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[FanFic] I Remember: Lost Memories

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Nanoha is already calling Momoko mom, I like the connection between them.
I hope u post the next part soon :)
Btw...Merry Xtmas!

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Fate Testarossa wrote:
Btw...Merry Xtmas!

Aww, thanks. (: Merry Christmas to you too! XD

"You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories..."

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Nanoha has such loving mother and supportive friends. I hope she'll have a speedy recovery. It's still a year before Fate returns? Another great update, Yuki-chan! ♥♥♥

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Hihi~ How's everyone doing? Chapter 2 Part 3 is here!! The last part to Chapter 2. Enjoy? (:


The next day I went to the hospital to pick Nanoha up. Shamal Sensei said that Nanoha was in good health, so I could take her home. When I got there Nanoha was up and dressed, waiting for me. She looked happy when she saw me enter the door.

I Remember: Lost Memories
By: Yuki_Kamishiro

"Mom." She said with glinting eyes. I couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, Nanoha?" I walked over to her and the nurse bowed, taking her leave, I returned the bow. I sat on the chair and took Nanoha's hand in mine. "How are you doing Nanoha? Doing good? Ok? Hurting anywhere?"

"Nyahaha~ Mom, do you always worry about me this much?" She scratched her cheek and laughed again.

"Oh, um... yeah, I guess I do." I smiled and she smiled back, but it all went away when she was pondering on something, it surprised me when she asked, or even thought of it.

"So um... do I have a Dad too... or?" She curiously looked at me and I couldn't bring myself to lie to her.

"You did..." I smiled sadly and she blinked a couple of times.

"... did?" She repeated the word.

"Yes... did. The reason you're in here... is because you had a car accident..." She nodded slowly and I continued. "... your Father was with you... and..." I tried to hold back the tears. "... he-" I felt arms around me.

"Owie... as much as this pain hurts right now... it hurts more seeing you like this, Mom... I don't know why... but it just does... I think I know what happened to... Dad..." She said the word uncomfortably. "But it's not your fault..." She pulled away and looked at me and smiled weakly. "It's my fault... isn't it?"

"No-" I stopped and she shook her head sadly. "I guess you are still my sweet daughter we all love... even if you don't remember anything at all..." She smiled a crooked smile and laughed.

"If you say so Mom."


We pulled up to a small yet big house that said "Takamachi Residence" on the name plate. Mom opened the door and pulled out the wheelchair, I shivered just thinking about having to sit in it again.

"Well, we're here... home sweet home..." Mom said after we got inside, minus the long work of trying to get me to sit in the wheelchair. I told her that I could kind of walk but she told me to sit in it anyways.

Sigh, the time I spent yesterday after she left just to try and walk again didn't help at all, it got my legs hurting like heck. Whatever that means. Well, all I know is that it hurt, a lot.

I heard some running and clashing and falling. I looked up at Mom and she just sighed. "Your big brother and big sister are home."

"I have a big brother and a big sister?!" Shocked as I was I looked at the stairs and saw a girl with black hair and glasses running down the stairs and a boy with the same color hair right behind her. "You never told me this..."

Mom looked apologetically at me and I looked back at the two people running down the stairs, already at the bottom. "Nanoha!!" The black haired girl jumped on me and squeezed hugged me. I felt pain again.

"O-oww..." I took a big breath. "I can't... breathe..." She let go of me and jumped back.

"I'm sorry Nanoha! It's just... I'm glad you're ok..."

"Owie..." I coughed for awhile and smiled. "It's ok... I'm fine now... um..." I started rubbing my neck that was in pain.

"This is your big sister Miyuki, the middle child. And the one behind her is Kyoya, your big brother, the oldest child." Mom pointed out and Kyoya came in view from behind said Miyuki, my big sister.

"Yo." He said, waving his hand in the air and putting it back in his pocket. "Are you ok, Nanoha?" His expression totally changed and I got confused. First he was all serious and the next he was all kind and caring? How odd.

I nodded. "I-I'm fine, thank you."

"That's good to hear. Well, Miyuki and I here moved all of your stuff to your old room... so it'll be easier for you... going upstairs can be a pain some times... so your room will be down this hall, close to the kitchen, where I think most of us are always at... so when you need any help we'll be near and here, and we can help you." He smiled.

I nodded again. "T-thank you. I appreciate it very much." I bowed.

"Don't be. You're our little sister after all." Miyuki smiled and held onto my shoulder. "It's the least we can do." I nodded slowly.

"Well!" Mom clapped and got the three of us jumping off our floor, scaring us half to death. "Since we're all here, why don't we have lunch?" Miyuki nodded and said she would help out with the preparations. Kyoya did a thumbs up and said he'd watch over me while they prepared something for us to eat.

Everyone was happy. Mom was happy. Big sister Miyuki was happy. Big brother Kyoya was happy. I was happy, yet...

At the same time I wasn't happy at all. Something was missing... I don't know what... but something's just missing... I can't really place it... it's just... not there... like there's a big void in my heart, I think...

... I just feel like I'm forgetting something, besides my family and all... like something... more...

End of Chapter 2 Part 3!! Actually, it's the end of Chapter 2. Up next is Chapter 3!! XD

"You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories..."

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This is so touching and heart-warming, Nanoha's mom, sister and brother all care so much about her. It seems that even though Nanoha can't remember, deep down she still has strong feelings for Fate-chan...

I wonder how she's going to spend the next year adjusting to life with amnesia, before she meets Fate again. Thank you for this update Yuki-chan!

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It's really good to see Nanoha's family being so kind to their amnesiac sister and daughter.
Besides, it seems even if she don't remember Fate, she'll still remember her in her heart.

Great part !

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AWW nanoha-Chan misses her fate-chan =( i hope she remembers
Update soon! please XD

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i loved this very much, when will chapter 3 been out can not wait!!! :) thanks for giving us a great story cant wait till the next chapter.