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Yappari Kimi ga Suki!

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This is our first real scanlation after about two months with our site down, and here we're back with our first joint project with Wings of Yuri.

This doujinshi is from Moru House, the circle that also made Koiwa Mutekinano, so expect some good NanoFate comedy, this time with Vivio involved.

We'll upload two other scanlations this Friday and Sunday, so look forward to them.

Translator: NekketsuBonkler
Proofreader: xYuki
Editor: ShiroAka


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

Nanoha SchoolDays 01 [JP Voices, ENG Subs]

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Some of you may already have seen this, but here's the first episode of the fanmade series created by Kamio. This episode was posted a while ago in our old site, it's the same video, but this is the new version with Japanese voices, which was uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago.

Direct Download (High quality version) Right now Kamio is working in a remake of this first episode. More info here.

Nanoha raku manga (Short comic)

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Enjoy of another short comic featuring our married couple.
Recently translated by Soljashy and edited by Naymco.

- - - - - -

Sorry, no low-ponytail for Fate-chan this time.
We'll upload full doujins next week.

Direct Download:

Nanoha's Prince (Untitled short comic)

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Here's something translated by Soljashy a while ago. This is a repost from our old page at this domain, but the web is boring without any content, so please have this in the meanwhile:

Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket
We all love Fate-chan's new hairstyle~ More to come. Direct Download:

Our Downloads section is up! Find all our previous downloads are there

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The Downloads section with all the links to our previous releases is up again.

If you're new to the site, and you just reached this last page of releases: We let you know that there are still a lot more doujins that we translated before creating this site, but they are not posted directly in this Web using this blog-like format. Fortunately, you can still download everything, all the links are in our Downloads page.

If you find a broken link please contact us.

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