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Is Riot Force 6 really a counter-terrorism organisation???

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After I had finished watching Nanoha Strikers, it is started to irritate me a lot than usual I have in the past on Nanoha verse point of view. I mean seriously.

Here is the questions 1st:
Is saint cradle power core is highly condensed magic, or electricity (Fusion core), or both (hybrid)?

It seem Vita having hard time to destroy Saint Cradle power core by not using brain but brute force. (Sarcasm)

If the power core is highly hybrid, they can just use EMP and AMF/JMA (Jamming Magic Attack; Not in Nanoha verse though), then later she can use physical brute force to attack.

If having layers of physical protection, maybe plasma cutter would help. But if the protection having the ability of reflection of light, that is really a problematic.

Now, it really made me keep wondering Riot Force 6 establishment is mostly by power, status, force, pride but lacking the most essential or non-existence element inside of this organisation is knowledge, intelligence, and brainers.

If it is true, then Riot Force 6 is not to be called or qualified an organisation to counter-terrorism.

They just keep using might, and brute force to deal all sort of problems. That is definetly no brainer.

Riot Force 6 was not suppose to exist if strictly to be said in military standard. If they are not using intelligence, knowledge, and brains to solve their problems, it will only causes unnecessary death on civilians, and blindly death to the elites that will greatly affect the efficiency of military quality.

Nanoha Force had already showed the best examples of it, by not using brains and tactics.
References from this webpage link

<<The Wolkenritter are actually getting weaker over the years>>
Getting weaker over the years, yet still want to act like a hero without thinking much consequences around them.

<<Sending the Wolkenritter against the Huckebein was the worst possible thing that could have been done.>>
Worst strategy of all time!
Magic vs Anti Magic.
Think like "Fire vs bucket of sands"

<<Hayate is a Glass Cannon by choice>> It is sad for me to say this since I'm her biggest fan.
During Hayate using Heimdall to deal with Esquad, but where are the wolks? They are suppose to defend her from unexpected attacks? Because of this, Hayate was stabbed by Curren Huckebein then the result lead to failure of dealing Esquad spectacularly.

<<You can destroy a Huckebein with magic. You just need a lot.>>
Yeah, but the problem is... where they can find that enormous amount of mana in a short time? Can they reload faster or without any enemies interruptions?
Since enormous mana needs very much time to recharge or refill. Plus mana is from natural beings, not created nor man-made energy.

<<Signum never properly learned how to dodge>>
Prevention is better than cure. It is clearly seen that Signum doesn't understand the importance of this knowledge, wisdom or experiences. She is not impenetretable iron man, but she still doing this stupidity.

So the conclusion is, Riot Force 6 tactics and their foundations are status, force, power, pride, and without the fully support from intelligence, knowledge, and DOESN'T USE BRAINS at all. Strictly to be say, they are not a worthy counter-terrorism organisation in military standard that will only causes unnecessary deaths to civilians and their elites.

Right now, my point of view on Riot Force 6 is this reaction and thoughts on them. [Facepalm to the extreme]. They are really lucky that they are still qualified to served in frontlines or else in reality, they are already dead or expelled already.

Strategy & Sciences are Foundation of Logic Principles. :P

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Well then, to answer the only question I see: We don’t know. They never give specifics about anything and even without the generator Vita destroy and with Vivio remove from the control room the Cradle was able to self-repair, project a massive AMF field to deny everyone magic and keep moving in to orbit. So make of that what you will.

The reason for Riot Force 6 existence is change at least 3 times in the show, the first two are fake outs not really meant to be taken serious and it isn’t until much later that Hayate reveals the real reason for the formation of this unit. Originally she seem to have wanted to form a special unit to hunt Lost Logia, having suffer a lot at the hands of an out of control Logia like the Book of Darkness Hayate said she wanted to form a unit to deal with these things in particular. Later she changes tunes and targets the Relics, those red crystals, as their only goal. And finally they say it was because of Carim’s prophecy about an attack on the TSAB.

Carim has a prophecy about an attack, but Hayate and the others suspected that Regious and several people were involve with a massive cover up operation and backing criminals so they wanted to form a special unit compose of strong mages that could operate with total independence of the Ground Forces, while still being a part of the Ground Forces (As display by their brown uniform, Riot Force 6 are part of the Ground Forces) So, technically, they were never meant to be a counter terrorist unit, but rather an anti Lost Logia group that also happen to deal with a terrorist