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[RPG] Fire Emblem: Shield and Crown (Sign-up/OOC)

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Yvanna has the same gear that Elise has. Yes, you too may heal (thought it would be a nice upgrade for certain times when others just wouldn't use Peg Knights).

And all the weapons info you could hope to ever want(Images Courtesy Cracked):


(Note: where three weapons are listed, the order goes Lances, swords, axes, as to what weapon they are.)

--Staves really don't do anything but heal and cause horrible, terrifying status effects, and do some other really neat things too.
--All bows are Super-effective against Peg Knights
--Wind Magic is super-effective against Peg Knights (Which means the Anima spell Aircalibur and the Wind Sword's (MAGICAL) ranged attack)
--Thunder Magic is super effective against Wyvern Riders
--Axereaver/Lancereaver/Swordreaver reverse the weapons triangle (and are vulnerable against what they would normally be strong against)
--The special weapon of a Lord (ex. Reginleif) is effective against units in armor and on horseback.
--Heavy Spear/Armorslayer/Hammer are effective against armored units (Armor Knights, Generals, Great Lords and Great Knights (and maybe some others I'm not thinking of right now)
--Horseslayer/Longsword(AKA Zanbatou)/Halberd are effective against Horse-mounted units.
--Dragonspear/Wyrmslayer/Dragon Axe are effective against Wyverns and dragons.
--Killer weapons have a much higher critical rate. Wo Daos have a MUCH higher critical rate.
--Brave Weapons allow you to attack twice, or 4 times if you would beat their attack speed.
--The Devil Axe likes to hurt you if you aren't very lucky.

--Axes and Dark Magic do tons of damage but don't have the highest accuracy. Also, Dark Magic has tons of scary, potentially gamebreaking (LUNA) effects.
--Swords and Light Magic are very accurate but not as powerful as other weapons. Also swords rarely have ranged forms, and when they do, it counts as a type of magic as well as a sword. Blades are types of swords that do extra damage but potentially decrease speed.
--Lances and Anima magic are somewhere in the middle. Anima also has its own hierarchy of damage and accuracy, with thunder for damage, wind for accuracy and fire magic in the middle.

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Wow, thank you for the lovely diagrams (it makes it easier to remember) and the weapon info helps a lot too ^^

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*bows are also effective against wyvern riders and air units
*wind magic also effective in all air units
*i believe great lord is not weak from armorslayer and the like. eirika, ephraim and eliwood are not weak against them. maybe hector is weak against them because he is heavily armored.

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Nope, I'm going with the changed values for what wyvern riders are weak against. And Hector counts as armored, but the three you listed don't. If you want all of my precedent is on the wiki.

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For those of you out of the loop: I just had my first day of classes, and from the looks of things, I very well might not have enough time to continue running this. But, we'll see.

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Ahhh damn, I hope school doesn't prove too rough for ya then. :/

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Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

Have a good semester (or however they name it at your institute), man.

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