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Growing Up!!

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Hello everyone! This weekend we are releasing a pair of doujins made by the circle MASULAO MAXIMUM. You should be familiar with the art as we have released a good amount of stuff from this circle before.

The doujin we're releasing today is titled "Growing Up!!", it's a short piece of Nanofate sweetness and comedy dealing with the issues our growing girls face during their teenage days. "Fate's Misunderstanding" and "The Miracle of Being with You", another piece by MASULAO MAXIMUM, will be released tomorrow.

We hope you like this doujin. Feedback is welcome as always.

Raws: ShiroAka
Translator: prime_time
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance
Editor: ShiroAka


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Thank you!
Looking forward to tomorrow releases ^^

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Thanks for the new translation! Can't wait for tomorrows~!

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I-Indulging body is indulging. ~


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Nice little doujin, I'll look forward to tomorrow's release, too !

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Thanks for the translation, I like it and
I'll look forward to tomorrow's.

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Very cute doujin!

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Great doujin, here's to hoping there's more Fate doing the pranking!

And more releases tomorrow? Oh, you shouldn't have! Wh- what did we do to deserve this? I mean, we actually never do anything. m(_ _)m

ps: you're almost into your 4th year, aren't you? I remember browsing the old site (.tk) in the summer of 2007.

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If I were in a manga, reading this doujin, I'd get a major nosebleed.

Sticking with irl kyaa'ing for now.

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This is just too cute... even Magical Girls have growing up problems.

And Lindy is a cool mom..

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This is so adorable~! T-thank you for the hard work guys~!

I can't w-wait for tomorrow to come > v <

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a good one. thanks.

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Thanks for the release! :3
It was adorable.

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that was really cute!~~かわいいですよ <3 ありがとうございます :3