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Hi I'm LyricalReana and I'm a huge anime and Manga who enjoys variety of genre. However I've for my anime to have a good story for me to enjoy it. along with some good aciton if it shounen, or drama if it shoujo. Some animes i've watch include bleach which most kids watch at least I think. Strawberry painc, the pretty cure franchise with my fav being heartcatch and splashstar, and of course Nanoha as my name suggest. I really like this anime a lot being very interesting show with some good magic, and tech to explain why magic works xD Yea but overall i been following the newest mangas for Nanoha with my fav being Vivid. Since i just adore Vivio and Vivio/Nanoha family moments even more.

I've actually been lurking around on this website as a guest be decide since i come here often why not make an account. so i am LyricalReana her to join your lovely community if you have room for one more. xD I Hope to get along with everyone.


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