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Ashita no Mirai no Yakusoku wo

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Today we're releasing the English scanlation of one of the many neat doujins that were translated to Chinese a couple of months ago. Special thanks to 闪光家族大家长 and our Yamibo buddies and raw hunters for the precious raws.

"Ashita no Mirai no Yakusoku wo" is a 14 odd page long doujin about Nanoha and Fate in their high school days and their worries about their future together. Particularly marriage.

We hope you enjoy this release. Your comments are always welcome.

Raws: 闪光家族大家长 (From Yamibo)
Translator: ighk
Translation Check: hyarare
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance, Konagami03
Editor: Jumpy-kun
Quality Check: raizoo


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Joined: 08/22/2009
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It's a sweet touching doujin !

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Joined: 08/17/2010
Posts: 295

Looks Great, Thank you

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Joined: 01/08/2011
Posts: 92

It was really touching, I almost cried for real, while I was reading the 9th page, when Nanoha was saying these things about the future ;_;
It's so close to real life, it's an awesome doujin!!!

Thank you so much for this one ^_^

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Joined: 08/18/2009
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Thank you for the work. I really like the works of this artist. Touching indeed.

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Joined: 09/22/2009
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Thank you

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Joined: 08/15/2009
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I was 'd'AWWW'ing throughout this doujin. Very cute and really great translation!

Thanks for the release~

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Joined: 01/16/2011
Posts: 146

U-uwahhh.. This was so so SO touching and sweet~!

T-thank you for the work guys~ <3

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Joined: 03/12/2010
Posts: 920

This was so on character for both of them. It has excellent writing.

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Joined: 04/06/2010
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Thanks for the translation, I like this artist and this doujinshi was really touching.

NanoFate_Fan's picture

Did someone know the artist of this doujin?
I want to search her other pictures, but I dunno the artist's name ^^;