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[Fanfic] Richgirl!Nanoha

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Chapter 5

By now I felt better about sneaking out at night. No longer did I have that underlining sense of fear hanging in my stomach, but instead I felt the adrenaline pumping through me as I crept down my lattice. Because of this I made sure to double check everything. I looked at every point someone could see me from and then quickly glanced a second time to confirm it. I ran across the yard fast and rounded the curve leading outside the gate. Once there I dropped my sandals and put my feet into them. Strange how I could tell the difference in how the grass in my yard felt over the course of the time Fate and her friends have been coming over. Whatever she did last time really made our yard softer on my feet. I would have to thank her.

Richgirl!Nanoha V
By: Satashi

The path I always took was a little familiar now. I knew where each house was and had a fairly good idea how long it took to walk from multiple points back to my house. Even though this pleased me I still felt a little disappointed as well. I didn't know anything besides this straight shot. Whatever was to the left of my house was still unexplored on foot but what made me keep going right was simple; it was different than what I normally saw. The houses weren't big and fancy, the stores weren't crystal clean, and everything had a strange feel to it. Also, Fate was around these parts sometimes. I didn't see her last night but I was fairly sure I would this time. After all, she told me she would be out now.

After walking for several minutes without seeing the blond I started feeling a little uneasy. I had gone farther than ever before now and the buildings were starting to look less interesting and more scary as the time went on. I saw large apartment buildings with rusty fire escapes on the sides, groups of people gathered around talking, and lots of litter in the alleyways I looked down. “What'cha looking for, Doll?” A voice startled me, making me jerk and turn around. Two people stood in front of me with grins. Their clothes were baggy and they gave me an odd feeling. “Are you lost?”

“N-no,” My voice broke and I took a step away from them. With a small bow, I turned and continued along my way. Unfortunately one of the men ran in front of me and stopped, forcing me to as well. “I'm okay, really.” I could barely talk, scared at the boldness they were showing.

“Have some time?” The one behind me put both hands on my shoulders. “There's this party we're going to and we'd love for you to join.”

“A party?” Was I actually being invited to a party? One like I read about in books? With music and dancing, punch and snacks? “Really?” I spoke again, interested. “I can go? Where is it?”

The two men smirked. “Right in this alley,” They started moving me towards it.

“H-huh?” I looked around, seeing nothing that would be considered fun. “Here?”

“That's enough!” A new voice came up behind me, revealing Fate walking towards us. “Take your hands off her. Now!”

One of the men walked to Fate. “You look like an-Ahhh!” He stumbled to the side, rubbing his eyes. “You bitch!” He tried desperately to get the mace out of his tear ducts.

I felt my arm being grabbed from behind but Fate was already in front of me, arms looping around my body. “Don't try it,” She spoke harshly past my ear at the one holding me. “Let her go.” I couldn't see what was going on but the hand on me slowly loosened. Fate put her arm around my waist and started walking backwards, taking me with her. “Don't ever try this again,” she warned them. I tried to look behind myself but she pulled me closer to her body so I couldn't. When we got out of the alleyway she turned around to walk forward, flipping something closed in her hand before hiding it closed in her pocket. “How dumb can you be?” She hissed at me angrily. “You enjoy being gang raped!? Huh!?”

“I...I...” My voice shook, eyes tearing up. The blond held my arm firmly as she guided me away, glancing over her shoulder every so often for the first little while. “I'm sorry...”

Fate softened her angry look and instead of pulling me along, placed her arm through mine to lead me. “There are a lot of creeps around here,” she informed me lightly. “You should have waited at the light post.”

“Light post?” I repeated her words softly, confused. I was still shaken up over the encounter and couldn't think straight.

“Where we split last time,” She kept on, looking around once more before making a turn. “I was going to meet you there.”

“I...didn't know.” We started going up one of the better looking apartment buildings around us and stopped on the third floor. “Is this...?”

“Home sweet home,” She confirmed as the door was unlocked. Fate ushered me inside first and I looked around curiously, still rubbing my hands together nervously. Her apartment was small to say the least. My room alone seemed to be bigger than her entire place. To my left was a messy kitchen with a few plastic plates littering the counter. The carpet was a dull color that needed vacuuming but mainly it seemed to be semi-clean. “Make yourself comfortable,” She insisted. I didn't want to be rude by looking around at everything so I decided to take her up on the offer.

With a small nod I went over to her couch. I was expecting a large plush cushion to sit on but instead I sank down into it quickly. The cushions were not very supporting and it seemed almost broken in the middle, where it dipped downwards. Despite this, it felt strangely comfortable. It molded to my body and felt even better when Fate crashed down next to me. The added weight made me lean more towards the dipping center and I found myself against Fate's side, literally leaning up against her. “Um...” I was a little uneasy still.

“...Are you okay?” Her voice lost it's teasing undertone and instead I saw honest sincerity in her red eyes. “Did they hurt you any?”

“...No.” My worry left me.

“Good.” She looked away from me and leaned back, both arms going over the back of the couch. She was her normal self again, clicking her tongue as she stared at the ceiling absently. “Just be sure to not follow anyone you see... and you should stop dressing so pretty around here.” She moved one arm from the couch and draped it over my shoulders. The way the seats dipped paired with the new position made me lean so much on her I finally gave up keeping my distance and just layed against her, head on her shoulder. For some reason I felt rather safe.

“Dress so pretty?” I inquired, realizing my voice didn't falter at all. “What do you mean?”

“Your dresses and sandals.” She looked at my feet. “Do you have anything other than sandals? Honestly...”

“I like them,” I wiggled my toes.

Fate scoffed lightly. “How do you paint things so small?”

I blinked, pondering what she meant for a few moments. “Oh! My toenails? It's relaxing, really.” I showed her my fingernails, which were currently a bright shade of pink and perfectly manicured. Fate seemed interested in my fingers so I reached behind myself to pull her hand where I could see it. Her elbow was looped around my neck now so I could have enough room to look at her hand. “Oh wow,” I was amazed at how short her nails were. “Do you trim them daily or something?”

“I bite them,” She revealed to me with that tone in her voice that I couldn't place. “Keep them short so they go in smooth.”

“Go in?” I pondered, getting no reply other than an amused smile and laughing eyes. Seeing no help there, I looked back at her fingernails. “I can probably do them for you. I was taught how to use fake nails in case I ever broke one of mine...”

“Eh?” She tried to move her hand back but I held it firmly so I could keep looking.

“Yes, it will be easy. You won't even be able to tell they aren't yours. I will get the really short ones with the gentle curve at the tip. That way it will still be smooth when you.. oh! I get it, you're worried about putting them in your gloves at work. Don't worry, they will go in smooth, you won't be able to tell.”

“Can I slide them in your glove?” She grinned, voice getting husky. “I bet it's a lovely shade of pink?”

“They are,” I confirmed. “I don't wear them much, though.” I was amazed she knew I had shoulder length gloves.

“Nice and tight?” She went on.

“Well,” I pondered them. “They are a little loose at first because that's where my bicep is, but as I put my hand in, it gets really tight. I have to wiggle a bit.”

“Mmmnn!” She moaned happily. “Tell me more.”

“Ummm...” I felt a little confused. “You like gloves?” Fate opened her eyes and looked at me. For a moment I got lost in her playful red orbs, almost seeing them shine in laughter. “You have pretty eyes,” I stated simply, making her blink and pull back just a little.

