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It’s not always easy for Einhart, but she never gives up

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing with our visitors a new release made by Vivid Translations: It’s not always easy for Einhart, but she never gives up by Kage Neko.

From their site: "Life isn’t always easy for our adorable little, Einhart. Tio can be a handful, she’s got her rivals and training to deal with, and on top of that, she’s still on a kid’s allowance! But with friends to help you out along the way, it’s not so bad after all.".

For more info and Vivid downloads please check the original post on Vivid Translations.


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Looking back, I have done so many embarrassing things... *blush*


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Silly Einhart is adorable... :3

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There are just so many good bits, both adorable and hilarious. I think the ribbon gag was my favorite bit.

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