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Al-Hazard III

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Hello everyone! For fourth Sunday in a row we're glad to bring to our readers a new release: Al-Hazard III by ahAha

This is the 28 pages long plot-centric story continuing the events that took place on Al-Hazard I and Al-Hazard II, so please make sure to read the first two doujins before this one.

We hope you enjoy this release! We're currently working on the next two parts of Al-Hazard so you can look forward to them.

Edit: We also need a proofreader for some stories of "Forever With You" (you can see the current status of this project here). Probably it's not much work, but if you're good with English and want to give us a hand in your free time, please send us a mail or post a comment here.

Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translation: ExcellionMaster ◄► Proofreading: Maleficarum ◄► Editing: ShiroAka


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Thank you guys! I love Al-Hazard, waiting for the next chapter already :)

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Hey, guys. I'm so sorry for not helping with Forever With You. College just made things more difficult to me and translate japanese stuff demands a lot of time... But I can perfectly proofread whatever you need. Just gimme a holler.

and thanks for the great work, everyone. I'll be stalking you at the google group lol

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Don't worry about that kkattapiya, real life responsibilities are always first. Also this is certainly unusual but I think at this moment what we need more is a proofreader more than translators.

The scripts that need proofreading are marked as "Proofreading needed" here, you can find them in the Forever With You thread on our mailing list. If you have any questions please post there if possible.

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Raahh ! Why do it have to end in such a cliifhanger !!! :)

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aaaah such cliffhanger! *plucks eyebrows* jk thank you for translating!

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awesome. thank you :)'s picture
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thanks so much