“Oh...” I seemed to have shocked her. “Thank you... I think.” She leaned forward again, letting her released hand drape over my chest. “I'm normally the one to compliment eyes.”

“Oh?” I smiled at her. “You like looking at eyes? I always thought you were a little shy because you look down a lot.”

Fate's eyes went from looking down back to my mine. “Do you mind?”

“If you look down? No, not at all. I sometimes have a hard time meeting people's eyes so I understand.” She was grinning again and I felt happy. “I'm glad.”

“For what?” She rested her forehead on mine and licked her lips.

“I don't feel uneasy,” I revealed to her, making her blink. “For some reason I feel like I can relax around you. I haven't felt like this in a long time.” I smiled at her contently. “Thank you for tonight, but I think I should get going.”

“Wait!” Fate made sure I couldn't get up. “I don't want you walking alone...” She seemed confused at her own words. Covering it with a cough, she licked her lips again, vision going to my chest instead of my eyes. “I told you, perverts walk the streets here. It isn't like that nice protected area where you live. Here, you really might get attacked like you see on the news.”

“Do policemen not patrol here?”

“Only the hardcore ones.” She sighed.

“Will you... walk with me?” My question made her look confused again.

“Yeah, sure. I wouldn't mind that....but.” She shifted so she was straddling my lap while facing me. “What the hell is your name?”

My name? Did she forget it already?... Oh! I never told her! “Nanoha,” I laughed out at her playfulness. She acted so funny sometimes, really clingy and touchy. I didn't mind it from her despite normally being scared to death at being touched. “My name is Nanoha.”

“Nanoha,” She repeated, tasting it. “Na-no-haaaa.” She rocked her hips lightly against me. “Oh god Naaaanooohaaaaaa!” She through her head back and laughed. “Yes, I think I can say that in throes of pleasure.”

I laughed along with her, actually getting the joke. We were both girls so there was no way she would ever really do that. “You're silly, Fate.”

She grinned at me wickedly. “Sure I can't convince you to stay a while? Maybe... munch on something nice and warm?”

“I should really get back,” I insisted. “I don't know exactly where I am so I don't know how long it will take to get back.”

“What time does your household normally get up?” She stayed on top of me, grinning.

“Um... Around six I suppose?” I glanced at the clock to see it read almost four in the morning. “We talked a really long time.”

Fate thought about something before finally sighing out. “Yes, you should get back... Next time, however, you're all mine.” She licked her lips again. “I'm going to eat you up.”

I giggled. “I'm not a food.”

I looked outside my open window and down at Fate as she worked underneath me. She was currently right where I always crouched down before running off at night and I really wanted to talk to her but knew that I couldn't. My private tutor was over for once and was currently lecturing me about how stocks worked. When the window closed shut with a snap I blinked and looked up at the older man who was frowning at me. “...Sorry.” I whispered meekly, looking back at my notebook and realizing that I had barely written anything down. “I will pay attention.” He seemed satisfied with my answer and started talking again. My heart was only half in the lecture and I felt really bad when I stole a glance out the window and saw Fate wiping sweat from her forehead with her dirty glove. I wanted to give her a drink but I knew that was impossible today. I would apologize to her later tonight when we met up.

After my tutoring I was allowed to relax and watch some television, something I normally avoided doing because my dad always complained that it was wasting time. I could see his point about how it wasn't getting anything done but at the same time I thought it was nice to sometimes relax and not do anything. Well, I didn't do much anyway but still...

When lunch was over I was already wishing the rest of the day away. I found our chef in the kitchen cleaning up his mess and I offered my help to him. I loved cleaning for some reason, it was a good way to pass the time. My personal maid always talked to me when she did my room. She was a kind girl in her late twenties. From what I understand, her mother works for us as well and she was going to take over the cleaning business once she was old enough. She once told me to make my room a little more messy or she would lose her job. That brought a smile to my face but I lost it when I finally made it back to my bedroom.

When I thought about it, I really had no privacy. My clothes were washed for me, my bed made for me, and room cleaned twice weekly. I had to hide things in my room that I didn't want anyone to see. True, I could tell my maid where not to clean but I also knew that it would make her curious as to why I suddenly barred a section... Of course she wouldn't ask or look afterwards but it still made me uneasy. Then again, the only thing I hid was the sticky photographs I had taken on my first night out. Maybe I should get something to hide? The thought of doing something I wasn't supposed to gave me that feeling again. The feeling of being alive like when I first sneaked out...

Maybe I should buy some candy or something and hide it in my drawers? The thought depressed me and I fell face first onto my bed. My life really was sad when the thought of smuggling candy into my room gave me a thrill of being 'naughty'. As I rolled over I stared at the ceiling. Although I really should buy something; I had the money. My personal bank account had tens of thousands of yen in it and my purse was also fairly loaded as well. The candy bar I first got was not even a hundred yen so I could probably buy everything in the story if I really wanted to...

I should ask Fate to take me somewhere to spend my money. Maybe I could even buy her a little something as well. Her apartment looked a little run down so I was sure she wasn't getting enough income to buy the things she probably wanted. Then again, her apartment was better than others I saw around that section of town as well. Perhaps she used a lot of her paycheck on rent... I wonder if we could pay her any more than what we currently were? No, that wouldn't work. Her employers pay her, and we pay them...

By the time night came around I was too excited to sleep. All evening I thought about things I should do while being out but knew I couldn't do by myself. It took everything I had to just buy a candy bar at a gas station, I knew going somewhere big would probably make me cry. Tonight I would talk to Fate and see if she would be willing to go places with me. After all, she said that she would walk with me. I waited impatiently for the time to pass, being basically barred to my room after ten. A lady needed her sleep after all. Early to bed and early to rise made Nanoha a sleepy girl while sneaking out at night.

I stripped down slowly, taking my time to pick out what to wear. Fate had warned me about wearing dresses and sandals so I looked for something different, something that wouldn't attract people like before. Unfortunately everything I had was really classy so I had to compromise. I pulled on really expensive name brand blue jeans and put on socks that had elegant lacy-like designs on the top of them. Pretty shoes covered my feet and I chose a pink short sleeved shirt.

Climbing down the lattice was surprisingly harder in jeans. My pants were pretty tight, making it harder to move like normal. This caused me to slip and fall the last foot or two and land in the dirt. “Ow...” I whispered softly while standing and rubbing my sore butt. My eyes looked around carefully before running across the yard and outside the gate. As I made my way across the streets I looked around happily at everything. I hoped that after tonight I would be able to take in more than just this area. I wanted to see the way to Fate's apartment again and hope to memorize it in case I wanted to see her but didn't meet the blond at some point along the way. Luck was with me tonight, though, and I saw Fate leaning against the very same lamppost that I had almost ran into the first night I met her outside. “Fate,” I spoke softly, happily. “Thank you for meeting me.”

“Anytime, Princess.” Fate looped her arm through mine and I blushed lightly at the action. “Where to?”

“Your place?” I inquired while looking around more.

“Oooh, right to the point, you dirty girl you.” She nudged me excitedly.

“Dirty?” I blinked. “I showered before coming.” Fate seemed happy at my response. “...You're teasing me again, aren't you?” She always teased me...

