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Should I watch Vivid and is there any other Nanoha anime/manga I should watch after that?

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Hello guys, I just recently finished the first 3 season of Nanoha and really enjoyed them especially the second season. I just found out there is a season after Strikers called Vivid but it has really low score on Mal compared to other seasons and it seems that Nanoha and Fate are not the focus there anymore. To be honest the only reason why I started watching Nanoha series is because I saw some cute artworks of NanoFate and being a really big yuri fan I immediately jumped into it and after finishing the first three seasons NanoFate has become my favorite couple of all time. I also really liked some other characters like Vita and Signum and felt bad that in Strikers they played a minor role compared to A's. So I have a few questions: Should I watch Vivid even though the characters I like are not the main focus? Are there any NanoFate moments in there? And are there any more Nanoha anime/manga that I should/read watch after that?

Thanks for answers and sorry for bad english.

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The Vivid anime is an adaptation of the manga with the same name, but only covers a small portion of it and is generally agreed that is not a very good anime, it was outsourced to a different studio and the budget seemed to be low, it still has a couple of good scenes though. Maybe you can try reading the first few chapters of the manga instead and see if you want to read the complete manga. Nanoha and Fate appear very little and the last volumes are still getting translated to English by the way.

Also Vivid Strike! is the anime-only sequel to Vivid, and compared to the Vivid anime it's better, but Vivio's mothers are not a part of it either.

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That pretty much covers it. Aside from ViVid there is the manga Force, but is currently on hiatus and so not finish, plus once again Nanoha and Fate are not the focus of the story. But as suggested ViVid might be worth checking out in manga form, they do appear there sometimes. The anime just adapted part of the manga and it stops in the middle of an arc. ViVid Strike! Goes so far as to not even put a picture of Nanoha and Fate on screen, so you will not see anything related to them.

The movies are the best option to get more Nanoha and Fate in anime form, and if you can there are a couple of PSP games that have their own unique continuity post A’s. There is also the Movie 1st Manga and I believe the 2nd movie also had its own manga if you wish to see a bit more of them. Nanoha Innocent is another story that has nothing to do with the regular show but it has the same characters.

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No, no. Your English is not bad either. Suggestion is, if you watched all 3 original season of Nanoha, you better start watching newest movie of Nanoha Reflection. Since this is the closest continual story of the original series. Vivid and Vivid Strikes did not even cover much on original characters, rather focus more on battle-sports of Moe and new characters that most fans don't even care that much. Vivid is the worst concept for Nanoha franchise since most of their loyal fan-bases more focused on original series than fan-service series, (except: Nanoha Force though).

I'm surprised you have finished watching StrikerS joyfully, because I watched after episode 15 or 16, I started to feel disgusted and more & more hatred. The reason in summary;

"Magic is Justice! Magic is innocent! Midchildanist (a.k.a Communist) is promoting peace!"
While discrediting and demoting technology, then more & more stereotyping after every episodes. And the villian mad scientist is so disappointing. While Midans propaganding peace bringing, 3 MasterDipShit continually their evil agenda and bringing more chaos on Midchilda.
The most painful part for me personally is, that Hayate, Nanoha ,and Fate know nothing on their political system, then just naturally became into the puppet of communism and blindly obeying all orders without much consideration. (What if 3 MasterDipShit order 3's, you know, worst things possible happens.)

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No, everything after StrikerS that isn't the movies or ViVid Strike! is just a big disgrace to the Nanoha franchise as a whole.