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Al-Hazard VI

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This Sunday we're very happy to share with you yet another doujin, the long delayed and awaited conclusion to the Al-Hazard series: Al-Hazard VI by ahAha, translated by Brolen. We hope you like it!

Summary: This is the 43 pages long conclusion to the series that finishes the story of Nanoha and Fate fighting again against Precia, originally released in 2013. Considering our long story attempting to get this scanlation done in the past this release would make the perfect April Fools' joke, but fortunately it's the real thing, we're not that cruel.


Previous Parts:
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I am glad this has been finally release... but once more is the continuation to a story I have long move on from. Like Attack on Titan or D.Grey-Man... I wanted the sequels but years ago, now I have even forget where everything was.

Not saying is not good, but it bring that to mind as I read this and discover how much I had forgotten

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Whaaaaat? I thought this would be on the list forever. lol

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I know... We all did.