“Maybe,” Fate got closer to me and I blushed again. I didn't mind her cuddling like that but I felt a little weird when people could see it.

“Um, Fate...This is embarrassing...”

“So?” She grinned and I couldn't deny her anymore. If she was happy doing it then I suppose it was alright. I didn't want to do anything to make her mad at me. “Did you fall on your cute little ass tonight?” She moved to look at my butt.

“How...did you know?” I moved one hand back to dust myself off more, cheeks coloring.

“I saw where your escaping killed the grass under your window.” She looked at me sideways. “That is a special type of grass there, you can't go stomping on it.”

“I'm... I'm sorry!” She laughed at my apology. “I'll...try not to...step on it...”

“I treated it as best I could, but I noticed there was a line along the house where it isn't growing, so just put your feet there. You will see it when you look. Anyway, at least now I know which window to climb up when I want some late night nookie.”

“Nookie?” I blinked curiously at her.

“Sex,” She replied easily, making me gasp.

“F-Fate... Dont' say that kind of thing!” I looked away nervously. “That's... dirty.”

“You're a dirty girl,” She reminded me with that husky voice again. Before I could attempt to respond she stopped. “Ah, here we are.”

“Already?” I looked around, realizing that we were in front of the steps leading to her apartment. “Aw, I wanted to look around more...”

“Later,” She eagerly started pulling me up the stairs. She opened the door for me and patted my butt as I walked in. The motion made me jump lightly and cover it, getting a chuckle from her. “Get comfortable,” She insisted. “Want a drink or something?”

“I'm okay, thank you.” I sat on the couch again, smiling lightly as I sank down on it. It was a weird type of comfortable, one I preferred over my own couch at home. Fate sat next to me and just like before I almost fell against her from where the seats sank down in the middle. Her arm draped around me just like before as well. “Ne, Fate?”

“Hm?” She looked at me, cuddling again. I swallowed my blush and talked again, a lot easier than I thought it would be.

“Can you take me places sometime?”

“I can take you to heaven,” She cooed at me.

With a small giggle, I shook my head. “Silly, I want to go somewhere.”


“Anywhere.” My response didn't help her so I tried again. “A mall, or a video store...A fast food place or just around town. I'd like to see where you go to as well.”

“Ooh, Princess wants to go shopping?” She grinned at me. “I know a great toy store.”

“A toy store?” My eyes lit up. “That would be great!” If she was with me I'm sure I wouldn't get too shy at the last moment!

“A special toy store,” She went on, leaning closer to me. “An adult toy store.”

“A-adult?” I tried to think what she meant.

“I was a little disappointed when you were talking with your friends the other day,” Fate told me, rubbing my shoulder. “I was hoping to hear Princess gets off on.”

I gasped. “” I couldn't even say it.

“A vibrator,” Fate filled in for me, making me gasp.

“That's... not something... you should do...”

Fate laughed huskily. “You have one...?”


“Use your fingers?” She moved closer to me and I found myself being laid back. “Tell me... how do you do it?”

My words refused to come to my mouth for several moments. “I.. Fate... I don't...That's... a lady shouldn't...”

“I'm not a lady,” She whispered to me, hovering over my body. “It's a shame you don't know how sexy you are, Princess...” To my horror she licked her lips and looked down at me like a wild animal about to pounce her prey. “I'll... let you feel it, though... How sexy you can be...”


She laid on me, hands snaking under my back and resting her forehead on mine. “You're still so innocent,” She whispered to me. “I'm hitting on you.”

“Hi..hitting?” I swallowed. “Like ... like that!?” My world spun. But... she was a girl!

“Like that,” She confirmed, running one of her legs between mine. “You see, Princess,” She spoke against my lips. “I'm queerer than a three dollar bill.”

“I... I'm not...”

“Yet,” She finished for me. “I bet you taste heavenly.”

“T-taste!?” I almost shrieked when her mouth went to my neck. I felt her tongue roll across my skin, making me shiver and grip her shirt tightly. 'Please...' I couldn't' speak anymore, feeling her breath blow against the wet trail she left. 'Please don't...' She bit me and I gasped out loudly, body shaking as she sucked hard. Pain flared around the spot, mixed with an odd feeling that both thrilled and scared me to death. 'I don't... want this...'

“Mmm...” Fate licked around the front of my neck, one hand already unsnapping my jeans button and unzipping them. “Princess, you're sweet.” A small husky chuckle. “Tell me... you masturbate don't you?” Another nip of my skin and once more I managed only a small silent shriek. “Because... I've thought about you many times doing it...”

I swallowed again. 'She thought about me while...' My jeans were being worked down, and I felt them stop at my thighs. 'If... If this is what she wants...' My shirt slid up my stomach and I felt her hand trail over my side while Fate kept kissing my neck. 'As long as she... she acknowledged me... she saw me...' A scared moan came from my throat as my panties started slowly being tugged down. 'I'll do anything if it means having a real friend...' I stopped trying to deny her, tears rolling down my cheeks. 'I'll do anything for a friend...'

Fate pulled from my neck and looked into my eyes, stopping her advances all at once. She stared down at me with an expression that I couldn't place. I closed my eyes, feeling another stream of water fall from them. Slowly I turned my head so I wouldn't have to look at her while she did her thing but nothing came. “Fa...te...?”

“I...I'm sorry...” Her voice was just as scared as mine. “I...I don't want to... I'm not going to...” I felt shivering hands pull my shirt down and I slowly looked back at her. “Princess, I... I'm not...” She looked as if she was about to cry as well. “I would never... I promise... I...”

“Fate...?” I was confused.

Fate got off of me and sat down on the couch, hunched over and hiding her face in her palms. Taking the chance, I pulled my panties and jeans up, zipping them and snapping the button. If I could leave without hurting her feelings then maybe she would still be my friend...I couldn't keep sneaking out if I didn't have the courage she first showed me. I needed her... 'Please, Fate,' I thought while looking at her. 'Please don't hate me because I'm leaving...' I got off the couch but my wrist was grabbed a hold of.

“Nanoha...” Fate's voice was soft and for the first time I heard complete despair in it. “I'm sorry. I shouldn't have.” She looked up at me with terrified eyes. “It was wrong... I would never... I promise... I would never rape you...”

“Fate...” So she felt this bad for forcing herself on me? A small bit of hope came in my stomach but it wasn't enough for me to stay. I was too scared right now, and I knew I would start crying soon...Even still, she said she was sorry for it... “Please,” I barely managed out. I couldn't leave her like this, it might make us never speak again. “Please walk me home.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“...Yes...” She stood and walked to the door, opening it for me. No pat came this time and we walked in silence for the first time ever. I couldn't even look at the buildings around us now, as my eyes stayed focused on the ground a few feet in front of us. “Here,” She spoke finally.

“Thank you.” I walked a few paces in front of her and turned back. “Fate...”

“I'm sorry,” She repeated one more time in a whisper before turning to walk away.

“...Me too...” I had to force myself to run across my yard and climbed up weakly back to my room. Once inside I stripped down and put on my nightgown. I went straight to bed and hid myself under the covers. 'She said she was sorry,' I closed my eyes and felt the first sob come. 'But I still feel so...' another sob and tears started to flow. '...Violated...'

Did she, too, only see me as an object?

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hehe, nanoha is so innocent it's so cute!!!
she didn't even know what fate meant at the "glove thing"!
i LOLed at "i can take you to heaven"
thanks for the awesome chapter!!

