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Scars [Ficlet - Rated T]

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A/N: If anything, this is more of just a "what if" uber short story.

Miyuki Takamachi has been switching through the hundreds of channels available to both her and her sister, Nanoha. hours flew quickly for the two siblings ever since they just sat down, talked, and ended up trying to find something to watch on their television. Now, it is exactly 2:30 in the morning and Nanoha has fallen asleep. Miyuki realized that her younger sister has fallen asleep on her right shoulder.

Miyuki moved every so slowly to adjust herself more properly for her sister's comfort; however, she immediately stopped when Nanoha mumbled, "Mou, Fate-chan... you move too much."

The older sister immediately stopped all of her movements and double-checked to see if she was awake. Miyuki wondered if Nanoha ever really got over losing Fate.

Spoiler: A/N#2
Please don't kill me for killing Fate e_e; (at least in this fic anyway xD) harhar. Again, do not take this seriously ;_; I'm uber drunk with coffee and I am epically wierd at 3AM-ish >_> so yes. Though I hope you enjoyed reading this short o A o.

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I really want to ask the admin to make a "Thanks" button, that way, I can just click it when read good fics or to encourage the authors so not feel guilty for not knowing what to say in comment, I just quite dull with words eheheh

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Mh... I think that would promote less posting in the forums.

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^ ahh, yeah, sorry, I haven't thought about it, thanks A. and sorry again for spam.
PS: please update soon, author-san ^_^ I'm still waiting