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Best NF Fanfiction / Fanfic recommendations

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Moonlight fics are really good, Bad romance is awesome, I like Blind as well. TRKOW its focused in action right now, I used to like the romance moments more...

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Bad Romance is so funny, Nanoha and Fate just can't stay apart from each other. I can't wait for the next chapter to be released!
I'm sure will get more romance moments from TRKOW, I'm waiting for that!!!

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned Last Chance by Ratkie. o.o

And on behalf of a certain someone, RATSKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! If you ever read this, update! Pleeeeeeeeaaaseeee! ;_;/

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XD I'm surprised that no one recommended that fic too XD

Why thank you Mad, I know I'm notorious for ranting about this so yes XD.... RATSKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Update please! I've been checking my e-mails 10 times a day for the last 4 months JUST to see if you've updated! RATSKIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE, Update SOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!! PLEAASEEE Q.Q

.... pending

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Hi! I'm new one here

I like The Tsundere Trainer ( Fan fiction
It's was translated by HikariFate . It feel like I reading manga or watching anime

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The Tsundere Trainer? Oh boy I remember when NeoCervantes started that one. It is really funny but it does take some liberties with characterization. Still good however.

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Right!! It make me laugh a lot and I wish I can read more of it.

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you may want to try one called "A Colorful Life" it is up to chapter 15, but it is a great read, i hate waiting for each new chapter, but it is soooooo much fun

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I totally agree it's really good :)

Keep calm and love Nanofate! XD

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Phoenixnext stories are good this is actually on my favorite author list.
A colourful life - is romance / drama with lots of fluff and slice of life type of story in my opinion.

Check the gate - this one has some drama, angst and romance in the first part of the story
Check the gate 2 - has more action and vilains got an end they deserved.

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Nanoha fanfics were actually the reasons why I become a nanofate fan,
Drama genre: I recommend Used to be by ladyhades(too bad its been so long since its last update) ,
Humor : Deathbunny's fic science plus magic is the one,
Last chance by Ratskie was my former favorite in this category but sadly after watching bokura ga ita.. hahaha got dissapointed
Family: parental love by musikazen , then follws by alternatives by satashi
Rated M: The author Sammy-chan89 have one or best rated M fics, then Bad Romance by Moonlight Rainbows
Angst: future tense by Kaijiro and Blind by Enraptured
Adventure: I want to recomend the story that I Read a long time ago about the three goddess but sadly it was shot down, then a story about Fate who rougue then Nanoha desperately looked for her also been deleated, So sad..
So I recommend Without words by BunnyxGirl ( please take note its rated M)

Hmmm currently I'm enjoying phoenixnext fics but my current addiction are pet-chay's fics..(never reads a plot like hers: namely Sorry for being Late and Pawiin; though the author were not native english speaker, so there were grammar mistakes, it was still readeble) although all fics were unique its the first time I read them in those scenario..

All the fics I mentioned were all can be found at
Hope this helps..