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The original edition seems doesn't complete. I hope you can finish it. I love this story so much. I hope Fate doesn't have miserable past, too.

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It was funny to see Nanoha not noticing Fate's innuendo and teasing.

I feel sad for the both of them at the end of the chapter.

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Nanoha is so innocent, she was going to let Fate have her way on her just coz she wants a friend :(
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.
I can feel a sad past... =/

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great humerous chapter with angst at the end. loved the glove inuendo and the sly marks fate said about the nails. it was awesome!!

very sad that nanoha felt violated and almost gave in just to have a friend. fate definitely looks devastated about what she did. she definitely crossed a line since nanoha had no idea about fate's intentions with her and pretty much "licked her up". Can't say she "ate" nanoha up since they stopped....

anyway, update soon!! PLEASE!!!


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this is so nice.. and nanoha is so cute being so innocent and all. mmmm...

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one word: MOAR!

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Innocent Nanoha is really cute, yet she kind of had the right guess at the end, of course only right at this point of the story. It took Fate this trauma to realize she might want something else from Nanoha aside from sex.

So many fanfictions, so little time XD

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This is simply one of the greatest fanfic of nanofate I ever read!!

Got a bit emotional when nanoha let fate have her way with her just because she wants a friend ;_;

Really like this Satashi :)

I hope you make more chapters though :\....

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Chapter 6

I sighed out as I layed face down on the massaging table. I had one person doing my nails while another was massaging my back. A third person was rubbing my feet and would eventually give me a pedicure when this treatment was finished. Although normally my weekly spa trip relaxed me to no end, I couldn't help but feel down today. It has been a few days already since my...incident... with Fate, and I was still upset over it. I wanted to talk to her, to try and get some explanation as to why she did that, but I had no idea how to contact her. I also wanted to know how she saw me. Was I a friend, an annoyance, or a toy? She paid attention to me, but what did she want?

Richgirl!Nanoha VI
By: Satashi

It was Thursday before they came back to my yard, almost two weeks since I last saw them. I had ran many scenarios over in my mind since then but each one left me more confused. Fate was hitting on me all this time and I didn't notice. She was gay, or at the very least openly bi-sexual. This didn't bother me, as I fully understood wanting to do your own thing, but at the same time it confused me. I have never been hit on by anyone, let alone a girl. I didn't know how to take it and it boggled my mind to think that Fate, of all people, wanted me... like that.

Her eyes met mine and I gripped the curtains nervously. Her face went through several different emotions before she started walking again. The weather outside was dull and gray, clouds hanging thick with the promise of rain. I guess they couldn't do their work when the yard was muddy so they were trying to squeeze in whatever they could before it started to pour. If that was the case then I wouldn't see them again for another long while after this... Which meant I didn't have a choice on waiting.

I moved to my vanity and started putting on my makeup. I went light today, just enough to appease my mother. She always liked me to look my best and it became a habit over the years to always touch myself up when going out. Slowly I walked downstairs and watched the group work from the kitchen for a long while. After checking to see if we had any, I started a fresh pitcher of lemonade and even remembered to cut out a little of the sugar this time. I tested it and puckered my lips. I didn't like it at all but I was hoping Fate would.

I waited outside on the patio, watching the crew of three work my yard for what must have been half an hour. Finally a few drops of rain started to fall, making the boy in charge curse rather loudly. He called for a round up of what they were currently doing so they could get ready to call it a day. Fate, thankfully, seemed to be done. Her eyes glanced over at me and I held up the glass of lemonade in a questioning manner. I could tell she was reluctant to come to me but I stood up anyway, walking to the end of the patio and holding it out with both hands.

By the time she reached me I was already debating running back inside. I just might have if not for the fact that her hand took the glass from me. She offered a small “Thanks,” and sipped on it instead of drinking it all like last time.

“Too sweet?” I asked, trying to gather my courage and push back the images I had of her above me.

“Huh?” She looked at me oddly a moment. “Oh. Oh, no, yes, I mean...” She looked to the side. “A little...”

“I will try better next time.” My words made her look back up at me. “...Fate?”


“Why did that?” Her eyes looked away from mine. “Please... please look at me.” Slowly red eyes came to meet mine. I was scared but at the same time I had motivation. I haven't once left my house since that night, and I missed the freedom. In order to get that back I need my courage again. Fate, the girl who started all of this, was the only one right now who could give me that. If I was a toy to her then I would stop trying. I would just live my life the way others wanted me to. If it was different, if she really did see me as a person, then that alone was enough to give me faith to keep trying.

“I...” She swallowed and I could tell she was thinking of several things to say at this moment. Finally she met my eyes and told me the blunt truth. “I wanted you.”

She wanted me. “Why?” I asked again.

“I just...did.” She tried to move her eyes from me but, for the first time in my life, I stepped to the side to make sure she couldn't. The motion made her looked rather shocked, and I rubbed my hands together nervously out of habit. “...That didn't give me any right to do what I did,” she admitted to me. “I shouldn't have done that. Really. I'm sorry.”

“Please... don't do something like that so suddenly anymore okay?”

“I promise I won't.” She looked a little hopeful now. “Can you forgive me?”

“Yes,” I answered quickly, blushing when she realized how eager I was to hear those words. “Um... Yes.” I tried again.

“Why would you want to talk to me again after that?” Her curiosity must have come up when I seemed so ready to forgive her.

“Because... you paid attention to me.” I brushed some hair behind my ear. “The ever pay attention to me.”

“...Do you still want me to walk with you?”


She grinned. “Can I still hit on you?”

I looked away. “I can't tell you not to...”

Fate moved to stand in front of me this time. “Can I work slowly on you?”

“Slowly?” I caught the teasing tone in her voice and I felt my lips turn up ever so slightly. She was her old self again, back to the girl who first drew my interest.

“Yeah,” She agreed. “I really do want you. Maybe I can work on you enough to do it with me willingly?”

I laughed softly, feeling that the joke was only half serious. “Maybe,” I evaded her from both my own shyness at the question as well as not really knowing what else to say. “I don't know how to react to this.”

“Surely you've been hit on before?” I shook my head. “No shit, really?” I was taken aback from her language but she went on before I could say anything. “You really are sexy you know.”

“Wha-?” I took a step back, losing my control over the conversation and feeling that familiar emotion once again rise up in my chest.

Fate took a step forward and leaned her arm up on the patio railing next to me. “I won't lie, you're smoking hot and I have it bad for you.”

“Is that...” I blushed hard, a little intimidated. “Is that why you say such strange things?”

“Yes.” She softened and her red eyes looked really caring for a moment. “Really, Princess, I'm sorry for what I did. I can joke all I want but what it comes down to is me doing something I shouldn't have. Yes, I think you are sexy but it gave me no right to jump you like that. I promise it will never happen again.”

I believed her. Fate's eyes were a window to her thoughts, and I found myself able to read her mood quite easily. “Fate? May I ask something?”


Before she started getting playful again, before she started hitting on me, I had to know. “How do you see me?”

She smirked and I lost my lock on her eyes. “As a hot little girl I wouldn't mind taking my time on.” She touched my cheek with her fingertips. “You are nice to be around; like a friend or something.”

“A friend?” I repeated, eyes wide.

