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Lyrical Present

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The Gungnir Heart translation group in celebration of their third anniversary just released a new NanoFate doujin by Nagomi Kissa: Lyrical Present. Congratulations to the group and we hope everyone likes this doujin!

Link to the original post.

Summary: This is a 20 pages long doujin from 2012 about young Nanoha and Fate being troubled thanks to the latter's excessive popularity, and Fate opting for some extreme measures to avoid more people getting between her and Nanoha.



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I don't know if somebody did read it, but i'm first to review it

  • Introducing original character in NanoFate doujin is, at least, an original move. But that was just a part of scenario. +3 scores for originality.
  • That moment, when Fate was outpouring her feelings for Nanoha via school's public announcement system, for everybody to hear... I was about to lose my jaw because of lulz overdose. +7 scores for hilariousness
TL;DR: A bit of comedy and a bit of NanoFate make something good enough to read, when bored.

OVERALL RATING: 9/10, you can even re-read it!