha even doesn't have the stomach to tell her that she is not real.

In general it seems that this game is another supplemental material that does more and better Hayate than the main continuity.

Up next Dark Piece Reinforce, and THEN me and Sek.. no Stern get to rip each other to shreads in a proper beam spam battle.

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Well to be fair the game can't be all sad.

The idea that the Dark Fragments are sentient is fuck up enough when you start to think about it. The show, and so the game, usually stays away from long term implications of what that could mean since... yeah, it will make you feel horrible.

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Well their sentience is kind of questionable. They are more snapshots of darkest moments of the mages that fought the Darkness of the Book of the Night sky, which is running their though processes essentially in a loop focusing them on their negative emotions. They show active inability to understand new infomration that is not available to them. You don't really kill them, they fade away as soon as you solve their issues, which in most cases involves stopping them.

But yeah it would be a bit too bleak if only thing you did was fight your friends and watch them fade away in despair.

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Final Nanoha's stage + Epilogue


First off the translation seems to be the worst in this one especially during the Nanoha/Stern pre battle speech. You can get the gist of what supposedly was being said in Japanese, the usual Nanoha's spiel about understanding being important to the point that it's okay to fight if it leads to it and that she has the power to change things by blowing stuff up, but it's still head scratching at times. I was debating changing those lines along the lines of what I thought they were supposed to say but abstained since I don't know Japanese and would be changing the meaning based on a secondary a bit unreliable source.

The battle with Reinforce reminded me of how annoying it is to fight her. She is not really that strong, they explain it in the background by her slowly loosing her powers as she is transferring her power to Hayate, and this one I fight is a bit of a cheap knock off the Darkness of the Book of Darkness made. What is annoying with her are her really quick cast beams that tend to be able to keep tracking you even through dodges. As can be seen in the video she has hit me multiple times right at the end of my dodge animation. That really should not happen. Also I lost to her one match by being overconfident and trying to end the match fancy like with an SLB. When I god shot down initially I thought it was some bullshit because I was certain my beam blocked her beam. But upon reviewing the footage I see that what got me was the beam from her orb which I did not notice.

Reinforce dialogue was nice, and the part with Stern while not being as good as I thought it might be was still the birthplace of a a nice good frienemity. Also this quote by Nanoha is nice:

"I had to shoot out their sadness with my magic." - When you have a hammer ...

Also from the previous one:

"Yuuno-kun's words are always easy to understand, and makes me feel better...... so I'm glad!" - because most of his explanations and suggestions to you involve words like attack, hit, defeat, destroy, annihilate and such. And it's a reference to a part in A's I think where Yunno is explaining to Nanoha how to wake the Book of Darknes's master and Nanoha is visibly aprehensive that it's going to be complicated and then he explains that she needs to hit the Book REALLY hard and she cheers up since that's simple for her.

I'm likely to try doing Hayate again since she should have most interest in this incident. I did Nanoha first because I like her and it is MGL Nanoha, but Hayate should be really interesting.

One question for 0,5 persons who might have watched this thing. How are subtitles? Readable, unreadable? Should I keep trying to show Japanese subtitles too as I have been doing or simply pave over them which would actually be simpler for me?

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Personally I think the current subtitles are doable and a nice idea until you get to long extended text boxes, in which case the text covers the Japanese completely, making it kind of distracting and counterproductive, since you can barely see the original characters under the English subs. Honestly though, I'm just happy that someone's actually bothering to translate this game for others to understand, do whatever you feel comfortable with.

The Material-S and Nanoha dialogue translation wasn't bad at all considering Stern likes to speak with a rather "intricate" vocabulary, while Nanoha seems to take this first opportunity wherein she can actually rant without getting cut off or stuck mid-combat, to be as impassioned as possible.

I did find the moment kind of interesting though since Material-S does show sentience, and Nanoha's inner monologue almost seems like she's trying to convince herself into fighting. Coupled with the slight regret shown in the apology after winning, ultimately it's Nanoha's dark copy that comforts her about having to cause someone else's demise.

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Yeah. I have stopped trying to leave in Jap subtitles in cases when there is more than one line present. If there is only one line I'll put the translation below it, but in other cases I'll actually go out of my way to structure the text in a way to cover it effectively.

Also I wouldn't call this translating, since I'm not really translating anything just adding preexisting translation to video. If and once I finish Fate's path I will not be able to continue since no one has translated the rest.
And if some kind soul with sufficient knowledge of Japanese does come along, I would prefer they do that for Gears of Destiny, rather than Battle of Aces because while BoS story is okay it's considerably better in GoD which actually has a plot.