“Yeah,” She was fully teasing again. “Granted, I still get hot and wet just looking at you, but a friend indeed.” I blushed hard, both excited and embarrassed so badly I couldn't even speak anymore. “Tell me,” She leaned forward. “Will you give me a chance?”

I swallowed thickly, wanting to both say something and to run and hide. “Fate...” I managed out, getting a grin.

“FATE!” the male's leader's voice rang out over the yard. “Come on! It's going to rain!”

“Che,” Fate scoffed and I realized that a faint sprinkle had started coming down in the time we had been talking. “867-5309.”


“My phone number.”

I blushed. “O-okay...”

“Call me.”

“S-sure..” I felt my throat tighten.

“Slow, huh?” Fate looked at me. “May I?” She took my hand and I meekly nodded at her. To my surprise, she dipped down and kissed it. I felt my heart jump into my throat and I could only look at her with wide eyes as she winked and walked around the corner and back into the yard. “I'm coming!” She yelled out rudely. “Keep your pants on!”

“How about you keep yours on and get your ass in my truck!” The man yelled back.

I leaned back against the patio and fanned myself, breathing a little hard. That had most definitely turned out different than I thought it would.

I laid on my stomach, staring out the window into the pouring rain. My bed was soft and the covers warm but I still couldn't sleep. I wanted to go out tonight but I knew there was no way I could. As I rolled over onto my back my eyes looked at the pink phone laying on my nightstand. I could call her, but then again it might just be a bother. True she stayed out late and all but...She did tell me too. Was it okay to call on the first day I got her number? She said specifically 'call me' so surely it was?

Moving over, I picked up my phone and looked at the contact list filled with names of people I never even spoke to. Fate's number wasn't stored but I had it memorized. I felt as if it was almost rude to add her to my contact list, as it was filled with people I never wanted to talk to but needed to know the numbers of. I flipped through it as I debated dialing. The maid service, my mom's cell phone, my house phone, my father's cell phone, father's work number, father's second work number, and finally a string of names of the people I went out on a date with. I put their names in so I would be sure not to answer when it rang. Now that I think about it, not answering my cell phone was the first thing I ever did that might be considered 'wrong'.

Slowly I punched in Fate's number and stared at the screen. Four rings. I would let it ring four times... If she didn't' answer then I would hang up. Forcing myself to press send the button, I held it to my ear nervously. My breath was held as the phone rang out the simple tone in my ear. A second ring came, followed by a third. When the fourth was about to start I heard a click and finally a voice. "Yeah?" I tried to greet her back but I was still nervous. "Hellooooooooo?"

"Fa-Fate," I squeaked out. "It's... Um, I'm-"

"Princess," she answered for me in an amused tone. "Wow, calling the first night, I'm impressed."

"Am I... bothering you?" I sat on my bed and covered my legs with the sheets.

"I was just thinking about you," She cooed into my ear.

"R-really!?" I brought my hand to my chin, taking the covers with it. "Um... what... about...?"

Fate chuckled. "All kinds of things."

She was thinking about me... The thought alone made my heart pound excitedly. Not only was she the first to actually pay attention to me, but she also thought about me when I wasn't there? I felt so...flattered! "...Like what?" I tried again

"Different things," She avoided me again in a teasing tone.

"Mou, tell me." I insisted. "Please?"

"Pretty please?"

"Pretty please?" I repeated her words hopefully.

"Nope." I almost sighed into the phone. "What are you up to? Staying up late?" The topic turned to me now.

I laid back on my bed, too fidgety to stay still for too long. "Normally I go to my room around ten but I don't actually sleep until later. This is the only time I have privacy so I enjoy it."

"You enjoy yourself?"

I caught the teasing tone and, having heard the phrase before, I knew immediately what she meant. "Fate... I don't..."

"Sure you do," she insisted.

"No... Really... I..." I stammered for words. Was she going to tease me again?

"Hey, Princess, tell me something?"


"Tell me about your day."

My day? She was really interested in my day? I held my phone with both hands, feeling excited to have someone honestly ask me that question. "My, my day was great!" I heard a small chuckle and a request for details. "Well," I was sitting up again, smiling in my dark room illuminated only by my night light. "I, I woke up a little early today and ate breakfast, then I lounged around my room a little while and I looked out my window while reading, I love to read, and I saw you come so I went downstairs to make some lemonade, I hope it wasn't too sweet for you, I'll make it better next time, and I waited for you to be done so I could talk to you, you didn't get in trouble for talking did you, and I-"

"Whoa!" she laughed into the phone. "Princess, you have said more in the past single sentence than you have since we've met! Let me get a word in if you ask a question."

"OH! Oh, I'm... I'm sorry..."

"Don't be," Her voice was amused. "But what set you off like that?"

I felt embarrassed now. "One of the things I've wanted... was for a friend to ask me things... to be paid attention to... I don't know, I guess I've just wanted someone to listen to me."

"I'll listen." The two words made me go silent, feeling a strange emotion in my chest once again. I sniffed lightly and wiped my eyes, letting out a small hiccup. "H-hey!?" Fate suddenly turned fearful. "Are you crying!?"

"I'm sorry," I sniffed again, trying to control myself. "Just this morning I was scared we would never talk again and now... now I've had so many things happen in just one day... I'm just so shocked and happy because of it all."

Fate was quiet a moment before speaking again, voice once more taking that extremely rare gentle tone. "That must really suck hardcore..." All at once it was gone and there was a light tone again in her speech. "I guess I'm good at making you cry, huh?"

"Fate," I scolded but laughed at the same time. "Don't say that."

"To make it up to you, how about I give you a nice rubdown?"

"I had a massage this week already," I politely declined her, going with the flow of topic change to better calm myself down.

"Come on, I have magic fingers."

"Really?" I was amused by her choice of words.

"Yeah," She got husky on me again and I recognized it as her 'flirty' tone. "Girls say they feel electricity from them."

"Oh really?" I actually giggled at her. I was embarrassed from the tone she was giving me but at the same time I was interested in hearing more. What was it like to be gay? To like other girls? Why did she want to hit on me so badly? Why did she like me? So many questions I wanted answers to. "Hey, Fate?"

"Yes, Princess?"

"Why do you flirt with me?"

"How dense can you be?" She sounded a little exasperated. "I told you; I want you. In my bed. Screaming my name."

I blushed darkly. "Fa-Fate..."

"You asked."

So I did...At least she was honest with me. "That's... a little scary."

"I told you I will work slow. Until you're ready."

"You sound sure of yourself."

"I am." She sighed out contently and I heard her shift around on her bed. "But I won't force you into anything you don't want. All you have to do is say 'stop' and I will. You have my word."

I had to force myself to ask the next part. "So...You are going to keep... flirting and hitting on me?"

"Unless you stay stop, yes. Yes I am." I didn't know what to say. I really had no idea how to respond to that. "So," Her voice was laced with excitement. "You aren't saying stop."

"I-I don't want you to stop! No, no. I mean-" She was laughing so hard I felt my cheeks warm up noticeably. "I meant that I don't want you to stop paying attention to me! No, that sounds so self-centered, I..." I was so confused on what to say right now I just went silent and allowed her to keep laughing.

"Princess, you're too much. I will enjoy this."


"You got it."

"So all these things you say to me... they have double meanings don't they?" I wanted to get the topic off myself before she could continue embarrassing me.

