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Even More Vivid Life and Vivid Life Advance Chapters!

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Hello everyone! This Sunday we're sharing again even more chapters from VIVID LIFE and VIVID LIFE Advance released yesterday by Payapaya Scans. If you liked the previous ones, you will love these too.

For more information please check This and This post on Payapaya Scans. We hope you enjoy the release!


VIVID LIFE - Memory 01
VIVID LIFE - Memory 07
VIVID LIFE - Special 04
VIVID LIFE - Special 06 (you can also see it online Here, it's only 2 pages)
VIVID LIFE Advance - Memory 02
VIVID LIFE Advance - Memory 05

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Very funny stories ! X3

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I agree so very much.

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Like always, thanks so much.

Neko Tofu also made two doujin about Mystia, if you care for Touhou.

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Now tat I've read this, and knowing it's an official publication, I feel like looking for those people saying Nanofate is not a thing and shove these down their throats... XD

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Thank you so much !!!