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One-post short.

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Basically, this is the introductory setting of my new character in the custom RP setting. I felt like nobody would like to have me just spamming a long-ass solo-scene so I'll just write it down here and link it instead.



"Are you sure about all this, Kyriel?" A worried voice erupted behind me. I could feel the anxiety in her voice, the weight of feelings crushing her throat.

The only light in the room came from the swirling purple portal of magical energy. It was easy for someone magically-inclined to feel this was a powerful spell, but it was also eaysy to tell that the portal was unstable; flickering and shaking. It radiated an eerie and uncomfortable feeling between the rooms of polished dark stone that we had come to call our home after we kicked Lethice's ass off the fortress' throne.

-"Hel, Kiha... I entrust Mareth to you for now." I declare with a solemn voice before turning back to give the two a last look. I break off in a bitter-sweet smile as I do. "I'll do my best to come back" I add with obvious fatigue and exhaustion in my voice, maintaining the portal is taking its toll on me right now and my breath becomes irregular. "Who knows... if this works out... I'll come and bring the both of you... with me... It'll be like old times again, elsewhere."

On my left is Kiha, a proud and indomitable dragon girl of red scales and hair; the one who spoke up first. On my right is Helia, also referred to as Hel, An adorably honest and straightforward salamander berzeker of similar colors. our tales together are long and many and I don't have time left in me to even hint at the tip of the iceberg so I'll just say this: I'll take a blade to the heart any day for either of them and I know they would do the same for me.

-"Has your health really gone that bad?" Hel asks, her expression troubled. I've tried my best to hide my pain, but those two will always know in the end.

-"To be entirely honest with you two... I'm dying right now. You remember... I'm a planeswalker right?.. I need to travel to... keep my mana and lifeforce... I've stayed in Mareth far too long... My powers withered - I don't even know if I'll make it to the other side..." I take a small pause, looking down with disgust at my own stupidity for waiting and letting things have come to this.

Suddenly, I almost fall to the ground as my sisters-in-arms rush to my side and embrace me roughly, way too tightly for my tastes. I feebly put my own arms around them as I can feel tears running down on my chest; both their and mines. We stay like this for a moment, just indulging in the warmth of each-other one last time. But before long I have to break it. I can't sustain the portal much longer. I step back and turns towards the portal, but not before giving them a last teary glance. Truth be told; I don't want to leave them. I just don't have any choice...

-"I'll see you again! I promise!" I shout with desperation before running the few steps into the flickering portal. Is this the last image they will have of me? How pathetic I've gotten...