"Maybe," She teased me. "Are you okay saying these things? Your room isn't tapped is it?"

"Tapped? you mean so people can listen? No, no my room is soundproofed, just like the rest of our house. Daddy is very strict when it comes to certain things. Being disturbed during work is something that really sets him off, so we have a rule in our house: If the door is closed, do not disturb."

" could scream at the top of your lungs and no one would hear you?"

"M...maybe..." Was this a double meaning?

"I'll have to test that... Can you do me a favor?"

"Yes?" I would do anything for my friends!

"Scream my name? Preferably in a syrupy sweet tone."

"Wha, what!?"

"Come on, please?"

"Bu...but..." I looked around, despite knowing no one would hear or see me. "Why?"

"Come on, just do it?"


Fate grinned. "Come oooooon."

I swallowed. "Fa... Faaaate."

"Oh that was weak. Scream it out?"

I swallowed. "Faaaaate!" It still barely came out more than a whisper.

"Come on Princes, scream for me!"

I held a hand to my chest and almost did scream it this time "Faaaaaaaaaaaate!"

"Oh wow that was hot!" Fate seemed very pleased. "I can't wait to hear that while you are under me."

Oh my god, she wanted a scream like that!? I hid my face in my pillows. "Fate, don't make me do things like that!"

"You didn't say stop," she reminded me.

"But... but..."

"Princess?" I stopped stammering. "Thanks."

I blushed. "...You're welcome." I did manage to make her happy, even if it was just a perverted little fantasy of hers. After everything that happened I'm sure she felt really bad as well... the way she looked this afternoon while working and the way she apologized repeatedly confirmed it. She deserved a little something. Besides, I had a safety word now. I felt like I could trust that word, even if I couldn't quite trust Fate's actions right now. I would place my bets on that. "If you need something," I spoke after a while of silence. "...Just ask, okay?"

"Hey, same to you." She yawned lightly.

"You're tired," I stated the obvious. "I'll let you go. Did I call too late?"

"No," She seemed happy right now. "Call me again, okay?"

"Um, when should I call?"

"I have free nights on my plan, which works good for you I guess. Anytime you want to after nine at night. What about you? Can I call?"

"I'd rather not," I apologized. "I'm actually... sneaking these calls. If anyone found out they would ask questions..."

"Ah, and I'm just hired help hitting on their daughter."

"N-no! you're not-!"

"I know," Fate didn't seem offended. "Over protective Daddy doesn't want his daughter getting muff dived on."

"...Muff dived?"

A snicker. "Me licking your pussy."

“I don't have a cat,” I blinked, hearing soft chuckles in the background. “...That meant something really dirty, didn't it?” I thought hard, wracking my mind for what little slang I new for perverted action and blushed hard when I came up with something I was fairly sure was right. “So," I coughed. "Um... I'll call you okay?" Please, Fate, don't press that topic...

"Don't worry about your bill?" A topic change.

"I have roll-over minutes, no one will ever notice that I'm actually using them."

"In that case call me tomorrow too."

"I can? Really?"

"Hey, I told you I'm going to work on you... makes it faster for me."

I was almost used to this by now. "Okay, I'll call you sometime after nine."

"Promise?" I knew something was coming after this but I had to bite.

"I promise."

"Good, it's a date then. G'night!" She hung up before I could say anything.

"...Sweet dreams, Fate." I told the silent phone, knowing she was smiling at my blush, which only made me grow warmer.

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ah i almost missed this chapter!!! this was really great. i wondered how they would work things out.

nanoha is extremely innocent!! haa


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Yes! Chapter 6 is up, I thought you wouldn't continue but I'm glad I was wrong ^^

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Oh such a sweet chapter!

I'm glad that they made up :)

Gotta say,Nanoha is extremely innocent isn't she ^_^;

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Fate is such a pervert, but she has heart of gold and can be romantic, like when she kissed Nanoha's hand.
It's nice to see Nanoha isn't mad for what happened the other day and still want to be friends with her.

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Mihabel wrote:
Gotta say,Nanoha is extremely innocent isn't she ^_^;

langrisser wrote:
Fate is such a pervert, but she has heart of gold and can be romantic, like when she kissed Nanoha's hand.
It's nice to see Nanoha isn't mad for what happened the other day and still want to be friends with her.

And this is exactly why this fic is so awesome :D

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YAY! there's more! \゚3゚/

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"i dont have a cat".. ahahaha...this threw me laughing. nanoha is so darn innocent and all im thinking of teaching her things... erm... not like fate's way.

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Yeah! for reconciliation and Nanoha's innocence ("I don't have a cat" XD priceless)
I almost gave it as granted that you might have abandoned this one, but luckily I was wrong. Thank you soo much Satashi for this new chapter.

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I think I have a chapter 7 stashed away smewhere :3 I'll try and find them.

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Please do :3

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please continue satashi-san!!

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please continueeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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hm.... should I write more...

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Why yes, yes you should, it's a very nice story !

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Of course! I love this fic~

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PLEASE WRITE MORE! Its such a good story! :D

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This is an awsome story Tori luv, I do hope you continue it.

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Rich_girl!Nanoha chapter 7

I closed the book I was reading and looked over at the clock to check the time. Ten-thirty; a full half hour later than my curfew. I figured it would be fine to make the call now and I eagerly plucked my cellphone from the nightstand. I haven't been out but once since Fate and I had our little situation with each other and I was itching to get out again. For the past few nights we have been talking more than usual, our standard ten minute conversations lasting almost half an hour before I finally ended them in fear of using too many minutes at once. True, Fate always found some way to make me blush but I still felt flattered by it. I still think it will be a while before I get used to, but even so, it still made me happy to know she was honestly interested in what I had to say.

Richgirl!Nanoha VII
By: Satashi

Fate picked up her phone on the third ring with her usual greeting of “Yeah?”

“Hey,” I greeted her, the familiar shyness coming like it always did. I wasn't nervous around her like I was other people, but there was something else about Fate that made me fidget a little. Maybe it was her personality, or maybe it was the fact that she obviously wanted to do un-lady-like things with me, but whatever it was made me always have a faint tint of blush on my cheeks when we spoke. “What are you up to this evening, Fate?”

“I was about to get in the shower; I'm naked.” I could hear the teasing tone in her voice and I realized right then that she was in one of her playful moods.

“Oh, um,” I was a little disappointed. If she was about to shower then she probably wasn't planning on going anywhere tonight. “ I guess you wouldn't want to go out? I was hoping to see a little more of the town.”

Fate sighed. “Sorry, Princess. Work today was a royal pain in the ass. Long story short, I had to do a lot of extra things and I'm beat. I don't think I'd make it down the block.”

“I see...” Oh well, I couldn't force her to do it if she was feeling tired tonight. “It's okay... Maybe tomorrow if you're better?”

“We could have phone sex?” She offered eagerly, ignoring my question. “It'll be fun!”

“Um... What?”

“It's easy,” I heard Fate shift around. “Tell me what you're wearing.”

“...Why?” What did it matter what I was wearing if she didn't want to come out to see me? Besides, if I went out I would change. When she asked me again I gave in without much of a fight. “Pajamas.” She requested details and I couldn't help but smile a little at the attention I was getting tonight. “Pink shirt, it goes down to my knees. No pants, they feel funny under the covers so I just wear the tops unless it's cold.”

