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Questions regarding RPs

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Just throwing this out there because I'm new here (which is why this thread will be posted in the Fanfiction Forum, cuz I don't know where ese to put it). I was going through the forum and found several RP posts so now I've got two questions.

1. Where exactly would these RPs be posted? Like, do they have seperate forum threads or are they simply played in the chat?
2. Are OCs allowed? (I constantly find myself asking this question since some people just don't like OCs for whatever reason...)

Simply wondering since I really love RPing!

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As of my knowledge most if not all RP happens on the chat in semi-private channels (Meaning they don't show up automatically, but can be joined if you know the name) There are two channels one more MSLN-centric and another earth-centered which is basically full of crossovers. Both of those allow OCs but have a very consequent story so expect a lot of new elements and surroundings even in the MSLN one

Also, the profiles thread you can see nearby features characters from an older channel that was around before we split MSLN-centric things from the sandbox-like things and is no longer accurate.

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As Zwei said, as of now the RPs we have are pretty much chat only, years ago we did have forum RPs, but those ended long ago.