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The Beginning And After That. Chapter 1

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This Saturday we're bringing to you a new Kohagura doujin translated by Brolen: the first chapter of The Beginning And After That. We hope you like it!

Summary: This 31 pages long doujin is the first half of the complete story. This first chapter narrates some events following the chronology from Nanoha season 1 to StrikerS, how they affected our heroines and how their feelings developed. You should expect the usual cuteness always present in all of Kohagura's works and also some drama.



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Poor Fate is still suffering from the first series trauma it seems...the poor thing, I hope Nanoha will help her dealing with it.

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I can't wait to read it. If I can infiltrate the college firewalls to download it that it.


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This is a very sweet doujin, but the bad thing is that at this moment there are no raws of chapter 2 to be translated. If you have access to them it would be great if you could share them.