“Oooh, I like that.” I rolled my eyes, catching the meaning. “No underwear?”

I felt my cheeks grow warm. “O-of course I'm wearing underwear.”

“Describe your panties.”

“What? Why!?” I was holding the phone with one hand, using my other to shove my shirt between my legs. I knew she couldn't see me, but it still made me feel better.

“Because,” she insisted, voice still holding that laughing undertone.

“What does this have to do with going out tomorrow?”

Fate sounded like she was shifting on her bed. “I think I might be busy tomorrow.” She was almost singing her words.

“...Faaaaaaaate.” I whined lightly into the phone. “Please?”

“Tell me,” She sing-songed to me.

Blushing, I quickly checked. “...They're dark gray.”

“Hmm, not quite black but close enough I suppose. For some reason I was expecting white.” When I didn't reply she went on. “Are they lacy?”

“Fate, please, you're embarrassing me...” She hummed happily into her receiver and I slowly gave in. “...They have a lace design and a little bow on the front.”

“Ooooh, Princess likes sexy lace panties?”

“N-no, I don't... really care. These are just... what are bought for me.”

Fate seemed shocked. “You don't even pick out your underwear?”

“No, all my clothes are chosen by a fashion consultant. She picks all the latest name brands and everything. I'd prefer simple white.”

“Hmmm... Sounds like you. Okay, anyway,” I could tell I was in trouble when her voice started getting husky. “I want you to do something.”


“Lay back on your bed...” I did as she asked, wondering where this was going to go. “Hook your thumbs under the sides of your panties...” I slowly did it, getting a bad feeling about this. “and I want you to slowly slide them down, leaving them on one ankle.”

“Ewww, Fate...” I closed my eyes. “No way.”


“No,” I stated a little firmer, getting a defeated sigh.

“Okay, okay, no phone sex...” I didn't even have to say the safety word to make her quit it seemed, and I felt a little happy because of it. “You know I would take you out tomorrow regardless, right?”

“Yes, I know.” I really did know that. Fate was really kind to me, to a point where I never wanted to ask her a favor because she would probably do it for me without hesitation. I knew she was...'working slowly'... on me, but all the same, she really seemed like she cared about making me happy now. “What do you want to do?”

Fate hummed lightly. “How about we get something to eat? I know a great place.”

That sounded really nice. “Where at? How much should I bring?”

“My treat.”

Her pay for it!? But I knew she was hard pressed for money as it was... “I can pay,” I offered.

“No,” She insisted. “My treat tomorrow. Come hungry, what time should we meet?”

I felt bad about it but I didn't want to argue with her. “Um, I can't leave while everyone is awake... after eleven? Will your place be open?”

She chuckled at me. “It's a night spot, it'll be okay.”

“Okay... Um...” I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt. Maybe... maybe just this once. For her. “Hey... Fate?”


“What... what are you wearing?”

She snorted. “Nothing, remember?” I facepalmed. The one time I try to be a little pervy for my friend and I completely blew it. “Thanks,” Fate spoke again, still giggling. “I know what you meant by it.”


“Mm,” She agreed, making me smile. “I know you, I think. Quiet...”




“Not able to voice your thoughts aloud.”

I nodded. “Yes, yes.”

“Masturbates every night for hours on end.”

“Yes....wait, what?”

“I knew it!” She proclaimed with a happy laugh. “Details!”

“...Sweet dreams, Fate.” I denied her, embarrassed but still smiling at how eager she sounded.

“Aw.” She sounded defeated again. “G'night then, Princess, call me once you're out tomorrow and I'll meet you at our spot.”

“Okay.... Nighty night.”

“Ja.” I clicked to hang up and deleted the call from my log

not all of it

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Landscaper!Fate knows that Nanoha's family is off on a business trip and the house staff are on vacation, leaving Richgirl!Nanoha alone for the night. To prepare to take her love interest out on the town for the night, Fate goes to get some money before surprising Nanoha, who is in denial about liking Fate and is trying to distance herself to sort out her feelings...


Fate heard the cheering crowd roar when the spotlight hit her body on the upper part of the stage. The music started as she began walking, her spiked heels clicking as she moved. Her robe swayed around her as she made it to the stairs, pausing to bend over backwards on the rails to look at the mass of people watching. “What's the tiiiiime?” She sang out, standing up straight again and walking down the stairs. “Well it's gotta be close to midnight!” The belt holding her robe closed was pulled off and she pulled it off behind herself to reveal a black bra and tiny matching miniskirt that covered nothing, paired with her thigh high boots. “My body's talking to me,” her hand ran along her stomach as she sang, winking at the cheering people. “It's saying time for dangeeeeeer.”

Her legs parted, bracing on either side of the stair rails and she rocked her hips to the side in time with the music. A high kick with one leg gave the people a small view before coming back down and allowing her to walk down. “It says I wanna commit a criiiiime,” Fate's voice flowed out smoothly, sitting down on the stairs and rolling her legs seductively. “I wanna be the cause of a fight!” she stood quickly, parting her legs briefly to flash her panties before swaying down a few more steps.

“I want to put on a tight skirt!” She bent backwards over the rails and kicked her leg up, smoothing her palm up her stomach and chest. “And flirt, with a strangeeeeeeer!” Moving back, she faced away from the cheers and rolled her hips. “I've had a nack, from way back!” She slapped her butt and licked her lips, turning back around and going down a few more steps. “From breaking the rules once I learned the game!” Her hands gripped the rails and she swayed her hips in a way that left no one guessing what would be happening to her to make that motion. Again she snapped forward and kicked her leg up in a high roundhouse and caught it on the rail, showing everyone her thong. “Get up! Life's too quick! I know someplace sick!” She removed her leg and finally made it to the area on the bottom half of the stage. “Where this chick will dance in the flaaaaaaame!” She quickly ran a few paces to the side and jumped onto a pole, spinning down it and standing on the smaller section.

“We don't need any moooney!” She purred out her song, taking the dollars being held up and slipping them into her skirt while shaking her butt for them. “I always get in for free!” With a hop she landed back on the main stage again and walked past the other dancers. “You can get in too,” Twirling around, completely, she put her hands behind her head and dipped slightly, rolling her hips. “If you get in with meeee!”

Shaking her hips quickly, she licked her lips and grinned at the people watching. “Ohhh, Let's go oooouuut tonight!” She made her words turn into a wolf's howl as she slowly got on her side on the floor and lifted one leg up. Her hand trailed over it, giving everyone a peek at her lace. Fate rolled over on her stomach and again onto her back so she was in the middle of the raised floor, lifting both legs straight up in front of herself before slowly parting them “I have to go oooouuuuuuuuuut tonight!” She howled again in her song, moving her body up and sitting with her legs spread. The music picked up a little and she moved to crawl forward, eyes shining and mouth open in a smile as she swayed her way on all fours to a rich looking man on the front row. “You wanna play, let's run away!” She took the money from him and licked her lips quickly, stuffing it in her bra. “We won't be back until it's Christmas day!”

