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What do you think a new Nanoha game would be like?

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Because it has been almost a decade since we last got a proper Nanoha video game (and no, Innocent does not count as I think it was a gacha browser game from what I've heard). So, anyways, what do you guys think a new Nanoha game for consoles (and possibly PC) should be like?
I believe that the next Nanoha game should be a fighting game. However, I want it to play either like a Gundam Versus/Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi-esque arena fighter or have Arc System Works develop it and make it a traditional fighter that plays similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ and the recent/newer Guilty Gear titles.
The character roster should have characters and their various modes, forms, and costumes from the entire franchise from the original Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha to ViVid Strike! and the movies but nobody from Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force as lots of fans (including me) despise it and would prefer it to be non-canon and for good reason. A few guest characters from other franchises like Hibiki Tachibana from Symphogear would be fine as well.
For modes, this game will have the following:
offline VS. (against other players and/or CPUs)
online VS.
Arcade Mode - where you fight in 10 matches against CPUs
Customization Mode - where you can either customize characters to you own liking or make your own characters (a la Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2)
Lyrical History - one of the two story modes of the game; it covers the entire franchise (again) from the original MGLN to ViVid Strike! and the movies
Lyrical Dynasty - the other story mode which follows a brand new story line and a few new characters or so made just for the game that takes place after the ViVid manga and ViVid Strike! but retcons the entirety of Force; a new threat is on the horizon and is meddling with the time-space continuum so it is up to Nanoha Takamachi and her friends to travel through time, space, and dimensions to stop it and put whoever's in charge to justice (by the way, both story modes will have lots of open world exploration where you can meet NPCs, have relationships with other characters, get items for Customization Mode and the Infinite Library, have a couple of boss fights here and there, and hoard battles [a la the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games])
Mini-games - they are scattered and unlocked throughout both Lyrical History and Lyrical Dynasty
Infinite Library - character bios and history of the franchise
Tournament Mode - set up tournaments with other players and/or CPUs
Nanoha's Test - try to complete 10 various consecutive missions without fail
Hoard Battle - unlocked after completing both Lyrical History and Lyrical Dynasty
Boss Rush - also unlocked after completing both Lyrical History and Lyrical Dynasty
and last but not least, Tutorial Mode - teaches you the basics of the game

So, what do you guys think of my idea?

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Sounds interesting. I personally would like a New Nanoha Game to play like a Gundam game or more specifically a Zone of the Enders Game. From what I saw in the gameplay it would fit the Nanoha franchise like a glove.

Considering that Magical Girls are basically Tactical Nukes and the Nanoha franchise is basically cartering to the Mech Fans anyway why not? We might even implement some fps functions or let it play out like a GunGrave game? I fact I would kill for a Nanoha X Gun Grave crossover with Nanoha as the Nuker and Fate swinging around her blades.

Now that I think about it, why not make our own? I bet we could scrap together something useful.

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I think I have two styles of Nanoha games I'd like

1. A fighter-style type of game such as Mortal Kombat/Injustice or Naruto: Clash of Ninja/Fate Unlimited Codes or Blazblue.
Even though I am awful at these types of games I think it would work well for Nanoha. Every character has a unique fighting style be it melee Strike Arts, close-range weapons, or long-range so it would appeal to different play styles. (People would definitely try to zone with Nanoha or Teana). I don't mind if it's a 2D sprite-based game but I would prefer 3D models in a 3D environment which would make the game feel more open and give an advantage to the more agile characters and their movement.

2. Xenoverse/Shinobi Striker/Overwatch
A team-based action game. Characters are classed as different type (Front Attacker, Wing Guard, Centre Guard and Full Back). Teams fight with different types of battles and objectives.