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Personal Information

Rathror Manor - Lucaria
Date of Birth
About me

Indie Game Developer and Head of the Mema Hunters holding the title "White Rose Knight of Shoujo Ai/Yuri".

Technically borderline insane and being head over heals for all Shoujo Ai/Yuri romance.

Favorite Couples:
- All Sono Hanabira Couples
- Angelina/Christina x Belle/Efa (Katahane),
- Nanoha x Fate

Current Projects:
- MHO Ultra Mega Upgrade (Website)
- Pandora: Game Core (Program)
- Nexis Core: Chain of Memories (Game)
- Seinaru kami no Tsudemante ~What a Beautiful Love~ [Tsudemante of the Holy Divine] (Fanfic)
- - Vol. 1 - Miko of Inganock [In Progress - Chapter 1]
- Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Ai Hazard (Fafic)
- - Vol. 1 - Lovers Reunion [Completed] (awaiting for MHO Ultra Mega Upgrade to post)
- - Vol. 2 - Variable Desire [In Progress - Chapter 6]


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7 years 41 weeks