Stern is not so much of a problem as Nanoha's last couple of dialogues:

(It'd be better if we can speak and communicate through
words. It's best if we can get our meanings across.)
-However, when we can't communicate our hearts......
we can't understand each other.
-Even so, being able to speak to
and understand one another
is a power we have!!!

which don't really flow nicely. I would have free translated them as:

(It would be nice if we could come to understand each other through
words, but if that is not possible, we must do that through other means.)

The second line is a bit of a non-sequetour since they have already come to a conclusion that Nanoha will not permit her to be bad, but Stern will not back down. So they understand each other. Still it's fine even though I might have replaced hearts with feelings.

The last one goes against the grain of what then happens. My guess is that the actual meaning is probably closer to:
If we can't talk there are other methods of achieving understanding available to us. - namely beating the shout out of each other.

But since I don't know Jap, I can not really say how closer to the truth these are.

I did start correcting more when I did Hayate's path though.

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Intro narration + Silent Bible OP with titles


This one was a pain to do because unlike the other ones there was no transcript that I could use to figure out which title goes where, so I was stuck blindly transliterating parts of what I heard into Google translate to figure out which title goes where. In the end I think I did a pretty good job all things considered, although I don't like the translations relating the middle part.

I also added titles to the opening song, Silent Bible, both the Romanji and the translation.
It has not even been uploaded for mere hours and automated copyright protection bots have already found it. They aren't banning it yet so that is good.

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Part 1 of Hayate's path in Battle of Aces

I have to say I'm quite liking the Hayate's path. For one she has much more of a reason to fight than other non Wolkenritter characters. For another she is not combat incapable, couldn't beat Caro, mage we got in StrikerS and I like her whole relationship with Reinforce. Vita is even jealous a bit ;)

Mechanically she is wierd. Lore wise even back in A's time I think she was allway a long ranged type that relies no bombardment.
Like any other character she gets three ranged abilities which can be charged into their charged form (usually changing their mechanics quite a bit) and usual batch of melee abilities (hit, barrier and grab) except her grab attack is to suck the enemy mage into the Tome and spit them out away from her.

Where her wierdness becomes apparent are her long ranged abilities. For one their uncharged form of all of them bar one have a fixed maximum range. Her abilities are to fire a spread/fan of projectiles with a short range (I call this magical shotgun), rapidly fire a stream/cone of technically unguided orb looking projectiles that also have a maximum range that is I think longer than the range of shotgun and finally she can do a beam attack a la Nanoha but I think it's weaker than even uncharged Divine Buster. So her light attacks seem to place her quite close to the enemy and have her peppering the enemy with fire and essentially stun locking them. She is helped in this regard because her ability is to consume less manna for long ranged attacks I think, which effectively means she can infinitely fire the shotgun blasts and not run out.
Where she strays even further from lore Hayate that is a long ranged stay still and bombard mage, is how she charges her attacks into their charged forms. The other characters when they are charging their attacks ussually need to stay in place with a long animation inciting the enemy to attack them. Not Hayate. For both the shotgun and the machinegun attacks she can MOVE while charging their charged forms and only needs to stop for a short while to fire them off. Not even Fate can do that, and she is supposed to be a fast one.

BTW her charged forms of attacks are more inline of her long ranged pedigree. The shotgun projectiles no longer fire in a fan but are fired in a cone and robotech onto the target. This has the added benefit/flaw because the shots don't travel along the straight line between you and your opponent they will avoid any enemy attacks coming your way. The machine gun's charged from fires a single big missile instead of a bunch of smaller ones. The beam is least changed it now also expands into a ball when it hits the target which can
stuns the enemy longer.

So she is a fist firing middle range fighter which is wierd to see.

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Part 2 of Hayate's path

This video contains the stages 3-4 of Hayate's story. This is the part of the story where she shows that back in A's when she saw her Wolkenritter family gone and flipped out, it was not a one off event. You can call her names and do things to her, but harm her family members... and the facade drops and she will be coming for you. Even Reinforce is surprised at how she reacts to Levi threatening Reinforce. She fights the likes of Levi and Signum to protect Reinforce despite having barely a week of experience at being a mage. Yup, I definitely like this Hayate more than the main continuity one.

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Well the game does allow many of things to happen that the anime can't. One thing I always apriciate in the game, from what I hear, was that Hayate develop more of a personality and grow in to her role as the head of the Yagami family.

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Sansker wrote:
Well the game does allow many of things to happen that the anime can't. One thing I always apriciate in the game, from what I hear, was that Hayate develop more of a personality and grow in to her role as the head of the Yagami family.

Well I wouldn't call it character development. She is still Hayate from A's because that Hayate always considered herself the head of the family and the Wolkenritter her kids she has to take care of by clothing, feeding and disciplining.