The blond slid her body upwards, using her muscles to do it in a single gliding moition while keeping her hands on her chest rubbing down to her stomach. Another kick came and she turned, thanking the man for the money by crouching in front of him and wagging her hips in front of his face. “Take me-ouuuuuuuuuuuut tonight!” Her song changed from a howl to a meowing sound, getting more cheers and hands holding money for her. “Meooooowwww.” She licked a finger and ran it down her body as she purred. “HA!” The red eyed girl thrust her hips forward and walked to the edge seductivly, taking more money from the people. The song was hummed lightly , grinning at the last person before taking his bill and slipping it into her skirt. Fate wagged her hips as she walked back to the place where she entered, hips swaying to each beat as another girl came out to replace her.

“When I get a wink from the doorman,” Fate continued to sing as she left the club, grabbing her coat to cover herself. “Do you know how lucky you'll be?” She plucked a bill offered to her at the door and ground her body against his for a full three seconds before continuing her on way. “That you're online, with the feline of Landscapiiiiiiing!” With the song sill blaring around her from the strip club, she happily walked down the dimly lit streets while dancing around the scarce traffic. “I have to go oouuuuuuuuuuut tonight!” Her hips swayed as she sang out again, trotting along her way.

She pictured Nanoha's shy face as she made her way along, twirling her purse and letting her cares flow away from her. “You wanna prowl? Be my night owl?” She twirled again and jogged more, heading in the direction of her apartment. “Nanoha, take my hand and we'll go ouuuuuuuuuuut tonight!”

The door to her place was unlocked and lights clicked on softly. “In the evening,” She continued, “I've got to roam. Can't sleep in the city of neon and chrome!” Her jacket was stripped slowly, taking the money she managed to gather for her dance as she walked. “It feels too damn much like home... When the little babies cryyyyyy.” Now with a stash of money and more covering clothes put on, she went back out the door and ran through the night. “So let's find a baaaar, so dark we forget who we arrrrre. Where all the scars from the nevers and maybes diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!” The houses began to get more classy, the lighting more fluent.

“Let's GO!” She called out, ignoring the disapproving looks of the people walking around. “Ouuuuuuuuuuut tonight! Uh-huh!” She grabbed a light post with one hand and let her body fall, catching her weight and using it to spin around it. “I have to goooooooo ouuuuuuuuuuuut tonight! Ah-ha-ha!” Her laughter rang loudly as she ran away from the pole, smiling and grinning as her destination got closer. “You're sweet, you wanna hit the street?” She saw Nanoha's silhouette in her window and ran up to the gates, jumping on the stone wall surrounding the house and crouching down on it like a cat. “I wanna wail at the moon like a cat in heaaaaaat!”

Nanoha burst the window open frantically and looked at Fate with wide eyes. “Just take me!” Fate sang to her, jumping from her perch and running across the yard to the lattice below Nanoha's window. “Ouuuuuuuuuuuut tonight!”

“Fate-chan!” Nanoha whispered, scared.

“Please take me,” Fate whispered once she was at her window, climbing in and grinning at her. “Ouuuuut tonight?” Nanoha ran back from her, eyes wide, but Fate didn't let it bother her. Both her hands went behind her head as she wagged her hips to her own music and lifted her hair only to let it fall down. “Don't forsake me! Ouuuuuuuuut tonight!” She walked across the room toward Nanoha, jumping on the bed once her friend dived over it to gain space. “I'll let you, make me ouuuuuuuuuut tonight!” She offered, crouching and crawling on all fours, eyes wide and playful. “Ouuuuuuuuut tonight! Tonight!” She reached Nanoha's scared face and ran her hand over the cheek. “Tonight?” She kissed the girl fully on the lips.

Nanoha pulled back slowly at first, then moved back completely, glaring at Fate. “Who do you think you are?” She asked seriously. “Barging in on me and taking this so far?” She pointed quickly. “Little girl, hey, the door is that way. You better go, you know my father is on his way. Take your power, take your candle, your sweet whisper, I just can't handle!” She moved around and walked to the door, opening it and pointing. “Well take your hair in the moonlight-- Your red eyes, goodbye, goodniiiiiiight!” Nanoha faced away from the shocked girl and rested her forehead on her arm braced against the wall. “I should tell you, I should tell you... I should tell you, I should-” She felt Fate's hand on her shoulder. “No!” She brushed it off and turned to face her. “Another time, another place!” She walked forward, making Fate back up. “Our temperature would climb, there'd be a long embrace.” She avoided a chance for a hug and shook her head. “We'd do another dance, It'd be a fanfiction play.” She poked Fate's chest and blinked away the tears forming in her eyes. “Looking for romance? Come back another day. Another daaaaaay!”

Fate shook her head and walked over to the girl once more when she sat on her bed. “The heart may freeze, or it can buuuuurn. The pain will ease, if I can leaaaaarn.” She touched Nanoha's shoulders and rubbed them soothingly. “There is no future, there is no paaaaast. I live this moment as my laaaaaast.” The blond moved to sit next to the girl slowly, voice getting softer. “There's only us, there's only this...” Her hand reached out to touch the shy girl's. “Forget regret.... or life is yours to miss.” She slowly eased Nanoha down on her back and straddled her, taking both her hands. “No other road, no other way. No day but todaaaay.”

Nanoha gave in for a few moments before sterning herself and pushing Fate off of her and standing. “Excuse me, but for you to be paid” She turned and glared “You strip and go off to get laid!? Take your fondling, revealing clothes that you wear, and don't forget- get the moonlight out of your hair!” She grabbed Fate's wrist and urged her up, pulling the girl towards her door. “If it were different you might have lit up my heart, but my fire is dead, they won't ever let it staaaaart!” Fate growled in disbelief but started walking out of her house, followed by Nanoha. “Another time, another place! The words would only rhyme, we'd be in outer space!” The stairs were trekked down quickly, Fate just trying to get away. “It'd be another song, we'd sing another way. You wanna prove me wrong? Come back another day! Another day!” She stood at the base of the steps and watched Fate leave her house.

“There's only us,” Fate spoke as she walked across the yard. “Only toniiiiiiiight! We must let go,” She crossed her arms and walked to the gates, turning to look back up at the familiar window. “To know what's right! No other course,” She called up to it, her sadness mixed with anger. “no other way. No day but todayyyyyy!” Nanoha looked out her window at Fate and averted her eyes as the blond sang up to her softly. “I can't controollllllll”

“-Control your temper.”

“My destionyyyyyyy.”

“She doesn't seeeee.”

“I trust my souuuuul.”

Nanoha shook her head, crying. “Who says that there's a soul!?”

“My only goal is just to be meeeee.”

“Just let me be!”

Fate shook her head. “There's only now.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“There's only here.”

“Barging in, and taking this so far?”

“Give in to how you feel.”

“Little girl, hey,”

“Or live in fear.”

“The door is that way.”

“There's no other way, no day but today,:”

Nanoha wiped her eyes. “The fire's out anyway.”

Fate took a step forward. “No day but today?”

“Take your power, take your candle.”

“No day but today!”

“Take your red eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette!” She gripped the window frame and shouted at her.

“No day but today!” Fate's eyes watered.

“Another time, another place, another rhyme, a long embrace!”

“No day but today!”

“Another dance, another way, another chance, another day!”

“No day.....but today.” Fate's words failed her as the girl closed her window and then her blinds. Slowly she turned around and walked back off of the well trimmed lawn and onto the concrete outside and headed back to her apartment.

Nanoha sank down along the wall, bringing her knees up to her chest and crying into them softly.