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Website bug

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Joined: 07/01/2011
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Just found this..... on user log out.



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I believe that the problem is with your computer as the address that is shown is part of your loopback address, or it could be that your proxy server is set to manual and is using that address

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Thanks for reporting, Vivio! is the ip to connect to your own computer. So, in this case, is the ip of our Webserver, which is normal.
That error should have been a one time thing I think, the log out option seems to be working fine now. Last night I was restarting the server a lot while I fixed our mailing issue, and while the server is getting up some users can get warnings like yours, since not all the programs start at the same time. Particularly, Memcache starts last, and if it's not running yet you will see that warning.