But she does fully accept her responsibility as the Mistress of the Night Sky. As soon as they realize that these doppelgangers are caused by the rebirth of the Darkness of the Book of Darkness, as Chrono Nanoha and others are about to leave her to fight it she stops them and asks them to let her and Reinforce handle it since fixing the problems caused by the Book of Darkness is her duty as the mistress of the Night Sky.

Also as I said she really cares for her family and you better not threaten them in her presence ESPECIALLY Reinforce. And shipping is strong in the Reinforce/Hayate case. Especially in the final section that I'm about to post. The amount of attention Hayate and Reinforce pay each other almost has Vita green with envy ;)

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Hayate's route - FINAL part:

As I said in another post the shipping between Hayate and Reinforce is strong here. Vita is envious that Reinforce beats her to grabbing Hayate after she collapses due to tiredness and wounds. My headcannon is that Hayate did it intentionally so Reinforce would carry her. Never underestimate the racoon. Also in the final part they are discussing making another family member ;), Reinforce II.

So far as I know Hayate is the only character to have a stage AFTER the final one. This one is her having a practice match with Nanoha. It's a pain because Nanoha is a pain to fight in general but it's a pain even more because you are fighting a girl in white that fires allmost white pink beams and shots with the white clouds in the background. This makes seeing her attacks kind of difficult. I actually had to play that stage twice. The first time I won by the skin of my teeth but had to reload because I pressed the button to skip to the next dialogue too soon. The second time I beat her more easily by essentially stunlocking her with my shotgun and administering a death of 1000 papercuts. Degenerate strategies FTW!
And oh boy is Nanoha a sore looser :)

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Good work~ Fighting Nanoha was always a slight pain for me in BOA because compared to Gears it seemed like character reaction speed was slightly slower, so whacking foes with Schwertkruez wasn't as easy, granted that might've just been my copy though. The implications that Hayate cheap-shotted Nanoha as she was trying to SLB leave a rather nice mental image.

BOA almost feels like Hayate and Reinforce's closure story, while Gears gives a bit more closure to Precia and Linith. Maybe it's because these characters don't get much if any time to shine after this, but despite the audio dramas stating that the timeline would remain virtually identical whether the games happened or not, I have to wonder if that really were the case. At least Hayate might have a chance of beating Caro...

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Nanoha is a pain for a variety of reasons I think. The top one is that beams are kind of OP with how QUICK they are to charge and even the fully charged version is quick, and one it is fired off it will likely hit the target since it's travel time is instant unless you have dodged during the short charge animation. This also makes it easy for the AI to use it, because it just has to keep spamming it or shooter (to break up my own charge animations) and win.

Basically it's easy enough for AI to work with it well. Also the AI tends to favor using the uncharged variants and uncharged Divine Buster is still a beast.

By contrast nearly all other attacks need to be charged while stationary (Hayate is an exception weirdly enough) and then need to spend a significant enough time travelling to the target giving the enemy the time to dodge.

And oh yeah if in that continuity any of the fights that were shown in game happened, Hayate is definitely not to be trifled with and Caro and Freid would find out why in Nanoha-verse friendliness is usually a warning sign.

I'm glad that the implication came through, because that Reinforce's bit of dialogue was one of the bits I reworked because it was broken as hell before it. This is the original translation:

極限の真剣勝負があの子の本領だ。本気の勝負であれば、いまだ我が主では及ばぬところではあろ うが。
"In a somewhat serious match, she displays her specialty. In a real serious match, is as of yet a place where my Master can reach."

Ughhhh.... WHAT? I then changed it to fit the narrative being spun by Signum and Vita. Could this interpretation be wrong? Certanly but unless somebody who actually knows Japanese can provide a better translation I'm sticking with this.

Also, I'm not sure it it was noticeable the Nanoha's AI in that fight seems to be programmed in a way to force the usage of overdrive (it's when she glows) with is how you initiate such endgame attacks as Starlight Breaker, Ragnarock or Jet Zamber. You tap the trigger for overdrive and then in mellee you tap it again and it it connects the cut scene plays and the enemy takes about 35-40% damage. Also during overdrive you don't run out of manna and your attack damage gets boosted.

As for closure, yeah, Reinforce and Hayate are closest to the core of the conflict since Reinforce's continued existence is a catalyst for the incident.

As for GoD, while Fate does get some closure, the actuall center character of that for character development are actually, apart from the Florians who are the main protagonists and plot drivers, the Materials. Their story is about finding common ground with the Nanoha and the crew, becoming actuall characters and not mere catpaws to the Darkness of the Book of Darkness which they are in Battle of Aces.