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Fun Fun Fair

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing another doujin released moments ago by Yuri-ism: Fun Fun Fair by Mekimeki Oukoku, a very funny and lovely work as is usual by this circle.

We were originally working on this doujin too at our characteristic slow pace but we handed it over the their group at their request. For more information please check the original post on Yuri-ism. We hope you enjoy the doujin!


Direct Download: Mega - Yuri-ism (Direct Download)

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Fate can be so silly when she don't get her dose of Nanolove, and Vivio is such an adorable daughter. X3

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XD omg there so cute... whom ever made this really captured them so well :)

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There is something I still don't get. If Nanoha was at her house and she went to meet Fate... why she went in her uniform? I know is not important but I notice it.

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Maybe because Fate likes it.

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Because the artist drew her in that uniform.'s picture
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Yet again Fate-san manages to outdo herself in silliness. Ah, the troubles of being ridiculously in love...

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This is great! The best I've read, thanks guys! XD

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"*sigh* Honestly... All this effort when they're so in love. My mamas sure need a lot of help." XD That was my favorite line in the entire thing. For some reason this Vivio makes me laugh so hard.

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It seems to be a theme i keep reading that when Nanoha and Feito get all lovey dovey Vivio is shown to be more mature than her mamas