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South Africa [Mission: Karlsland]
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About me

- Engaged to Miyuki <3
- 2nd year Graphic Design student.
- part time accountant
- full time general fangirl~ :3
- full time dreamer of Miyuki <3333

art, designing, writing, reading, gaming, music, day dreaming, cloud watching, star gazing, moon watching, learning Japanese, learning German, lurking, editing, translating, military, rabbits...

Colour: Green
Soft Drink: Pepsi
MGLN character: Vita
My fiancee Miyuki <3

If you would like to chat, you may add me on these~
- I love writing, so you can drop me a line. This is also a special email for my fiancee Miyuki:3

What is love?

Vita, what is love?
Love is what I see in your eyes
Love is that glimmer of your lips
Love is where you are tonight
I love you more than I could ever tell you
No ring can ever equal out to what your worth to me
I love you more than your silver ring
I love you more than I love myself
Your My Perfect Love
A Perfect Wife
The two of us together
A Perfect life.
Te Amo, My Vita
I love you so,
Even when I'm making snow angels
In a field of snow
Your my inspiration, my everything
My love for you is forever embedded in your silver ring
I hope one day to put a stone on it
Your favorite kind
My love for you is eternal
My love, I want you to see our love shine
I love you

The loving, moving words of my fiancee, Miyuki <3


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