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What would be your reaction be in this situation?

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Trying to get inspiration for ideas to finish a fanfiction I started. The scenario is if you found out your lover has faked an identity whether it be wealth, family or career and you found out about it. What would your reactions be? Assuming you both love each other just fine before this piece of lie was revealed.

What would be your first reaction to the news, then what would you consider when you've calmed down a bit, and what would you do to resolve the situation.

Thanks in advance :)

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It depends exclusively on the reason that person is lying, and if you know their real circumstances.

Without the context it's hard to give a specific answer. If you're using this as a reference for writing fanfiction I don't know how good of an idea it's to ask people with personalities different than the one of your characters about how they would act.

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I agree with A we need some more context.

for me if the lie was that my child wasn't my child and that the child was conceived during our honeymoon, while i wouldn't think my love for my child would change my love for my partner would because it's a massive betrayal.

but if the lie was that my partner had told me that they work as a secretary but in fact they was a famous actress or model making millions i wouldn't really care. sure i would be a bit disappointed that if they had a rough day at work i couldn't comfort them properly but that would be about it and at the very least i would like for them to tell me why they thought they needed to hide it