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  • Finally I could watch the movie, and I must say… it wasn’t too bad.

    The movie suffers from having a large cast, they try to keep the focus on the Florian sisters, the three Aces and Iris but we keep adding to this even more characters, the Wolkenritter, the Materials and the Parents/friends of the Aces. Is hard to feel like the movie...

    5 days 1 hour ago
  • I read Reflection Official Guidebook again. The book says that the plot starts from Iris's backgrounds. The plot may include her relationship with U-D. I think Iris must be a villain like Precia else.
    I'll take another look at this trailer. I feel the cruel plot is too scary. I think Iris's background may be an engineer or...

    5 days 10 hours ago
  • New Detonation trailer:


    5 days 23 hours ago
  • That makes sense, I forgot that water melons were a thing in Japan during summer.

    6 days 2 hours ago
  • Well it is related to summer, maybe the movie was release in summer or something like that?

    6 days 5 hours ago
  • Update official website news, they have updated OP and OST in 12 September. The theme song is still sung by Nana Mizuki, it the song named "NEVER SURRENDER", it's also her thirty-eighth single CD. This CD also contains a movie interlude "GET BACK". It is expected to be on sale in 24 October, and priced at1204 yen...

    6 days 10 hours ago
  • I always wondered why there are so many Nanoha/NanoFate pictures with watermelon motives. I don't know if there's some deep meaning or if it's just a meme.

    6 days 23 hours ago
  • Thank you very much for your attention.

    Admin's edit: email address removed

    4 weeks 2 hours ago
  • Send me a mail.

    4 weeks 1 day ago
  • hi, i really wanted to read this, is there any way i can find the english translation? Is it available somewhere?


    4 weeks 2 days ago
  • Still a very cute story about the two of them when they were little

    4 weeks 5 days ago
  • pg 20, "must've came". it should be "come"

    5 weeks 21 hours ago
  • One month late hello there newbie. lol

    5 weeks 2 days ago
  • Got caught up by life but I have still be writing poems. Some of them have even been Nanoha related! These two poems were written last month, all of them dealing with Fate and her mom...

    She'll always be 'Mother'

    5 weeks 5 days ago
  • Actually, I remember what I said to Mainland Chinese fans. "好的,謝謝合作。還有如果你要搞懂整個奈葉系列的話,更嚴格地來說,光是有技術問題可能還是不夠,需要先懂日語和英語為基礎,再接著購買奈葉系列相關書籍為經濟成本等條件才能達到。而普通人也只是看看動畫或其他已知公開的資料資源而已(English: Well, thank you for your cooperation. And if you have to read all NANOHA series, there is a more rigorous approach. Because you only have the technical method...

    5 weeks 5 days ago
  • Well, the good part for you is Hong Kong and Taiwan will be earlier release than mine in Malaysia (a.k.a Worldwide) after Japan release. But still, I can understand Chinese (Subtitles) so the worldwide English subtitle release date is not really a big problem for preventing me to watch Nanoha Detonation early. Well I could say is Early Access...

    6 weeks 1 day ago
  • Of course, the film is the first to be shown in Japan. There is no news about Mainland China's import of the movie. The previous film NANOHA Reflection have been shown in Hongkong and Taiwan, and Only the Mainland China has not been shown. The film NANOHA Detonation is unlikely to be shown in the Mainland China. After Japan was released,...

    6 weeks 2 days ago
  • Read it.
    Is this Nanoha Detonation event notification?

    August 10th selling tickets at Nanoha event, while selling tickets officially widely is at August 18. And question is, that tickets are for which country/region cinema or theaters?

    And all 3 above is just souvenirs of Nanoha detonation, right? If i'm not mistake...

    6 weeks 2 days ago
  • This is the updated movie ticket information in August.

    6 weeks 2 days ago
  • Title Name Translation if you don't know:

    No- の
    Hi- 日

    Natsu- Summer
    No- of
    Hi- day

    Natsu- 夏天
    No- 的
    Hi- 天
    Correct translation: One day in Summer
    Chinese: 那一次(天) 的夏天。

    Hope this translation help you guys.

    6 weeks 3 days ago
  • nice. some errors.

    ch 1, pg 14, "lighter than feather" (lighter than a feather)
    ch 2, pg 13, "best way to give to give it" (best way to give it)
    ch 2, pg 14, "am I took heavy" (am I too heavy)

    7 weeks 12 hours ago
  • That's some cute doujins here... X3

    7 weeks 18 hours ago
  • WOW Thanks bro this is a good day, a day of nanofate doujins :D

    7 weeks 22 hours ago
  • What bothers me about Strike! is mostly the fact that it not just ignores those elements pre-ViVid. It acts like they never even happen. The complex and complicated story between Vivio and the Numbers? Not a peep. Nove's cyborg nature? If you didn't knew already nothing here would make you even guess. They even talk about criminal...

    7 weeks 3 days ago
  • The first few series are a giant pot of a number of different elements which fulfil a niche and when you try to focus on different aspects you lose out on others which will cater to some and not to others which is completely understandable and completely fine which maybe be a reason why you didn't favour VS very much. Though it was a total...

    7 weeks 4 days ago