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Project Fate; thoughts on Eiro, Fate, Vivio, possibly others

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the more we learn about the project the more genius it becomes and let's face it Jail is a awesome character insane yes but brilliant

So my though is this if Jail's basis for all his clones are from Alica does that mean that Fate, Eiro and Vivio are siblings in that they are all related to Alica this is partially reinforced by the fact that Eiro can use Thunder based magic as well as Fate can I somehow doubt his original had this ability as far as we can see only the Testarossa family use Thunder and the newly introduced Thunder Emperor but she might be another clone you never know :D

now some of you might say that you can copy someone's magic style in case of eiro however he was using thunder before he even met fate judging by the flash back he also has Sonic Form which is another Testarossa trademark in regards to Vivio she obviously has her own Genetic makeup that is a Perfect Replica of Olvia but from what I understood of Project F you still needed the Basis before you could replicate someone Alica may very well have been the Basis of Vivio

of course knowing the writer and the failings since Strikers they most likely don't have such a complex plot :D